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Technically speaking, what's wrong with 4chan and what should be done to fix it?

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Too many boards, not enough money.

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Too many phone and gpu threads.

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Kill webms for a month, see the difference.

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Harmful proprietary software.

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delete /pol/

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improper png usage is still a major issue

axe the (3dpd) porn boards and see a huge reduction in traffic from non-contributors

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>permaban newfags

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Open a patreon, or have a fundraising weekend. It's not fucking difficult and could be fun. Take my money you fucking gook, I'm not buying multiple 4chan passes.

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Adjust post cool down to reward posting small images or no images.

Get rid of archive.

Don't delete containment boards without step up in moderation quality site-wide.

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Webs were a godsend. Moot was fucking retarded for taking so long to adopt it.

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Gifs would return with shit quality and larger size

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half of the traffic is from mobile users
Think about it.
If we block access we cut traffic IN HALF.
Problem solved.

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When solving any kind of problem, you first identify it. Obviously the main problem is that 4chan costs too much to run. Allegations of the validity of the statement aside, this is what we're facing.
So, what components of 4chan cost a lot?
Well, there are the number of requests (user requests a thread every so often, usually at least once a minute). Improving this would take some serious innovation, because moot and crew already took care of this when they released the 4chan API.

Then there are bandwidth troubles. We have too many users and it costs money to serve them all. We have a solution to this.

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ban phoneposters

>tfw still no vp9
and also, still people don't know about -speed to make them faster

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Ban /pol/

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>Adjust post cool down to reward posting small images or no images.
this or another incentive to reduce file sizes would be a good idea

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>Get rid of archive.
That would only help reduce traffic, not storage.
There are a thousand pages or so that are actually visible to 4chan staff or so moot said.

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What happened to the ads for one?

I've had 4chan whitelisted for a while now.
I haven't seen a banner ad in forever.

I don't mind google adsense but I know a few don't, hiro needs to do something at the very least.

I might just renew my 4chan pass, bought one last year expired about 2 months ago

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>-speed to make them faster

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This "phone" thing is really stupid. If people can't browse from their phones, then they'll browse from their laptops.
You'll cut traffic in half. Then it'll grow twice the size, effectively doing nothing.

All this "ban/close board" shit does nothing to help. How much overhead do you think it costs to run a board? A board costs as much as it is popular. If people won't browse /pol/ then they'll browse something else.

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Removed because not enough people watched them, very smart decision :^)

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> infrastructure
It's like you think /g/ does more than review consumer goods.

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he's referring to the libvpx "speed" or "cpu-used" ffmpeg option, which functions similarly to x264/x265's "preset" option

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you just throw the -speed flag in there, so instead of like fucking 10 minutes it takes about the same as a vp8

-speed 4 for the first pass, -speed 1 or 2 for the second

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There is only one way to find out.

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How come moot never bitched about costs?

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You guys may be right about phone posters...


I won't be able to shit post at work though.

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/pol/ is the reason porn websites won't advertise here tho.

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He always bitched about costs at every opportunity. He just refused to take donations and operated 4chan at a loss.
Were you not paying attention to the Q&As he did?

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>This "phone" thing is really stupid
it really isn't, and they're not gonna migrate to laptops, they're just going to fool the system so they pretend they're not on a phone

hiroshima only wants more money, which in some way is reasonable, since this site isn't really profitable to the point of being enjoyable

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>If people can't browse from their phones, then they'll browse from their laptops.
underage millenials won't go through that much trouble, it'll cut the trafic in half and we'll get rid of faggot that shouldn't be here in the first place.

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The reason porn websites won't advertise here is because we're affiliated with child pornography ``lolita"
Get your head out of your ass.

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>they're just going to fool the system so they pretend they're not on a phone
Good, ban the normies that can't figure out how to change your useragent.

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holy fucking kek, i don't use phone i hate them so fucking much, and you just give me another reason to.

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hiro should try again with advertisers, since CP is banned almost instantly now

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He did.
He installed an XSS ad that infected people's computers the second day he took over. It was only on 4chan's front page (that place people don't use) so not that many people were affected.

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you can browse and enjoy

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>they're just going to fool the system so they pretend they're not on a phone
But they ban IP ranges of cellphone companies. Not useragents or something fucking stupid.

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You do realize that after /b/ /pol/ was the place to go for that content right?

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It needs to be rewritten in nodejs and mongodb so it can webscale.

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How can an ad infect a PC? Don't tell me people executed something it download.

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You say it as if /g/ and /a/ weren't equally responsible.
Remember techloli/g/y?

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Its sad to see so many retards on /g/. Nothing is wrong with 4chan infrastructure. The jew jap wants more money. Hiroshima will force some shitty obstructive ads in between posts and 4chan pass things. He tried to spook everyone about closing some boards in order to justify his ugly future actions. Yeah, Its that simple.

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Yes, sorry I forgot. I know he refused to take donations but didn't see him bitching ever.

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>But they ban IP ranges of cellphone companies
that's rare as far as I know, since they usually get banned for 1-3 days

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Popups are annoying. The more you interact with them, the more likely you're going to press the wrong button.
Personally whenever my tabs get hijacked, I just nuke the tab from the Task Manager.

HTML5 and CSS3 are turing complete, but requires user input to do anything useful.

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Delete /pol/ before elections, lol.
Inb4 shitstorm

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>The jew jap wants more money
Basically this.

>In Japan he would make a fuss and say "2channel is in danger of closing!" then make bank. The gaijin at 4chan don't know the old moneymaking pattern, so they'll probably donate a lot.

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>. Hiroshima will force some shitty obstructive ads in between posts
that sounds nice, since they're most likely be easy to block for us and annoying to casual lurkers

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you don't need to use 2-pass unless you're targeting a bitrate/filesize (which you shouldn't on 4chan unless your video is already a stretch to fit it under 3M)

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You're missing the point.
The reason Hiroshima is allowed to incite panic about operating costs in the first place is because we run an unsustainable model that allows him to incite panic.

If you change the dynamic of 4chan from "Buy more passes!" to "Donate your bandwidth, seed images and threads to the community!"

then it's literally impossible for Hiroshima to complain about operating costs, because it will become almost nothing.

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>The more you interact with them, the more likely you're going to press the wrong button.
i've seen people click on "close" buttons /inside/ popup windows
they really have no idea

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He already makes a bank from 4chan, m8.

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>The gaijin at 4chan don't know
Isn't it the exact same business model as Wikipedia?

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What if he just posted the ACTUAL cost of operation?
Tons of websites have donation meters. What's wrong with that?
Is he scared of saying because it's a lot of money?

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>think to myself "what happened in late 2014"
>first thought is the icloud celeb nude leak
>"n-no, it wasn't that long ago... pls"
>look it up
>it was the icloud celeb nude leak


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>what's wrong with 4chan

it don't generate enough money to support the servers that run it

>what should be done to fix it?
Set up a collection of money for each BOARD (not 4chan as a whole) - allow people to donate anonymously (more or less trough bitcoin or other means)

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I only use 2nd pass for 1080i sources, and I always set the bitrate, most of the time with good results (webm not related)

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>it don't generate enough money to support the servers that run it
it does, otherwise it should be down right now

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Why is GAIJIN not in Japanese characters? I thought it was a Japanese word.

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Except wikipedias financial reports are open knowledge. Jap Jew is just gold digging without releasing actual data.

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If this is the case why did he cut the file size limit?

There's a lot of classic 4chan images that can't be posted in their original size now.

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I trust what owner of 4chan says. I don't think he is trying to milk the "community" and get extra money to go buy >insert fetish item here<

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<butterfingers> "man, moot makes 12k a month off of 4chan. why would he want to sell. well s4s is next apparently. any board that is a liability to a big media conglomerate"
<Aliens> This is how I feel about /pol/ right now: https://www.tumblr.com/video/sirartwork/104567858013/500/
<AZ4> "Your privilege: Godly Cuck"
<moots> is it Luck or luck in it
<AZ4> Luck
<moots> capital L or lower
<moots> ok
<butterfingers> which media conglomerate will it be? gawker? buzzfeed? funnyjunk?
<moots> >12k
<JamesIha> filter merchants to cis males
<moots> >thinking this is actually a lot of money for a top 500 site

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he is though, could be because the site makes just enough, or because he wants to get rich (or die trying)

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4chan is perfectly sustainable. If Hiroshima actually tried to find sponsors, he'd find them easily enough.
Instead he's probably going to make an patreon or something like that and fuck over some gullible retards.

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look /g/ is not an active board, so it wont cost a lot, we just need to donate 1$ each and it will be done. Then we can see how it goes with pol and all the stormfags. To exist you need to pay for your board. I would not mind paying 10-20$ to have /g and I think a lot of people would feel the same way about their board .... if they could pay anonymously

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Obviously 12k dollars a month is not enough for a poor jap. Food in japan is cheap but clothes are expensive you know!

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everything has an end. The time to terminate one of the most disgusting and useless websites has come. Should have been done a long time ago.

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3Mb limit was there for a while, nigga.

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>we just need to donate 1$ each and it will be done
Sent ;)

I'd rather migrate to some other perfectly functional chan than to pay for this one

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Eh? Eh?

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And now you're missing the point, too.
I'll rephrase the statement.

Let's forget about whether 4chan is sustainable or not. Who the fuck cares.

If Hiroshima can incite panic about 4chan's sustainability, that means that there is a flaw in the business model.

In other words the business model is a failure in that it costs more than ``nothing" to run.
However, it is theoretically possible to reduce those costs to ``almost nothing" by using distributed hosting. Some examples are WebTorrents via WebRTC, and IPFS.

So, what happens if 4chan costs almost nothing to run, and Hiroshima incites panic anyway?
Boom. A contradiction. It should be impossible for Hiroshima to panic anybody, because 4chan would at that point cost almost nothing to run.

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This. Lots of random rich people on twitter immediately said they would be interested in sponsoring the site and that they have messaged mook.

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I been on /g pretty much since it started. And I admit; at least 99.9% of posts on this board is garbage. But that .01% of really good posts makes me want to keep this board alive

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>he doesnt use 4chan X

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gifs were/are worse.
Lower filesize limits and remove the archive. 3rd party archives are doing a good job already
And >>56962047

Can again be fixed with stricter file size limits

Not only porn sites, any ad network worth their money simply don't want to tack their name on a site as 4chan
That and ad networks generally want to place targeted ads, which is quite difficult with the diverse amount of subjects.

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Keep at mind that 4chan passes sell MUCH better now so its probably much more than 12k now.

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Well they could get rid of the power hungry mods for one.. thats the only reason I dont support the site.
Just earlier I got banned for making a legitimate thread discussing tech a tech companies exploitation of people.

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I hope you people realize moot didn't quit because he was losing money.
He quit because he was tired of this shit.

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you lie

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I bet it was a "NVIDIA/MAD/INDEL/YOUR MOM ON ZOOSIDE WADGE :DDD" thread or some inane bullshit like that.

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that's common knowledge though, everything he did was "wrong" so he felt like shit all the time

>> No.56962412

More specifically, he couldn't handle the heat that was GG.
And people figured he was becoming an SJW

>> No.56962416

No not a chance you would be banned for that. I made some threads where i sat and thought "how can i make the worst possible thread" and nobody banned me. And why would they, its 4chan !!!

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Once you get aids, you have aids for life.

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Post a link to the archived thread.

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>Although Nishimura has lost some number of libel lawsuits with a considerable amount in penalties, he is quoted in some number of interviews that he has no intention of paying. "If the verdict mandates deleting things, I'll do it," he says. "I just haven't complied with demands to pay money. Would a cell phone carrier feel responsible when somebody receives a threatening phone call?"

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like i cared enough about it to save it

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then all you have are hot claims and zero proofs.

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>During 2008, 2ch generated an annual revenue upwards of ¥100 million for Nishimura. The site was also run by 300 "volunteer administrators" who receive no pay. Nishimura justified this with the comment, "I don't think that's all that different from some dude who opens a convenience store in front of a train station. They can make a million yen a day."

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And you think I care. You must be some kind of autistic guy, saving every single thread you are in. Both making sure to have the link saved, save a hard copy on print and obviously locally on your external harddrive. I think most people who post here don't give a shit...because I don't

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>implying /bst/ and /wt/ aren't cancer enough to prove his point

>> No.56962476

You're making some hot claims and you have no proof.
All I'm saying senpai.

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You posted it, search some of the text in the archive.
Otherwise get >>>/out/.

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>In August 2013, an accidental leak placed the credit card details of thousands of 2channel users into the public domain, and this event resulted in a series of lawsuits against the website. Around the same time, the anti-matome movement took place throughout 2channel, a controversial community development involving users protesting against "matome blogs" (まとめブログ?) specialising in summarising 2channel threads, which were taking away site traffic. Later it was revealed that the website was suffering from financial setbacks, and as a result, the chairman of N.T. Technologies (a key stakeholder of the website, and ex-US Army officer) Jim Watkins assumed full control over 2channel, stripping Nishimura of all power. In response, Nishimura created his own clone of 2channel at 2ch.sc, and organised a series of distributed denial of service attacks against 2channel.

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You will never get me out of this board, unless it close. Sucks for you im not gonna sit and search trough me old posts in archives

go to the main page right now, look at it....and tell me that you don't see 20 shit posts...not "bad posts" but real shit pots

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Disable this, we were fine without it before.
>10 pages on boards like /gif and /hr/
Change these to 5 page boards
>Starting threads and posting
Double the duration for non 4chan pass users.
>Image sizes
Maximum size of 50 KB for jpeg and png except for 4chan pass users. Disable gif and webm on all boards other than /gif/.
Release detailed data regarding board activity, bandwidth allocation etc This can help us better understand the problem and how it may be resolved.

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>still hasn't posted any proof
hot claims

>> No.56962527

He fits right in with us, huh?
No idea why everyone is making such a fuss about Martin Shkreli taking over.

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>Double the duration for non 4chan pass users.
that would never be abused ever

>> No.56962539

I don't often make use of the archive, and I can't speak for others, but it seems to me that removing it would cut down on storage. Alternatively you could only host thumbnails instead of whole images to reduce bandwitch usage as well as adding specific criterion such as a reply quota for archiving.

High res photos are also generally unnecessary, imo, due to scaling. I'd be well in willing to assume the vast majority of users are using 1080 displays. That said image resolution scaling and actual resolution really should match until 4k has permeated the majority market share, and even then it's of questionable necessity.

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>1080 displays
>on /g/ no less

>> No.56962561

>He is scared because 4chan isn't losing money and he is doing all of this out of greed

>> No.56962566

This would actually work

It should free up a decent amount of bandwidth, and it's not like 99% of phoneposters contribute anything usefull anyway

>> No.56962589


This makes no sense. Having a small percentage of users watch advertisements is much better than 0 users watching advertisements, as far as making money goes.

>> No.56962590

>No idea why everyone is making such a fuss about Martin Shkreli taking over.
because it would be fun.

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>high res photos are unnecessary
>every image in the world is a photo

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>How Hiroyuki will sell 4chan data:

Step 1: Brazil Future Search will make a real-time search engine for 4chan text data only. They will forgo images because images are not important in data mining.
Step 2: The new 4chan search engine will provide data to Effyis (boardreader.com).
Step 3: Boardreader.com will add 4chan search to their board search.
Step 4: Effyis (boardreader.com) will provide a firehose of data to Hottolink (their parent company) to use in data mining.
Step 5: American companies will begin purchasing analytics data from Hottolink.
Step 6: There is no step 6, you have already had your data sold to the highest bidder.

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>makes it so only pass holders can post
>raises price of passes to $200
The last thing we need is AIDSmoot taking over.

>> No.56962614

doesnt 4chan take alot of bandwidth if you use your phone? most unlimited plans are like 4-6 gigs...how the hell are people browsing that much

>> No.56962616

>I made some threads where i sat and thought "how can i make the worst possible thread"
For what purpose?

>> No.56962617

i say make something like a /consumer/ board for phone shitters/chink shit general shitters/all other tech product general shitters, and leave /g/ for programming/actual discussion of issues in technology.

>> No.56962618

>4chink is now SA
Please don't.

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forbid /gif/, force people to use .webm
reduce size limit for pictures
accept other formats, more lightweight with a good quality
accept webm vp9
bonus point said in a lot of threads : create a tool that convert the picture client side.

and a good thing would be to close some boards.
/gif/ is useless, people can go to /wsg/ for their ylyl and few shit that aren't nsfw, and they can find all the porn they want somewhere else for example.

For some boards, a better moderation would be a good thing and reduce the number of posts per day. In /g/ if we ban all buying advice threads and pointless bait threads it might turn it into a slow board, which would be nice. Other solution is to have a codecha.

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>* '2ch.sc' is Hiroyuki's pirate site of 2ch.net. Hiroyuki made 2ch.sc to fulfill his contracts to Hottolink which provides him with millions of USD per annum according to Hottolink's published financial report.


>> No.56962629

>most unlimited plans are like 4-6 gigs...
What the fuck did you just say to me?
>>56962618 >>>/vip/

>> No.56962632

Did you not see >>>/vip/ ? It already is pay to post. They took the best textboard and locked it behind a paywall.

>> No.56962648

There's an archive for /gif/ and /wsg/

There is an archive....

For /gif/ and /wsg/....

This shit is fucking retarded. No wonder hiroshumoot is hemorrhaging bandwidth. The porn boards are mostly terrible boards by the standard of actually function as a board instead of a dumping ground for porn.

/gif/ is essentially nothing more than a porn website except with MORE people begging for sauce.

>> No.56962651

I don't.

It was discussing google using us to translate 3rd world spanish countries streetview for them.

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>doesn't understand the distinctions between photos and illustrations
>Bought into 4k keep up with the Joneses bullshit

>> No.56962672

I meant people posting FROM phones, not people posting ABOUT phones

Basically grab the user-agent string when they try to connect and redirect them to some static page, so they don't use up bandwidth by posting or browsing the chan

>> No.56962686

We need WEBP & VP9 support. JPG & VP8 are old and wasteful.

>> No.56962689

This but only a month after the election after Trump loses.

>> No.56962704

>banning >>>/gif/

pls no

I mean, sure, there's a lot of sauce begging and stuff, but it's actually a very friendly community with a lot of good discussion going on.

>> No.56962711

No, you're missing the point.
Your argument boils down to:
If [hypothetical scenario] then hiro couldn't do what he did.
Who cares?

>> No.56962729

>I hate cuck porn
>I'm a faggot cuck
>am I gay?
>transwomen are beautiful people

>> No.56962731

3gig poorfag here.
no problem at all.

>> No.56962737

>730 GB active content

Geez, I remember it was like 90 gigs only three years ago.

>> No.56962745

Boards don't cost money to maintain. Stop being tech illiterate.

Its the people and the use of bandwidth. Slow boards like /ck/, /jp/, /x/ have very little bandwidth cost.

The high cost of bandwidth comes from the high file size downloads from high traffic boards. /a/, /b/, /v/, /pol/ for example probably takes quite a bit of bandwidth. The simplest and easiest fix is simply to limit the file size of still images to <300 KB and remove gif (replace with 2-3MB webm) that will more than suffice for a decent fix.

Other alternatives are increasing posting limits for high bandwidth boards like /pol/, /b/ doubling the time it takes to post each time per day. The counter resets after 12 hours of no post.

>> No.56962752

There is nothing wrong with 4chan.

Except the moderation staff and the guy who currently owns it.

Hiroshima wants to enforce cancer ad's on us.

>> No.56962753


Surely it isn't each board having 10 pages (because shitposts need to last for a week), and some larger boards allowing threads with MASSIVE bump/image limits that double, if not quadruple, the amount of space a thread takes up (and only shitty generals ever hit those limits)

Lower limits? Cut out pages?

Let's just start deleting boards and fuck with the userbase

>> No.56962757

>I meant people posting FROM phones, not people posting ABOUT phones
they're the same

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>> No.56962770

Why not having image upload redicrect to imgur so bandwidth is smaller

>> No.56962778


>> No.56962796

It's what Americans call freedom

>> No.56962797

Half the threads are about shemales. If only they could keep that in 1 thread.

This, deleting the smaller boards will do jack shit in terms of bandwidth usage. Chances are that those posters will migrate to other boards, so it wouldn't do anything at all.

Stricter filesize limits would work better in all cases.
Gifs are relics of the past, maybe not remove them totally, but <1MB gifs only.

>> No.56962798

why did they delete it?

>> No.56962806

to confirm it's legit :^)

>> No.56962813


>> No.56962816

>all these people wanting /po/ deleted
Leave poor /po/ alone

>> No.56962832

I'll just 1-frame 3MB webms if that's the case.

4chan doesn't need to downsize (though some optimizations such as implementation of webp/vp9 could be made); if there are actually money problems, hiroyuki should address them sensibly rather doing than what he's currently doing.

>> No.56962843

>implying there's only 1 mod

>> No.56962845


>> No.56962852

mods aren't even on
go be spooky somewhere else

>> No.56962853

>let's hand them the solution on a silver platter
>"who cares"

>> No.56962862


Can someone guestimate how much it costs to maintain 4chan each month?

>> No.56962890

>1 frame 3MB webm
Way to be a rebel.

>> No.56962931

>1-frame 3mb webms

posting the first minute of a movie (assuming 24 FPS) one frame at a time with a 30 second posting cooldown in between frames will take roughly 12 hours, assuming you post as fast as possible.

nice plan, einstein.

>> No.56962986


>> No.56963012

>4-6 Gigs
Pick one. kek

>> No.56963040

>implying you can migrate 4chan to another technology without hiros approval
>implying people will migrate to another chan

>> No.56963051

he meant he would post images above 300 kb as webms instead

>> No.56963059

I have the only realistic solution, and I would be surprised if the majority of you fags even knew the site:
Bring back Not 4chan.
Put all the unsavoury-to-advertiser boards on not4chan. So /pol/, /b/ and the like.
Done. Worked before.

Not really done.
Turn all the porn boards in to textboards like /news/
ALL of them. /e/, /h/ and others too.
Image dump boards a shit.
Discussion and linking to the actual source will cut out the shit middlemen and the eventual "SAUCE?!??!?!" posts and people saying lurk more and them saying "no u" and repeat forever until they all get banned or the thread is ruined.
Hey look, instantly saved a fuckton of bandwidth.

Let's go further.
Ban /cel/ faggots from /hr/.
Wallpaper boards, not much you can do there, they are pretty harmless. But you could force them offsite if you wanted to, via textboard concept.
Delete /gif/ now. It has no purpose.
/gif/ is literally /hc/ and /b/ combined.
/hc/ is now a general porn textboard and /b/... well /b/.

/b/ is now a 1MB upload.
/b/ has no PNG upload. /b/ has no GIF upload. /b/ has no WEBM upload.
Anyone that posts on /b/ will have those features stalk them to every board for 3 days max since last page load.
>but muh shitposting /b/oard, I'll just leave!
Good. /b/tards are a parasite. Always have been since 2005 september onwards.

>> No.56963063

We're down for a 3rd exodus.
Hopefully this time this shithole will actually die.

>> No.56963102

I like the way you think

>> No.56963163


>> No.56963175

>Turn all the porn boards in to textboards like /news/
>ALL of them. /e/, /h/ and others too.
>Image dump boards a shit.
>Discussion and linking to the actual source will cut out the shit middlemen and the eventual "SAUCE?!??!?!" posts and people saying lurk more and them saying "no u" and repeat forever until they all get banned or the thread is ruined.
>Hey look, instantly saved a fuckton of bandwidth.
so reddit?

>> No.56963195

>But they ban IP ranges of cellphone companies. Not useragents or something fucking stupid.
But that's only going to limit access from mobile networks you retard. You are just banning provider and not the device. Guess what, if there is no WiFi, most people just tether their mobile connection to connect their laptop to the Internet.

Or are you suggesting that from now on, 4chan should be place only for basement dwelling NEETs?

>> No.56963215

don't shit on me but couldn't the users chose to use another image hosting for even higher resolution, and to take bandwidth off of 4chin.

>> No.56963223
File: 78 KB, 1198x669, IMG_20140909_061728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Limit access to 50,000 pops on selected boards
Other boards need invite or gold only

>> No.56963236

I would axe /gif/ and other bandwith and storage consuming boards in half. 5 pages instead of ten. That would at least solve a big part of the storage problem, even if it probably would not solve much of the bandwith.

>> No.56963237

I don't care about the supposed things he did with 2channel.
The ONLY fact is, the guy that now runs both it and 8giggle stole both sites from under the admins.
That is the only proof of anything in relation to the sites that exists and is 100% confirmed. Fuck you, Jim.

>le reddit mimi
Fuck off. Textboards have been on here before. /news/ was a decent compromise between textboards and imageboards and made sense for such a board.

Turns out it also makes a lot of sense for boards where most of the content in question is already neatly organised and named properly. (like porn sites, or hentai sites, or image galleries like boorus)

It's fucking pointless having the same god damn shit reposted every week when it exists in better and easier to find form OFF SITE.
Making these image dump boards discussion boards with OP-image allows you to easily find it based on image or text description.

Only way to do that is restrict file size first.
Then allow embedding image hosts, or the links for websites that have banned 4chan embedding. (oh boy that was fun)

>> No.56963244

3MB since last month. I don't really need to open full version of every image there is.

>> No.56963249

delete it all

>> No.56963265

>rent someone something
>they can't pay for several months
>take it back forcibly
>hiro claims this is stealing
sure is good with words

>> No.56963271

It's not that simple, since Hiroyuki took over the amount of visitors to the site have skyrocketed

>> No.56963275


Do this and /pol/ will go samson mode.

>> No.56963289

Don't even need to delete it, to be honest.

Just move to not4chan and quarter the max bandwidth.

Watch them slowly suffer under their own collective fat-ass weight.

>> No.56963299

>delete /pol/
As /pol/ack myself I can tell you that this will be the biggest mistake.

>> No.56963300

>But that's only going to limit access from mobile networks you retard.
That's the point??

>> No.56963302

Not enough money? I'm not so sure about that: https://youtu.be/6KFz9WRRNpk

>> No.56963306

You're lying to yourself. What would /pol/ do if it was deleted? Launch DDoS on 4chan for a week or two. Then everyone's forgotten about it and get back to their reddit shit to organize.

Meanwhile, 4chan being down for a week or so, once its restored, it becomes a better place.

>> No.56963325

What would this accomplish?

>> No.56963362

> What would /pol/ do if it was deleted?
Come here.

>> No.56963374

I thought moot left everything more or less in order, the fuck is Nagasaki doing?

>> No.56963381


>> No.56963390

More active modding is needed, so thats that.

>> No.56963397

Don't forget /pol/ is a contamination board and it is the biggest one.
You don't want it to spill all over the other boards

>> No.56963439

He didn't. He lied through his teeth to get as many potential buyers as possible.

When has moot ever been truthful and honest?
Moot was always a shit kid drunk on power.

The whole reason for the Snacks fiasco was not the commonly held "lol he /r/ cp" bullshit, it was because moot was an ideasguy and had the patience of a 6 year old.
Snacks was asked to perform tasks only gods could, and only then at a struggle.
Menchi (shii) told moot he was taking advantage of him to try get him kicked out so he could take his place. (probably so he could turn 4chan in to his little weeb board that world2ch never was)
Then shit blew up in that hilariously childish argument from moot, snacks gone, shii in and forced anonymous days that ruined 4chan in the space of a year.
Fuck shii. Hope the cunts dead.

>> No.56963447

Lets limit access from American ISPs. This would help as well. Your logic.

>> No.56963458


Literally only redditors care about /pol/

>> No.56963522

home users browsing from their desktop pcs using mobile networks aren'T that uncommon

>> No.56963539

>deleting a containment board

>> No.56963574

Why do we even have porn boards? I can understand images for hentai degenerates but ordinary porn isn't exactly hard to find

>> No.56963585

The rest of 4chan do care they just don't know it yet because they are part of the phone browsing generation. moot tried to remove /news/ (ancient /pol/) but the rest of the site just couldn't handle full blown real life nazis seeing jews behind everything spreading out on the entire site bringing /news/ with them. And their posts were of a such nature that you just couldn't delete them because they technically didn't violate any rules.

The problem with some /pol/ posters or well the ancient ones at least is that they actually did their research and brought up things normies thinks is unpleasant. Especially when the general contents of the information checks out but the conclusions are pure speculations and fantasies. It's enough to trigger normies that their little happy world might have other unpleasant dimensions so they react with fear and become more annoying than these nazis in the end. It's how /news/ got their containment board back.

>> No.56963600


xir thinks 4chan is going anywhere kek

>> No.56963606

Limit uploads to 250KB for non-pass users.

>> No.56963610

There are ads on horsefucktubes and other fucked up paged but they dont want to put ads here? Doesnt sound right

>> No.56963626

For extraordinary porn

>> No.56963653


/hm/, /gif/, /hc/, s/ are all generic stuff that can be found anywhere

>> No.56963662


tbf ads on porn sites tend to be adverts for other porn sites

>> No.56963698


Surely hiro can use his rolodex to find jap advertisers who don't care about that

>> No.56963718
File: 2.18 MB, 1920x1080, snapshot_24.46_[2016.09.27_07.07.45].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just to trigger you

>> No.56963726
File: 241 KB, 352x288, a.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can deal with that

>> No.56963782
File: 88 KB, 10000x10000, small.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice try pass user

>> No.56963807

spotted transgender nigger commie

>> No.56964118

>There are ads on horsefucktubes
You should know :^)

>> No.56964239

>he doesn't know

>> No.56964278

great idea, so everyone start posting gifs again which are 4 times bigger with worst quality

>> No.56964290

4chan should run on the Ethereum network.

>> No.56964299

Assuming shillary wins the election, I actually think this would work.
>Trump loses
>/pol/ gets triggered for a few days
>Delete /pol/
>Everyone pretends to be a happy liberal because they don't want to be associated with the losing candidate

>> No.56964311

Make 4chan passes mandatory, watch the amount of underage and 3rd world posters drop drastically.

>> No.56964314 [DELETED] 

Too much traffic and no enough ad revenue or donations to keep up with the demand.

4chan will be sold, acquired, or deprecated by 2018, maybe even mid-2017.

Non-technically speaking, the Eternal September of 4chan has already occurred. There are simply too many users for a good flow of content to occur.

Find a 4chan alternative soon, or you may be stuck without a cancerous imageboard in your life.

>> No.56964320

It's not my fetish, anon

>> No.56964331

Hiroshima, and nuke him.

>> No.56964333

>>56961993 (OP)
Too much traffic and not enough ad revenue or donations to keep up with the demand.

4chan will be sold, acquired, or deprecated by 2018, maybe even mid-2017.

Non-technically speaking, the Eternal September of 4chan has already occurred. There are simply too many users for a good flow of content to occur.

Find a 4chan alternative soon, or you may be stuck without a cancerous imageboard in your life.

>> No.56964353

Make it a $0.99 (to filter out shitters) pass to post and free to view. $15 pass gives the regular VIP and other access.

>> No.56964362

>forced anon on /b/

You should have gone back to gaia

>> No.56964428

I use archived threads alot, especially on gif.
Its nice to be able to go to bed and see the rest of the thread the next day.
>double duration for non pass users
fuck you, there shouldnt be punishments for not buying a fucking pass.
enjoy your shit wallpapers faggot. Im not going to pay just to provide you with quality material.
>gib analitics
t. microsoft?

>> No.56964452

You antisauce fags are the worst.
Why should it be a crime to ask an anon where a good picture came from?
Should ban you for bitching and being a miserable cunt.

>> No.56964589

More like make /pol/ a shitty board until the elections then you can leave them alone since most of the traffic will dissapear.

Also, since they are the most growing board an main attraction to 4chan is better to leave it alone, or you can have spills of normies all over the other boards
And we sure hate normies

>> No.56964603

>what's wrong with 4chan
ran by a single person or organization.

>what should be done to fix it?
find a way decentralize it.

>> No.56964679

don't delete it, but nuter it. make it slower an limit file sizes so it uses less bandwidth, and do this for all the higher traffic boards.
also bring back text boards

>> No.56964693

off topic, but is anyone concerned about the increasing disappearance of 3rd party archives?
archive.moe, fgts.jp etc
sure lots of stuff is lost.

>> No.56964704

delete /a/ and all other board under japanese culture
delete all adult boards
ban all weebs

>> No.56964763

>Shit inefficient OS.
FreeBSD + Mac Mini's

>> No.56964889

omg. mobile+desktop sessions outnumber just desktop session

More phone users are needed and good methods of reducing bandwidth and transfer to smaller devices. I bet there are fucks right now that are opening /hr/ files on their mobile. So you stop them and they will use their desktop. Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to keep the user and reduce the cost.

>> No.56964982

This but also remember that /wsg/ and /gif/ have higher webm capacity because webms with sound (i think its 5-7mb)

>> No.56965023


everything went down hill when w.t. snacks left.

>> No.56965030

Back to >>>/pol/

>> No.56965045

First, lack of transparence.
Second, a lot of shitposters flood the /a/,/v/ and /pol/ for free.

>> No.56965049

>/pol/, /b/, images, webm
>Get on the slow server ride

>other boards
>regular server

>limit still image size to 300 KB
>limit webm to 2 MB
>limit gif to 500 KB (to discourage use)

>4cjam gold account
>removes restrictions or doubles size limit
>/vip/ board for ship posting

>more ads

>> No.56965089

You idiot, phone traffic is what keeps the bandwidth and server costs down. Who the fuck wants to upload a 3mb gif over mobile network? Its also harder to store terabytes of memes on your phone.

>> No.56965109


>> No.56965111

>>/pol/, /b/, images, webm
>>Get on the slow server ride
this will just piss them off
especially /b/ and they will all go to the other boards and shit up the regular server

>> No.56965113

ban gifs and pngs

>> No.56965123

We should switch to OS X Server now.

>> No.56965124

Only allow webm and webp.

Problem solved.

>> No.56965138
File: 717 KB, 1402x3892, HIRO5min.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56965149

Text doesn't cost shit to store or upload. It's the images. Stricter file size limits would be helpful.

Hiroshima is also a well known jew in nip land. It's probably a ploy for muh shekels

>> No.56965171

I'm leaving 4chan forever.

It was fun guise.

>> No.56965173
File: 207 KB, 493x499, 1465358530499.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's wrong with png?

>> No.56965264

people uploading their camera shots which end up being 3MB

>> No.56965290

Camera photos are almost always JPG files.

>> No.56965684

Not when there are millions of the cunts opening porn and epic maymays on /b/ and /wsg/.

These fags will happily wait for it to up or download.
One 10kb file is small as fuck.
Multiply that by a million users and SUDDENLY it becomes significant.
Add a whole thread and now it becomes the reason 4chans bandwidth use has exploded since the fappening.
Learn how to math. Fuck.

This is why I told moot he was a fucking retard when he was whining over the 4chan API before it came out.
Templating can massively save on bandwidth use since you are only sending the website structure one time and are then populating it with a CSV, TSV, JSON or whatever file.
Couple years later the site was perfectly fine and profiting after the switch over from shitty static cached pages of the 90s web.

>> No.56965816

Only /b/ should exist.

Unless complete chaos.

>> No.56965836
File: 38 KB, 500x307, 1475797255730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some nigger uploads a 4K unfocused png

>> No.56965857

>less than a TB of content
How can this be hard to host?

>> No.56965870

I clicked on jlist everyday
Its a decent site

G00k pls stop being incompetent

>> No.56965879

They're still 3MB+ most of the times

>> No.56965887
File: 2.21 MB, 1402x3892, hiromoot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keep up nigga

>> No.56966130

>less than a TB of content
>How can this be hard to host?
Storing the data isn't hard. What's difficult and expensive is the bandwidth needed for people uploading and downloading files.

>> No.56966151

Doesn't the site use caching? Like hashing existing files to prevent duplicates and save space and bandwith?

>> No.56966185

>Doesn't the site use caching? Like hashing existing files to prevent duplicates and save space and bandwith?
Sure, they'll be doing as much of that as possible.
Even with that, though, 4chan serves a LOT of requests per second, and those requests cover a very broad pile of content. It's understandable that it costs a considerable amount of money to keep alive.

>> No.56966252

sounds like a modding problem rather than a board problem. Just ban sauceposting unless someone posts an image collage with his attempt at reverse searching with his request.

>> No.56966260

Shut your jewish mouth kikeberg

>> No.56966321

we need a board of directors with strong libertarian values
>Rand Paul
>That wikileaks dude
>torrent bros, like the tinfoil ones that are chilling in jail right now
and the servers need to be hosted in Amsterdam, Holland, the Netherlands, etc.

>> No.56966341
File: 95 KB, 1200x750, q26_F11_urban_AlB_BLACK_be0025_peg_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.56966359

deduplicating stored data (4chan does this) doesn't affect bandwidth at all

>> No.56966619


>pol harbour 2 when?

>> No.56966662


>> No.56966890


The catalog isn't updating at all for any board.


>> No.56966895

I would say like 1000

>> No.56967289


Double Doubles speaks the truth.


>> No.56967313

ban iphone/mac/windows users
the quality of content would increase

>> No.56967370
File: 2.05 MB, 1011x3032, 1469309230745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These though the last one is pretty extreme and not if it would work long term.

>> No.56967469

Slow as shit, this is a job for golang and an HTTP framework that can scale horizontally like Iris.

>> No.56967489


>I didn't write it
>Let me rewrite it

>> No.56967510

Linux-only users only make up like 0.1% of /g/ though. 90% of users here either only boot windows or dual-boot windows and linux but only use linux to rice their desktops and show ofd on /g/.

>> No.56967531

but you forgot competent users will spoof user agents, so you'll get a fair amount of people and most will have basic understanding of technology

>> No.56967561

>people want to keep castrating images and image quality on an IMAGEBOARD
granted not every board needs it but fuck, this site is the best for finding or coming across good quality high resolution images of various niche things you might not find elsewhere (especially if it gets posted here originally)

>> No.56967568

Citation needed

>> No.56967581

we don't know, it's not open software and there's no info on the infrastructure and its bottlenecks

>> No.56967619

Just plaster the porn boards with porn ads, it's not like the people visiting them aren't used to it with all the other porn sites.

>> No.56967627

Yeah, just like they went back then during goobergate and got laughed out of the site by 4 or 5 poney fuckers amirite, newfag?

>> No.56967651

Ban anything format that isn't .webp and .webm

That's it.

>> No.56967807

This. You pretty much have everything covered with this. All we really need is a png/jpg to webp encoder app for android.

>> No.56967808


The source code was leaked and it was procedural PHP iirc.

>> No.56968219

Lol And then iPhone users wont be able to view anything.

>> No.56968235

This is a popular Japanese monkey making scheme. Dumb gaijin will fall for it and give him lots of money.

>> No.56968273

>what should be done to fix it?
Bring moot back

>> No.56968519

Holy shit, we need that to happen.

>> No.56968579
File: 6 KB, 200x200, upset.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody is buying anything from Jlist.

>> No.56968645

I remember my first item from J-List.
It was a Love Body Aki.

But as always with cheap inflatable dolls, they RIP pretty quickly.
All the rubber glue in the world won't help after a while.

>> No.56968653

>Hmm looks like god decided to burn down my house
>Hey look, my neighbors backyard seems pretty swag
What part of containment board do you morons not get? Did you learn nothing from /mlp/?
You can't "just ban them" faggot, there are more proxies in the world than pimples on your fat stupid ass. They will always come back.

>> No.56968660

ban mobile posters

sent from my iPhone 5c

>> No.56968701

Why should /pol/ be deleted? To appease retards like you that don't belong here in the first place? Fuck off to reddit.

>> No.56968715

The way moot handled MLP fags was the worst, most cowardly way possible, though.
Plus, he actively didn't force mods to ban their little asses off until they have bloody fingers.

Any attempts of moot to ban any shitty site-wide behaviour always caved because moot was a fucking idiot and told them to give up after only a week.

mootles has never been a strong willed person.
Very surprised he hasn't killed himself yet.
After the Max "you're the man now dog" Jew fucked him over with the first major 4chan rewrite and all of us were in that thread, I was so sure he would off himself.

The janitor temp ban system in place now would have dealt with MLP faggots easily.

>> No.56968716

>Too many boards
>How could we fix that
>Let's found a new board
And so /VIP/ was born.

>> No.56968745

>told them to give up after only a week.
They have been TRYING to ban those faggots on /b/ for 7 YEARS. SEVEN AMERICAN YEARS.

It's not possible retard, you have no idea how autistic some people can be. They tried for weeks to ban them all and they couldn't fucking do it.

>> No.56968855

Nobody cares about /b/ though.
/b/ went to shit after 2007 permanently.
Or, if you hate the Anonymous faggotry, 2006.

They are actively banned everywhere else in most threads.
But again, 4chan still doesn't have enough people to check content.
And from what I have seen, the moderation tools are pretty shitty on their own, no wonder moderation is such a pain.

One simple example is Mods being able to see popular posts which would help massively to find either shitposting, anger, CP or just another faggy get.
Being able to pull up any thread and have a threshold of more than 10 replies, you can be almost certain to find one of those qualities above.
2 buttons to cycle through quoted posts to find anything else.

Pro-active is barely a feature of the moderation. (if you ever idled the IRC over the years)
There is no incentive for it.
They literally do it for free.
As long as they do things occasionally, that's "good enough".

The mods need as much help as they can get. Janitors too.
But expecting realtime omnipresent moderation is fucking retarded.
People that reply to spam and shitposting deserve to be banned just as much as those doing said things.

>> No.56969446
File: 8 KB, 224x225, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the hell? Are they really doing it for no monetary compensation whatsoever?

>> No.56969464


>> No.56970219

>ban phoneposters
>delete /pol/ or do something about their recent importing of fucktons of faggots from reddit
>add /l/oli and /gu/ro boards to scare off normalfags
>bring back Moot

>> No.56970252
File: 264 KB, 1691x752, 1474613264214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ban anyone who complains about anime

>> No.56970362

/pol/ is a bastion of free speech. Don't delete it please. It's with preserving. Yes, even the racism and utter vitriol is worth preserving, because a free speech platform is so rare these days.

Patron 4chan. I'd pay.

>> No.56970403
File: 89 KB, 720x700, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not all /pol/acks
>single incident
>we are board of peace

>> No.56970467

>board is currently importing tons of outsiders that are harming the site, just like the europoors are doing with rapefugees
>not shutting them down

>> No.56970482
File: 50 KB, 300x250, CXbcPf2WQAEVVQK.png:orig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ban people who don't use GNU/Linux.

>> No.56970490

/pol/ is an echo chamber of retardedness.
Don't even kid yourself.

All it is is /x/-tier shitposting, IT'S HAPPENING every fucking 5-7 threads and LEL TRUMP and other stupid shit.
/pol/ has been dead as a useful board for years now.
Especially the last couple years.
There is more difference in /pol/ the last 2 years than there was the first few years of 4chan and every year since then.
I check it every so often, but I eventually end up closing it due to the sheer amount of shitposting. It's honestly as bad as /a/ and /v/ is now. Very rarely are there threads of worth in any 3 of the boards.
/pol/ dindu nuffin.

However! I do agree with you.
No boards need to be deleted besides /gif/.
Just move all "unsavoury" boards to Not4chan for advertisers sake.
Lower bandwidth-raping boards ability to rape said bandwidth by making them /news/-like textboards with OP-only image posting. (all the image dump boads, which I use many of, but I am still in favor of this happening to them because it makes way more sense and cuts out a shitload of drama around dat sauce)
Problem solved.

>> No.56970531


>> No.56970549

You haven't seen pool at its best, investigating leaks, spamming Twitter, and influencing the news cycle.

Yeah, it has an echo chamber built in, but so do most platforms. The big thing about pol is it won't be censored for message like so many other forums. The only things that get deleted are things like cp.

>> No.56970579

It's not a containment area.
It's a breeding ground. It's been spilling for fucking years now.

>> No.56970591

See, the thing is, I HAVE seen /pol/ at its best, that is why it is so sad to see what it is now.

It COULD be fixed. But a large number of the people would need to be kicked out through repeated banning forever.
Mods simply won't do it.
They'd rather delete it than have to repeatedly stalk every thread to watch for people.
Nobody went full-Snacks tier but Snacks. Even that fag that shit up /a/ for a period, or /tg/.

>> No.56971081

Doesn't mean we don't support the site.

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>> No.56971321

>most people agree
Now that's refreshing.


>> No.56971369

The real solution is have people complete a math question before posting.

>> No.56971925

4chan went to shit permanently during 2007. You know it to be true.

>> No.56972098

I know jews were behind the /pol/.

>> No.56972121

>tfw gifs are allowed on all boards but webms are not.

>> No.56972143

It'd be pretty logical for the JIDF to actually be the ones behind every major move and indoctrination on /pol/, what better strategy than to humiliate your enemy by presenting them as nutjobs to the media.

>> No.56972208

Here you don't have power, jews(except to R.M.S) and /pol/.

>> No.56972556


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>> No.56972915


With analystics at least we can gage the current issue, for all we know 4chan could be doing fine breaking even or being slightly profitable, or their could be a huge waste of resources that's unnecessary i.e running other services on the server that are not relevant to 4chan itself.

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