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Just to compare.

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Why do you guys care? Do you even play games or do you just run benchmarks all day?

Sometimes I think people here don't even have the cards and are just bored.

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I have my gtx 1060 on 2100 mhz. Would it run as fast as a 980ti?

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>No fun allowed

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How is this fun??

Isn't the point to play your games?

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>MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming Z above MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X

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I have more fun watching the fireworks on /g/ threads.

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fuck off n/v/idiot this is AMD board
leave my safe space

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Implying apus are good. Apu is an indian name, btfo poojeet

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>4gb ram
>While the 1060 has 3
What the fuck, nvidia?

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dx12 and shit

fuck off cuck

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The non-Ti edition will have 2.

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>calls nvidia pajeet
>amd is literally run by pajeet

oh the amdautismos

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>amd apu

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name one game where a gtx1060 beats a r9 fury

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That DX12 Time Spy test isn't DX12.

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There'll be some Gameworks game where it does and then you'll shift the goalposts.

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It will be extremely hard to make a fair and accurate DX12 benchmark because that would require games developers to equally optimize for both vendors, and they won't.

TimeSpy does use Async pipelines though, so it is DX12 in that regard.

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maybe there is, but that's the exception, not the norm

synthetics are trash and don't represent actual gaming performance accurately

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>comfortably above 280x
I am ok with that
I feared it would be gtx960 level

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>maybe there is, but that's the exception, not the norm
Moving the goalposts before even one game was found.
>name one game where a gtx1060 beats a r9 fury

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post the game then, friendo

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Not him but I don't even need to look up Project CARS to know "one game." Still, fuck Nvidia.

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>3D Mark
The Way It's Meant To Be Benchmarked™

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so it's basically a faster 770 with a full 4gb vram for piss cheap?

i'm ok with this. the 770 was and still is a good card for 1080p if you're on a budget.

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