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What's the best program for checking network usage in Windows 7?

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I need to replace Ubuntu. What's a good Linux distro that's easy to install without messing with my Windows partition? I'd like its design to be more like Windows than OSX. And I need the close button for a maximized window to go all the way to the furthest pixel so I can close a window without looking.

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how tall is the fat sumo boy? i remeber a pride fight where a buff 5'11 jap fought a fat sumo 6'5 fucker and the jap guy won by constantly moving and jabbing

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I just updated the always-on screen on my galaxy s7 and now I can't figure out how to add additional clocks to it. Did they limit it to one clock now? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

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Which surge protector should I get?


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I want to get an internal drive but I haven't got one in a while.
Which brands are good these days?
Thinking of 3TB 7200.

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If it's a recent drive get Seagate, avoid WD. If it's an old do the exact opposite.

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Hitachi/HGST made pretty much the only good 3 tb drives. The 3 tb class was full of fail. Get 4tb if you can afford it.

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how can i fix the windows update on 7 checking for forever, tried many solutions from google, none worked

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What's the best basic font for general use on a webpage?

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I bought a b150 mobo for gaming, i do not plan to overclock, nor to do crossfire/sli, am I fucked?

Also, pic related, not my pc but looks pretty similar. Will one or both GPU and wifi pci card fuck up due to the heat?

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How can I make Windows not be retarded about monitor boundaries?

There has to be a simpler way of ensuring things stay on one screen than trying to drag it into the pixel-perfect position where it won't overlap the border onto another monitor.

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Is there a way to get steam to trust my CA? I've already imported it to the system and everything else trusts it and works fine. When Steam's traffic goes through the my Firewall it has an issue. I'm pretty sure Steam is using its own CA store like Firefox does.

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I hear you shouldn't buy large external hard drives?

Why is that?

Instead of just plopping all your shit on 1 8TB people buy 8 1 TB.

Doesn't seem very space efficient.

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I have a JVC HA-RX700, and v-moda lp2.
The v-moda sounds distored when plugged into rear panel audio, but the jvc sounds fine in rear panel. Both sound fine on front panel. My front panel is broken(need to wiggle the plug to get it to work)
Why is it distored. How do I fix this?
I have a asus p5q motherboard and I tried updating and rolling back audio drivers.

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Comic Sans
Honestly though something readable like Arial.

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Why do I keep hearing this about the 3TB ?
Should I get 2x 2TB instead?
What was their problem?

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Don't get 3Tb they are bound to fail. Get WD/Hitachi/HGST 4Tb.
You always want to get a drive that is a power of 2. It's an older superstition but they seem to be far more reliable.

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if you're tight on space, blower cards are actually the better option in that situation. but anyways CF/SLI is a meme and don't do it as many games do not support it.

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I'm looking to store my huge ass dvd collection on an external drive, so I have a three part question y'all.
1- How do I rip the movies/ multiple episodes to normal video files (not weird compressed files)
2- Should I go with an external hard drive or a normal flashdrive? I'm going to get the same 1tb storage and roughly the same price
3- As long as I destroy the DVD's afterwards, and don't distribute the files, this is technically legal right? I wn the data, I'm just moving it.

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>3- As long as I destroy the DVD's afterwards, and don't distribute the files, this is technically legal right?

What the fuck?

Keep your discs, sell them if you really have NO room in your closet/garage.

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I have this card: http://xfxforce.com/en-us/products/amd-radeon-rx-400-series/rx-480-rs-best-buy-rx-480p8lflr

And this mobo: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5640#ov

also a tplink 300mbps tp-link card

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Whats an affordable speaker system for a small livingroom? I'm fucking sick of the shit audio on our TV.

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It's a question of legality, not if I SHOULD follow the law

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By some magic fuckery my SSD has failed on me before my external hard drive did.

I had windows 7 professional on it that I got through my university, but I don't have access to that anymore and I don't have the Windows key.

Think I can convince a Microsoft tech support to give me a key?

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I want to play videogames without having to delve the depths of old forgotten forums to find hacks that don't even work anymore.

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Which SSD and how you noticed it failed, stopped booting or just doesnt boot in windows?

Yes you can in windows support, but you better know the details of your motherboard.

You are better just pirating W7 Ultimate.

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ok im tired of the fucking cancer threads.
someone please tell me how to regex filter shit properly to catch "words here" anywhere in a post without being case sensitive and preferably allow for random characters between the words.

in return have a pic of my cat as it's officially saturday where i am

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Amazon $12 USB speakers.

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/words.*here/i ..?

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Honor 8 or HTC10.?

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ok i dont post in this board, so dont get too technical on me

wtf is going on, my computer is super slow

pic related maybe means something idk

dont tell me to install gentoo or linux or whatever meme

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A Sandisk 240GB

I get that black screen with a blinking cursor on bootup right after this bios is displayed, which usually means your OS is borked.

Tried using chkdsk on a USB with Windows ISO and it couldn't find any Windows partitions.

Ubuntu live CD partition manager can find it but claims it can't read it because of damage etc.

What details will I need to know before I try to haggle windows support?

It died after it froze during a windows update, so I could probably hold that against them.

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I have 8gb of ram but windows says only 7.7gb are usable how do i fix this?

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Please help /g/amboys

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>I get that black screen with a blinking cursor on bootup right after this bios is displayed, which usually means your OS is borked.
Not exactly, maybe just the boot partition.

They will ask your questions, and expect a lot of them.
Will take around 2 hours.

Disable your IGPU, its using 256MB RAM.

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thanks. any way to improve this? is it possible to make it only filter the OP for certain things (getting a couple threads as collateral damage).


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Stupidity bump

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none, they're memes

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I'm actually here for pretty much the same thing as this anon. What's a decent desktop divider for letting windows properly snap to each area automatically that respects muh privacy and muh freedoms?

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Bump pls resbond

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Because the 8TB drive failing would cause you to lose everything. Not saying I agree but that'd be the rationale.

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look in the processes tab what's using the disk so much, then post it here

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1.a non-compressed video file will be as big as a fucking ISO image of the disc. It makes ZERO sense to convert the disc to a playable video file without compressing it. And if you use the right codec/program you wont lose any noticable quality and it will be MUCH smaller file size.

>external hdd or normal flash drive
what the fuck are you talking about?
a "flash drive" (what do you even mean by this? USB thumb drive? SSD?) will NEVER be the same price as a hard drive.

3. No, you need the discs to prove you own it.

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you're too stupid to use an android device. Get an iPhone.

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Antimalware service executable

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Disable windows defender/Microsoft security essentials.

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Stay upset

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I have a shitty 5 years old GT 540M on my laptop.

It runs my pleb games on low/medium settings at 60 FPS smoothly, until the first game ends. Then, it's anywhere between 10 an 30 FPS.

I thought about a heat issue but it's literally as soon as the intensive 3D work ends that suddenly the ingame menu is slow, and the next game is basically unplayable.

And the only solution to that is to restart the computer every fucking time if I want a decent framerate.

Drivers are up to date. Everything is set on "High performance GPU", so I'm not running on the Intel HD thingy. Google doesn't help.

I just don't get it.

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Post Speccy.

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Run GPU-Z and check performance and temperature.
On a second screen if you can.

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How do I easily debloat a PC running Win10? I remember during the Win 10 General threads there was a program that let you switch automatically everything off

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or just use a non shit program that records the temps and u dont need another monitor

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is it possible to turn your usb into a vpn like a rasberry pi can


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>is it possible to turn your usb into a vpn like a rasberry pi can
>implying you have a second computer built into your USB port

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im talking about usb drive like some kind of program or something, you know how you code a rasberry pi and turn it into a vpn, im talking about like that.

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best distro for a home server?
super shitty atom netbook, in case you're wondering...

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does anyone have a website or some kind of program or anything that turns torrents into direct downloads

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For some reason on this old ass laptop whenever I install a Linux distro (I've tried basically all the major ones) alongside Windows 7, the W7 partition breaks and I need to use recovery to fix it. I get this problem even with a fresh installation of W7 then the Linux distro alongside it. It's a Compaq Presario CQ57. In case you're wondering, yes I need Windows - not my choice.

1. Should I wipe the HDD then install Linux as the main OS then sideload W7?
2. Is there an easy way to sideload W7 in Linux?

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Ran Speccy. Got a BSOD. Anything in particular you need to see ?

>a non shit program that records the temps
Such as ?
I don't have a second screen

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Can't tell if this is akin to delete system 32 but I tried and pc said that I can't do that

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I don't think you have any idea of what you're talking about

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MSE/Windows defender is just built in Windows antivirus, you can and should replace it with a good one.

Atleast disable background/Automatic scans since that is your current problem.

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You cant "program" a fucking USB thumb drive you dumbass, they are only for file storage.

>what do you need to see
your specs....
>program such as

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im trying to install a distro on my usb but on the installation screen, it wont let me select my usb its saying that i need to select a partion but im afraid to select anything does anyone know what to do?

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You would need to actually prepare the data, which hasn't yet been collected yet, from a random and changing group of users. Think about it.

Do consider something like torrenting the content to a remote PC/server and then getting a direct download from that. It's about as good as you're gonna get.

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i5-2410M @ 2.30Ghz
4 Gb DDR
Win 7 64 bits

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how are you trying to install it. list the steps you do.

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ok heres what i did
> get iso file
> use uui
> put linux onto the usb perfectly
> restart pc
> get to deepin installation screen
> get all the way to installation
> it only lists the windows partions i switch the disk to 1 and my usb is marked red and wont let me use it as my installation tool

if you want me to i can go on mobile and take pics if your confused

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I have plenty of copper and heatsinks from DIY stuff and noticed that i have plenty of space inside my laptop so i thought of doing something probably stupid and here i am asking if it's going to be worth it.

Pic related 1 is my current laptop heatsink, would doing 2 be useful or do anything beneficial to the cooling system? Yellow is the copper pipes from the original heatsink, Red is additional copper pipes that i could solder next to it and Blue would be a small heatsink under the pipes.

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AKA seedbox

run Resource Monitor while you play and make the lag happen and post screenshot

You're trying to install the OS on the same USB drive you have the ISO on?

is 70c the max temp? might be heat throttling causing lag.

nope, you need the right material inside the copper pipes for it to transfer heat properly.

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>you need the right material inside the copper pipes for it to transfer heat properly
And assuming that it has that?

Forgot to mention that I'm using copper pipes from fans of another laptops.

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I have a pretty standard smallish 1080p TV. What should I buy to play games this Christmas? I don't want anything over $500 and I don't want to build a PC myself. I just want something that just werks. PS4, XBOX ONE, or PC? Should I take this question to /v/?

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oh so you took the heatpipes from another computer, then it will be easier and you just need to get a good contact between the pipe and heatsinks.

BUT.... it will be pretty much useless if you dont have another fan blowing on the second heatsink to dissipate the heat.

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Build your PC.
/v/ will tell you build a PC.

Its not that hard.

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I just went to use my old desktop (was built in 2011ish) for the first time in over a year, but it stops booting up and stays on the "loading windows 7" screen.

I can however get it to work via safe mode, though it takes ages to finis loading there too.

How can I troubleshoot the issue from here?

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>dont want to assemble PC himself
you wont get anything decent on that budget. enjoy wasting your money.

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Windows 7 is fucked, you might have to reinstall.
HDD might be damaged too.

Windows has a option to attempt a repair but it isnt really good in 7.

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Yes, a seed box. I wanted to explain why the solution was necessary.

Can someone recommend a decent free alternative to Actual Window Manager for W7? I want to be able to set snap-to areas on my desktop for windows, and I don't want it to fuck with "borderless windowed" modes for 3D/muh gayming. Preferably with default options to split it into thirds vertically, four quarters (horizontally/vertically), that sort of thing.

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What's the difference between a parameter and an argument?

>> No.57077936

thats a bad thing, can you tell me what to do to fix it please.

>> No.57077944


Please respond, mainly question 2. Is there a program in Linux that makes it easy to install a Windows partition?

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who the fuck are you and what are you talking about

>didnt even wait 30 minutes before bumping
fuck off cunt

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>You're trying to install the OS on the same USB drive you have the ISO on?

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Well i can't add another fan since the motherboard is under the heatsink and the usb ports to the left.

I thought it'd sort of work even to decrease a couple of degrees because of the bigger area covered by copper heatpipes but yeah i can't dissipate the heat gathering there without another fan.

Thanks for replying though.

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>fuck off cunt

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I just got a new motherboard for my system and the SATA cable bases on it are numbered 0 & 1. I haven't had to work in a motherboard in a decade so I have a few stupid questions.
1)Does it matter which I plug my hard drive and CD drive into?
2&3)I have 2 hard drives, is there a 6gbs SATA cable that will let me use both of them? Or will I have to just plug in the 2nd one where the CD drive was plugged in (possibly reorganize the cords) when I want to use the second?
4)I already have an OS installed on one hard drive, if I get access to it (the second) will there be a problem with which OS loads?

Mobo:GA-AM1M-S2H AM1 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI MicroATX AMD

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Just wait

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Well, how can I tell for sure?

>> No.57078008

Not really but plug your OS HDD on SATA0 to avoid problems since some motherboards require it.

SMART data.
Surface read test.
HD Tune benchmark.

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fully updated w7 runs like utter shit compared to a fresh install and all post 2015 updates are extra botnet, but if you want to update anyway use wsus offline update

boot a linux usb livecd and check the status of the hdd

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It has XP on the 2nd hard drive, I have a new OS disk in the CD drive for putting on my hard drive that will be my main, a clean new 2tb.

>> No.57078045

It will just boot in the first HDD, you could change this by changing boot priority on BIOS.
Or make it boot from the 2nd HDD by using the boot menu.

>> No.57078055

2. no, they use the same cables
3. what?
4. you MIGHT need to change the mobo/chipset drivers before loading windows. personally i'd just reinstall from scratch.

why the fuck do you still have XP

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1- Can I play compressed files in MPV/ How do rip files
2- Apologies, I've never known a USB stick by any other name than 'flash drive", and I'm buying chink shit so the 1tb flash drive is like $6 and the external hdd is $9.
3- I bought the discs at a flea market anyway, I've probably already broken that law then

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Ok, so hdd in 0 CD in 1 then make sure to set the bios when I swap the CD to the 2nd.
Is there a way to have all 3 plugged in at once or should I just get a USB CD drive?

>> No.57078082

holy fuck anon are you stable?

>> No.57078083

By getting a PCIe to SATA card.

>> No.57078099

yes im trying to install the os on the same us drive i have the iso on

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The computer had a problem with the processor a while back and when I fixed that the mobo went too. I've been using a hand me down laptop for the last 6 years. I never got around to updating the OS.

I'm going to start with vista on it then when I'm sure the hardware is working I'll be back for opinion of which OS to use from there.
Which would be cheaper, the PCIe card or external CD drive.

>> No.57078119

1. yes / handbrake
2. i would not trust that to store files for a long period of time
3. there is no law against buying second hand/used media

Why are you even using MPV when you dont know shit about video compression and is generally a fucking retard when it comes to technology? Get MPC-HC instead. MPV is for more advanced users.

>uncompressing install files while overwriting them at the same time

>> No.57078123

How would I do the smart/surfwce test and such that you mentioned

I don't have any other computers around to burn the CD.

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TrueCrypt has been offered to me as the best option to encrypt my drives, but looking at /g/'s wiki it says that it has long been abandoned and VeraCrypt is its successor.Or does none of it matter because LUKS is what I should be using anyway?

TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt for Windows, and dm-crypt + LUKS for Linux?

If I want to mirror data or send backups to a drive there shouldn't be interference, correct? Rather, could I access the drives in Linux then Windows, or are they going to be formatted exclusively?

>> No.57078147

That didn't even work back in DOS, but at least back then the computer gave you the hopes of trying. Lol

>> No.57078152

It's called livecd but you usually use an USB flash drive.

Boot in safe mode and use rufus to make it bootable if you don't have another computer.

>> No.57078153

can you explain step by step how to fix the issue

>> No.57078204

Never mind I have enough change in my pocket for either the adapter or the external CD. I'll talk it over with my gf, her new slim laptop didn't have a disk drive but she has all her music on there, and her 2002 explorer doesn't have a USB, just a 6 disk changer.

>> No.57078232

VeraCrypt for Windows, dmcrypt+luks for Linux.

No, they're going to be formatted on their own. If you need to share files between both operating systems make another volume as ntfs and use Veracrypt on it since it's multi platform.

>> No.57078236

>I never got around to updating the OS.
I hope you havent used XP in the last year or two since they ended the support.

About the same but external CD drive is better option because you can re-use it for any other computer you use.

Maybe if you explain step by step what the fuck you're talking about since im replying to multiple people and you idiots keep forgetting to greentext what you are replying to.

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Both are pretty much the same price.
A PCIe to SATA card will give you 4 SATA3 slots more.

A external CD drive will just let you use the CD drive trough USB, and you wont be able to use your current one.

I think the adapter is a way better idea.

>> No.57078253

Thank you for the quick response, anon.

>> No.57078254

which desktop environment is the best to use with awesome window manager? I'm using LXDE but maybe there is a better option

>> No.57078262

How do I map increase and decrease brush size to the additional mouse buttons I have, in Photoshop, without using Logitech's software?

From preferences, I can only seem to remap things to keys.

>> No.57078270

I've been using a laptop with Vista.
When I get the 2nd hdd (with the XP os) plugged in I can finally enjoy erasing a system 32 folder

>> No.57078275

how to get my linux os, im trying to install the os at the same time the iso is on the usb aswell. I dont want to replace a partion and delete windows or screw my hard drive over. Im sorry you have multiple people to deal with.

>> No.57078296

I was the other two he replied to.
Why not move the ISO file to your hard drive, use a ISO mount program to mount the ISO, then after you finish the install put the ISO back on the USB?

>> No.57078305

use a program that can make a liveCD or some shit to extract the files and install it on the USB drive

>> No.57078306

I've only watched tv on a CRT tv for 26 years, but on this LED tv it's like the audio is not in sync with video. Are all LED's like that?

>> No.57078319

Not at all, it shouldn't even happen.

>> No.57078325


no. that's strange. could also be the cable box.

>> No.57078327

b-but i don't wanna

>> No.57078329

No, that's a common problem with digital/HD channels

>> No.57078335



>> No.57078339

enjoy paying extra for less performance

>> No.57078344

it doesn't happen all the time. This LED is only 60HZ, but the CRT one was 240HZ. I thought that might be why.

>> No.57078355

Its not even hard, takes 10 minutes tops.
And what takes most time is plugging the heatsink and the F_Panel cables (The case cables).

>> No.57078363

Not much of a budget but I just pulled off the PC build option for 300... nothing spectacular, but I'm currently content.

>> No.57078380


>> No.57078401

Look on newegg and other places on the web, then check to see if you can find a combo for a discount or get any parts cheaper at a store with a price match.
I got a CX750M for $60 this way.

>> No.57078403


Are the certificates that they offer worth getting from this college? Like the cert for network security, sql, linux, c++, etc?

>> No.57078409

Booting from the "last known good configuration" option worked

However, the extent of the display is "off screen", as if the video signal is a higher resolution then the TV itself.

Its worth noting in safe mode the max resolution the display menu in the control panel allowed me to pick was 1400x900 something. I assumed this was just due to something in safe mode, but now lim not sure.

I'm pretty damn sure this model tclv is 1080p though, its a samsung un32j5205(afxza)

>> No.57078459

using rufus right now ill report what happens

>> No.57078476

>Networking: Cisco CCNA
Yes, that's industry standard.

Dont know about the others.

CX series is sub-par, anon.

>> No.57078507

>Is it worth going to a paper certification mill?

Build a lab and learn shit on your own.

>> No.57078526


You cant even get half the performance or quality of that for anywhere near that price if you buy a prebuilt PC.

>> No.57078609

>implying employers will hire him when he says "I built a lab and learned shit on my own"
>implying the robot resume filter won't throw his resume in the trash.


I don't know about those certs, but you can learn from those courses and take the compTIA exams that are equivalent. Of course, outside learning to fill in the gaps that those courses don't teach for the compTIA exams will be prudent to do.

>> No.57078660

And no one will hire someone with babby's first cert who has absolutely no practical experience in either a lab or production environment.

>> No.57078662

>implying an employer that doesnt even try to confirm his knowledge claim is worth working for

>> No.57078689

good program to delete excess programs and general shit

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>> No.57078719

Is an idle temp of 40 degree C bad?

I am using my bro's old AMD FX-8350 CPU

>> No.57078720

installation failed, but the thing is i used the fail safe the os looked ok but it was kinda buggy but now i know what it looks like.

>> No.57078733

That acronym wasn't clear. Are you telling me to install gentoo? Because I won't

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>> No.57078740

If on idle:
If OC, yes.
For AMD temperatures yes.
Is it? Not really.

Stock cooler?

>> No.57078742

how does /g/ make a playlist for use in mpv

>> No.57078746

WinDirStat if you're on Windows

>> No.57078755

Idle, yes.
Stock cooler on stock settings

>> No.57078770

Then not exactly but AMD CPUs run hot.

Meanwhile it is under 60°C under stress it will be ok.
If it goes over it you should think about buying a HSF, specially if you ever think about overclocking.

>> No.57078777

I see. Thank you anon.

>> No.57078781

Best place to download ISOs of the different Windows operating systems?

Want to be prepared.

>> No.57078791

For gaming on TV, just pick up a load of cheap previous gen. You can probably spend 150 usd for a system, 2 controllers, and 5-8 games. 2nd hand games are going pretty cheap for ps3 and x360

>> No.57078794

MyDigitalLife forums has them all.

Prepared for what?

>> No.57078797

Well to replace the old power supply on short notice it was a steal for 60

>> No.57078824

Is there any Touchscreen friendly/Tablet Desktop Environment for Linux?

>> No.57078839

What the best scirpt blocker for firefox? Is it still NoScript?

>> No.57078850

ublock matrix

>> No.57078855


>> No.57078856

can i do a hackinstosh without a mac

>> No.57078862
File: 26 KB, 600x600, förhelvete.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's the whole point of a hackintosh....

>> No.57078877

oh i thought i needed a mac to extract the os system then do the hackintosh my mistake also so unibeast and everything will do it for me. I do nothing

>> No.57078898

no, you buy a regular PC then install Apple OS on it instead of Windows.

You either buy a install disc or download and burn your own (or use USB drive).

>> No.57078932

How secure are bluetooth transmissions?

>> No.57078940


Cool thanks. I just now notice that Ublock does it too haha.

>> No.57078950

You need a Mac to put the OS X installer on a flash drive

>> No.57078951

if your bluetooth is making transmissions you should get it checked by a doctor

>> No.57078966

>implying an employer is gonna waste money testing to see if someone knows their shit


That's why he should get those certs AND get experience.

>> No.57078967

i have a usb drive, do you have a iso file to mac osx

>> No.57078974

I've made a mistake.

I was reading the wrong temps. The CPU CORE temp is 29-35 degrees idle

>> No.57078983

So 35°C.
AMD never reports temperatures right.

Still not exactly great, more talking about you are using the stock cooler.

>> No.57078992
File: 8 KB, 406x32, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use NetSpeedMonitor but it also counts LAN traffic which is a problem because it easily inflates statistics if you are just transferring some shit around. It has enough customization to blend in with your theme.

>> No.57078999

I will buy a new one soon.

>> No.57079009

torrent it.

>> No.57079010

bumping this

>> No.57079011

What do you think about that program?

Also what is the original place to download it from? google only shows adware sites.

>> No.57079014

The answer is in your textbook.
Most .iso's are available directly from Microsoft
Make sure you have uBlock Origin, uBlock is no longer maintained.

>> No.57079016
File: 147 KB, 600x534, 1472128546575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My mom needs a laptop.

She wants to carry it around, it only needs to do incredibly basic things like Office applications, internet and Skype.

Is the Microsoft Surface a meme worth looking into or should I look at cheap DELL notebooks instead?

>> No.57079017

they just need to ask a few questions you retarded fuck


that's actually a good idle temp, you'll never get blow room ambient temp.

>> No.57079021

It's 70 degrees in my room.

>> No.57079023

My gpu started crashing when running games. I initially thought it was the driver so I rolled back to a version where it was stable but it kept happening. So I play games on the lowest settings and that worked for awhile. But now my pc sometimes just crashes on desktop or when I only have chrome open.
There's a few times when I got a hd detection failure when rebooting after the crash.
I'm beginning to suspect my psu. Is there anyway to be sure? I've already checked the temps and there's no overheating of any components. I'm heading out to get a replacement today.

>> No.57079029

I think Calibri looks nice and it's supposedly very easy to read
You would probably be fine with a basic font like Arial though

If your website is about Egypt you should use Papyrus

>> No.57079032

70 degrees F


>> No.57079050

Hello, Satan.

That depends on which cheap dell notebook.

Get OpenHWmon and check to see if volts and shit is correct under load.
Ask a friend if you can try his PSU.

>Using Fahrenheit

>> No.57079056
File: 71 KB, 783x851, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is this?

>> No.57079063

>That depends on which cheap dell notebook.
I don't actually know.

Are there any good ones that would fulfill my needs?

>> No.57079067

I have a bunch of movies that are 720p.
I was considering buying a 2560x1440 monitor.

Does the stretching look that terrible?

Any device that cannot be identified. Bad/missing driver more than likely.

>> No.57079075


>> No.57079092


Well browsing for updated drivers online turns up nothing,

I uninstalled it once but it came back when I rebooted.

>> No.57079110
File: 7 KB, 222x178, you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do I buy to store spare ram and processors? I don't have a spare motherboard and shit to store these currently un-needed parts.

>> No.57079123

So to confirm, just light MS Office stuff and general web browsing?
What's your budget?

unplug your usb devices to see if it's actually that.

if it is, go to the manufacturer's website and download drivers.
if not, download mobo drivers for chipset and controllers.

>> No.57079135

anti-static bags and cardboard boxes. bubble-wrap if it will be moved a lot

>> No.57079136

so if you read a book, you cannot sell it to someone else?
What if you didn't read it? Can you than sell what you legally own?
or do you buy into this 'license' crap?

>> No.57079140

What's the risk if I overwrite a hdd that was at the office with windows 10, i know it has windows xp on it also other shit, is it better to format it? How do I do it?

>> No.57079150

Apparently you cant get NetSpeedMonitor anymore from a legit source since the developer removed it from his site, too bad, seems like a good program.

>> No.57079161


Damn, all my USB ports actually work just fine. I just tested all of them.

So what's this damn error message mean...

>> No.57079164

It's your fucking property you can do whatever the fuck you want with it.

There is no "license crap".

But if you make backups you need to keep the original to prove you legally own it.

>> No.57079168

Follow-up question:
Is 25" too small for 1440p?
It's $100 more for 27" than 25"


>> No.57079186

Anon, if you have the needspeedmonitor x64 setup could you share the SHA-1 of the installer?

>> No.57079188

did you go full retard and just ignore half the post i wrote for you?

no, you'll just get better image quality (sharper) since it's higher DPI

But it would be better with bigger if you also use it like a TV or sit further away than normal.

>> No.57079193

>So to confirm, just light MS Office stuff and general web browsing?

Budget would probably go up to around 500€, I'm pretty flexible but I don't want to spend more than necessary to do that kind of basic stuff

Depending on where I buy the thing I might get college student discounts

>> No.57079195


No I'm working on that, I'm just wondering out loud why computers are retarded while I do it.

>> No.57079228

I bought a b150 mobo for gaming, how fucked am I?

>> No.57079238

I added some anime ([Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)) to plex in a folder called weeb shit, the directories are fine but it's not coming up when I do a manual refresh what do I do?

>> No.57079249

Depends on CPU and if you ever plan to SLI or overclock RAM.

If you got a unlocked CPU, and dont care about the others or number of PCIe slots, nothing at all.

>> No.57079264

i've got an i5 6500, not planing to do SLI/CF nor overclocking the ram, I just want to run some AAA games, maybe I get mad and run The Witcher.

As I said am I fucked up?

>> No.57079266

If they have DRM (most do), then no, it is against the law. DMCA made it a crime to break any sort of DRM.

That said, you should not follow that law, as it is unethical. Perform civil disobedience by removing the digital handcuffs from everything you own and sharing them with others in free formats.

Under the DMCA, you do not own it, the rights holder does. Even if you own the physical item, you are not allowed to break the restrictions.

>> No.57079278

Well then it doesn't matter since motherboard doesn't affect performance at all.
The limitation are the upgrade capabilities only.

>> No.57079291
File: 22 KB, 396x497, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had no idea about this. Now you're all making me paranoid, I got mine back in 2014.



>> No.57079301
File: 25 KB, 972x317, Capture2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57079313

Our SHA-1 are the same, yours is legit.

I had to download it from a third party website because the creator of the program removed everything from his website so i wanted to be sure it was the real one.

>> No.57079315

Always keep original packaging. AKOP..

>> No.57079326

Is there a way to filter out traffic related to LAN and only track internet traffic? This is its only flaw.

>> No.57079328

No idea how hot it will get. You could use a PCI-E riser cable to move the smaller card. Or just use a USB 3 wifi card.

>> No.57079332

I was worried because i installed it but didn't create a file to open it.

>> No.57079344

Can a soft rubber water cooling tube rubbing up against the edge of a heatsink make noticeable noise?

Also, can a damaged fan make noise in one orientation, and be perfectly quiet in another? i.e., upright vs. on its side

>> No.57079375

The front panel is probably set to headphone output with a separate volume range. Did your audio drivers come with a config tool?

>> No.57079404

>asking after you bought it
fuck off

One of should last a good while since it's a decent CPU and gives you option to be a tablet or a regular laptop just by bending the screen over the back.

If you just want a regular laptop (notebook) you can get the same performance for a bit cheaper than the above examples:

Just stay away from HP and Acer, they have the worse reliability of all brands.

>> No.57079444
File: 42 KB, 254x198, 145705699267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the butthurt is strong in this one

>> No.57079455

except for Mobo's supported RAM speeds which can give you up to 10% better FPS with 3000+ MHz ram which isnt that much more expensive.

Nope. You're allowed to make backups, DRM or not.


why would i be butthurt by your stupidity?

>> No.57079475

Thanks anon!

>> No.57079540

>they just need to ask a few questions you retarded fuck
>implying setting up the interview, searching for candidates, and showing up doesn't cost money

>> No.57079545

also preferably get something with a 240GB+ SSD (or buy one separately and replace the stock HDD), they're 10 times faster and have no moving parts so there is no risk of losing data and breaking the storage drive if you bump or drop the laptop

>> No.57079560
File: 11 KB, 453x229, imgay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What CPU should I buy? Only going to be gaming. Is it time to update my motherboard? Yeah I fell for the 970 mememe. Budget is about $350-$400 CAD.

>> No.57079566
File: 150 KB, 272x285, weffdght.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>interviewing costs money so lets not do interviews

>> No.57079592
File: 28 KB, 330x234, 20090929selig_330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>interviews cost money, so let's only interview the ones who have qualifications instead of someone who only states that they built their own lab with no proof

>> No.57079608
File: 964 KB, 397x658, dothenoose.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>call them and confirm by a few questions
>not even 5 minutes of their time
stop wasting air and improve the human gene pool by ending yourself

>> No.57079650

Phenom II 42

>> No.57079665

You don't need the .* before and after everything, you know.

Test your regexes on regexr.com

>> No.57079677

Not a common problem. Are you using external speakers or the ones built into the TV? Sometime there is a slider in the settings menu to move the audio sync forwards or backwards.

>> No.57079680

A I5-6500 and a B150 motherboard or I5-6600K and Z170.

>> No.57079689


>> No.57079693
File: 488 B, 37x41, peers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why am I not seeding to these people? Is that normal or do I need to fix something? On qBittorrent.

>> No.57079694

Just read Logicalincrements.com and decide what you want.

For gaming is usually a recent I5.

>> No.57079705

I got an almost brand-new HP Stream 11. I know it's a low-power machine (Pentium CPU/2GB RAM), so what would be a better distro of Linux to put on it? Xubuntu or Lubuntu?

>> No.57079713

I would do a Memtest on your RAM.

>> No.57079725

Arigato, Sensei.

>> No.57079736

even when i want to catch it in the middle of a post and with random shit between those keywords?

if you HAVE to buy new now get an i5
but i think your CPU is alright until AMD release ZEN early next year so personally i would wait until then.
also you can try OC.

ports forwarded? check if your client is reachable with the built in test.
they could already be maxing their line from another seeder.

>> No.57079740

A locked I5 will be enough, a Unlocked one will let you make it stronger without the need of investing money on it.

Avoid AMD for games overall because shit single core performance.

Motherboards? Locked I5? get a B150 or H170.
Unlocked? Z170.

>> No.57079755

I've port forwarded, but the connection status at the bottom is saying it can't connect, even though I was downloading and seeding earlier fine.

>> No.57079761

I just built my computer, first time.

Using my Windows 10 license from my old machine.

Anyway, what's the best tutorial on how to "dual boot"?. Would I need to re-partition and reinstall? I'm not doing anything wacky I'd just like a Linux of some kind to use when not Windows gaming.

>> No.57079775

You are allowed to make backups, but not if you have to break the DRM. You can back up with the DRM intact, but sometimes the DRM will prevent you from doing that.

>> No.57079794

I also ran it through CanYouSeeMe, and it worked, and when I did the connection status switched to online, but I'm still not seeding to them.

>> No.57079796

is it yours? as in, you own it? not the company? go for it.
otherwise you're fired.

>> No.57079807

I'm using an AMD gpu and an intel processor with integrated graphics
I want to record video with OBS and somebody said I can leverage the processor's integrated graphics in addition to the gpu in such a way that much less stress is put on the gpu while recording, does anyone know what this person means by this, and how I can do this?

>> No.57079848

And now someone is getting seeded, but only at like 30KiB/s, could it just be due to others seeding that could have a seedbox? As I can upload much higher than that.

>> No.57079850

did you buy a cheap usb from walmart to?

>> No.57079859


the law that allows backups overrides DMCA shit everywhere except maybe burgerland
>land of the free

then they probably have plenty of other seeds.

>what's the best tutorial on how to "dual boot"
google. or just download a distro and put on USB stick and run the installer and follow instructions.
>Would I need to re-partition and reinstall?
You need to partition your drive (can be done during installation or beforehand), but you dont need to reinstall your current OS.

seedboxes dont get priority.

>> No.57079866

if your iGPU is enabled you can use intel quicksync. look for it in OBS settings.

it will look like dogshit but it'll take load off your cpu. it won't affect your GPU at all unless you're already using your GPU to render the video. for best quality, use your CPU to record.

>> No.57079879

There's only 10 seeders on the torrent.

>> No.57079884

When I try to wipe my hdd with DBAN I get this error " cat: can't open '/proc/cmdline' : No such file or directory " what do I do. Help please

>> No.57079886

What is the purpose of a block offset in a cache line? Why do we need it and what does it do

>> No.57079893

so? i already gave you a probable explanation.

>> No.57079894

that is not what I'm asking at all

Literally every time I come onto /g/ to ask a question it's misinterpreted horribly

thank you anyway though

>> No.57079919

>Literally every time I come onto /g/ to ask a question it's misinterpreted horribly
and the only thing they all have in common is that you asked the questions.

>> No.57079921

i think so

>> No.57079923

Is there no one familiar with DPI and certificates here?

>> No.57079948
File: 1.01 MB, 1920x1440, 20161014_200902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got a little amp/dock for my Fiio music player. It has 1 RCA input in the back but I would like to use it with 2 separate RCA output devices.

My question is, if I were to buy something like link related would I be able to have both inputs plugged in and have the sound come through when 1 of the RCA outputs is turned on and carrying a signal?


Additional question, would it degrade sound quality or introduce interference if I used the splitter?

I realize that probably using both at the same time is looking for trouble would would they work one at a time through the splitter?

>> No.57079953

>that is not what I'm asking at all
Yes, it is.

>> No.57079958

do you even know what you were asking?

if you want to do iGPU+video card you're SOL. you can use your video card, your iGPU, or your CPU based on the information you have provided. there's no way to use a combination of any of those.

>> No.57079983

I assumed we were talking about US law, as the DMCA is a US law.

I don't think that breaking DRM to backup could be enforced effectively, but it is against the law.

>> No.57079996

That one RCA input is a digital input, it can't be used with analog devices.

>> No.57079997

I'll do a little more research, thanks for your insights.

>> No.57080009

A splitter will send the same signal to both outputs at the same time so you will have to turn off the device you dont want to use or get a switch instead of a splitter.
It will not affect the signal in any way (a switch might if it's some cheap shit).

>> No.57080050

I can't wipe my HDD with DBAN

I get this

" cat: can't open '/proc/cmdline' : No such file or directory "

>> No.57080053
File: 126 KB, 512x378, cce0xkyux8ix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I eventually upgrade my processor I'll need a new motherboard. Do I have to get new RAM too, or will the sticks be compatible with any mobo?

>> No.57080058
File: 907 KB, 1920x1440, 20161014_202937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am using digital signals for both my RCA devices. I just need two outputs.

So it will work then? I will have both things plugged in but I'll obviously only be using one at a time.

Fiio decided to put two sets of RCA jacks in the back of the amp but one have set be line in and the other as line out...

>> No.57080066
File: 133 KB, 808x637, 1474318377047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a 25 dollar coupon on Ebay
what should I spend it on?

>> No.57080073

Jesus Christ that caught me off guard, a little spooked even.

DDR ram is not backwards compatible. They use different notches. If your new main board requires DDR4 ram then new DDR4 ram you must get.

>> No.57080093
File: 451 KB, 945x709, 1475468728320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would a 1070 be total overkill if I intend to play vidya games at 1080p 60fps?

I feel like a 1070 would last me much longer than a 1060 since a 970 would still be a fine video card right now while nobody in their right mind ever talks about the 960

Currently I am using a 660 and feel the need to upgrade

You probably won't need new RAM, websites like pcpartpicker let you check for potential compatibility issues to be safe

>> No.57080110

How the fuck do I wipe my HDD with a bootable USB?

>> No.57080116

>So it will work then?
Assuming I didn't misunderstand what you're trying to do, yes.

you already asked this once, fuck off and wait for an answer or google it yourself.

It means you can crank up the settings and still get smooth FPS, and you wont have to upgrade as soon since you will still be able to play the latest games for several years without problems.

define "wipe"

>> No.57080119


>> No.57080121

how can i root my Z5 Dual?

>> No.57080134
File: 170 KB, 1047x597, volt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got back and this is what I got.

Hmm I didn't think of RAM issues. Something new just happened today. Computer just hung when it started up and entered desktop. And everything is so sluggish after reboot.

>> No.57080140

100 gross Self-Sealing Stem Bolts

>> No.57080158

I get " cat: can't open '/proc/cmdline' : No such file or directory "

>> No.57080161

I have a domain registered at Tucows with NameServers pointed to CloudFlare. CloudFlare offers DNSSEC and tells me to add the DS record at my registrar. I would like to confirm that contacting my registrar to add the DS record would still be the case, even if my NameServers are pointed to CloudFlare? I would have thought that DNS records need to be added where the NameServers are pointed to.

>> No.57080172

>define "wipe"

Remove all its data

>> No.57080187

we need to be able to see what all those voltages are supposed to be... "volt 1-7" doesnt tell us anything.

>> No.57080191

super+left/right, then adjust manually to suit

>> No.57080192

define "remove"

>> No.57080199

something fucked up when you loaded it onto your usb stick. try again. if that fails, put parted magic on it and run nwipe.

if pmagic doesn't boot, what do you think that means?

>> No.57080204

Lol I have no idea how to see that myself. What do I have to do?

>> No.57080219
File: 151 KB, 449x442, 1475832353308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is it possible to turn your usb into a vpn like a rasberry pi can

>> No.57080226

I just do not want my old data. It's not really that complex

>> No.57080228

check options

format it

>> No.57080232

I'm using Universal Usb Installer, is it the same?

>> No.57080239
File: 19 KB, 407x286, htpipes2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

possibly, however, the copper pipes in your laptop are not solid or hollow, you need proper heatpipes, plain copper won't work nearly as well

>> No.57080245
File: 87 KB, 280x297, 14621542316.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>format it

I am on /sqt/ ,"format it" is very unprecise for me

>> No.57080256


>> No.57080257

your question is very unprecise.

>> No.57080269

if you have enough memory you can do that

for example;
1. boot to grub
2. add kernel parameter "break=postmount", and boot
3. once at the shell, copy the rootfs files or squashfs image into a ramdisk
4. unmount /newroot and mount the copied rootfs into /newroot
5. exit the shell to continue booting
6. the system is now running entirely from ram, and you are free to format and install onto the usb drive

>> No.57080284

Allright sir, here is the trouble I'm facing. I want to delete all the data that is contained in my optical drive, and DBAN does not work. May you provide me a solution?

>> No.57080295

>delete all the data that is contained in my optical drive
you cant. you can only overwrite it. or just burn the fucking disc.

DBAN is made for storage drives not fucking optical discs.

>> No.57080302

well then, but DBAN does not work, I get an error

>> No.57080306

>I want to delete all the data that is contained in my optical drive
optical drives don't store data themselves, they only assist in reading and writing data from optical disks

that's like asking to erase a hdd that contains no platters

>> No.57080319


>> No.57080320
File: 6 KB, 166x121, youdensemotherfucker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because it's a fucking optical disc. use a CD/DVD burning program.

>> No.57080335

So I'm trying to do some homework for my introduction to programming class, the assignment asks for a program that loops until the right password is enter. It's written in Python and this is what I've got:
password = input("What is the password?")

while password != "abc123":
print("This is not the password.")
password = input("What is the password?")
print("You entered the correct password.")

I tested it multiple times and it works, but the site where we submit the homework tells me it's wrong. What the fuck am I doing wrong? Forgive me if I fuck up the formatting, I've not used code tags before. If I need to I can take it to /dpt/

>> No.57080364

get rid of the first two lines and resubmit. if that doesn't work, email your instructor or contact their tech support.

>> No.57080368
File: 2.85 MB, 3824x2168, IMG_20161015_121302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok I will. I'm currently doing the memtest and this came out. Should I be worried?

>> No.57080411

>This warning appears when errors are detected during the first pass (maximum hammer rate) but no errors are detected during the second pass (lower hammer rate).
No idea. Wait for the whole thing to finish.

>> No.57080424

What laptop should I get? I'm looking for something with a lot of space (500GB and up), great sound, and accurate colors in the $500 - $550 price range.

>> No.57080440

>great sound
pick two

>> No.57080493

I don't want mindblowing sound, but I want something that gets loud and doesn't sound like shit.

>> No.57080555
File: 46 KB, 795x578, speccys.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's been a while since ive been on /g/, my hobbies now are mostly /o/. But my Win10 PC keeps turning it self off n messing up the reboot after some gaming.

Issue is as follows, playing Overwatch or FH3, all is fine, then suddenly black screen, computer has noticeably rebooted instantly, but doesn't even get to the BIOS. I need to flick the PSU switch, as hard restarts after the issue don't boot into BIOS either.

System specs are, pic related.

Temps dont go above 79C GPU or 55C CPU in game.

>> No.57080651



>> No.57080671

run prime95, furmark and memtest.

>> No.57080689

How do I fix dead pixels on a laptop screen. I've tried the static thing and the pressure thing but none worked.

>> No.57080697

replace the screen

>> No.57080710

>installed dd3 ram on samsung laptop
>boot says its incompatible ddr3 and may cause instability and "memory loss"
>press enter if you want to continue
been working fine so fart. computer is only ever used for internet and typical file browsing. should i be worried it will fail eventually? what{s that memory loss (does it mean RAM memory will not work as fast, or hard drive memory?)

>> No.57080722

Does it not get loud by itself? I rather not buy speakers for a laptop.

>> No.57080753


>> No.57080767
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Silly String Dispenser

>> No.57080792

have you played music on a laptop before?
sell it and buy a bigger one.

note that it has an IPS screen since you wanted good colors, and they're more expensive than regular ones.
you have to increase your budget if you want a good display and large storage.
or just get a laptop with regular LED screen.

those compatability lists are just what they guarantee works.

Solid Snake's Dick

>> No.57080862

>those compatability lists are just what they guarantee works.
yeah i figured as much. relief!

>> No.57080863

Probably your motherboard is paranoid that you are using 2 different RAM brands with/or different lantency and/or timings.

Run MEMTEST, if nothing goes wrong ignore it.

>> No.57080883

I have no idea what you're saying. I've never heard of an "IPS" and I don't know what the difference would be.
I just need a new laptop with 300GB or higher.
My Lenovo Yoga 2 can get loud, but the audio fucks up a lot. The wi-fi goes out a lot too.

>> No.57080899

Where's the best place to find laptop reviews

>> No.57080939

it said it could not allocate 4000 ram (not exact numer i just restarted the pc and forgot what it was)... i think i will just keep using it until something happens. i think the boot said something about it being a different type of ddr3, that it wasnt low-energy or something like that.

do you know if theres a way i could remove the message on boot that warns fo the ram?

>> No.57080957

Check if you are using 1.5V RAM on a computer that uses 1.35V RAM.

Dont worry it wont give you problems.

>> No.57080964

My keyboard will not type consecutive letters when I type quickly for example hello will end up like this; helo I've tried looking up how to fix this but only end up just turning off the keyboard

>> No.57081058

i think its the other way around because i swapped the ram from an older computer with this one (the older one is better overall, and had 6gb instead of 8gb, which is why i swapped). hope its okay. thanks!

>> No.57081066

I ordered a pc with windows 8.1. How fucked am I? Can I not upgrade it to 10 for free? I'd like to install windows 7 with my disk but it's bound to 1 pc isn't it?

>> No.57081068
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I know most people on this board aren't fans, but what are popular hard drives used for gaming nowadays?

Since hard drive technology has practically been perfected, do more people go for economy nowadays, or are blacks still the go-to nowadays?

>> No.57081079

Can I dismantle my optical drive and put a HDD in there? They don't sell "caddies" around here.

>> No.57081150
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you will need some sort of adapter, as sata optical drives use a narrower power connector than sata hdds

>> No.57081162

Is there a dealbreaker difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro? I'm using for games and general purpose

>> No.57081235

I've fruitlessly tried finding the answer to this for the past few hours now but I need advice from someone with a better understanding of computers.

>play MGSV, runs at 60 FPS
>play MGSV a few hours later, this time it's 60 FPS up until I try to go through the starting notifications, after which i'm capped at 24 FPS
>try to play Payday 2 and it is also affected by this lower FPS cap, so this has nothing to do with the games themselves being messed up somehow
>changing in-game display settings to minimum provides no FPS boost whatsoever
>oddly, PCSX2 (PS2 emulator) runs just fine
>if I restart my pc, everything starts working normally again

I've had to restart so many times this past week, I want a real fix instead of a bandaid.
If i had to make an uneducated guess i'd say that either the CPU or GPU is throttling under certain conditions but I don't know what to do or how to monitor this. Any help or links to resources that can would be greatly appreciated.

On Windows 10, GTX 960, i7-6700

>> No.57081240

>Windows 10

>> No.57081273

Yes, I know. There was no other choice.

>> No.57081287

You need more GNU. Games run great in a VM with PCI passthrough.

>> No.57081293

I'm gonna be reinstalling/"resetting" Windows 10 soon and I don't want to go through the hassle of pirating Adobe CC again.

Can I move the installs over to my storage drive, reinstall Windows and move them back?

>> No.57081306

autoanswer: no, it does not have sata port inside, but a chip. it was worth trying anyhow
they dont even sell these, but fuck it, it was just an old, clicking 500gb drive.

>> No.57081323

I had to google GNU, VM and PCI passthrough to just partially understand what you just said. Linux is not a good choice for me.

>> No.57081324

>Around here

Where is "here"?

>> No.57081333

No, that didn't work.
No matter what I do I can't get the homework to submit correctly. I think it has to be typed in an exact way, which is stupid.
I had to create 3 different programs for the homework and I couldn't get a single one of them to submit correctly, but they each work when I test them. Fuck this shit.

>> No.57081334

I am starting to think it is because I have my audio settings set to stereo.
Do some headphone need audio setting set to 5.1, 7.1, or quadraphonic?
If so, how do I know which to set it to?

>> No.57081348
File: 70 KB, 825x522, Screenshot_2016-10-15_01-22-36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Linux isn't a good choice for you then you could use the HURD.

>> No.57081391

small town in the third world. cannot buy online

>> No.57081505

A weird update- downloading games through the steam launcher while playing a game affected by the low FPS issue will actually increase the FPS by 6-10.

>> No.57081657

WebM works fine on every other browser except chrome on my tablet. Why? How the fuck do I jerk it to stuff from /gifs/ if I can't see them faster than 1fps?

>> No.57081661

Does Nvidia have any plans to upgrade its control panel?

>> No.57081785

Anyone still on here? I'm the guy who was asking about the SATA cables around 9 hours ago
I have a new problem

>> No.57081789

well go on then

>> No.57081801

it turns out my install disk was for windows 7 not vista luckily, but it gets to the language select (the first screen) and won't do anything.

>> No.57081827

>neither my keyboard or mouse will respond (both are wired USB)
>the disk drive stops spinning, i can even take the disk out
>the power button only responds to a long press shut down

>> No.57081842

and i'm sorry if i'm seeming a little hasty but my tech guru i was bouncing my ideas off of fell asleep once the basic hardware functions were solved through to the bios

>> No.57081896

I don't give a shit about freedumz or NSA or whatever, I just want to torrent stuff from What.CD without worrying about emails from my ISP. What's the dirt cheapest way to ensure that doesn't happen? VPN, proxy, whatever, recommend me some, preferably able to pay with bitcoin, or totally free. I don't care, as long as it hides my IP from DMCA requests

>> No.57081903

There's your problem. Webms are either VP8 or VP9, and neither of those have much hardware decoding support on ARM pre-2014 or 15. That's why they render slow as fuck.

>> No.57081941

if you have something with APPs instead of Programs, get the VLC app

>> No.57081970

does google play music free stream at 320 kbps? im usin GPM desktop player

>> No.57082070

so the other 2 usb ports are usb 3, i had them in the wrong ports
the hard drive's cables just come loose when i put the case on
in about 3 hours i should have a fully functioning Windows 7 64 system with my oracle-ized vista/xp/dos systems subcontained
(each time i upgrade my computer i "boxed up the old one's files, put them in oracle and made it a mini system withing my larger one)

>> No.57082285

Is gitlab safe from dmca shit?

>> No.57082307


>> No.57082311


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