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Speccy thread.

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Desktop hardware updated but didn't get speccy from it yet so have laptop speccy

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Here's your (You)

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why do americans translate Celsious to Farenheit? its quite simple, at 0 celsius water freezes, at 100 celsius water boils
37 is body temperature

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at 37ºC you got fever already.

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What's the speccy equivalent for Linux?

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Oh and the lm-sensors package will show you temps

watch -n 1 sensors
Will loop the command to give you temp read outs every second

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why the fuck do you care?

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checking in

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Is this the new Windows 10 thread?

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Also, desktop.

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I put this system together for my Dad.

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I do decently for only having 6 cores

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My Cooler Master case and the audio card are what matter most.

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But you aren't the CHAMP

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To be fair, you have 10 more cores and 20 more threads than me.

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Need to shit or get off the pot in regards to getting a new card. 470 and wait or 1070 now. one is literally half the price of the other.

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sup lads

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He got ~63% of your score with a single 6 core against your dual 8 core system... It's pretty impressive desu.

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All I'm hearing are excuses.

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>that font

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default? kek

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All of these Windows 10 machines disgust me.

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>windows 10


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Glorious shitposting machine.

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Spicy non Intel or AMD CPU.

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Got this yesterday

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Built my desktop in 2012 and it's just now showing its age with modern games.

What should I upgrade? What would be the best gpu?

thanks guys

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Less decimals because in America the coldest days are around 0 and the hottest around 100 degrees f

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>Wide viewing angle & High density FlexView Display
Just curios what monitor is that or is it a laptop?

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Either a GTX 1060 or RX 480 for [email protected] if I had to guess.

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I recently realized that Alyson Hannigan is the cutest woman ever.

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Cool thanks, what do you think of my current CPU? Any real reason to upgrade?

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Your CPU still holds up well, so I personally wouldn't bother upgrading it.

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>home edition
>ugly 3dpd bitch
>optical drive in 2016 CE
Play in traffic.

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>implying there's anything wrong with having the ability to read and burn optical discs

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If you're going to have an ODD, should at least make it a bluray writer in 2016.

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No reason for a Blu-ray drive if you don't use Blu-rays.

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Fresh build here

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Woah shit accidental single channel
Here we go

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4.4 / HyperX Fury / 390X

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No speccy here so here we go:

OS: Void Linux rolling release amd64 (4.7.6 kernel)
CPU: i5-6500 @ 3.2GHz (3.6GHz turboboost), 4 cores - 28'C
RAM: 8.0GB HyperX Fury DDR4 @ 2133MHz (I don't have the timings for this)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H
Graphics: Glorious Intel HD 530 Master Race - monitor is some spare HP LCD which does 1680x1050 @ 59.95Hz and I *think* I'm using the VGA output
Storage: Crucial BX200 240GB SSD; WD Black 2TB 7200RPM (SATA3)
Optical Drives: The cheapest DVD burner I could find
Audio: Realtek ALC892 (onboard)

OK, how did you manage to end up with a dickload of drives

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am i old?

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Do I need to updrage anything?

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Unless you're having problems with your current setup, no

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You could always get a Bluray drive

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CPU is becoming a bit slow now.

I've read I can easily get it to 4.5Ghz.

What do?

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Upgrading some cheapo prebuilt I got on eBay slowly

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My main turns 10 in march.

WP please?

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waiting for the 1050 Ti

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HELL NO it can't

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Are you retarded or like 15?

The 2500k/2600k/2700k are all well known to hit 4.4-4.5GHz with relative ease on an air cooler.

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No you good

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this is what it looks like

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tfw 8 case fans + 2 on the cpu cooler

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this is an unnecessary amount of posts

come the fuck on

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David collins you're a faggot

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an unnecessary amount of posts for an unnecessary person

last one tho

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fucking put them in one image

or even better! Conform to the thread standard and don't post all this shit, you dunce

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He obviously has autism, just look at the hardware, not to mention the desktop clutter.

He's unhinged mentally and poor.

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they won't fit in one image. what is done is done. relax. learn to like it. learn to live like a brick through a window. you weren't taught which way to go in life. learn to live without direction.

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wew lad

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>being this retarded
Chris that you?

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fuck you, David
no, it's David

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It's POSReady 2009, Speccy just recognizes it as XP SP3 (which it essentially is)

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more like POZready, u fukin homo

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What are you 12?

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what are you, gay?

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Why do you plebs all have hot as fuck rigs it's like you dont even know what air flow is. you poor fags cant even aford fans now?.

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Confirmed 12 year old

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confirmed gay.

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>32 GB meme
wew lad

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>SCSI disk device
toppest lel

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>All these people with i5 and i7.

i just want a new GPU and hard drive.

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>toppest lel
??? Nothing wrong with SCSI.

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Just a PC that someone threw out the other week that I took in.

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Don't mind the motherboard temp. It's an error

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opened my case a week ago to put a brand new thermal paste on my CPU. I still had stock cooler so I broke 2 of the pins and couldn't mount it back properly, so there's a little space in between the CPU and the cooler. Now running 65°C at idle with CPU throttle at 80%

kill me

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are you me

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Something's off

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I should get a new monitor.

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Nice monitor bro

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>wireless headset

I don't know what the fuck I was thinking either

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you have the experience now at least

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How do you like your 980ti setup?

Been saving up for a while and have a decent budget, not sure if I should go crossfire 480 or sli a flagship (not 1080) model nvidia card

>> No.56925687

Pretty good, plays most things 100+FPS. Probably going to sell them and get a couple of 1080ti's next year, but only because I'm greedy. I could easily ride these out for a few years.

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what's that?

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File: 41 KB, 713x577, Lowest temps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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its my pc gud?

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File: 60 KB, 766x595, whyisitsohot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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jeezus, that cpu temp.

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When do I need to upgrade? Thinking about throwing in an SSD eventually.

>> No.56928743

processor desu, but that also means new mobo and new ram depending on the processor and mobo.

>> No.56928789

Do I really need a CPU upgrade? It's honestly still kicking ass.

>> No.56928835

You don't really need a new cpu actually, that one you have still can run for a couple of years.
If you are greedy, you can always go for an i7.

>> No.56928851

A new one or an i7 3770? Honestly the 3770 is not worth it, cost like $200!

>> No.56928914

well idk I think if you have the money to spend on like a $450 upgrade for a new processor, MoBo and RAM I think you should do it. If not then I think you're fine for the next year/year and a half.

>> No.56928931

reapplied thermal paste to an amd cpu today for someone

dropped 30C...

now it's at 100C wew lads

>> No.56928933

Well what benefits would I see from a CPU? I doubt it's much at all, especially considering my GPU. I also don't play games so much, and am ok with lowering settings here and there.

>> No.56928974

well if you're just browsing the web and running word processors then sure. But if you want to run games and graphic design software better. Then a newer processor would help a lot. But again, if you're willing to compromise frames to looks for games and such, then no reason to upgrade right now. But I personally wouldn't wait longer than a year to upgrade.

>> No.56929044

That's why i said you don't really need a new cpu, your computer is fine as it is, you can still run things for a couple of years... unless you are a person who plays in 4k, do SLI, or produce music/videos/etc, that kind of stuff.

>> No.56929078

Thanks senpai. Gonna upgrade in late 2017, ealy 2018 most probably.
Gonna start saving up some dosh for that.

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CPU is 4.7 GHz.

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I am planning to get some thermal paste and replace my CPU ones
but from here my mobo temp is higher than my cpu?
what is going on here? I'm playing overwatch in windowed mode now

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I'm not exactly sure but maybe better fans or where you put your fans. I had this problem for a while and new thermal paste really helped. I used the Arctic or whatever it is.

Recently upgraded this past weekend. Used to run a Phenom 1090t and 280x.

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