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How do i stop being tracked and watched by who ever is doing it?
Seriously how do i do it? There are certain things i don't wont to be tracked for like researching etc while im researching business ideas.

Is there really any way to avoid being tracked etc nowadays? Because i know "just use incognito mode on your browser" is just a joke.
I know they profile people and how the fuck do i start a different "profile and stop searches being linked together?

Is TOR really not a trick from the NSA? What are the alternatives wich are most secure? I don't need to be tracked all day just when im doing my research etc.

Does switching IP adresses really work? And what should i use without my information being sold through like almost all applications you can download as "anonymous consumer profiles"?

Also is this of any use on my smartphone or should i just limit it to a computer, also wich is best against tracking Apple, Windows, Linux?..

Will i be able to download files using other IP adresses and would it really NOT be linked to me or compiled as a profile?


Using a windows laptop right now.
Or should i just research at the library with IP changers and switching computers?

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Live in a shack in the woods. Tracking is now a fact of life, there is no going back. There are no technical solutions, if you want to keep companies and states from abusing collected information support the EFF and the FSF(E).

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>child porn
>"business ideas"

Ok sure.

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It's unavoidable anon. Every single thing on the internet tracks you. Even offline with credit cards, ID cards, phones etc etc. Literally everything.

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You should assume that everything you do online is transparent, because you have no control over what ISPs are doing with the traffic you create. There's no way to "spoof" your IP address and still be able to pull up Web pages. You could use a VPN or proxy, but those can leak your IP or will comply with law enforcement agencies who subpoena them for your IP address. The only feasible way around this is using public WiFi access that can't be traced back to you.

As for your hardware, that's another story. You can setup a bubble, scramble your MAC address or encrypt your entire hard drive. That won't provide much if any online security, but it should protect your computer from seizure and forensics. The FBI has tried unsuccessfully in the past to decrypt hard drives encrypted with TrueCrypt.

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>wich is best against tracking Apple, Windows, Linux?..
Certainly not windows
and of course it's not OSX...

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A shack in the woods? Why
There must be some technical solutions for it or a least diffusions.

Thanks for your help. i guess i'll just have to scramble the shit out of it. Don't know about that hard rive encryption thing, gonna go back to drawing it up then.
Using paper more, or is it tracked too?

No, research for business ideas etc. I see too much shit popping up x amount of time after i heavily researched it etc.
Like it's some kind of " magical " synchronicity.

Yeah, i know its sick, talked to a millionaire a while ago he told me it was unavoidable to chip us all. Guess it brings their costs down... Hmm maybe i should just get into that business right?

Did you know your car and even your car tires are tracking you? Even the fucking food you buy when not using a credit card they just know your food profile.

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Everything is tracked and registered, the only thing you can do is make your searches anonymous.

>incognito mode
It's a placebo. Your ISP still knows what you're doing and so do all the sites you visit. The only thing incognito mode does is not keep cookies or browsing history, which only somewhat saves you from being tracked by anyone sharing your PC.
Abandon your old browsing habits, use a VPN, tor or i2p. Avoid any Google site, or other sites which contain any form of tracking. Use an anti-javascript addon to prevent Google scripts from tracing you on sites (you'd be surprised how many sites have these). Separate your browsing habits between personal and professional, so use at least 2 different devices and ISPs. Your phone could be a personal one (use your SIM card for network), but remember never to connect the two. Also use multiple search engines.
>tor and NSA
There's always a possibility they control the majority of exit nodes, but your identity is still safe unless you don't avoid any sites where you provide your personal info. Make sure you use noscript or something similar, it comes with tor.
>alternatives to tor
I2P, although it's still very small and more confusing to use. If you're using Windows/OS X you could use epic privacy browser, but you'd still be using Windows or OS X which aren't good OSs for privacy at all.
>switching IP
This can help, but your device ID, OS and browser can still be fetched by online services which can then connect you to your new IP. And this doesn't protect you from your ISP.
>smartphone privacy
It usually takes a lot of effort, but it can be done. Root your phone or flash a new rom, use xprivacy to prevent apps from getting your device info and much more. It's a long list of what to do. I'm not sure if you're still 100% safe from Google.
Linux. You have many privacy oriented distributions, tails for example can be run on a USB drive. Comes with a ton of anonymity tools.

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>Live in a shack in the woods
Great fucking idea in the age of satellites. An underground bunker made from pure tin foil would be better.

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What's the worst case scenario from not protecting your privacy?

Case one: Nothing shady/illegal
Case two: Illegal/dubious/borderline stuff

I assume you are just part of BIG DATA in case one and will never see much of it other than directed ads and other automated usage?

In case two, the van rolls up and picks you up?

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Does this mean I can take off my tinfoil suit

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Yes, paper is tracked nowadays. In each piece of paper companies have implemented nano sized rfid tags that are able to digitize everything you write on your paper and send it out to be collected. That's why they want us to recycle. Not to save the environment but to save them production of these rfid chips.

And don't even think about pencils on drywall or markers on dry erase boards or even a ready built chalk board. They have methods to track the movements of writing utensils to digitize your writing and drawing and marker boards and chalk boards also have a similar technology to the paper.

Honestly your best bet is to make your own ink and quill and paper. Fuck proprietary paper and pens. Open source that shit.

It's the only way out of the written botnet.

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Install Gentoo. No, seriously. There can't be any privacy on a proprietary OS.

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I like how it says Privacy when it's not.

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>tfw I want to use my own email domain
>can't decide between one with my name in the domain or one that's anonymous

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well do you want it for work or for shitposting?
just get 2 domains and get both things

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I would actually like to do both. So two domains might be the best solution.

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You mean having about 3 to 5 emails?
One is for important stuff 'n job and the others are for social-website trash and gaming.

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No, I meant something like alex.net or mailhost.net

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>not using disposable email
The only reason to have your own email is for business stuff

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Just set the Do Not Track toggle ;^)

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>wich is best against tracking Apple, Windows, Linux?
Pic related, use Linux.

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OP, Go to this site

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