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Speccy thread?
Enjoying cold fall air at night edition

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Shut the fuck up

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Did you change your theme color to match the season?

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>tfw 8 years old CPU is still perfectly good for everything

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>pumpkin spice edition?

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Speccy is a buggy piece of shit.

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>using an engineering sample CPU that is never meant to be sold to the public
>speccy is buggy shit

Feel free to kill yourself whenever.

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>motherboard socket is not recognized
>DDR4 memory is not recognized
>timings not recognized

The only thing that's actually recognized is the CPU, dumbass.

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When was the last Speccy update and what was in the changelog?

Don't be shocked a program that hasn't been updated in over a year doesn't recognize modern hardware.

If you want something better make it yourself.

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>single core pentium

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yeah I'm on my second backup, I think I have a bad power supply, one is supposed to be delivered today

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>School Days
Fucked up shit.

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I have the best rig on /g/. Prove me wrong.

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vidyer gaem

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I have a 166mhz Pentium MMX with 48mb of ram and a 2.1gb hard drive
It takes 5 minutes to load 4chan, and make a post in IE 5.5 via a PCMCIA to LAN card on Windows 98

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>no audio card detected

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sure thing, desu
my main and only rig ATM

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>how do i screenshot i no good with computer

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Update the GPU drivers

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they're already updated.
This error shows up on every Atom-powered device

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Use the generic atom drivers from the intel website.

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But I do
I use these ones:
(first one)

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Strange, those work fine on my tablets

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1070 will be my next upgrade

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Why Windows Embedded and not stock Windows 8.1 after debloating?
What's your RAM usage after startup? Mine is 0.6GB

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nice 60hz monitors idiot

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i remember watching that dumb movie

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might be using a 4k tv, tard

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>1gb ram

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how much did u pay 4 that

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>What's your RAM usage after startup? Mine is 0.6GB
>Why Windows Embedded and not stock Windows 8.1 after debloating?
I got it for free anyway, so I chose the already debloated one. It still has the store and camera apps though.

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44€ a year ago
Pretty gud actually if you don't want to use it as a tablet

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hows it feel to be the only person hating a speccy thread?

>shut the fuck up

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Shut the fuck up

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shut the fuck up

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it's prob a comfy shitposting and music device
can it run 720p well?

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>can it run 720p well?
Sure, it has the same CPU as most other windows tablets.

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Is this the new Windows 10 thread?

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I'm jealous of your RAM

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What do you do on that thing?

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mostly VMs, ZFS is eating most of the RAM

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Updated speccy image, this is my daily driver.

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It has an Ensoniq SoundScape VIVO, but there are no Windows 2000 drivers for it. Not that I know of, at least.

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>Speccy is a buggy piece of shit
What is it's purpose?

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>kill yourself

If anyone belongs on /v/ it's you for using that meme spouted only by edgy 14 year old twats. Go away you're not welcome here you lil child. Lil babby probably gonna cry when he sees this and try to fight back with some other lame post cause you're nothing but a poopoopeepee diaper baby, mmmmmyeah baby need a diaper change huh? Don't worry baby daddy will change diaper for you just don't pee on me~

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see >>56983672

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you're trying too hard dude, you dont have to look cool to online strangers, chill out

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lol poorfag get out

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Where do I go from here?

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>falling for the 16gb meme

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I got a kick ass sale price on them I figured why the hell not

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More RAM, OC that to 4.7 and get a second GPU.

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Blu-ray drive

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>more ram
>dual gpus

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My HDDs have always given me problems and it worries me.

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What's the point of these threads?

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why not 2 of em

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To show random people on the Internet your machine's specs. Pretty straightforward.

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But what for?

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To show random people on the Internet your machine's specs. Christ anon, it couldn't be much simpler and you're still having a difficult time grasping the concept.

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if you show the highest specs in the thread some hairy fat guy in a girl dress will hit on you and offer you his cyber boypussy in exchange to be with the person with the best rig on /g/.

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he didn't ask for a definition, he asked for the purpose behind doing that, you look like the stupid one now

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Doing that is the purpose, dumbass.

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>i5 4690k @ 3.50GHz


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Well, in these threads antisocial people can compare their speccy reports and feel less alone that way.
Pretty sad, but that's mainly the purpose. Same goes for desktop threads, edc threads, battlestation threads, etc.

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Snipping tool.

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Op here
Lots of Robot simulations, worldspace eats up lots of ram.
Initially, I use to have 16gb just because corsair Vengance LP 2x8 gb kits were on sale for 50$, when I got a new mobo with 4 slots I didn't want do leave them empty, so I got another kit
Didn't actually use more than 8gb until recently, but now it's useful since Maya can use up to 20gb on a single large simulation
And the g3260 is surprisingly powerful for what it is, and I got it for 10$

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but the purpose is to impress / get rates, even a child should able to understand this. I feel bad for you son
the purpose is to impress

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>snipping tool

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The purpose is to show off your specs. The rates and impressing are results of said purpose.

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Impress anonymous people on the internet? Do you really believe anyone iTT impresses anyone?
You should all get laid.

>> No.56984402

>needing to get laid to be happy
you still have some leveling up to do, kid

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oh great it's this cerclejerk thread again

>> No.56984441

actually, the action is showing off and the purpose is to impress, this is basic cause effect anon, you should've figured it out by now..

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these temps are wrong

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It's APU, we understand. Get a 212 Evo or something to cool that bitch.

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Old setup.

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this was supposed to be a temporary computer but then i realized it don't even need better because i don't game on it anymore.

ram was free, and all i do is use photoshop\illustrator and fl studio and it just werks

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Sold all 3 cards and the rest of the cooling setup, And got me a nice 1070.

So far I'm beyond pleased, It's damned quiet and the performance gains I saw were well worth it considering I'm no longer pumping my room full of thermal nuclear radiation.

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Forgot to change my monitors desktop mode to 144hz.

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somewhat disappointed there is almost no noticeable performance difference between my new SSD and my old Vertex 3 in load times.

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completely silent, with just fans

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>all these commas in place of decimal points
I underestimated the amount of yuropoors on 4chan.

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Fall is literally the best time of the year, not too cold, not too hot, absolute perfection.

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What should I upgrade next?

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>single channel

drop the $40 for another stick of RAM.

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How do you get captcha to load? Pentium III 650E chokes on 4chan really.

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Have all your children grown up?

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Here's my shitty build.

Please no bully.

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Why? Other than some sentimental value, what's the purpose of this build?

>> No.56991144

It's like proof of concept, but the concept is just nostalgia, which is subject to individual care.

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It's fine, the fuck you scared of.

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Some /g/ents will always find a reason to bully.

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and none of it is backed up. Anywhere.

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spoiler that shit

>> No.56991875

what is the use of a sub-$300 pc?>>56977335
why does /g/ of all places have so many shitty computers

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This has the specs of my main devices. I have since upgraded my desktop to 24GB of ram and I assigned another 2GB to the VM. I have also replaced trisquel with debian on my laptop. I may go back when trisquel 8 comes out.

Right now when I am playing games on GNU/Linux and Windows 7 at the same time(with a friend), it is basically as if the i5 is split into two i3s.

I think I am eventually going to get a dual socket motherboard. I want to have a base GNU/Linux install with only free software, with a GNU/Linux VM that has all of my proprietary software that supports GNU/Linux (steam, proprietary GPU drivers, etc.) I will also keep my Windows 7 VM for playing the few games I play that don't support GNU/Linux. Right now running both VMs at the same time would probably create too much overhead, so I have some proprietary software in my main install. Once I have more cores, I can assign more to each VM. I also want to get a GPU that uses only free drivers that supports 4 high resolution displays.



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I'll chime in to bring up the standards.

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Just a little warm

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poor high school student

>> No.56992186

>what is the use of a sub-$300 pc?

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I have better machines, it's just my only Windows computer. Besides, that machine cost more than $300.

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Fuck the shut up

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i never get comments

>> No.56993267


I hope you got backups.

>> No.56993271

Gonna upgrade, of course

>> No.56993278

nothing on that drive is important

besides, it's not the high failure rate drive, and my wd green shit out way before this one did

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up the shut fuck

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Fuck, I forgot the picture. It's also worth mentioning that I downgraded to Wangblows 7

>> No.56993320

>what is the use of a sub-$300 pc?
many things
airport traffic control, I shit you not, you should check out what's going on in your amerifat airports

>> No.56993341

no it doesn't
use legacy and stop shitting up your cpu cycles with java shit

>> No.56993367

not bad. do older versions of speccy run on 2000? the newer ones seem to require XP.

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File: 42 KB, 710x575, Speccy64_2016-10-08_17-59-34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm set for the next 4 years rite?

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Not sure if I should get a new SSD or keep saving up for air conditioning so I don't die this summer.

>> No.56993609

set up for being data-mined for sure

>> No.56993852

>4 years
More like every 1.5 years

>> No.56993864

air conditioning
your PC will thank you by not fucking screaming the fans off

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rate. Gonna upgrade the 560 TI to a 1050 Ti

>> No.56994263

I like this.

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wew lad

a 1050 will make that feel like a new machine. 2500Ks are still going strong.

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I had a 550 ti myself for about 4 years, was a decent card, bought it just for BF3 and it ran very nicely at 900p. t-b-h i'd save up for a 1060/480 instead though, the 1050 will just be an overclocked 950 since it still has the same number of cuda cores. I'm using an R9 270x that I got for free atm and planning to pick up an RX 470 or 480 (if there's a good enough deal) on black friday/cyber monday.

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You just have to be patient. Use an older version of SJWfox, the newer ones will eat the paging file. Firefox 10 uses about 72MB with one tab open. If it says the script is busy/not responding, click continue each time.
Just trying to see some people's reactions. I'm surprised that more people haven't given me (You)'s.
Yes. 1.05 is the last version with 2000 support.

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forgot pic

>> No.56995646

Yes, Windows 7 has a physical SSD passed through to it, along with an r9 270, a gigabit PCI NIC, and some USB ports. Because it is a physical SSD instead of a container file, I get basically 100% performance, and I can easily access the files from outside of the VM.

>> No.56995702
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Wanna switch to Intel CPU in a year or 2 depending on if I can be bothered and need the extra processing power.

>> No.56995727

>he paid more for the factory OCed FX9590 instead of OCing his 8320 to the same frequency

>> No.56995747

>literally throw away money because I can't spend it fast enough

Not really bothered mate. Should have gone with an Intel build anyway, my Phenom X6 was perfect, had a fair bit of trouble with this and stability. Having to turn off turbo, variable voltage and such.

>> No.56995758

Why would you upgrade from an x6 to that garbage? You got like 15% IPC improvment and 2 more cores, intel would have been ~45% IPC improvement.

>> No.56995770


> basically 100% performance

You'd want something like virtio backed SCSI instead of glorified IDE for that.

>> No.56995779

I know this now, but at the time I 'upgraded' about a year ago, I was only changing out the CPU and for ease I stuck to AMD. #hindsight

>> No.56995831

Bloomfield and the 6 core gulftown were such sexy CPUs back then, they still are great, a 6 core is better than my 8350.

>> No.56995836

To be fair the FX9590's higher binned, it's not like it's just an OCed 8320. It's a higher quality OCed 8320

>> No.56995854

The problem with that is the majority of 8320's can be OC'd to identical levels, they just require a tiny bit more voltage generally, and even then you'll find plenty that will literally run identically.

>> No.56995869

It's still higher binned. I'm not saying it makes much of a difference but there definitely is a difference. If he found it worth it, he found it worth it. It's his money.

>> No.56995874
File: 52 KB, 661x521, weg5e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the benefits of your home being old as fuck

>> No.56995884

There CAN be a difference, they don't hold ALL of the good ones for the FX 9590 stock, the 9590 simply doesn't sell well enough for them to do that, so a lot of really good binned parts end up being 8320's as well.

I mean, you're assured a better OC'er by getting a 9590, but 90% of 8320s will do the same OC.

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File: 67 KB, 729x555, 9wyzgBN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want to upgrade entirely but >money

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File: 29 KB, 819x525, I hate my life.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you guys tell that im poor as shit and bought this before I knew anything about tech?

>> No.56996146

Paying 2 times less for 100-200MHz lower clock? I'd do it.

>> No.56996474

Is the 8320 a golden chip now? I feel stupid for getting an 8350.

>> No.56996510

They're all the same chip, they just test the higher clocked ones to make sure they run at that higher clock, but this late in the production period (4 years after it's release) they've worked out most of the kinks in production, so the majority of chips are able to make those higher clockspeeds, even if they aren't sold as a higher end chip, they can be clocked pretty high.

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Feels good not being shafted by Broadwell-E pricing.

>> No.56996685

You're right about the newer box FX chips clocking high, i build my PC recently, and my 8350 does 4.5ghz on stock vcore no sweat on a 990FX-UD3 board, really good for such a cheap ass rig.

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I'm pretty happy with this build

>> No.56996752
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I'll get a 1440p monitor next month.

>> No.56996764

>he fell for the Broadwell-E meme instead of getting the superior 5820K

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/g/amer reporting in

>> No.56998434
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>2 1080's

for what purpose

>> No.56998483
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>> No.56998550

>for what purpose

>> No.56999001
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>> No.56999008
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Waiting for 1080Ti and Acer X34P

>> No.56999499
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I haven't replaced anything in almost a year. I feel like I should be upgrading, but I have absolutely no need... Kinda feels bad man.jpg when I know it should feel good to be able to run everything at ultra... maybe it's 4k tiem.

>> No.56999531

>Acer X34P

The ASUS 34in has (mostly) better color accuracy. across the board. They both use the same exact LG panel so get the ASUS if you can.

>> No.57000119
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I want Dual 2690s so bad now.

>> No.57000498
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check muh bottleneck

>> No.57000776
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>> No.57000914

>64gb RAM
>232gb storage
u fucking wot

>> No.57001005

hwmonitor (or inxi)

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>> No.57001230

Is that so? It looks like shit though. Plus I have a hardware calibrator.

>> No.57001302

but he's using cpu z
are u dense

>> No.57001607
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Disappointed I couldn't get my OC up to 4.6 GHz

>> No.57001656

How many volts are you feeding into your CPU? I have the same CPU and my computer fails to boots at 4.6 GHz @ 1.4V

>> No.57001694

>being this new
Speccy doesn't show OC levels in summary

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