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Because Speccy thread!

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thats a beast, i bet you have a sick case

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>i bet you have a sick case

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eyyy my nigga, the r9 390 is good

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my 5820k nigga

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1080 for 768p gaming

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Whats your psu ?

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CPU, GPU, RAM, and monitor all overclocked.

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Nice ammount of Money spent but Show How you make use out of it and Not Just try to fill the void with a dream Setup

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Fags actually think people care which computer parts they have.
LOL dude

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r8 dont h8

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What do you guys think about my build? Is there anything I should improve?

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Obviously he's a gamer faggot

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>Nice ammount of Money spent but Show How you make use out of it and Not Just try to fill the void with a dream Setup

I work in the video game/tech industry. I play video games for a living and own over 1,000 games from 80s to present day across PC and every console.

>Obviously he's a gamer faggot
Pretty much.

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Planning on getting more RAM and a better graphics card soon.

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Just curious why did you get a overclockable CPU and a B150 MB?

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I'm thinking of doing a mini-ITX build to replace this next year or something.

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Shitposting machine

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Left: Deep learning rig
Right: Chink gaming laptop

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Wew lad, do you really need all those GPU's for one monitor? Also, an air conditioner for them would be a wise investment.

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Can you read ?

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>Deep learning
base of what model?

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I love how the 950 pro, the only SSD that needs a temp monitor, doesn't have one

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Anyone still 2500k @ 4ghz here?

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Brand new but it still can't run Forza

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I am...


Forza Horizon 3 runs like shit for me too.

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How do you overclock your GPU? Online people are saying they get 2-2.1GHz off a 1070, so I bumped mine up to 2.101GHz and set power limit to max and dont notice a difference in GPU performance or stability. I'm using the gigabyte xtreme gaymen shit program, it should be overclocking this right?

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GPU overclocking is a meme.

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I'd believe it but my shit is too cold, there's gotta be a way to make it better and hotter

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I have a very mild overclock now. My score went from like 9,400 to 9,700. To get that score over 10k I had to set my fans to 100%. That was just for showoff/benchmark chasing purposes.

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Do you pay for 3D Mark? wtf

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>Do you pay for 3D Mark? wtf

Yes. I even bought the DLC so I don't have to wait for the Timespy demo to end.

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I bought it when it was like $5 on steam sale.

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>DLC for benchmark software

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Nope. Bought it on sale like...


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My nigga.

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>not using Windows 7
>pic related

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I just got the 1070 for $250 from a classmate who bought it for an alienware graphics accelerator but decided to return the alienware laptop. So he had no use for it and couldn't return it. I know it's ridiculous but I couldn't pass up a 1070 for $250.

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woops forgot pic

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8.1 is already configured comfortably for my needs. 7's on my T420.

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Because I'm edgy

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PLEASE rate me

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mee töihin

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I have the same monitor (running with a R9 390X), it came with a bright dead pixel and now the backlight starts flickering after a while. I didn't mind the single dead pixel, but now think I'll RMA it using the "Zero Bright Dot" warranty. How's yours?

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pls no bully

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ain't so bad, I've seen worse. How does it run?

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Niin kauan kuin se toimii. Oletko päivittämässä pian?

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Change your damn wallpaper already.

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>all this non-ecc ram itt

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didn't show my processor clock

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and notice, with even all of these people not running ECC, almost none of them have ever had a bit flip and fuck them up significantly.

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True. Also likely not much mission critical operations happening either

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I bought mine about 7 months ago and haven't had any problems.

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those temps tho
new case is nice, with actual airflow

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>1080 for 768p

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toppest of lelkeks

def a bit overkil there,l I bet most of the games load nearly instantly though.

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Don't cheap out on motherboards, kids.

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4.5ghz on cpu, 2.1ghz on the 1070

it's 4k adequate, for demanding games, not fantastic, bf 1 looks pretty damn good though

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good ole conroe, eh? this was the first cpus from intel after the pentium era, right? How does it fair today? probably more than enough for non gaymen use I whould guess

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hi /g/
scored like 600w load wattage on outervision

should i get:
EVGA G2 650w or
EVGA G2 750w for $10 more

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750w will last you longer.

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will I lose any efficiency?

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probably the same for them both as they are in the same series.

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gtx 1070 club lemao

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>looking at random lists of computer components and numbers
Aren't these threads really boring?

Is it just a way to show off your expensive builds?

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Whats up with all the windows machines in here? You disappoint me /g/...

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why the hell are your temps that high anon?

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been on since yesterday

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It's a way for true betas to feel good about themselves.

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am i old?

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Given how PSUs work, probably a little bit, but not by much.

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I need some meme hard drive and a new GPU soon.

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>expensive builds
Sure. Conroe is expensive hot stuff.

Also, this is technology board. I don't know what you expected.

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How is yours so fast? I get 1850 singlethread with 4.3, I got 2050 for 4.5 max

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>dat voltage at dat frequency
tune it down a tad my nigga
pic related runs rock solid and even passes y-cruncher

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I somehow doubt that these benches come from that frequency

>> No.57160050

I got it for free from Inno3d.

>> No.57160052

With a 5820k?

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I think the CPU-z bench is 4.5GHz not 4.4GHz but that'd be it. I can get it stable up to 4.7GHz if I push 1.34v

Also I was booted into safe mode without networking and I manually shutdown any extraneous processes to avoid background CPU use

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Mine runs at 1.275V for 4.3. It will crash after one hour in Prime otherwise.

What do you think, should I get a 1080 next? I saw 1080s used for under 500 €, a new EVGA 1070 is 460 €. Used ones are around 420.

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Its on default settings. Thats the turbo core doing its thing. It fluctuates. I'm not overclocking at all.

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Coming from a Phenom II x4 955 and a HD6970

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I remember back in the days when everybody used to have a Q6600. good times

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>computing with AMD

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You probably won't lose enough efficiency to change your power bill by more than $1 a month

>> No.57160814

Don't mind Phenom / Athlon II builds. I still have one and its sufficient for office / browsing.

My 5820K main station barely hits full load, even games won't utilize more than 20 %.

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>thinking graphics card has anything to do with loading times

toppest of kekks

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