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>no speccy thread

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What make / model is the laptop? A search by board (u3e1) shows generic Lenovo.

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Nevermind, should have seen the DPN. Got it now.

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Word. I don't know what to do with it now since I rarely travel anymore. It's just sitting on my desk looking pretty. Anyone have any decent ideas for it besides selling it?

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Speccy means ZX Spectrum if you're not a pajeet, pajeet.

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Why can't they bother to make it read the cpu speed correctly?

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If you have a desktop PC, why in the fuck would you not have Linux on your laptop?

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Because the name of the CPU actually includes the stock clock speed, all it is displaying is the full proper name of the CPU as the CPU reports itself to the OS.

If you go to the CPU subsection in speccy you will see it accurately reports your current clockspeed just fine.

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Who's still rocking an HD5800?

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I had a 5770 back in the day.

Based AMD in 09

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>all those hard drives

How many terabytes of anime porn you got buddy?

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im calling bullshit, post pic w timestamp pls

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What's the appeal of these shitty threads?

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It's just a circlejerk between a couple of virgins that think the specs of your computer are as important as the length of your dick.

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these threads make me wanna kms cuz am poor. rip

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laptop on right
htpc on left

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So you have two 1080s but they're 4 GB each? I thought they came with 8 minimum. Why wouldn't you get the 8 GB card? I'm not an A+ major or anything so please dumb it down for me so I can understand

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what do u need all that storage for? and why not buy a better cpu and gpu instead of ur next few harddrives?

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The drives are mostly anime, 1tb of porn, 1tb of movies and backups. I'm saving for a new pc, had this since 2010.

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jesus christ ur cpu? no cooler or what?

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i hope your cpu isn't actually that hot...

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here's my speccy guys

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The country of jordan?

Jordan i fucking hate you so much.

Also, how are you even using 5.5GB of RAM in arch? What bloat are you fucking running?

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Just a regular ol' KDE desktop

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it's finally starting to cool down again, gonna hit those sweet winter temps soon.

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god damn what's your DPI?

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>>56895643 here
my dpi is ~255

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oh and the htpc is 52 dpi

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What is that pass user shit?

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>locked i7

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I just want people to talk with me about my computer man

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If your motherboard supports it you have the ability to overclock the bus instead of the multiplier, 4.4-4.6GHz isn't too difficult.

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my laptop

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posting specs. gamer4lyfe.

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>27" 4k
well you're definitely a gamer because anyone who cares about productivity should know 4k is only useful over 36" otherwise you're going to use some GUI scaling for normal desktop use.

A 40" 4k screen is literally 4x20" 1080p screens in a single monitor. Same pixel density, etc.

With 27" your effecctive screen realestate is basically the same as with a 1440p 27" because you GUI scale back to around 110-120PPI.

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Where can I get a 40" 4k display?

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Nothing too special, but It's pretty good. Looking to go up to an i7 when Cannon Lake comes out, as well as upgrade my SATA SSD to M.2

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Are you serious?

Philips BDM4065UC if you can find them in stock, they have gone anywhere from $600-1100 though so prices vary widely.

Seiki Pro SM40UNP, I think it uses the same panel as the Phillips, but you can actually find it easier.

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Very nice, very team red. I've got a FX-4300 in my Linux box, pretty nice chips.

Had to go Intel on my Windows machine though, and I always go Nvidia over AMD for video.

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>Are you serious?
...yes? I haven't looked very hard, but most 4k monitors seem geared towards gamers or just aren't 40". The biggest 4k HP offers is just 32".

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>having a fish for a motherboard
That lenovo just continues to amaze me.

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Post some speccys on ancient hardware guys. It gets me hard.

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These aren't banned?

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Laptops have made a huge Jump with the new Skylake/Pascale builds

We have a 6700HQ and a desktop class 1060 in a decent config with 144hz/1080p IPS and G-sync integrated. All for around 1500-1600$

pretty fucking sweet to have such a rock solid 1080p machine at such a reasonable price

However Desktop will always have its place largely due to Cost and greater Performance.

For 1600$ I can literally slap a high end rig with a GTX 1080 together and plug it into a 4K television and a laptop with 1-2 1080's and a 4K panel will likely costs 3-4K

We have some more generations to go before laptops and desktops achieve true parity

The power efficiency needs to get a little better and the price to performance needs to be higher so we need another major Arch revision (volta) and a dye shrink (7nm finFET) and then we should finally have a sub 2000$ laptop that has 6-8 cores and does 4K 60-120fps

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>He doesn't cook poptarts with his desktop

Literally losers, just end yourselves.

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Every fucking time I see these ridiculous temp it's always on W10, what's with that?

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Can I stick a new GPU in there?

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>cooking poptarts

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Should I get 64GB RAM?

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hi guys

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Yeah dude

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i miss this font rendering in windows

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>So you have two 1080s but they're 4 GB each? I thought they came with 8 minimum. Why wouldn't you get the 8 GB card? I'm not an A+ major or anything so please dumb it down for me so I can understand

They're 8GB each. Speccy doesn't recognize them properly. It's happened with a lot of other cards in the past.

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>We have a 6700HQ and a desktop class 1060 in a decent config with 144hz/1080p IPS and G-sync integrated. All for around 1500-1600$
Don't forget no battery life so it's actually useless as a laptop. Fucking gamers.

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who can beat me?

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hard mode: not a server

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can you / do you overclock that baby?

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No and no. They draw 130W as it is and this box is actually tiny so, even if I were so inclined and could, I probably would not.

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It's a lot of time i don't post this here

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>Quadro K620

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for a good monitors support. SInce i don't do gaming i don't need a GTX series

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Oh you use Mosaic?

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My friend was gonna throw out this old broken laptop, so I just fixed it and now I don't know what to do with this shitty laptop lol

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i suppose i do. that thing keeps up three monitor without major problem and a temperature of 45°C circa.

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