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I sure hope none of you fell for the GTX 1060 meme, /g/.

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Well I'm certainly not going to fall for the RX480 meme, I like my PCI-E slots.

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>buying reference designs
Sounds like you already fell for a meme. Be sure to pick up your founder's edition today.

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>slower than a 970


DX12 is fucking trash too.

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>SLI'd 980s perform better than 1070


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>battlefield 1 we wuz kangz edition
>battlefield runs like shit on every device ever mad

fuck off OP

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What, are you into meme coolers?

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>runs like shit
>64fps average on an R9 380X

Sorry Nvidiot, try again. :^)

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Wait, is 78 frames per second bad?
Why do you care? If you have a 1060 you won't have a monitor higher than 860hz.

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Are you kidding? Battlefield games run smooth as fuck.

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Ea access version is probaly still in beta. Im getting over 80 fps on ultra. As much as the rx 480 with my 1060. Battlefield always was amd optimised

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i want one

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your anger is so apparent

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I meant 60 ;_;

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tfw 1080
come at me, plebs

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All I see is that SLI/CF is a meme. Or, likely, a really shitty engine that doesn't use the second card at all in dx12 mode.

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the frostbite engine just gets worse with every release. wtf did they do?

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>tfw 295x2

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SLI/CF literally can't work in DX12, you tech-illiterate scum. Support for multiple GPUs has to be coded in manually by the developers, and the idea that any developer is going to spend time and money catering to the 1% of people who use more than one card is unrealistic.

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>blaming microsoft/AMD for nvidias shortcomings

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its still on frostbite 3, its one of the older engines still used by a triple a publisher

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GTX 1060 is faster than 480 HOUSEFIRES and runs cooler and quieter

Stupid people buy AYYMD HOUSEFIRES just to delude themselves into thinking they're supporting competition

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>tfw 1060 and 144Hz monitor

I only bought that to play Overwatch and CS:GO, anyways, and I get above 160 FPS in both games. Way more in CS:GO, actually.

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Ah well looks like I will be fine on 1440 144hz with my 1080 sli setup.

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What about this vid then ? 1060 3GB is beating rx 480 8GB


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I have a problem with Battlefield One on a 1070, my character is a nigger.

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Actually you can later your character so you are full of shit right there mr edgy.

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pro tip: play overwatch on low settings with shadows to get lower input lag

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Nvidia is still faster you retarded poorfag fanboy

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>being this mad that you got cucked by nvidia

sure it is

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i bought the fucking 1060 6gb. what a shit card.

hopefully i can sell it and get 70% of my money back and get a 480 instead

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old drivers. beta version. old video.

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I thought we all got the 1080?

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>ocz vertex 3

is gamegpu black people? someone needs to tell tham about m.2

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Anyone dumb enough to buy an x60 Nvidia card after watching them get ass raped within a years time(Gen after Gen) to their AMD equivalent deserves it.

x60 is a Litmus test for first time buyers and blind green fanboys.

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Proud 290X owner coming through.

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I sidegraded from a 7870 to a 960 last year because it was free (SE'd) and it was decent. Way better drivers on Linux than AMD counterparts, although it wouldn't have been worth the effort if I were using it on Windows.

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My R7 370 works fine

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>Ignoring the elephant in the room

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We're talking about GPUs

Yes, samsung's refrigerators are just as likely to explode as their phones.

Oh wait no they're completely different products.

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CPU overhead is extremely related to GPU performance.

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That's what AMD apologist always do.

>baaaaw AMD is shit because Nvidia is a bad meanie working with game devs
>baaaaw AMD can't into physx because nvidia don't want to give them their proprietary techs for free
>baaaaw AMD has no driver because nvidia have some
>baaaaw amd cpus are shit because intel are jews
>baaaaw muh intel compiler

I don't give a shit about the whole gpu/cpu war crap but I find it funny that you say nvidiots are the one blaming competition for their own failure.

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did anyone tried trial BF1 on rx 460?

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Yeah, I don't fall for indian memes.

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>b-but i7 is bad for gayming!
i5 cucks btfo

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>6600 is behind the 2600k.

Calling bullshit.

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Worse than pajits.

Intel was doing worse in DX12, AMD gains, Intel loses. What is the exact nature of this code?

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Nvidia GTX 1050Ti will beat the RX 470


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I'm so happy I purchased the 4770K. I knoew it would pay off eventually. :)

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I'm always glad to see another fellow 290x owner.

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>280x no longer playable
But why? It doesn't look any better than bf4.

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>I3 6100 91 FPS
>I5 6600 104 FPS

I'm planning upgrading to skylake, but this shit really disgust me.

Should I stay with i3?

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>tfw 4690k

thank god i have an nvidia card. those 20 lost frames vs the 6700 would be even bigger with that terrible driver overhead

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Wait for Zen+ and Cannonlake, you won't see real improvements for muh gaems until then

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I meant I'm still using i3 2100, not i3 6100.

Still not decided for my next CPU will it be i5 or another i3.

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Could get better after AMD's driver updates, but I've noticed that the 280x has been getting shit frame rates in quite a few recent games, along with other GCN1 cards.

Probably because consoles are GCN2.

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PS really glad I sold my 280x and bought a 470

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Yes, buy a 480, that will be great after 5 years when majority of games will use dx12!
The 480 totally wont be obsolete then!

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>Baaaw why did those meanie game devs use DX12 and GPUopen instead of Nvidia approved Gameworks?!!!
>Bawww why did those reviewers not follow the official Nvidia Review Guide!!!
>Baaaaw why did AMDrones make this game use more than 3.5gb of vram!

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>b-b-but its just an AMD shilled game!!!
>All this Nvidiot damage control

I thought it was the way its meant to be played, guys.

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AMDrone samefag in tears

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What do I have to be in tears about, my gpu not supporting modern APIs and being built on planned obsolesence?

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can you tell me, why?

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Because he's a falseflagging AMD shill from Hyderabad

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Battlefield 1 has better graphics

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Is the 1080 even worth it now? Should I just wait a few months for the TI?

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Its a shame cherries are out of season because you sure seem to love picking them :^)

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>mfw I bought AMD

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You could buy a 480 and have a great card for the price and then another one once those five years have passed, OR... Fall for the nMEMEdia and have to buy three or four price-gouge as fuck cards that perform just the same in practice.

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in 5 years the 480 will probably still be one of top3 AMD cards

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wating for zen/vega

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>says he's not falling for meme
>unironically believes PCIe meme

>DX12 is fucking trash too.
Spoken like a true fanboy
>b-b-but my hardware has to be better than the competitors'!

>runs like shit
u retarded m8?

>Wait, is 78 frames per second bad?
No, definitely not. But eventually the user will need the extra power, and even the significantly cheaper 470 will win. Anyone who bought Pascal is either planning short term (just fine), needs the power (1070, just fine), or is simply stupid (majority of buyers).

>SLI/CF literally can't work in DX12
Citation needed. Pretty sure CF/SLI depend on AMD/NVIDIA, DX12 mGPU depends on developers.

>its still on frostbite 3, its one of the older engines still used by a triple a publisher
No, Frostbite 3 is one of the best available engines, both in performance and visuals.

>GTX 1060 is faster than 480
You're a blind fanboy, m8. The card is shit in half the recently released games. Beat by 470, which is about $70 (40%) cheaper.

Yup, i3 -6100 is great for gaming. Nice showing from the FX 8350 (and 6350 by extrapolation).

>Intel was doing worse in DX12, AMD gains, Intel loses. What is the exact nature of this code?
Consoles don't have simultaneous multithreading. Just eight AMD Jaguar cores. So there are probably console specific optimizations that get passed to AMD CPUs.

Oh really? How much does it pay you on weekly basis?

i5 6500 if you don't want to be bothered upgrading. i3 6100 if you want to get a cheap Kaby Lake i7 later.

If you want a hold over upgrade, just pick up Sandy Bridge i7.


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Still got my XFX GTR out of the case since it had some weird screen glitch while browsing on chrome.

Not sure if to RMA, refund it, get another 180/470 or give up and get a 1060.

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>unironically believes PCIe meme
It's not a meme, it's confirmed by AMD.

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Thats a damn impressive showing for a 9590.

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AMD responded to the complaint by reallocating power draw to the PCIe connector. Never was a problem. Two dead mobos is absolutely no reason to freak out.

>> No.57075971

>AMD responded to the complaint by reallocating power draw to the PCIe connector. Never was a problem. Two dead mobos is absolutely no reason to freak out.
How would they even do that? If that's the case, why doesn't PCI-SIG want to certify the RX480 as PCI compliant?

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>How would they even do that?

Polaris supports that level of power control via bios. Do note to actually change the values you need a super secret signed bios that (naturally) only AMD has the key for.

Its the same principle as Intel pushing microcode updates through windows.

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Non-certified doesn't mean it's a problem. Again, a non issue. Show definitive proof of a problem. (More than, Look guise! My PCIe slot is fried! Must be the RX480, not my shitty mobo or PSU! This must be what happens to everyone with a reference 480!)

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I haven't played a game I can't 108060 completely maxed on the 1060 GoyTax.

I'm satisfied with that.

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You don't play many games do you?

>> No.57076169

I don't know enough about electrical engineering to contest this, but that's what they're claiming on the web. Fixed by a driver. Interesting.
Why are you even here? AMD admitted it.

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You should see some of the patents AMD have filed in regards to gpu dynamic clocking - shit is absolutely bananas that makes Nvidia's current boost technology look like amatuer hour.

Naturally said patents seeing use in a product might never happen for a million reasons, but still.

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Hawaii gpu best gpu

>> No.57077048

Fiji even better, especially when i got full fiji gpu for little over 300€. Too bad that my 3570k is bottleneck in games like deus ex:md. Hopefully zen will help with that.

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I wonder if reviewers stopped including the R9 295x2 in charts because they made everything else look awful.

>> No.57077362

>R9 295x2 or Raedon Pro Duo
same reason why R9 380 SOC stopped showing in benchmarking it made them nvidia shills butthurt.

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>mfw bought a 390X for $275 CAD

Feels good desu

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I'm having a problem with my XFX GTR RX 480 where it keeps overheating and I get red and blue squares on the screen when simply browsing.

Any idea what to do?

>> No.57079388

Either you have terrible airflow or something isn't right in your cooling setup. Sounds like artifacts. I'd RMA it.

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>tfw cucked by nvidia

i should have fallen for the amd meme baka desu senpai

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Back to >>>/v/

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that sounds about right
sli 980 is still monstrous amounts of power when multi-gpu is optimized correctly

and 1070 is just a 980ti after all

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Nobody said that it was for gaming, its just not worth for gaming.

>> No.57081133

>mfw 4770k still stronk
Step aside plebs.

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Shit, I want to buy a new card. Either a 480 or a 1060, but I don't want to buy a meme card. What the fuck do I do, /adv/?

>> No.57082666

They're both memes so just flip a coin

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Fuck. Now what?

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HBM2 cards when?

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Could you please delete this

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That's the ultimate meme choice. God help me.

>> No.57082951

and gears is use UE4, which will be used in considerably more games.

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>He literally is going to suffer for one game

I been bought an MSI 1060 for $280. Not only is it quieter, cooler and better than AMD, but I don't have to deal with AMD drivers.

Getting 80 FPS on ultra on a bridge card is fine by me, enjoy your housefires cucks.

>> No.57083123


I3 6100 if you have a motherboard that can overclock the base clock (z170)

Its amazing

>> No.57083150

I already do, senpai.

>> No.57083292

That's a feature. Surely you would've known when they're tried to give you three fiddy on the last x70 card.

>> No.57083314

>3 games that the 480 is faster than the 1060

>> No.57083325

I have a Evga GTX 1060 6GB I paid less than 300€ and honestly I couldn't be happier: I can get 120-150 fps in most games.

>> No.57083372

Fuck is a 1060 really a meme?

I was thinking about 1060 for 1440p because 1070 is pushing it hard for me. I don't know now.

>> No.57083389

The 1060 is good but it's not quite a 1440p card.
1440p is tough. The 1060 is a pretty powerful card, just that 1440p is tough.

If you don't have the money, save up. Higher graphical settings really aren't that important, anyway.
Good games are good games.

>> No.57083405

1060 is excellent for Full HD gaming. For 1440p you should save up for a 1070, unless your goal is around 50-60 fps at low/medium settings, in which case the 1060 should be enough.

>> No.57083473


Oh okay, thanks guys.
I was going to build with a 1TB SSD right off but I guess it's better to spend on a 1TB HDD and 120GB SSD so that difference can go to a better GPU.

I should mention that I'll be replacing my 21.5" iMac and come from a year break console gaming, this is why I wasn't sure if 144Hz 1080p would really be that good for me, since I've already experienced 1080p and I'm really not a big competitive FPS player.

Will I regret not going for a 144Hz?

>> No.57083524

If you're going to go 144Hz then you should also go with a card that can run games at that frame rate. The GTX 1060 is not one of them so a 144Hz monitor with one just a complete waste of money. If you're going to buy a 144Hz monitor, a 1070 is more or less a minimum requirement.

>> No.57083557

Also, don't go with a 120GB SSD, they're going to run out out memory in the not too distant future even if you limit it to the OS and the more essential stuff. I made that mistake and migrated my Windows install (which I got to make Windows builds of some software I'm developing) to a much bigger SSD a couple of months ago.

>> No.57083571

> Will I regret not going for a 144Hz?
Absolutely yes. If you want a good performance from your games, a high refresh rate screen is crucial, especially for games that require quick reaction time.
If a better defintion is more important than smoothness to you wehn gaming, then you can go full meme mode and get a IPS 1440p screen.

GTX 1060 can push a lot of games to 144 or superior fps at Full HD.
For reference, consider my build:
Asus VG248QE
Intel i5 6500
1 TB WD Caviar Blue HDD
250 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

I can get 120-150 fps at most fps games I play: Overwatch, Paladins, TF2 and some HL2 mods.

>> No.57083612

Sure, you can run CS 1.6 with a 144Hz monitor on a GTX 750, but there are much more demanding games out there than all of the ones you listed. Even Overwatch can be tweaked to run will on some properly potato powered machines meaning that you being able to run it at 100+ FPS really doesn't mean much.

>> No.57083613

AMD don't have bad drivers since HD5000 series, cmon man stop this shit

>> No.57083682

Then how come my card keeps artifact with no OC? No flippancy, really, what is going on, some wattman shit?

>> No.57083688

>AMD drivers

Go Nvidia and save yourself the trouble, they will inevitably fuck up in a game and take months to fix.

>> No.57083694

I sure hope you didn't fall for the "AMD isn't a meme" meme

>> No.57083701

RMA it

>> No.57083715

Already filed, so it's not a driver or wattman related thing? I've built 5 computers and used Nvidia for 10 years.

Never a screen have red and blue squares over it while just browsing.

>> No.57083743

>tfw 6700k

god bless my framerates

>> No.57083810

I used to get red and green dots due to faulty power cable for my hd 7770

>> No.57083837

I tried it with my 750 ti and it worked fine. I think I got a dud. It's a shame that it happened first time but that's computer parts.

>> No.57083915

Forgot to add, yes, clean fresh installs DDU and etc.

>> No.57083941

goddam my penis feels about as big as an 11 year olds. I have a gtx 750 TI. Sure wish I was a gtx 1080 man rather than a 750 little boy with no pubes

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>still getting BTFO by a 390X


>> No.57084006

Hahaha! When the RX 480 gets a driver update it will be on par or above the 390X putting Nvidia midrange GPU's even farther behind on that game.

>> No.57084089

That list is only going to get longer as time goes on. Enjoy playing yesterdays games as your GPU gets slower and slower while AMD's only get faster.

>> No.57084101

>DX12 performance on NVIDIA is slower than DX11
>Fury X only gains 5FPS by going to DX12 (a staggering 4%)
>no DX12 mGPU when they even had it for fucking Mantle
DX12 in this game is obviously a fucking mess. There's no excuse for the game not being at least as fast as DX11 on NVIDIA (if the same hardware with different software performs worse - the software is obviously shit) and even on AMD the performance increase is abysmal, when a lot of other titles benefit heavily.

>> No.57084105

>For 1440p you should save up for Vega

>> No.57084154

You just got unlucky out of the hundreds of thousands who went team red. Never had an issue with AMD apart from additional power/noise which are not as big of an issue these days as Nvidia shills like to make out. Just because you got a bad card does not mean AMD are bad. Same could happen if you had went with Nvidia.

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File: 18 KB, 340x260, xBgSksM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.57084180

DX12 will go through teething pains for a while whilst devs get up to speed on how to use it correctly. It's still early days. Don't forget DX11 has been around for what? 10+ years? Every dev has been babby fed on it.

>> No.57084189

>Not Vulcan

>> No.57084202

Ideally I would love to see Vul(k)an get more support than DX12 but that's just how it goes.

>> No.57084209

Aye, now to sit with my thumb up my arse until pick up day.

I could order a replacement now but I want my money back and secure first.

>> No.57084223

does it run worse than the beta?

my 4690 non k 4ghz and 390x aced it literally never dipped below 65fps

>> No.57084224

Pick whatever is cheaper in your country.

>> No.57084255

>5 fps loss across the board for Nvidia.
Say what...

>> No.57084282

It really depends on more than just cost of the GPU. It depends what games you play and intend to play. Whether you are are using a Freesync monitor or intend buying Freesync or not. SLI and CF but nobody should be using either of those anyhow. Until mGPU is actually used in games (most likely never).

Right now I'm kinda pissed that most Freesync monitors are complete shit compared to G-Sync (crappy refresh ranges. Shitty TN panels etc). The new AOC Agon is IPS on G-Sync and TN on Freesync for instance. WTF is up with that?

>> No.57084312

I think the idea is if you're already paying a premium for G sync then you'll spend even more for an IPS.

>> No.57084357

Yeah, obviously it's early days but this game's use of DX12 is quite obviously worse than what other titles which came out before can get out of it. ROTTR for instance makes excellent use of DX12, I had drops to 40FPS at 4K in DX11, DX12 was perfectly smooth 60 all around (on 2x1080). There's no excuse for DICE, especially since they were one of the very first devs to start banging on the low level API drum.

>> No.57084399

Where are the frame times? !?!?!?!???!??

>> No.57084443

You have a good point, lately when looking at benchmarks I'm interested in min/avg/max.

>> No.57084447


> ROTTR for instance makes excellent use of DX12

This is some top quality bait. It took 7 patches for ROTTR to show positive gains on anything other potato cpus when running DX12.

>> No.57084448
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I still want a 1060 6gb. The performance/watt is still superior to the rx 480 and I'm on solar panels.

>> No.57084533

I only played it like 1-2 months ago when it was cracked. 4790K @ 4.7, 1080 SLI ~2GHz and a few areas had drops to ~40FPS with low GPU usage in DX11. DX12 was perfectly fine and never dropped, at the same settings which were close to being maxed. I have no idea how bad it was at release. Have you actually played the game recently, or at all? The in-game benchmark also doesn't really represent the worst case scenario you can get when actually playing the game.

>> No.57084566

>390x rapes everything
thankyou based amd

>> No.57084594

But that's basically the point of DX12 - to remove driver and CPU overhead. I was using a Phenom II X6 1090T (overclocked to 3.9GHz) at the time the RotTR DX12 patch hit, and it allowed a near-solid, steady 60fps on that CPU (lows in the 50s during the benchmark with an overclocked GTX 780). Whereas in DX11 there were drops into the single digits with the same setup.

>> No.57084616

Recommended AMD RX 480's and why?

I hear the MSI has good temps and noise while not clocking too bad.

>> No.57085071

MSI or Strix. Heard bad things about the Devil and the Sapphire is too loud.

>> No.57085712

Its also superior to the 480 and no amount of AMDrone damage control and mental gymanstics can change that

>> No.57085716


So they have no multigpu support in dx12 and AMDs cards apparently aren't supported in dx11 yet. Great.

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The 1060 is getting lower framerstes but at least theyre much more stable since AyyMD shit stutters like fuck.

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t. man with no sources

>> No.57086220

this thread isn't dead ? Why people keep shilling AMD ?

>> No.57086236

>lower and lower performance after launch and after "epic" day one fags buy it
the nvidiot tax is real

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Not him but lets post some legit tests while we're at it.

>> No.57086559

My 1080 has coil whine. Noticeable coil whine. Too late to return to the store, and I don't know if NVIDIA RMA will work. Bought it about 5 months ago

>> No.57086578
File: 572 KB, 600x580, big gold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hahaha, imagine being so butthurt about getting scammed that you have to go and find """""legit""""" benchmarks from some site nobody's ever heard of, then picking the 1440p ones where none of these cards can maintain 60fps.

Imagine them STILL showing the 1060 getting utterly BTFO in DX12 after going to all that effort.

>> No.57086589

what AIB?

>> No.57086600

Planning on getting the Saphire Nitro 480 because I'm only running integrated graphics atm. Should I get the 4gb or 8gb version?

>> No.57086628

Isn't DX12 supposed to help aleviate the minimum frames? Why is it shitting out across the board? DX11 looks much stable compared to it.

>> No.57086633

If you're playing at 1080p (which I hope you are with these cards), 4GB is still "enough". Just turn down the made-for-4K textures one notch in the few games that use more. You literally can't tell the difference at 1080p.

Buying 8GB to "futureproof" yourself with a mid-range card is dumb as fuck. I bet all those people who bought 4GB 960s are feeling real "futureproof" right about now. :^)

>> No.57086746


I'll let you in on a secret that will blow your fucking mind: Sweclockers only used 8gb system ram on their test bed.

Guru3d which did not report any hitching or stuttering was using 16gb.

>> No.57086862
File: 75 KB, 680x510, YES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your wife's bull takes all your money and you can only afford 8GB RAM

>> No.57086935

I fell for the 480 meme and it's great

>> No.57086970

Some people are satisified with playing their old and yet favourite games at high quality and high settings, instead of bitching about supposedly "modern" games that have awful optimization even for modern systems and have shit gameplay.

>> No.57086981

Please don't get the saphire nitro. I don't know why the fuck everything technology related works like this but it's like people get hyped on a card and then everyone thinks the card is the best when it runs at fucking 80 degrees.
This is what perpetuates the "i7 is overkill" meme and the "overkill" for 1080p meme.

>> No.57086985

get AMD if you want 480p
get Nvidia if you want 1080p

>> No.57087186

Thanks totally not nVidia marketer! I now see the light!

>> No.57087190

Whatever happened to dual GPUs on a single board?

>> No.57087327


Nvidia ragequit after the hilariously bad titan z and AMD only makes dual chip cards for their high end architectures which is why there currently isn't a polaris based one (but there is a fiji based one - the pro duo).

>> No.57087399

>8350 better than most i5

>> No.57087433

Delete this.

>> No.57087448

>Everyone is a shill/marketer and everything outside of my reality distortion zone is a lie!

Are AMDtards the polfags of /g/?

>> No.57087563

should i get a 460 now or should i wait for the 1050ti?

>> No.57087581

>muh SLI FPS

But where are the frame times?

>> No.57087599


Its what AMD wanted when they designed bulldozer - MOAR COARS. Its why the 9590 is making up the IPC chasm with sheer clockspeed.

Its reaching the point where games are getting multi-threaded and gpu bound enough that AMD's (and intels depending) ancient cpus are all essentially the same shit. If you go baslls out to 4k for example all cpus are the same outside of absolute potato as no gpu in existence is fast enough to show the differences.

>> No.57087612

470 is the best value.

>> No.57087622

RX 485 a soon

>> No.57087653
File: 101 KB, 635x623, Battlefield-1-DirectX-12-1080p-Nvidia-AMD-635x623.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currytech have new benchmarks up.

>390X beating 980 Ti


>muh optimization
>muh goyworks
>muh drivers

>> No.57087664

Bought my EVGA gtx 980TI classified at release for $710. Cost a good $110 more than the others but I've yet to be disappointed. Clocks up to 1550mhz out of the box and maxes everything at 1440p. Buy big and sit on it for a while /g/ents. Don't play the "buy midrange once a year" game.

>> No.57087675


What bad things? I've got a devil coming in next week.

>> No.57087676

Any comparisons with the usual >4.2GHz OCs seen since Sandy Bridge?

>> No.57087740


>> No.57087744
File: 289 KB, 640x713, 1475762585906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bretty much. There's about a 70% scaling from the 4300 to the 8350.

Probably has alot to do with the consoles as well. Bulldozer was specifically meant for highly threaded integer operation with little branching. As the consoles are using the derivative mobility version, makes sense the games are programmed with that in mind.

Zen isn't made with this in mind, but the IPC improvements should even it out.

>> No.57087762

>beating out the 980TI by literally 0.7 fps.
>390X. A card with GCN architecture. And arch meant to fully utilize DX12 and asynchronous compute.
>still barely beating a Nvidia card relying on a software solution for a-sync.

Awesome. Only took AMD this long and MS to try and standardize DX12 for them to be competitive. You enjoy that 0.7fps boost. I'll enjoy not having to deal with Radeon Crimson software. Or Raptr. Or no drivers for new games on release day.

This coming from a guy who sold his r9-290X xfire setup. Garbage.

>> No.57087776
File: 23 KB, 776x638, 1475515861707-v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at the post above you

That's a fucking two year older card that launched for 2/3rds the price and was a bit under 1/2 the price when you bought your card.

>> No.57087789


>980ti loses to a rebrand of a card 2 years older.

If you want to get technical there are 8gb 290x models clocked as high as a 390x.

>> No.57087805

Raptr was taken out back and shot, didn't you hear?

>> No.57087807

>this level of asspain over the fact you made a bad choice

But then you bought a multi-GPU setup, so we already know you're a retard. :^)

>> No.57087827

Crimson is great. Raptr is dead. No new drivers and still beating Nvidia with three year old hardware.


>> No.57087830



I bet all those that bought a 780/780ti instead of hawaii are feeling pretty booty blasted about now. Their mighty card is now as fast as a rebranded 7970.

>> No.57087839



>> No.57087852

See >>57087762

I had r9-290X xfire that sucked. One of the 290Xs cooked itself. Died. Company gave me an r9-390X as replacement. Still wasn't enough for 1440p. And I had to wait 2 weeks to have some of my games even playable without fps drop.

Is that it for AMD? Buy it in the hopes it'll get a boost from xyz in the future? I wanted performance now. Not later. And I don't keep my cards forever. $700-$1000 every 2 years is something even a McDonald's worker on minimum wage could afford if they wanted.

>> No.57087865


My sapphire ain't bad. Fan doesn't even turn on until it goes above 52 degrees C.

Granted I'm in Florida so I keep things limited to 120 Hz so my memory clock stays lower.

It ain't bad for a first AMD card.

>> No.57087868
File: 57 KB, 682x888, 1050Ti.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1050Ti will beat a 470 (proof in the image after this).

>> No.57087890 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 682x982, Guru3D_gpu_shootout.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now look at the score of the fastest 470

>> No.57087913



You were doing so well with 3dmark but lost it at the final hurdle.

>> No.57087944

You realize those are wildly different benchmarks, correct?

>480 gets 4820 in top, 3975 in bottom

>> No.57087955

OHSHI...my bad. I can't find a X Score on Guru3D for the RX 470. If you can find it post it. His X Score graph doesn't include the RX 470 which is shit.

>> No.57087960

>le timespy is bad meme because it doesn't use anything from gpu open to optimize for amd hardware like other dx12 titles

neck yourself

>> No.57087965
File: 581 KB, 2000x1080, 1468966183331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>some random Eurocuck website

Show DX12 then we can talk buddy.

>> No.57087986
File: 194 KB, 585x560, 1475771489248_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah it uses preemption rather than async; AMD supports both, but Nvidia only supports preemption.

>> No.57087988
File: 35 KB, 682x840, Mafia III high quality 1080p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No its just not accurate. Hell according to 3dmark a 780ti beats a 290x but we all know in actual vidya that simply isn't the case.

>> No.57088069

So which aftermarket card should I get?

>> No.57088079

( 4820 / 3975 ) * 3390 = 4111

Same architecture so the 470 should have a similar ratio between the tests. So 4111 vs 3867. And thats the stock 470 mind you, fastest one would be 4501

>> No.57088087

who the fuck makes these charts? literally everywhere else is showing the 1060 absolutely blowing the 480 out of the water but this shows they're neck and neck. in the DF video the 1060 was between 6-10 fps ahead on average

>> No.57088116
File: 29 KB, 550x506, 04-Bandwidth-2560x1440-Absolute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AMD release drivers a shit

Also to my knowledge Nvidia cards still do this when you put AA on them, so it really depends on review settings.

They're basically equal now.

>> No.57088151
File: 71 KB, 1304x1616, Doom_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That particular chart is from Guru3d. This one is not.

>> No.57088188
File: 1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-10-13-14-49-03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57088199

>talking about mafia 3
>posts some other irrelevant game

are you inbred?

>> No.57088257

Using a 960 here (4GiB). Not a powerhouse obviously but it runs games well at 1440p. By "well" I mean that they look great, they're smooth enough that I don't notice judder or frametime spikes, and I have fun playing them.

>> No.57088345

You forgot to post their latest story, Pajeet. :^)


>> No.57088374
File: 107 KB, 800x388, FLY ME TO THE MOON AND LET ME PLAY AMONG THE STARS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a huge difference between a thottling reference RX 480 and a custom model running at 1400MHz. AMD shot themselves in the foot with a shit reference cooler again, making it easy for the Nvidia shills to use those and show it at its worst, versus a 1060 boosting to nearly 2GHz.

The 1060 is essentially entirely smoke and mirrors. And I fell for the meme.

>> No.57088416


>versus a 1060 boosting to nearly 2GH

I want to see Nvidia's mythical 2.1ghz FE 1080 running at 60c under load that they showed off to build hype.

>> No.57088461


>> No.57088518

But you need to have the fan at 100% to achieve that, at which point it sounds like a jet engine. It fucking thermal throttles with the default fan curve.

>> No.57088570

no you don't. i have an evga 900 series card and i get a nice 60-65c with my fans on the default fan curve and they only spin at like 40/50% to achieve those temps and are barely audible.

>> No.57088584

We're talking about the 1080 FE you fucking retard. Nobody cares about your custom Maxwell card.

>> No.57088600

>i have an evga 900 series card

Then why are you arguing for a different card?

>> No.57088606

it's over, nvidia is finished.

>> No.57088622

the AMD gains for DX12 are pretty paltry as well. i mean there are gains there but literally <4 frames on average. it's hard to defend DX12 when the gains are that small.

>> No.57088636

why are you so mad? i didn't even see the fe in the original post.

wow i can't even mention i own an nvidia card without getting shat on on this neckbeard board. stay a NEET. literally 9gag tier

>> No.57088638

>(((AMD))) supported title performs better

yeah ok. did they refund your motherboard goyim?

>> No.57088665

Why are you so dumb?

>i have an evga 900 series card

Oh, I see.

>> No.57088679

yes, yes i do. triggered?


>> No.57088685


No it doesn't. AMD changed the pcie power draw by disabling two of the VRMs that were wired to draw from the pcie connector.

Right now the only manufacturer that supports dynamic draw like that are NVIDIA cards kepler and newer, where you can edit how much it pulls from the pcie connector and pcie power connectors with any custom bios.

>> No.57088714


they're cherrypicked sources, or they're comparing a stock 1060 to an OCed 480. it's the typical AMD shill meme.

>There's a huge difference between a thottling reference RX 480 and a custom model running at 1400MHz.

good luck getting a 480 to stay stable 1400mhz core clock. even the golden chips that reviewers got couldn't go above 1350mhz without massive voltage increase.

>> No.57088739
File: 395 KB, 923x684, 2814802.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57088745

>it's the typical AMD shill meme.
t. (((nvidia))) shill

>> No.57088752

Those were reference cards, throttling due to power limits. Pretty much any custom 480 will do 1400MHz. Jay reviewed one the other day that did 1475MHz.

>> No.57088811

>one youtuber shill's golden card can do 1475mhz with a huge voltage increase, therefore they all can


>> No.57088817

>Pretty much any custom 480 will do 1400MHz
[citation needed]

i never trust jayztwocents reviews. he always does weird ass shill things for views and to either bumlick nvidia or amd. he also always seems to get golden samples for his amd card like one of his 390s went upto like 1350mhz or some shit like that and then there were a bunch of shills on here saying that every 390 could achieve that when in reality it was hard to even get +50mhz on one without a custom bios and massive tweaks to voltage + water cooling. his 980 went to stupidly high clocks too.

>> No.57088833


he could just be lying outright. he's an old man who clearly is looking to make the most money possible.

>> No.57088842


Don't forget he completely fucked up reviewing a 290x (the 8gb tri-x) and then redid it by doing completely different tests.

>> No.57088851

Is GTX 1070 Okay?
Should I get a reference or a custom cooler?

>> No.57088872

>Should I get a reference or a custom cooler?
if you have to even ask this question, stick to consoles

>> No.57088891

>Is GTX 1070 Okay?


>Should I get a reference or a custom cooler?

do not ever buy reference unless you're water cooling. pascal reference cards are sold at a marked up price and the coolers are inadequate for the 1070 and 1080.

>> No.57088907


Well he was talking about the temps while OC-ing but it was on an open testbed so that's hardly laudible.

I bought an XFX GTR out of curiosity and I'm the dude that's returning one, so I guess my input on how well it clocks is invalid.

I'm thinking of getting an MSI rx 470 4gb for £169 instead.

>> No.57088921

I'm not even interested in games.
From what I know, there are two designs, the reference and the external coolers and the latter adds up heat to the PC's interior.
I didn't mean founders edition, I meant wether to get one with external big fans or the enclosed design as in founders. E.g. ASUS offers one with this design.

>> No.57088941

Literally nobody said they can all do 1475MHz, you dumb shill. At least try and argue the right point.



In before muh doesn't count unless you provide 200 different examples. I'm not spending all evening looking up RX 480 reviews.

And nobody cares if you don't trust Jay. He overclocked it on camera and provided video evidence every step of the way. Yet you're happy to trust some shill hiding behind a written review, with no insight into their methodology whatever.

>> No.57088954

did you get past 1400mhz?

>> No.57088988

Did I fuck, I'm the git that';s posted about it artifacting at the bloody desktop at stock.

I was excited to give it a go though, I have the time to waste.

So I spent today packing it up, installing an SSD and 750ti back in.

>> No.57088991

>check video
>literally says in the video that his other 480's didn't overclock for shit even with watercooling

wew i guess i'm staying away from that card.

>> No.57089011


> I'm not spending all evening looking up RX 480 reviews.

The simplest way is to head to HWbot and take their average clock results. HWbot tells us that the average overclock for hawaii for example is 1140mhz.

>> No.57089091
File: 152 KB, 1200x1178, Battlefield-1-DirectX-12-1080p-Nvidia-AMD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Stop being retarded

>> No.57089129

average clock is 1346. sounds about right. no where near these absurd 1400+ claims on all custom boards.

>> No.57089137

When will AMD release a 1080 competitor? I can't wait for the tears.

>> No.57089153


390x is a mid range vs the 980ti which was twice the price lol.


Funny. My 290x plays games just fine on 1440p

>> No.57089163

Which of those?
Should I buy into the factory OC meme?

>> No.57089175


>> No.57089180
File: 34 KB, 678x858, Deus Ex Mankind Divided DX12 1080p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They did, its called the fury x.


>Funny. My 290x plays games just fine on 1440p

The delicious 64rops is why hawaii > polaris for 1440p gaming.

>> No.57089200


Check which ones have the highest factory oc lol.

When it comes to manual oc it doesn't matter. It all comes down to silicon lottery. Cooling and power makes no difference.

>> No.57089231


>Cooling and power makes no difference.

That is because maxwell and pascal basically doesn't respond to voltage - they run as well as they will ever do on stock voltage so the need for better pcbs and cooling is not there.

Conversely kepler and GCN based cards do respond well to voltage so there is a justification for some of the more premium cards based on those chips.

>> No.57089291

>here's no excuse for the game not being at least as fast as DX11 on NVIDIA (if the same hardware with different software performs worse - the software is obviously shit)

The issue is that traditional DX11 "optimization" is the HW vendor rewriting visually (nearly) equivalent shaders and storing them in the driver to replace at runtime whatever the original devs wrote.

DX12 is a thinner layer between engine and hardware with no feasible way to insert rewritten shaders, so Nvidia/AMD can either give guidance to the dev on improving the shader in a way that helps everybody, or they can just shut up and do nothing.

In principle game devs can write entirely separate shader code paths using architecture-specific "intrinsics" (basically GPU-specific assembly code), but this seems to not be very popular yet.

>> No.57089341

>That is because maxwell and pascal basically doesn't respond to voltage - they run as well as they will ever do on stock voltage so the need for better pcbs and cooling is not there.

that's an understatement. my undervolted 970 actually ended up overclocking better.

>> No.57089636

>old hardware competing against new
no, not quite.

>> No.57089773

Nice juddervision on the 1080

>> No.57089808

>meme cooler
>>>runs much cooler

yes meme coolers

>> No.57089867

Yeah, I agree 5 frames isn't exactly a massive game changer, Vulkan on everything would be nice.

>> No.57089917

Indeed they do run very well

>> No.57089963

if amd ever makes big wega i might be pissed

>> No.57090240

My MSI RX 480 Gaming X runs at 1400 with +96mV when doing 3D work (I use profiles in Afterburner). It will run all day without a hitch at that clock speed and does not get hot enough to worry about (76c on average). When Idling I let it sit at 1266Mhz with a -60mV undervolt.

It's not the best silicon obviously but it is possible.

>> No.57090312

I can get a replacement for my GTR for this exact one. I think I'll give AMD another go, this or MSI 470.

For reference can you take some screenshots of your configurations?

>> No.57090391

No point really. Just grab Afterburner and experiment using 3DMark stress test loop (watch the clock speed it should stay at it's highest with no dips on Afterburner's graph). You may find at stock settings you'll get some throttling. If you don't plan on overclocking try undervolting to see if it helps with the throttling. Watch for glitches and lockups. Finding the balance between no throttling and how much juice you push (or not push as the case may be) is the most boring part. Potentially I could go higher than 1400/2200Mhz using Sapphire Trixx software to go over 100mV but I prefer having Afterburner profiles to keep it undervolted when idle which Trixx does not support.

>> No.57090416



Trixx is dangerous software for scrubs due to allowing for extreme overvolting ( it lets hawaii hit +200mv for example) and thats card killing territory for most coolers. I personally have a 4 slot thick cooler on my 290x so +200mv is something I can control but make no mistake thats still balls-to-the-wall.

>> No.57090442

Yeah that too. Some cards can take it. Some will burn out.

>> No.57090443

>2600k nearly 50% faster than 2500k
guess I'll grab one of those

>> No.57090511


reminder that dx12 in this game is broken and that nvidia's dx11 performance trumps amd's dx12 performance once again. it's warhammer all over again and it seems to be a recurring thing with amd sponsored games. it seems like amd are focusing on making nvidia lose performance in dx12 than making their own cards gain performance as amd cards aren't increasing in performance at all across these games but nvidia performance tanks. typical amd gimping desu.

>> No.57090532


To be nearly 50% faster therte must be some god tier scaling going on as Intel's hyperthreading generally speaking doesn't scale that well (even factoring in the difference in cache between i5 and i7).

IBM's POWER on the other hand (while not a architecture for us pebs) does get that or greater scaling.

>> No.57090742

amd can admit anything they want, if there was 1 dead motherboard besides that filthy as fuck one that 'died' due to the soda that dripped on it, that image would never not be posted.

we only have 2 reportes of motherboards dieing, one that we can show it wasn't the gpu, and one that we can't because no images. It may overdraw but it was a non issue from the get go.

>> No.57090873


I love how they always put in a 4770k and never test 4790k as it would probably still BTFO the 5960x/6700 where jewtel started going backwards and power saving instead of improving threaded performance

>> No.57091060

The 1060 isnt bad, but it's also not good either.

Casual sometimes play a low end game - 460

Friend has it, it got him by, he is getting a 480 if this card isnt up to snuff, but lightning took out a few of his computer components recently and you have to piss with the dick you have, you got 150$ at most, you get a 4gb 460

You play games often but don't care about top end graphics, 8gb 470, this will likely tide you over for a while. and being only slightly slower then a 480 gives it a good push for 50$ cheaper then the 480

you want 60fps at 1080 with no question, 1070 right now.

you want unquestioned most powerful, 1080 or titan x are the kings, though the fury x does go over a 1080 every now and then.

really, if you want a 1070, just get a 1080 and go on the resell when something better comes out camp, overall you pay about the same per cycle as someone who gets a mid range card, but you have the best of the best... its the only option that makes sense if you go nvidia because they are not price performance cards.

>> No.57091078

in terms of gaming, a properly defragged 7200 hdd in 95% of the games is equal to an ssd,

in the few games that demand more then a hdd, an ssd that saturates sata is equal to the fastest m.2 or pcie drive.

there is some things to be said about bad engines that stream every texture the moment you see it (looking at rage and wolfenstein) but largely a hdd thats defragged will do just fine.

>> No.57091127

the nature is more so it uses all the resources its given, in most games on 11 most games dont use half the amd cores or poorly utilize them at best, which is why brute forcing speed makes them better on intel because core for core intel at some points was almost double the speed of amd, but when used properly the 8 'cores' amd gives you offsets intels speed advantage.

multi threading, even in applications that use it sometimes only returns 5-10% in some cases gives negatives, the applications that almost double performance for hyperthreading are VERY specific. its why in the early days turning it off gave you a performance boost.

>> No.57091187

its texture size. I have a 280x, texture sizes are starting to eclipse 3gb now, and with no texture compression, the card suffers more then nvidia counterparts.

these are uniform tests, so my guess is if you turned down the textures you could get playable

I know in the beta my 280x was able to do 4k at around 20-25fps (the resolution scaling was fucked, so i thought 100 was yea 100% of 1080p) when i turned it down, my cpu shit itself but my gpu was something like 30% utilized at between 30 and 40 fps with severe drops due to cpu.

>> No.57091208

It's simple really...

AMD saw that per thread performance was beginning to suffer from worse and worse diminishing returns (i.e you'd get less and less extra performance from bigger and faster cores) so they decided to get around this by just having more cores than bigger ones. Intel on the other hand just stayed the course and continued making bigger and bigger cores even thou they were getting less and less performance out of those extra transistors. Unfortunately for AMD most devs couldn't be bothered to properly multithread their code, so Intel won with it's theoretically slower chips.

>> No.57091253

>in terms of gaming, a properly defragged 7200 hdd in 95% of the games is equal to an ssd

I come to /g/ for hilarious posts like this

>> No.57091263


>so Intel won with it's theoretically slower chips.

Thats not how cpus work. You are only ever as fast as your single thread performance allows for because - unlike gpus - not all workloads can into moar coars. AMD's plan as that the hit to single threaded would be offset by going wide (i.e moar coars) which is fantastic for datacentres but not so for desktop usage cases.

Its the same reason why most xeons are clocked seriously low but offer into double digit physcial cores.

>> No.57091318


i see you have a 6700k
i too have a 6700k


>> No.57091331

and yet we have how many benchmarks on forums that show the load times from hdd to ssd to m.2

there is an upper limit to how fast a game loads, and only in games with horrible methods of streaming textures do ssds beat out a properly defragged hdd.

or are you perhaps thinking i'm saying run your fucking os off the hdd and the game off the same hdd along with every program you may have open? because that's fucking retarded.

get your boot/program drive to be ssd, 256gb will do you, then get a 4-8tb drive for games only, even the 5200 rpm drives read at around 150-180gb now, or if you really want a fast drive, get a 3-4tb 7200 rpm drive for 230mb read speeds, if they are defragged, seek time wont be as much if an issue at all.

Hell the only recent game that scaled with speed of the drive was fallout 4 and i hope to god we all know that engine was an abortion that will only be used 2 times.

>> No.57091356

they are clocked low more due to heat generated and power draw than its better to be slow. It just so happens that the applications they target take advantage of all the cores, and all the threads to their absolute max.

>> No.57091466

Oh yeah, sorry to be tech illiterate but how do I go about migrating things onto my SSD? plug in, set as boot drive?

>> No.57091530


All games load faster on an SSD

8 of the 16 games tested loaded significantly faster.

Educate yourself.

>> No.57091747

Most ssds came with mirroring software, that's the only way to sure fire do it if you don't want to reinstall the os.

There may be other ways, possibly a program that only targets the os and symbolically links everything else so you choose what to put on it.

personally, just reinstall the os on the ssd, you will want a 120gb ssd at least, 256 will be safe, I put a fuck ton of programs on my ssd, and the 120gb drive still has room, but the breathing room of a 256 can't be beaten.

Full disclosure though, Im looking at the 1tb m.2 drives for my next computer, not really any faster than a sata drive, but 240$ for around 8 times the amount of space? how could I realistically say no.

battle field, after ssds came round, stopped letting people who load the game faster into the game faster

fallout 4, I cant even begin to fucking imagine what the hell is going on there.

Just looked up what hdd he used,
Western Digital Blue 500GB SATA III 16M
todays drives run at 180-300mb read speed when not fragmented, my 4tb hitachi runs 150-180mb

I will tell you now, I have never had a near 2 minute load time in fallout, closer to 40 seconds, but this is the worst game for load times, its the outlier.

keep in mind, it's somewhere around 200-400mb read where it doesn't matter if you are faster, you won't see linear gain anymore, and newer hdds, the denver platters, have reached that point.

when you want to argue that hdds are significantly slower at load than ssds, come with a video/benchmark that has more then 3 outliers on it. That said, I'm an advocate for a large ssd so you can put an outlier on it and not care, just not an advocate for ssd only game storage, especially since games are starting to be 50-100gb big, a fast hdd will serve you better then a ssd unless you got money to piss away.

sincerely fuck 4k for that bloat, fuck it hard.

>> No.57091797

It's 240gb crucial, bx200.

>> No.57091854

Id honestly recommend just a fresh install, get the absolute most out of the drive from the get go then move over a crap ton of legacy installs.

Its not nearly as time consuming as you would imagine it to be, back your shit up, prepare for the move, move.

the hardest part for me was taking chrome from one drive to another because the programs fucking retarded, but beyond that everything should be simple. if you game, they largely don't need to be reinstalled, however possibly need to run dependency applications they came with or make a symbolic link.

>> No.57091884
File: 30 KB, 525x481, 1413712390594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that ssd's are a meme and that money could be spent on a nice date with that chick you can't get off your mind. 10 seconds saved in bf1 is nothing compared to some pussy my friends.

>> No.57091920
File: 1.96 MB, 480x270, shower.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okie dokie, I honestly didn't need 240gb but it was only £40.

Besides the OS I'm not sure what else to put on it, GTA 5 won't wreck it with mass amounts of read write?

The hassle is why I've just been staring at it for a day, along with my boxed up XFX, pick up on Monday.

>> No.57091921

If you have so little money that you can't afford both an SSD and a date, you shouldn't be spending on either.

>> No.57091959

Their benchmarking are so good, they labeled a R9 290x as 290 Crossfire.

Anyway, Nvidia is shit at DX12 but it doesn't really change the performance profile of their cards that much. A GTX1060 will still provide a 1080p/60FPS experience.

You have to be patient /v/. Wait another 2 years for DX12 to be ubiquitous and then troll the Pascal-tards for their shitty purchase decision.

>> No.57091960

so is that gpu that only gives you 10 fps

so is that ram that literally does nothing

so is that cpu that refreshes 4chan a fraction of a second faster

fuck off

>> No.57091971

at the absolute worst, an ssd has about 1000 write cycles, they would mean you need to write 240tb of data to the drive to kill it or even begin to kill it, realistically, good ssds start to die around 600-2000tb of writes. average use will never see that drive die on you... fuck, the sata standard will die before that drive does though normal use an no failure on physical side.

>> No.57091977


I've honestly observed 30 second plus improvements in loadtimes in Frostbyte engine games and some titles like GTA V and Witcher 3.

It's worth it just for windows though.

>> No.57092024

Then I guess I'll give GTA V a go again when I exchange the card. In fact by the time I ge ta replacement the bastard and all the updates will have installed.

>> No.57092034

>1 date 1 ssd
>not 2 dates 0 ssd

Wow what a faggot.

>implying I have any of those
>implying I'm not still rocking a $300 laptop for 2008

Make me

>> No.57092096

>if you want a 1070, just get a 1080
>1070 is $550 CAD
>1080 IS $900 CAD
solid advice

>> No.57092201

From what I can tell:
>Get a 480 for OK DX11 performance and great DX12 performance
>Get a 1060 for great DX11 performance and OK DX12 performance

>> No.57092206

get the 1080, sell it when the 1080 ti comes out, sell it when the 1180 comes out so on so forth, overall you spend less per year with a slightly higher initial price point.

>> No.57092211

At least for Paradox games, I've noticed a massive decrease in loading time.

>> No.57092231

My friend, ask yourself the question:

"Does this Paradox game suck my dick and lick my balls?"

>> No.57092240

>great DX12 performance
1060 is the better card overall even in DX12, 480 is only better on some really specific cases

>> No.57092246

Ssd will last longer some stupid date

>> No.57092259

I haven't seen many DX12 benchmarks where the 1060 beats the 480.

>> No.57092319

There's literally a 1% difference between the two cards in dx12 games. Not even memeing. Plebbit did some mass compilation of all benchmark tests up until like a month ago and calculated the percentages and the rx 480 is ahead by like 1.02% or some shit in dx12.

>> No.57092335

>Almost fell for the i5 meme

Dodged a bullet there. I get respectable 4k performance in games with my 1070 and it's probably because all my other components are top of the line.

>> No.57092361

okay well
>buy 980 for $600 new
>sell it for $400 when 980ti comes out
>buy 980ti for $800
>sell it for $500 when 1080 comes out
>buy 1080 for $900
$600 initial, $400/year

I don't really understand your point. noone except enthusiasts will spend $400/year to upgrade their GPUs

>buy 1070 now for $600
>sell in a year for $400
>buy 1170/rx 490 for $700
>get better performance than 1080

>get 1060 for solid performance across APIs, lower power consumption (and thus heat and quietness), and resale value
>get 480 for potential dx12/vulkan performance, more vram, and cheaper price
personally, I'd take the 480, just because I've seen a lot of nvidia cards get gimped a year after they're released, whereas AMD performance improves

>> No.57092469

yea, the lowest the card sells for isn't what you should be looking at

also, 980 came out
September 18, 2014

980ti came out
June 1, 2015

1080 came out
May 27, 2016

thats a 20 month time frame.

so in that 20 month period of time, you bought a 980 for 550, possibly got 500 possibly got 600$ when you sold it if you know how to sell it right.

you then got a 980ti for 650$, if you got the 780ti you likely sold it for almost msrp so these two performance upgrades are within the original cost of the 780ti, then you sold you 980ti for 500-550 and bought a 1080 founder, for 700, and if you were smart you then sold it once you saw how much people were willing to buy it for and picked up a used 970 or possibly an amd card to tide you over till the 1080 cost calmed down, by then, aftermarkets, for less then your initial 700$ 1080 purchase.

see, if you aren't stupid, you pay that initial price once, and have an old used back up card for if you are ever without a gpu. the cycle from 780ti to 1080 could have actually netted you a profit if you weren't retarded.

>> No.57092504

I should also point out, I don't personally do this, as I don't like selling things online, to much risk in how ebay operates for me.

I personally buy mid range, and use it till its no longer viable. my 280x is just hitting the point where the ram is becoming an issue in games, also, my system demands 1gb-1.5gb of vram idle for some reason, so an 8gb card is something i'm looking at.

>> No.57092718

you're forgetting about tax. once you buy a gpu, you lose the tax amount instantly. if you buy a $500 gpu, by the time you leave the store, it'll have cost $600. so you can never make a profit selling a card you paid full price for, unless it became a collectors item or you got a stupid good deal

and honestly, I can't see the point of the X80 series. a 1080 isn't enough for 4k, and a 1070 can do 1440p comfortably. 980 was 30-40% more than a 970, but only performed maybe 20% better

>> No.57092749

I have never bought a gpu in a store in my life, and almost anywhere online does not take tax up front and even the, its about 5% not 20%

>> No.57092852

in canada, tax is 13%, even online. a $569 1070 becomes $642 with tax

>> No.57092902

tax included you are paying the equivalent of 488.58 usd for a 1070

personally, if you live close enough, cross that border for a weekend and put it in the trunk on the way back, hell, make a friend have him buy it and his house, pick it up.

>> No.57093416

>When the RX 480 gets a driver update
been hearing this for months.
you shouldn't need to wait 6 months just to get performance a 1060 has from daY 1.

>> No.57093457

it's almost as if average FPS numbers don't matter

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