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RIP BCG: https://torrentfreak.com/blackcat-games-domain-seized-by-uk-anti-piracy-police-161019/

Old thread: >>57152316

>New to /ptg/? Have an inquiry? Consult the wiki or the PDF before asking redundant questions

>If you have a question check Google and if you can't find an adequate answer, ask here.

>What.CD interview info:
https://www.whatinterviewprep.com/ and the wiki

>Various tracker IRCs and sites open for signup:
http://pastebin.com/dD3cqWKc (embed)

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before
>staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers
>sneaky bastards will try to convince you into believing that cheating can be evaded, it can't and you will be banned with those bastards laughing at you
>people may report emails and other personal info posted here to staff to get you banned
>most of the invite offers here are people trolling you with false hope - begging for invites is a waste of time

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OP is curry AF. You're supposed to use photoshop not paint, pajeet.

Not like anybody cares about some old shit game tracker anyway. Nobody in their right mind would host a piracy site in the UK, nevermind using paypal... got cucked like they deserved.

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Why does every single gaming tracker die?

Bitgamer died.
UGG died.
GGN died (for quite a while).
BCG died.

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I'm glad that ugly site is gone.

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You realize that if BG never went down GGn would still be a small shit tracker nobody takes seriously?!

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Because nobody's going to defend it. At least with film/music/books people will stand up and claim that priceless art would be lost, but video games are expendable.

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plenty rips on TPB desu

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Hey guys, what if pjcnet and stoi have accounts at other trackers and they give their passwords to the police?

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Why are you trash-talking /ptg/, Capone? Are you that eager to get investigated for all the account selling and trading you did back in the day?

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Nobody would rise up, if Bibliotik went down.

Every important tracker started out as a small shti tracker nobody took seriously. Then their competitors died out and, if no better alternative is founded, they become the de facto standard.

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BTN rose up very fast.

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>Nobody would rise up, if Bibliotik went down.
such tard

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If you seriously think that people would take the streets, go to the barricades and storm parliaments for some e-book or music piracy site, then you're beyond retarded.

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Calm yo boipucci

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>another tracker closed down
>this is the life of torrent cucks
Free yourself from that evil, start using file hosters or usenet

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>start using file hosters
Why? Yo mom takes care of my needs.

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>paying to pirate
>defeating the majority of the purpose of piracy

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compared to torrent where people use

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How are those ratios anon?

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>file hosters
they go down, a lot
>or usenet
they get dmca'd a lot now

Stay retarded.

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>Both men have been released on police bail.
>stoi is dissolving the server in acid right about now

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Huge,black and down your throat

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Starting to get pretty comfy on Tehc and What

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building up to /set4life/ on comfy :o)

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i doubt he has physical access to the server :o?

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>couldn't get in PTP
>purple drink
stfu nignog
let me set my autism to mute,this is getting ridiculous

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He can wipe the server remotely and ask to be shipped to uk for a nice HCl bath

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Servers were scrubbed yesterday

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>clever girl

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well don't read :o|

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Oh my god hoanns stop posting please

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>visiting cuck sites

As expected from /g/oy.

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How are your level anon?

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First for Cinemageddon Halloween freeleech when?

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/marked/ level :o|

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>tfw I'm the one that invited the brit cops to the tracker

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Is it true that any hard drive over 2 tb is unstable?

If not why don't people load up their desktops with 4 8tb?

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thats bs anon :o|

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also drill your iphone you you can fit the audio jack and charge it in the microwave

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1. Not true, I've had a 3tb drive for several years and it has yet to give me errors
2. Something with the GPT prevents creating OS install partitions over 2tb, at least on Windows. There's probably no restrictions on some linux distros, but I have no evidence.

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>LB06: Don't be a retard and read the rules
what did he mean by this?

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reading rules is for tards

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never ;^)

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So, we are supposed to migrate to GG now?

The day we lose rutracker and GG I don't fucking know

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The day we lose GGn and rutracker you'll all wish you joined UGC back in January of 2016 ;)

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Why is the AB recruiter on WCD such a fucking faggot? Why doesn't he send invites even though he logs in?

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she's busy fucking jrsdead

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Fucking necrophiliac

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Oppaitime being blacklisted by other trackers


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join #invites on their irc and ask
wow that was hard

>> No.57159925

It's fucking obvious that they're just going to say "be patient" and mark me as being an impatient faggot.

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>oppaitime admins behave like typical 4channers
gee, i don't know why

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ahd is jrs

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>mfw pcjnet gets his backflaps smashed in by a big black guy in jail
>mfw 312cuck is up next

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>mfw one of the friendliest admins goes to jail while 312c still roams free

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Yea he was a friendly fucker.
ELJewCuck... well it's in the name.

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>The men, aged 47 and 44, are both from the UK

>> No.57160276

0.29 on What
Kill me

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>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.57160335

pjcnet was a bro and bgc was by far the best game tracker that was left

some rules were completely retarded but at least the staff was not as gay as from e.g. GGn

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I really wish Btn would get taken down by feds so a tracker with staff that aren't pieces of shit would take over.

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>but at least the staff was not as gay as from e.g. GGn
such as

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Seriously if any feds are reading this I'd be so happy if you could raid Btn and arrest the owners.

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PTP first

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give invite anywhere pls

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Fuck. I was thinking of downloading something huge just a few days ago, but didn't want to screw my ratio.

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AHD, like HDB has initiated a mandatory password reset today

>> No.57160465

>he behaved like a true rebel™ and got banned from BTN
typical frogposter behaviour, nothing to see here :^)

>> No.57160523

Only the good die young

>> No.57160534

how to get into oppai?

Should I even give a fuck about it if I'm already on emp?

>> No.57160541

Il probably just swap the passwords over than cant be bothered to make new ones

>> No.57160542

Maybe celebrate by jrsdead logging in

>> No.57160561

Send me your bank details and I'll deduct the membership fee. ;^)

>> No.57160578

>he doesn't use keepass
>his password isn't Ky<h~iWdBC+7}M/%/*V+#E[u!~mF;A,i6Es%'4Hf.?&;s)[email protected]=oC&[email protected]`yT*c}>q[$:.'~\{-?P?&X5TX92NZhYhXhNCehtGfo-&q'j2c5"2D;7tqWzFK8-M!)F

>> No.57160588

inb4 hunter2

>> No.57160592

WCD, JPS, fucking anywhere.

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>> No.57160653

You're fucked, you might as well go all in and upload everything to a series of megauploads and post them here or on sig.
Did you donate by paypal? I'm not sure if people who donate get prosecuted, I think it's mainly the people who receive donations and sources.
Just draw a picture of a gazelle

>> No.57160658

do gazelle trackers have a character limit? I've always limited mine to ~30

>> No.57160679

What went wrong?

>> No.57160682


Ok I'm in, lets see what the fuck is in this memetracker

>> No.57160687

>AHD, like HDB has initiated a mandatory password reset today

No they haven't

>> No.57160776

then what the fuck form did i just complete

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Reminder that HDB is about to recruit on on PTP elite
Get ready

>> No.57160790

No idea. I didn't get any notice and I just double checked.

>> No.57160808

Realistically you don't need passwords longer than ~30 characters, any more is completely useless.

Only way your password is going to get cracked is if the admins are completely retarded or if your password manager is compromised.

>> No.57160813

wtf did i just get phished

>> No.57160822

Some of them have a 40 character limit

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I forgot how fucking hilarious JAV was

>> No.57160825

Look at your page history for any phishing URLs

>> No.57160841

There's no announcement about it on AHD, dude.

wtf did you do?

>> No.57160861

i had to reconnect earlier, but not password reset
jrsalive said he was working on something :o)

>> No.57160863

hmm, this is the form i submitted
a few minutes ago when i attempted to go onto any AHD page as usual (still logged in with cookies)
I was redirected to it and could not access the rest of the site without completing it
after submitting it I was directed to the AHD login page and successfully logged in with my new password

>> No.57160864

What's are some good public tracker for porn?
I want to get into these kinds of private trackers soon, but I'd like to try out the public ones first.

>> No.57160870

forgot to post the url:

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I already knew this shit was coming.
It's only a matter of time before other ones start falling. They called me crazy for hoarding 30TB

>> No.57160881

kill yourself spaghetti

>> No.57160888

that's been the tld for quite a few months now :o)

>> No.57160898

it isn't, fuck off spaghetti

>> No.57160912

awesome-hd.net literally redirects to awesome-hd.me -_-

>> No.57160919


>> No.57160930

>>forgot to post the url:

I don't know what the fuck that is. There is no announcement about this on AHD.

>> No.57160957

It is the fresh marking system

>> No.57160973

Yur1 is getting better at marking people

>> No.57160974

>Is it just me? I just was visiting other pages and it was redirected to password reset or something like that.
>I close that tab, and it seems like normal again
>^ jrsdead
><jrsdead> <redacted> im working on some stuff
>ah, I got scared a bit when that happened, nvm

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I had an account on Blagg cats
Are the Bongistanis gonna track me down and culturally enrich me now?

>> No.57161041

fucking jrsdead fucking with me, making me change my password

>> No.57161059


Not unless you were either a Top Uploader or live inside the UK.

Other than that, you're fine, just be sure to remove all the BCG torrents you've been seeding.

>> No.57161065

I'm about to set up a Raspi as a seedbox, with a 5 year old 250GB netbook HDD plugged in one USB port and a $0.50 chink Wifi dongle
Is this going to end in disaster?

>> No.57161084

should be fine, i did this for 8 months before i decided to build a more powerful setup

>> No.57161103

BCG was fucking horseshit anyway. good riddance.

>> No.57161105

That's good to hear. I'm not too concerned with speeds by the way, just BPs.
Which reminds me, I should just delete the ~200 WCD torrents I'm seeding since nobody ever leeches off of them and I'm not worried about required ratio

>> No.57161118

you post frogs, you're already fucked m8

>> No.57161142

UGC is offering invites to previous BCG users. are they any good? never heard of them before...

possible honeypot?

>> No.57161156

i don't recommend deleting them
eventually they will build you buffer
maintaining ratio on what is notoriously hard

now is a good time to invest in a new hard-drive while you're just getting started (as it sounds like)

i recommend grabbing a 4TB drive, they go for around $150

>> No.57161157

>bcg gets taken down by feds
>opens up applications
Real smart.

>> No.57161169

It seems like they've been in operation at least since at least Feb...

Iunno man I just need a new tracker for games.

>> No.57161175

So, I'm not using windows anymore, someone had any issues with QB on private trackers?

I'm too lazy/non autistic to use rtorrent

>> No.57161190

>UGC is offering invites to previous BCG users
Can I trust that fags?

>> No.57161202

Yeah I guess.

>> No.57161204

Just go for GGn, not really that hard to get into, even w/o applications.

>> No.57161208

yes, qbittorrent is shit :o)

>> No.57161219


>> No.57161220

Iunno man, BCG was my first private tracker and the only other one I'm in is AB so it'll be a bitch

>> No.57161271

Do you live in the UK? Honestly though, if the authorities started basically forcing a redirect to a phishing website to gain access and track users it might be the most effective thing they could do.
BCG was under investigation for like three years and was based in the UK, I wouldn't worry about it.

>> No.57161274

>and the only other one I'm in is AB so it'll be a bitch
ggn recruit on ab power user

>> No.57161287
File: 56 KB, 767x960, 1472588716369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's are some good public trackers for porn?
I want to get into these kinds of private trackers soon, but I'd like to try out the public ones first.

>> No.57161288

Not really that hard though, anon.
MAM -> TehC -> GGn, for example.

>> No.57161307

What a dumb bitch

>> No.57161357

lauren is such a dumb whore

>> No.57161364

>Try our IRC channel for an invite.
Where the fuck is this irc channel?

>> No.57161365
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>mfw Real-Debrid masterrace
stay cucked /ptg/

>> No.57161404

>paying to pirate


>> No.57161406


>> No.57161414


Anyone else participating in PTP's Halloween uploading contest?


Apparently Screamin'/SilentJay always wins these things.

>> No.57161417

So, which tracker will the guys from UGC hate less, IPT or GG?

>> No.57161424

less than you pay for your VPN and complementary Seedbox

>> No.57161448

>>Apparently Screamin'/SilentJay always wins these things.

Good. If PTP ever gets raided, the cops will take him instead of us.

>> No.57161449


>> No.57161469

I don't have either. What now?

>> No.57161507

#bitspyder @ p2p-net

>> No.57161517

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.57161519
File: 174 KB, 641x427, 1003271-film-ordres-porte-crise-octobre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One fewer Quebec separatist on the streets can only be a good thing.

>> No.57161545

>britbong police can't handle muslim and pole immigrant shitskins
>catch two fat gamerdudes who wouldn't even hurt a fly and sit at their mothers basment all day playing vidya

oi gov, the streets are safe again!

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File: 195 KB, 500x650, 1476920236635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

40.0 on what

>> No.57161771

if you have a ratio above 3.0 kys

>> No.57161807

>AB accidentally opened apps for an hour
>applied thinking I finally got in


>> No.57161816

Because most of them used very public methods of getting donations.

Did you know they found the BCG guy because he and the one before him used Paypal?

If they had self funded the site, none fo that would have ever happened.

>> No.57161829

They recruit on pretty much every reputable tracker.

>> No.57161849

>Open GGn forums
>Share a picture of yourself thread

how dumb are people

>> No.57161874



They probably also are the same people who send in Paypal donations using accounts linked to their real names.

>> No.57161896

I post pictures of people I don't like along with donating under their name in case shit ever were to go down

>> No.57161925
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Are you proud to be a tracker nigger?

>> No.57161970


>> No.57161984

>280mb downloaded
gee anon that sure is impressive

Torrent Master here with a 6.7 ratio :^)

>> No.57161995

What's the best private tracker for documentaries and shit? Please invite me
t. what.cd user

>> No.57162001

email? I have one but I'll need proof of ratio first.

>> No.57162012

Lol ratio cuck

>> No.57162015

>using racism in 2016
you're disgusting and your mental illness shows in your tracker hoarding

seek help

>> No.57162016

pls give invite

>> No.57162020

What do you use to transcode music with for AB uploads?

>> No.57162025
File: 125 KB, 1704x1023, 2016-09-16 11.59.40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57162034

I'm not on any other tracker...

>> No.57162040

PassThePopcorn (PTP)

>> No.57162044


>> No.57162045
File: 81 KB, 558x535, 1454702111893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>current year

>> No.57162046

Then take the fucking interview, faggot.

>> No.57162050
File: 2 KB, 192x42, ratio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[email protected]
I don't use a seedbox but I seed everything I download and take advantage of freeleech whenever I catch it in time

>> No.57162051


>> No.57162053

invite me to hdb pls

>> No.57162063

Sent ;O)

>> No.57162072

>Government employe

>> No.57162075

>You have just used your first of two courtesy months in which you can exceed your data usage plan without charge. After using these two courtesy months, if you exceed the plan you will be charged $10.00 for each 50GB of additional data provided

looks like i'll need a new isp

>> No.57162082

AB doesn't interview

unless you mean the what interview but that one is so scary!

>> No.57162096


>> No.57162099


>ISP just boosted my cap from 350gb/month to 1tb/month
>BCG goes down 2 weeks later


>> No.57162102

Yeah, as in HIS kid's stuff. Like bookmarks pertaining to various things his kid's are involved in. Get your mind out of the gutter

>> No.57162109

>waste years filling requests and seeding crap on BCG just in case I could need it some day


>> No.57162112

I interviewed on WCD at the same time as this guy like three months ago. He seemed like a faggot then, not surprised to see him get mentioned in these threads.

>> No.57162114

I was filling so many Wii U requests too. It sucks

>> No.57162128
File: 1.97 MB, 327x240, 1415934001233.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>living in the land of the free

>> No.57162130

>all horror movies are free leech!
>none of the ones I want are
Does this only apply to pleb shit and recently uploaded horrors?

>> No.57162133

can someone explain the in10city meme?

>> No.57162134

He pm'd someone on Reddit from r/trackers asking for an invite.

He will be punished accordingly.

>> No.57162140

Well, if you don't want to take wcd, take the mam interview, literally don't be a retard and you'll get in.

From there, you can get into a few other (curry) trackers, and tsh happens to have ab invites, at least last I checked.

>> No.57162142

Please send an invite to the email in this post: >>57162050

I asked nicely so now you have to

>> No.57162158


>> No.57162163

>people actually reporting people for just trying to get invites

wow what a bunch of faggots lmao

>> No.57162178

People who report cheaters/traders/etc are utter faggots. Almost as bad as ElJewCuck himself.

>> No.57162179

is empornium next to get kill?

>> No.57162201


>> No.57162202

They always seem like they're living on the edge to me, not sure why I think that. At least it's only porn.

>> No.57162204

Empornium is secretly run by Pornhub

>> No.57162234

doxing is illegal and only a piece of shit would ever do it

>> No.57162237


>> No.57162241

what did you move to?

>> No.57162256

Just because the domain is down doesn't mean the site is

>> No.57162276

whats up

>> No.57162280

Alright, then. Keep seeding :^)

>> No.57162320

muh dick

>> No.57162352


>> No.57162369

Only new uploads.

>> No.57162379

Calm down Quadrangle

>> No.57162401

all new horror movies suck though, I wanna watch some de palma or obscure nippon horors god damn it

>> No.57162411

New uploads can be old movies.

>> No.57162421

name one good horror that's free leech right now
don't say the vvitch

>> No.57162460

>de palma or obscure nippon horors
tips candelabra
the witch

>> No.57162489
File: 83 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>saying what i didnt want him to say

>> No.57162505

who of you niggas on UHDB?

>> No.57162517

sorry im only on hdbits.org

>> No.57162540

Is wcd the only route?
Is there some other kind of tracker I could be looking to get into instead?

Also, what's a good beginner seedbox?

>> No.57162542

but that's the romanian one anon ;^)

>> No.57162553

I'm looking for "A book on C, Fourth Edition" by Al Kelley, Ira Pohl.
If someone would be so kind as to get it from bibliotik that would be great.
If you don't wanna do this I'd at the very least appreciate it if you could tell me it's on there or if any previous versions are so I can ask some friends to get me in.
Thanks in advance.

>> No.57162556

fuck quick someone trade me a hdbits.ro account for my shit .org one

>> No.57162609
File: 30 KB, 228x439, LB06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go ask LB for one, he might cut you a deal and throw in some dogs as a gift

>> No.57162633

What's the deal with that guy?

>> No.57162634
File: 43 KB, 800x600, tmp_6358-4JsIpd-1987522821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You haven't seen the What.CD thread yet.

>pic related is on GGn

>> No.57162655


>> No.57162705


SMR ya dingus.

>> No.57162760

It's not the only route, but it's by a long, long way the best route.

>> No.57162811

Apparently he was one of the people who helped get PTP going. Then some years ago he was banned for threatening another staff member. But he's back now with the new handle 'SilentJay,' with an account where he's unable to comment or message anyone.

>> No.57162852

<shithead> use rizon but only that but i should try to cheat iptorrents with mratio"

>> No.57162875

Threatening? Like doxxing or what?

>> No.57162892

So HDBits recruits from PTP elite/torrent master and AHD HD-maniac. Where else? Since they apparently close threads whenever they're publicized, where can they even go? At some point everyone will know every place they ever recruit.

>> No.57162904

I really don't know, I only read some mention of him threatening a staff member in one of these threads.

>> No.57162954

Okay, looks like he threatened to send paperk to prison:

>>Quick question to hax paperk in private message: Does he want to go to prison, lose all his money and be in trouble? If he does, that can be arranged. If he does not, he should unban ScreaminJay, my account on my tracker or else, we'll have troubles and I'll have to go to his door, ask him to give me all the money and rehost the site on my servers. Then, I will call the police and he will go to prison for messing up my site. I don't deal with st00pid punks, I'm a hacker, I don't go to prison because what I do hear is always legal. I'm continually on the right side of the law and this is why I can work with Google or Apple or whoever I want to. They don't mind, they don't delete all my accounts. If I call Woz, he don't delete my iPhone data. We cool. If I call Google, they don't make my Paranoid Android Tablet and my Chromebook explode. We all cool, we don't mind what we do, they don't send you to prison if you're doing good in the world, but if you make money out of all of this, then I send you to prison and call all your friends to tell them you're a dumb punk. That is the last warning he will get if I am not unbanned, then all the staff will be banned and lose access to PTP if this is what they prefer. Did you know, before he died, Steve Jobs earned 1$ a year, maybe this should give you a clue about our ethics and the way we think the technologies you misuse all of the time because you misunderstand how they work, but we all do them nicely so you have something to do with your time. I've been doing that since I'm a teenager, maybe I know a thing or two you never will. Darn, you even ban Bob Ackerman, you must be insane. Would you ban John Draper and maybe Woz as well if I invited them to join PTP? Are you that st00pid? What do you think they would do, plant bombs on your servers?

>> No.57162966

I want to get into porn private trackers, what should I be looking into?

>> No.57162968

wcd pu obviously

>> No.57162983

man why are all old tracker guys like huge fags that use 1337speak

>> No.57163000
File: 21 KB, 250x247, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57163035

delete this picture of me

>> No.57163059

Oh shit I didn't realize black-cats bought the farm. Fuck I've been a member for five years.

Is GGn taking refugees?

>> No.57163080

This can't be real

>> No.57163107

lol that's only part of the message. There's like five paragraphs.

>> No.57163122

They grew up on BBS and Usenet. They actually used 1337speak for a reason back then, not just for show.

>> No.57163127

>They actually used 1337speak for a reason back then, not just for show.
huh ?

>> No.57163128

Why is it that asking nicely to be unbanned from PTP does not work but threatening staff and doxing them does?

>> No.57163134

nah ggn closed down their apps when it went down lol

this place called UGC is takin people in but they're relatively new so honeypot maybe ?????

>> No.57163139

I just want to play mankind divided

>> No.57163146

Content is king and by that measure blackcats was the best game tracker.
Did stoi live off of donations and the dole leaving the site to get way outdated? Sure. But the content was all there and I had years worth of ratio built up.

>> No.57163152

pornbay, then to empornium

>> No.57163162
File: 1.97 MB, 400x300, 52173a87c9b3db9de3a9e29ad4cd2c74.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good question. Maybe 312c can field it, if he's reading this.

>> No.57163217

Any news on when GGn is opening up again?

>> No.57163242

They created a tracker for people without a home for video games while GGn and BCG were still up. If anything, they are most certainly a honeypot and if I'm right GGn will probably go down sometime soon.

Both sites used PayPal, and I'm sure that some authorities are closing in to GGn as well.

A mole tried to warn us, but no one was listening

Grand conspiracy in works. Start paying attention more closely

>> No.57163265

Do you not even have a cursory idea about the history of 1337speak? They used it so they could bypass keyword scanners.

>> No.57163340

You didn't have to be a mole. It was common knowledge that stoi had his hands in the cookie jar and was a fucking retard for using paypal (which had almost killed the tracker a handful of times). Only the staff kept it up and running, as the owner he was checked out since 2012.

>> No.57163344

I just see deleted
I kind of feel like cashing out, burning all of my buffers and just quitting all trackers, but I feel like I'd eventually think of more things I'd like to have.

>> No.57163373

>Any of these trackers/sites could go away at any time, we are not privy to the investigations of government task forces. I had a huge buffer on Oink always thinking it was there as a safety net and I could slowly use it up. If you're feeling altruistic and sites let you donate it to others in need, consider that as well, though IME most don't let you do this.

>> No.57163379

2d boobs. What are you expecting there to be?

>> No.57163547

Why does AB allow archived and unarchived versions of the same thing to stay up at the same time? Most of the time they don't even have a different file size

>> No.57163576

Why does AB not get aw3 to send me an invite?

>> No.57163599

For more uploads you faggot. Stop complaining.

>> No.57163652

So to get to hdb im supposed to upload 50 movies to ptp? Even if I were autistic enough to do that, where the fuck do I find 50 movies no one has uploaded to literally the biggest movie library in existance?

>> No.57163662


>> No.57163679

HDB is not for you. Go away quickly.

>> No.57163697

How are you this dumb? You don't have to find new movies, just encode.

>> No.57163699

Oh don't worry I'm getting in, just not the ptp route.
>cucking yourself this hard to watch movies

>> No.57163703

>Blackcats is dead

Good. The site was ran by people whose age was barely in double digits.

>> No.57163708

hdb don't recruit on ptp

>> No.57163719

>UGG died.

Underground gamer is still around, but it was brought back by the most retarded staff members, and now they think they became the new Fight Club.

>> No.57163720

Haha right, encode 50 releases? With my hourly rate that would literally equal a couple thousand dollars.

>> No.57163741

What he meant is, if you're already on PTP, but you're not autistic enough to upload 50 movies, then you're not autistic enough to care about HDB.

>> No.57163751

That sounds reasonable.

>> No.57163785

yeah they do, you just can't see the thread cause you're a shitter

>> No.57163796

They do for Torrent Master+

>> No.57163802

I'm TM I don't see a thread.

>> No.57163816

>being b8 this easily

>> No.57163847

so they recruit on AHDcurry supereasy HD-Maniac but not on super autistic ptp TM?

>> No.57163849

it's about to be taken down to elite

>> No.57163853

>Underground gamer is still around
Care to elaborate? It was my favorite tracker, I don't give a shit about modern vidya

>> No.57163865

Are you really so helpless that the only way you can find 10/50 things to upload is to duplicate what's already there? All that shit is going to get pruned within a few months, do everyone a favor and stick to DDL forums

>> No.57163933

Fuck off, I'm not doing 200 fucking encodes to get into that autism hub of a tracker.

>> No.57163934

Don't listen to him, it's just a meme some anons started because there used to be a rumor. There is a small chance it's true but if it is you're never ever getting in anyway and will probably never even have confirmation, so it's not worth even thinking about it.

>> No.57163971

That's where amazon webrips of shitty movies come in handy. Seriously, learn how to rip videos from the web, you can do Hulu and NFB, too. There's tons of movies on the NFB's web site that aren't on PTP that you could upload to raise your level.

>> No.57164000
File: 323 KB, 584x717, 1476927079807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw i have both hdb and wcd so I dont have to mess with pleb trackers

>> No.57164006

amazon is kinda hit and miss with the ripping..some work some don't

>> No.57164019

>no BTN

>> No.57164025

where is the updated guide to webrip stuff from amazon?

>> No.57164027

Most of the paid stuff works.

>> No.57164040

as i wrote

>> No.57164042

I think we need to stop talking about this.

>> No.57164053


>> No.57164060

I already uploaded over a hundred torrents of things that weren't on the site. Fuck off.

>> No.57164151

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.57164169

This isn't, will never, and has never been funny. Fuck off.

>> No.57164176

Why would someone send me 10 BPs out of the blue?

>> No.57164182

What the fuck is your problem you pathetic weeb, fuck off

>> No.57164192

AHD? I got that too.

>> No.57164197

Seriously, where is it? Because it's not publicly available on any of the sites I'm in

>> No.57164211

hahaha marked

>> No.57164217

you should thank albino you ungrateful shits

>> No.57164224


>> No.57164280

Was it some sort of "compensation" for the downtime?

>> No.57164293

Go fuck yourself.

>> No.57164302

Do you faggots ever consider that your file trading sites get raided because of all the illegal activity that goes on there?

How can you live with yourselves knowing you're nothing more than criminal scum?

>> No.57164311

got into what, ggn, and now ab

where to next?

>> No.57164312

no. he just sent 10 bp to everyone

>> No.57164313


>> No.57164326

I do just fine knowing I am not a 312c type

>> No.57164330


>> No.57164333

>file trading sites
>illegal activity
hmmm i didn't consider this....

>> No.57164345
File: 24 KB, 600x606, 1460304281611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I am not 312c

>> No.57164366

It's more that when I encode something I do it right. These rules encourage the brain dead to run a remux through a two pass with no filters, producing starved garbage.
That's not what I want for my private tracker, and it's why PTP is filled with people that have no clue what they're doing.

>> No.57164389

Are you really having this much of a meltdown because someone questioned your anime e-peen? Holy shit

>> No.57164420

albino being an attention whore as usual.

>> No.57164421
File: 12 KB, 251x242, 1458592631836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BTN still fucked

>> No.57164426

where can i get a surreal moviez invite apart from KG?

>> No.57164442

Who is albino? What did he do?

>> No.57164448

ask on their IRC and say you can provide ratio proofs

>> No.57164450

is that him in the profile pic?

>> No.57164454

But why

>> No.57164472

hi senpai thanks for noticing me

>> No.57164507

shits and giggles

>> No.57164577

he's one of the autistic irc fags that continue to shit up this thread

>> No.57164584

Does BTN still look like shit for anyone else? And upload/points seem to be off as well.

>> No.57164611

You want into AnimeBytes? Recruitment was open just a while ago, not sure if it's still ongoing.

I wouldn't be against inviting you if you provided me proof of good ratio in other decent trackers and, more importantly, that you actually care about Vietnamese powerpoint presentations.

>> No.57164651

what time do Netflix exclusives get dropped? how fast are they ripped?

anticipating BLACKED mirror

>> No.57164684

1-2 days by scene

>> No.57164697

but all they use is screencapping software, I want untouched Netflix rips

>> No.57164704

you're not going to get that my friend :^)
even 312c can't do that

>> No.57164708

>I want untouched Netflix rips
No such thing. The stream is encrypted and hasn't been broken.

>> No.57164751

What happened to the scene? Can't break Denuvo, can't break Netflix encryption, can't break 4k Bluray encryption...

Are they even trying anymore?

>> No.57164752
File: 4 KB, 100x132, index.php.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No worries, I got you

>> No.57164816

We are working on solutions and we're confident that things will get better. :)

>> No.57164823

not trying to be funny

>> No.57164850

based derpta

>> No.57164854

new thread


>> No.57164876

Leave maidenslayer alone

>> No.57164944

>can't break denuvo
[citation needed]

>> No.57165247

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.57165296

why are you posting my profile picture here

>> No.57165312
File: 394 KB, 1902x2474, Retro Within Download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not a meme.

>> No.57165894

You broke rule number 1. Never talk about the new site publicly you cuck! I hope they will ban you!

>> No.57166001

Wouldn't be a huge loss, the site is completely desolate. There's nothing there anymore that you couldn't find elsewhere.

And I can't be a cuck if I don't have a girlfriend in the first place.

>> No.57166027

So then then person who invited a retard as you should be banned as well. If you don't like it then don't visit the site. Simple!

>> No.57166165

>So then then person who invited a retard as you should be banned as well.

Well it was one of the root admins, so I agree with you there. They are doing a piss poor job.

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