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Speccy thread. Post specs.

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Epic gamer rig you got there OP. Add me on Steam so we can play LoL together. :^)

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It's not that impressive
More ram maybe
Better hard drives

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Hi Anon from yesterday's Cinebench thread

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Wasn't in that thread, I'm afraid.

Forgot to mention, GPU's a 390X.
>the X makes it sound cool.

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oh, mistook you then: >>56854267 I thought it was you because you've also got a [email protected]

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4.3-4.5GHz is a standard overclock on high-end air cooling for that chip.

On my particular chip I already had to go up to 1.35v for stability above 4.2, and at 4.5 I crash a little too often.

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How do you measure stability? Prime95 SmallFFTs or with 1344K?
Also, which air cooler do you use? I've got a Noctua NH D15S and my CPU doesn't exceed 60°C with Prime95 at 4.0GHz/1.18V, though I'm thinking about deliding

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Thats a nice oc my 6800k does 4 ghz at 1.25v

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Depends, it's not that I need it to run at 100% that often.

I use a U14S because I didn't want anything cockblocking my RAM access. >>56867488

Airflow where my rig currently is, is far from ideal though (that photo is old).

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The only thing you really need is a proper screen. Your GPU should be able to handle most new games on high settings at 2560x1440. Look for a good screen with that resolution.

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I should really get a closed loop CPU cooler or something.

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Very nice OC Anon. Care to share some benchmarks?

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May get a 470 to tide me over until Vega comes out.

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>jelly of someone wasting their money

Too bad that epic gamer PC can't find you a girlfriend, because God knows you need one

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Wow that's high, I am this guy from the other thread (>>56854267)
I have my 5820k at 4.4GHz 1.269v, I only have to go over 1.3v when I go over 4.5GHz, I have done stable benchmarking at 4.7GHz 1.34v

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sup, it's me. >>56869501

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That was very lame come back not befitting. Now help me save money>>56869469

What do? I worry of DX 12 impacting my decision of a 1070.

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I'm sorry, anons

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planning on upgrading CPU to Zen when possible, and GPU to probably RX470 or GTX1050 (maybe 'Ti' if that happens)

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1050 or 470 sound fair enough based on manufacturer preferences.

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how did you overclock the non-K version?

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Look at the bus speed. He is still using the normal stock multiplier of 34 (for 3.4GHz) but since he increased the bus from 100mhz to 134mhz he is getting 134* the multiplier of 34 for 4.7GHz

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Don't mind me. Just passin' thru.

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I didn't know that was possible with the non-K version. I've heard that this isn't said to be very stable, is that true?

the nostalgia...

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>I didn't know that was possible with the non-K version. I've heard that this isn't said to be very stable, is that true?
Depends on the motherboard and likely your specific silicon as well.

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this time i'll actually post the picture.

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How are you finding the 1070?

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Pretty sure I have mine at [email protected]~v or so.
Also pretty sure mine is from a shit batch, since I can't do anymore more than [email protected] and I can't break 4.5 no matter what from what I tried up through 1.32v.

So now I compromise with [email protected] and having the fan on my hyper 212 evo maxed out 24/7(which is surprisingly not actually very loud).
But I guess it works since it hits 5GHz on turbo, [email protected] and doesn't go higher than 50c under load.
But still, feel like I should really check into a closed loop CPU cooler to be a little better off.

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i used google

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You know what I meant, you asinine sod. How's the performance etc.

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I got the eldest, weakest machine on /g/.
Prove me wrong

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Waiting for Vega before I make any decisions regarding a new graphics card.

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See >>56869998

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There are no IDs on /g/ so it's not like he'd know it was you who said that.

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CPU is running 4.7GHz @ 1.305V. I had a shitty as fuck 4770K before this, I'm glad for 4.7.

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Can someone explain why people use this casual tier shit tool?

When aida64 or HWINFO64 exist

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I know, no beef famalam

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Do i just need more fans? I just build this pc

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Because they're heavier to run and generally give far more information than is necessary. Speccy is easy to read and light weight.

Though I agree it sucks dicks.

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Runs a little warm but well within operating temperature.

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Yea i just cooled down to 49c i think it was running i little hotter because i was ingame at the time of the screenshot.

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>60Hz 1080p

>new graphics card

I mean yeah the 970 is the 3.5 meme machine but there's literally zero reason for you to upgrade it in the next 2 years unless you move to 1440p or 144hz.

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pls no bully

I just want advice on how to upgrade this.
I built it like 3-4 years ago and haven't touched it since. I'm thinking I should double the ram and upgrade the graphics card, but I'm not sure what's good these days.

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GPU and monitors.

Screw RAM unless you need it for something.

Your monitors are in desperate need of an upgrade.

I have dual 1440p and I can't imagine being constrained to 1080p and under.

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I hadn't even thought to get real monitors. Thank you, anon.

I realize now that the screenshot doesn't mention my 720p monitor is like 52 inches. It's this giant, low-res, years old tv taking up 70% of my desk space right next to my 'normal' 1680x1050 monitor.

As for RAM, I do constantly sit at 95% usage when I game. Would an upgrade fix that? It seems like when my ram usage tops out while a game is running, my whole computer starts to run like shit. Takes forever to load game assets or webpages, it feels like.

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Mine is about 4 years old. It was a prebuilt alienware (it was a gift). The only thing that changed was my extra drive and the GPU. It came with two GTX 555s. I'm guessing these temps on my cpu isn't good right? I haven't put thermal paste on it since I bought it. Should I be doing that now?

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Yea if thats the temp idle thats pretty bad. If it gets to hot it will literally start a fire.

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If you're hitting your RAM limit then go ahead and upgrade, but I wouldn't sink too much money into RAM without doing a full platform update to a DDR4 system.

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Will putting thermal paste on my cpu also take down my motherboard temps

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I doubt anyone can match me for housefires.

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That usually means your motherboard isn't getting enough airflow to properly cool the VRMs

Make sure all your intake and exhaust fans are working and cleared of dust.

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Brand new build. No clue on how to overclock. Help?

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Option B is to do pic related.

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Muh Xeons.

Need to upgrade the GPU and monitors. And storage.

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What do you do one those xeons that actually demands higher resolution screens? I mean beyond "because I can"?

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CAD. I just need another ZR2440w and a 2740w.

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Xeon fistbump, although I only have the one.

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>lmao 2cpu

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What are you doing with that assortment of hardware?
Is this a meme?

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>gtx 1070
>not even 1080p monitor


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Its my daily driver. I got the CPU, board, and ram as a freebie from a friend who works at HP. The 660 was secondhand from a family member, the 440 1.5GB i bought off ebay and drives the second screen.

Occasionally I let the CPU have some fun doing some file compression or video transcoding, but I'm rather badly bottlenecked by ram capacity and disk transfer rates, respectively. Compressing video from raw FRAPS output requires a fair shitton of disk bandwidth to saturate the CPU.

Its certainly a hell of alot better than the Q9400 and GTX 260 combo i was using before that, though.

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>I got the CPU, board, and ram as a freebie from a friend who works at HP.
I'm a bit jealous, that's nice free shit. What's your friend do at HP?

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Speccy is malware.

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Server prototyping and testing I think. I know he gets his hands on alot of really nice high end enterprise shit.

In that same box he also sent me a Tesla M2050, which is essentially a downclocked GTX 470 with a different bios and a different heatsink. I got a PCI-E riser from a different freebie, ziptied some 70mm fans onto it, and ive run it on and off (it is GF100 based and thus a housefire after all) in that configuration.
If I had another first gen Fermi series GPU to use alongside it, say, a GT 430, I can overclock it.

Since we're comparing Cinebench scores, here's mine, naturally slower since I dont have 2.

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What's the 2690 at under full load, 3.3GHz? 1135 is damn good for a single socket system. That's not far off what my old dual socket setup was getting.

Tell your friend the Z620 with the 2680s is kinda broken. It'll overheat and won't throttle to base clocks which the cooling system can handle with ease.

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Yah, it turbos to 3.3, but the turbo involving lesser numbers of cores doesnt work unless I go into bios and disable the cores there.

My CPU is also being cooled by a Xigmatek Gaia with a Blademaster fan in pull. Works out quite well.

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Wtf is this shit, smashing fucking massive video cards in your computer and then buys a fucking 60hz monitor, go fuck Xbox or something. Waste!

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Make me. :-)

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pretty broke atm

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Maybe Intel broke turbo on the 2600v1s, then.

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Gamer faggots go home

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>Crossfire disabled.

Also is that your idle temps on the GPU's?

I'm >>56876478 and I set my 60Hz Monitor to the iGPU HDMI so release so stress on the GPU. It worked pretty fine, when I idled I was around 50-55 C°

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Speccy always says disabled even if it's on. and those temps were before I set a real fan curve. MSI doesn't even turn the fans on till 50 degrees

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>msi 390

For once msi (its always lower case fyi) didn't fuck it uip and made a cooler with enough metal in it to cast a cannonball from. The msi 290/x is a piece of shit, their 390/x are second only to sapphire's offerings.

FUN FACT: msi's 390x is actually the hioghest factory overclocked hawaii card ever released at an eue-watering 1100mhz (note average overclock for hawaii is around 1140mhz) and an equally high voltage to sustain that.

Not even the fabled lightning 290x came clocked that high.

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Here is the cinebench benchmark for shiggles and tiggles.

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this is why I went intel. My 6 core gets around 1300cb, that 8 core gets barely even close to 700cb.

Not to mention it wasn't even all that expensive, $280 for the CPU on sale + a $150 motherboard, it's more than AMD for sure, but for literally 2x the performance...

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>mfw CS Source overheats my computer and it shuts down after playing dust 2

What the fuck do I do?
I already clean installed win 10 from prev havng win 7 for 6 years.

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You really need to clock that 8370 up. Admitedly the 8370 is meh as far as the fx series goes (lel getting vishera to turbo) but a 4.4ghz base cloc is easily doable.

Side note: the golden chips from the vishera line are the 8320e and the 8370e due to 95w TDP and (relatively) high clocks. I can push my 8320e tro 4.7ghz on 1.428v ( I suspect it could take 5ghz but my motherboard sure can't).

Side note v2: computerbase.de sometimes does vidya testing with an 8370 which leads to some surprisng results when compared to haswell and skylae (their recent testing of quantum break has the 8370 within striking distance of a 6700k which is informative within itself).

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Could stand to see a GPU upgrade but if you're fine waiting for the next generation you'll be fine.

7.5/10 would be a bit higher with that GPU upgrade and better monitors.

>> No.56876888


I'll see what I can do in the bois settings, kinda been just have MSi's OC guru do its thing.

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what CPU?

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pls rate, don't hate

Cpu 4.1 Ghz

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6800k doesn't OC as well (and wasn't even out when I was building), and the 4820k is a quad core.

5820k for under $300 is based as fuck

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Never use software overclocking - always do it in the bios (primarily because software tends to overshoot on the voltage on already voltage hungry chips). Hell you might be able to hit 4.3/4.4ghz on base clocks with some aggressive LLC.

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Maxed out the RAM & CPU for X58/LGA1366. Can't really see myself upgrading anytime soon

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More like the bios on this fucking Biostar board sucks.

>> No.56877332


>triple channel

muh /g/

>> No.56877356

it's x58 are you retarded?

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No, but /g/ is.

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<span class="pu-lbl"><span class="pu-img">[/spoiler]4chan Pass user since February 2016.[/spoiler]

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>proof that macfags repeatedly waste their money

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>falling for the first-gen i7 meme
>falling for the 12gb meme
Polak detected.
>pretty broke
And it shows with your shitty prebuilt.
>pentium dual-core
At least get a Q9550 or something in there if you don't want to upgrade mobo. Your CPU a shit.

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Ever heard of snipping tool? Or ctrl+prtsc?

>> No.56877592

Or even cropping a fucking screenshot in paint

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im currently waiting til the gtx1080ti comes out so i will be upgrading then. as for the monitors my main is the one at 120hz but it's actually a 4k monitor but i have it at 1080p cause i can overclock it to 120hz. it's a wasabi mango uhd430

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It's starting to get messy.

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It's shit

It was cheap tho

>> No.56880560

Weaboos are fucking disgusting

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>running firefox with 256mb ram

>> No.56880723

>Katmai 0.25um

Holy shit

>> No.56880812

Actually, FF works better than chrome on old computers, tested it myself on my old Pentium M pc with 512mb of ram

>tfw Chrome was born as the fast and lightweight alternative to IE, but nowadays is a resource hog

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Going to upgrade monitors.

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How is that possible, that a cheapo mobile ivy bridge is faster than top desktop sandy bridge CPU?

>> No.56881271

architecture, IPS and SIMD matter...

>> No.56881300

b-but /g/ was saying there is almost no difference between each generation of jewtel cpus

>> No.56881312

>AMD FX 8320
>Radeon HD 7870 2GB
What upgrade?

>> No.56881429

well, neo-/g/ only consists of fucking morons spamming "install gentoo" and "botnet" in every thread without having the slightest clue about computers or programming. intel is not a bad or evil company, they're pushing forwards their technology regardless of their monopoly status. their 14nm dies actually can withstand more voltage than their 22nm while also supporting AVX2 and hardware virtualization. meanwhile, AMD is stuck at 28nm with their chips...

>> No.56881639

depends on what you do on that computer.

you can wait for zen and buy a whole new computer, or just get a 470x, 16gb ram and oc that cpu

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>> No.56881720

Hopefully your CPU will last that long at those temps. You need to get a better heatsink.

>> No.56881753

>Quantum Fireball
My first store bought hard drive was a 1GB Quantum Fireball. I didn't realize Quantum was even around when the Pentium 3 came out.

>> No.56881812

Thermal paste will come with the new heat sink you need. It's a $30 investment which will prolong the life of your machine.

>> No.56881855

Screenfetch is also pretty bad. Use inxi

>> No.56881884

There are plenty of people still rocking Phenom II X4s and Q6600. There's no real reason to upgrade unless you want to play 4k video, in which case you would need a new monitor, or play videogames.

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Im pretty sure they reused their 290x lighting heatsink for the 300 series

>> No.56883197

That looks like a great distributed computing computer, but you blew it buying a Haswell E for gaming.

>> No.56883257

what's wrong with Haswell-E for gaming? they support AVX2 and 5820k overclocks really well.

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>> No.56883328


Would not surprise me. I do wonder if the pcb is the same as the lightning pcb is a beast (it can handle more current than all but their super-secret by request only bios allows).

>> No.56883424

I don't think so sadly.

This is the 390x http://www.vortez.net/articles_file/30839_msi%20r9%20390x%20gaming%208g%20review%20-%20pcb.jpg

http://www.vortez.net/articles_file/25979_msi-r9-290x-naked.jpg 290x Lightning

https://www.ekwb.com/configurator/upload/pictures/front_24820.jpg And the Normal 290x

You can see that the 390 and the 290x Lightning are same in size, but completly different in look. While the normal 290x went for mini look.

That being said, Its still a great card I can reach 1180 without any artifact, with the temperature around 78-82

>> No.56883534

Those extra 2 cores will be wasted and it's slower than a 4GHz i7. i7 wouldn't even be beneficial except that the fastest i5 is 3.5GHz. I'm not even sure games require or use AVX 1. I'm sure it folds proteins like a motherfucker though. Those two GTX 1080 certainly will. If you ever get bored, look up 4chan's group number on [email protected] and run it on CPU and GPUs for a few days. You will probably be #1 in less than a week.

>> No.56883582

I already do that. For some reason it's not using my CPU as much as the gpus.

I had to dial back a bit because it's like running a radiator in my room in fucking summer and I have no AC.
CPU is clocked at 4.4ghz currently.

>> No.56883921

fuck, I want the same processor

yes, I'm a poorfag

>> No.56883973
File: 14 KB, 402x400, 2016-09-14 09_40_52-CPU-Z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at 4.4Ghz the 5820k is not slower than the 6700k at 4ghz, they basically tie. My 5820k can hit 4.7GHz which beats a stock 6700k in single core performance. Once the 6700k is OC'd it has more single core performance by about 10-15%, but it is MUCH slower in anything well threaded (some newer games or basically anything using professional software)

The 5820k is a great gaming CPU, it costs almost the same as the 6700k and is within about 10% single core performance while destroying it in multi-core.

Unless you NEED one of the features offered by the 6xxx series over the 5xxx series, no reason not to get the 5820k if you run VMs, or do encoding, or anything else that would benefit from the 2 extra cores.

>> No.56884117

>CPU is clocked at 4.4ghz currently.
That's good because higher clock speed is definitely more beneficial than more than 4 cores.
>I had to dial back a bit because it's like running a radiator in my room in fucking summer and I have no AC.
You wont need to turn the heat on in the winter though.

>> No.56884199
File: 46 KB, 407x576, bench.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's also the 6800K which overclocks worse than the 5820k but makes up for it with more IPS.
[email protected] is about as fast as [email protected]
pic related is [email protected], though that's more or less the limit. I can't seem to get it stable above 4.4GHz but maybe I just got bad silicon.
the benefit of having the same speed at a lower clock is the reduced heat production.

>> No.56884449
File: 12 KB, 402x398, 2016-10-02 08_58_01-CPU-Z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is my 5820k at 4.7GHz, I don't like to run it at that 24/7 though because it requires 1.35v

Also I paid $290 for this CPU from microcenter, so can't complain.

>> No.56884508

It's old version, Firefox 10 from 2012. Modern version won't even install (it requires SSE2 support; all P3's including Tualatin lack that.)
Yup. 600MHz in the flesh.
Sadly, of all browsers, IE is the least RAM-hungry. Probably because it strips out most all compatibility for websites. IE6 used only 16MB of RAM sitting idly. Firefox 10 uses ~75MB with one tab open, increasing slightly with more tabs.
Quantum was bought out by Maxtor in 2002. Then Maxtor was bought out by Seagate in 2007.

>> No.56884943

Nothing wrong with that i7 cpu.

>> No.56884968
File: 43 KB, 1002x623, 2016-10-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56886080

So edgy :^)

>> No.56887590

>top desktop sandy bridge CPU?

>> No.56887607

>I didn't realize Quantum was even around when the Pentium 3 came out.
Oh, they were. I have a PIII system with a sexy sounding Fireball in it.

>> No.56888078

Stock clocks on a 2600k are a joke, it could hit 4.2GHz+

>> No.56888401
File: 36 KB, 660x497, abigail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unlisted stuff-
audio: schiit magni 2 & modi 2, sennheiser hd650's
mic: blue yeti blackout, rode psa1 mic arm
cpu cooler: corsair h110i gt
case: nzxt h440
psu: evga g2 750w
mouse+keyboard: corsair vengeance k70 rgb & logitech g502

>> No.56888841
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waiting for the 1080ti to come out. gonna scoop up two of them when they do come out. also the monitor that says 120hz is a 4k monitor but i game at 1080p 120hz.

>> No.56888914
File: 42 KB, 682x529, speccynewpc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56889746
File: 21 KB, 461x416, specsdsktp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CPU: 4.7GHz
GPU Core: 1467 MHz
GPU Memory: 8110 MHz
Monitor goes up to 76Hz

>> No.56889809
File: 30 KB, 542x467, speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't hate

>> No.56890201
File: 440 KB, 2168x1593, ZXSpectrum48k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speccy pic, 48k.

>> No.56891974
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I can guarantee I'm in the top 10 shitty pcs of this thread

>> No.56892027

who are the top 10 not shitty PCs?

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