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I need a new GPU. I want to be able to play Dishonored 2, Far Cry Primal, Battlefield One, Quake Champions at a high settings with a good FPS.

My budget is $200 max, I don't care if it's Nvidia or Intel, I just care about performance and reliability.

Here are my specs
>i5-6600 3.30GHz CPU
>EVGA GTX 570 GPU (plan to toss it as it's always overheating...)
>ASUS Z170-K ATX Mobo

Any recommendations? I don't need anything overkill, just enough to play the above games at high settings with solid FPS.

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Nvidia or AMD*

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R9 280X.

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1060 or 480

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>Dishonored 2, Far Cry Primal, Battlefield One, Quake Champions
you are a literal meme gamer. please commit suicide.

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RX 480, 4gb

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The only game on that list that I actually want is Dishonored 2, the rest are just examples of the graphical demands I want to meet.

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What dollar, dickhead?
$200cad/aud is very different to $200usd

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Most people on 4chan are from the USA

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I wonder how much kabylake would do against your 570

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USD, i thought everyone on the internet was American

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>Dishonored 2, Far Cry Primal, Battlefield One, Quake Champions
>a good GPS

Best choose some other games then.

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Hey man CSGO is not a meme

And Battlefield 1942 WAS a good game

So was Cod One (I like fish mmmm cod)

But anyway, you might have a point.

What next, you gonna tell me Crysis 1 wasn't a good game?

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Gtx 1050 ti

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>CSGO is not a meme
yes it is
>Battlefield 1942 WAS a good game

>So was Cod One
it was kind of crap.

>Crysis 1 wasn't a good game
Pretty fun. 2 and 3 were stupid.

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Not OP but I was thinking of upgrading my 670 to GTX 1060 (single fan) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16814487267

I would only be spending like 100$.

Worth it?

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Wait for HBM2

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That is more of a sidegrade than an upgrade

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>CS1.6 was good
GO was okay
>Battlefield 1942 was good
None of the others were
>cod one was good
None of the others were
>Crysis 1 was good
None of the others were

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Isn't that not until 2018? And will be for expensive cards?

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I'd probably go with a GTX 1060 3 GB.

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XFX Radeon RX 470
See DX11 gameplay if you have W10 then you can get more out of it with DX12

BF1 Game play:


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You're gonna regret that. Some games already push the 3GB barrier even on 1080p.

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do you list the extension of cod one as bad too ?

battlefield 2142 was pretty good

otherwise a 480 4 or 8gb if you can find one will do fine

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This so much. Can't play Shadow Warrior 2 on ultra settings thanks to 3,5 life. :(

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RX 470 8gb or 480 4gb. Dont choose Nvidia, /g/ is alwayas meme-ing nvidia

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gonna pickup a 470 4gb myself

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>My budget is $200 max
raise your budget you fucking cuck

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I don't fall for bait.

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Battlefield 1942 was good but it wasn't as fun as battlefield 2 or 3 for me, maybe even 4.

All the cod series sucks except bo1 because I liked to play zombies with friends :3

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RX 480 or 470

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>le all modern games are bad

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>I need a new GPU
>My budget is $200 max
> I don't care if it's Intel
You should consider heading to a hospital immediately, because I think you're having a stroke.

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Gaymers. Runny-nosed kids who only know how to fight and whine. Confirmed.

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R9 280x
Newegg has refurbished sapphire toxic ones for less than 200$

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Pic related
Thinking of getting a second one but I only have a 600w psu

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get a 1060 3gb

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rx 470 4gb is what you can get for 200 comfortably
1060 3gb isnt even worth considering because youre gonna be getting fucked due to low vram. if youre lucky and can find rx 470 8gb for around 200 or less than go with that too but avoid "stock coolers" as theyre shit

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GTX 1060
RX 480 4GB
You choose.

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>almost 2017
sucking a dick to get extra money for the 6gb version would literally be less gay

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Get a used 690 for 200$. Still competes imo.

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Why not just get a 950 instead? Same price, if not less, especially used.

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>I only play modern games for hardcore gamers such as myself

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These op

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