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Underrated tech thread

Using this CPU from 2009 with 6GB of RAM on Windows 10 Professional, and it's pretty comfy.

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But windows 10 would run smooth enough for general nonintensive pc use on a Pentium D.
What's your point?

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That's factually not true.
The Pentium D sucked then, and it sucks now.
It stutters when playing 720p.

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I'm guessing the point is that you don't need to buy a 16 core i7 to browse 4chan. Not even for gayming.

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Not on windows 10 or Linux when you give it 2GB ram.

People actually do that? I still play games fine on my i7 870

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Even an i5 is overkill in most cases, and you hardly see anyone on /g/ using anything less.

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>not SSE4.1
how does it feel having a literally pre-Pentium 4 era tier processor

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Somehow it doesn't feel all that bad :^)

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let's get something straight

functionally speaking and directly from the ark.intel spec sheet, pentium d sucks a dick

your rebuttal please

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i've got the athlon x4 version in my 2nd pc and it's pretty not bad.

main pc still using glorious i5 4440 at 3.1 ghz from a dell prebuilt that i transplanted into the current machine.

still looking to get a 4790k used but they're so expensive and i wouldn't get much out of my 4440 on ebay, they're going for ~$140.

i could sell the 4440 for $120 and buy this 4790k on craigslist for $275.....but then i would feel retarded for selling a highly capable pc that i could just replace the athlon x4 build with considering how cheap a motherboard would be.......

so for now i'll just stick to my current hardware, which includes the two most underrated gpu's of recent times: the glorious 290x.

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got it cheap too :D

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got it free with a mobo and 8 gigs 1600mhz

also had a 4770 free, was more worth it to sell it because i have a cluster at work to play with for labs

free is underrated?

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I'm using an atom d2500 for my htpc, which should be slower than a pentium D, and it runs 1080p videos just fine with vlc in solus.

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4440 fag, mah nigga!

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>Not on windows 10 or Linux when you give it 2GB ram.

Netburst architecture is cancer, it can barely handle Windows 7 with 2GB, Windows 8/10 are unusable unless you don't install a single application.

It can barely handle YIFY rips, anything that's actually 720p will stutter like fucking hell.

Even a Allendale based Celeron would rape the best Pentium EE in the ass.

I'm pretty sure even the shittiest Conroe based Celeron is a little bit better.

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yeeeeeyyuh nigguh

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>implying cpu is relevant to video playback

Haven't you ever heard of hardware acceleration?

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Nice one faggot, sure the raw power of the Atom is inferior (it consumes 10 fucking watts).

But the architecture is very optimized and has been designed with that in mind, it has an integrated GPU and an integrated memory controller, not to mention instruction sets and other stuff that a shitty Prescott doesn't have.

You left me speechless.

>Implying that video is actually HD

I had a Barton with Radeon 9800Pro until 2013, no hardware acceleration can compensate for a weak CPU, no way I could play 1080p or real 720p, YIFY rips or DVDRip only.

Pentium 4 HT with 6200 and later 7300GT, same result.

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>You left me speechless.
meant for

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$ sysctl hw.model hw.machine hw.ncpu
hw.model: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor
hw.machine: amd64
hw.ncpu: 6
Sup AMD broseph.[/code]

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>Implying that video is actually HD

It is.

Both those cards you mentioned have barely any hardware acceleration. Even the HD 3850 cannot do the magical things this card can do, as it does not have UVD2. I can even watch 720p youtube videos, but 1080 is pushing it a bit.

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>dat green day dookie

you going for that ironic look or that period specific look?

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>period specific

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i got this as a gift from my gf, pretty comfy with it.

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I see, that's impressive then

I also had a Radeon 4670 but with a CPU that could handle 1080p playback by software so never could appreciate hardware acceleration for video playback (A Celeron G550, comparable to Core 2 Duo E8600)

Nevertheless I'm pretty sure that if you tried to use that Athlon XP with Windows 10 (I think it requires SSE2 or 3, but not the point) it would struggle a lot.

Actually with my Barton 2800+, even though W7 was very usable for browsing, for heavy tasks it would perform far worse than XP, so I used double boot back then.

And from experience I can tell that Pentium 4 630 with W8 its almost unusable, without even installing any applications.

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But a pentium D is a dual core p4, isn't it?

My athlon xp-m 2000+ can play 720p video and runs great with Ubuntu mate even though it's only a 32 bit single core. I see no reason why any desktop dual core would struggle to handle basic web browsing and media consumption.

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I'm still using a Phenom II 955

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what's the oc record for this CPU?

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Having a processor that can "handle" applications isn't everything that matters for a computer, one of the big reasons to upgrade is to get a modern chipset.

The feature disparity from a X38/P35 (Core2) or X58 (first gen i7) board to a current X99/Z170 board is massive. Old boards don't have must-have features like native USB 3, Sata3, M.2, integrated PWM fan management, etc. They also have very outdated audio codecs, bioses, ethernet controllers, and more, all things that significantly increase the quality of life of using the computer.

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>must-have features

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>any desktop dual core

Because Netburst architecture is not very efficient, probably with WXP and even 7 would be ok for basic tasks and apparently with a decent card (that didnt exist back then) for HD video playback, but it will struggle with a bloated piece of shit like W8/10

And athlon xp-m 2000+? I doubt you have something as powerful as a Radeon 4xxx, as it is mobile and probably comes with an integrated 9200SE or something like that. 700MB YIFY rips aint real 720p, a real 720p movie with high bitrrate can be easily 4GB or way more, that's unplayable with shitty CPU by software.

CPU's older than Core 2 without hardware acceleration can't do shit.

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Well I am using Ubuntu mate 16.04 and I did upgrade it to 1.5GB ram.

It doesn't multi task well at all, but for media consumption and light web browsing it works great.

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>media consumption
What is media consumption? What type of files do you reproduce?

I'm pretty sure you can't reproduce this without terrible sttutering: http://rarbg.to/torrent/tybmos2

And don't even get me started with H265, that's far worse, my Pentium 4 630 without overclocking it struggled to play 576p (and I'm talking about 270MB 45min episodes), 720p was plain simply impossible.

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trips don't lie

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The only problem with hardware acceleration is that it can be a bit finicky at times, you have to be using just the right combination software and drivers otherwise it doesn't work. For example, I have to use an older version of MPC-HC as the later versions don't support hardware acceleration under Windows XP. I also have to use the flash player to get hardware acceleration on youtube, and flash can't be installed the normal way because the web installer requires SSE2 so I have to use the offline installer.

Incredibly I am also getting "GPU Accelerated Windows" in Firefox, so web browsing is pretty smooth, but with Firefox I am forced to use the ESR version as Firefox dropped support for non-sse2 processors after version 49.

I didn't like Windows 7 on this hardware because Windows 7 does not support hardware accelerated audio decoding (which "Dolby Soundstorm" supports), so every time I played an mp3 it would noticeably slow down the system. Under Windows XP playing music doesn't use CPU cycles at all and I get to use the fancy "EAX" audio option in older games.

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>there is that many old cpu's
>there is still no old /guts/ posted


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hello 6 core variant

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>is pretty fast and a cheap overclocker
>will keep you warm this winter
FX-8350 a cute, what a comfy CPU.

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>gayman meme CPU

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>Post your poorfag builds thread

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Not necessarily, a chip can be underrated and be somewhat modern, I personally think 6 core CPUs are underrated because they're a good balance between cores and clocks, and something like an FX 6300 is really good because it costs a lot less then an 8350 and you can overclock it.

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It was free.
>Being this jealous.


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>Being this jealous
I'm not. My FX8350 is doing just fine.

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the Athlon XP-M 2000+ is a great CPU. I had one in my PC back in 2007, overclocked from 1667 to 2200MHz. salvaged it from a faulty laptop.

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I'm glad to see people still happy with Vishera in 2016, I just ordered a 990FXA-UD3 board, should be sweet.

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990FXA-UD3 has pretty horrible first revisions,the 4.0 and 4.1 are the ones to look for,they have a beefier VRM than the first revisions.

IMO. only AM3-board worth getting is the Asus Pro Gaming 970 Aura,it has a beefy VRM and decent price.


^ this is what happens when you skimp out on component quality with amd boards.

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I'm getting the 990FX-UD3 R5, which says it supports a 9590, so the power delivery is probably good on it.

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>beats a fx-9590, up to 5.3ghz OC, in passmark
>basically beats every single consumer cpu amd has to offer, you need to get into 16core area to pass it
>was released in 2008

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Sad bu true.

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>tfw upgrading your old C2Q rig to a new 8350 with crappier ipc.

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I still use a Phenom II X4 955 on my Windows 10 PC, still holds up nicely in 2016.

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I'm waiting for Zen. My motherboard is 9 years old (p5k), my PSU (enermax 500) is 8, my case is 9 (colermaster shitty shit). the most new component is a Samsung Evo 850 500GB and a r9 270x.
Almost everything is 2nd or 3rd hand.

Originally it was a C2D E6750, 2GB ram, 320 HD, 8800GT

Yesterday i tried out Feed the Beast unstable 1.10.2... and i manage to run it at 30FPS, which is impressive. But the most impressive shit is that i'm using an almost 10 years old PC, and i can still do everything.

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>9yo mobo with solid caps
That's a pretty sweet system, I actually had to put my cpu, ram, and gpu into a newer Dell Optiplex due to capacitor plague.

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None, the most incredible thing is that i've been running OC CPU and GPU since Decembrer 2007, 24/7, and my Enermax 500 is still there.

That's crazy.

I mean, i changed my LCD caps last month (samsung 2232bw), and it's as old as my motherboard+psu, and it has always run at minimum brightness. But the not-so-special PSU is alive. Even the fun bearings are perfect.

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Also... i have an hitachi deskstar.... it's at 48k hours of power on. That's also some impressive shit.


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>not having at least 40GB of RAM in your system

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>48k hours
That's nuts, I've got a Barracuda 160 gig with 33k on it and i thought that was a lot.

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How are your temps?
I used the 9590 for 6 months, the issues with stability and temperature were so bad I jumped off of the AMD train.

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OP here. Nice to see that this thread isn't a total disaster.

I own pic related (bought it on eBay for £25). This card was kind of beastly back in 2008 :^)

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5400 Xeons are overrated, actually.

If you aren't on Westmere or above, you're a fucking pleb.

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My pentium d 925 did not stutter on 720p under win7, but on 1080p it did.
Under winxp it did 1080p too.

This was on p5gz-mx mobo with 2gb ram on onboard graphics.

It stuttered severly on win 8/10

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Phenom II x4s were nice CPUs. Pretty competitive with the i5 750. I nearly bought one myself, but ended up with an i7 920. Glad I did because pic related. Everyone forgets Nehalem because of Sandy Meme, but I'll be beating 2600Ks in DX12 games.

My sister still has an Athlon II x4 in her desktop, although she rarely uses it. Those were nice too.

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When you don't give a single fuck about video playback the sky's the limit.

Come at me.

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