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I'm trying to record my voice, but my fucking laptop fan won't stop making noise. The laptop isn't even hot. What fucking do?

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Use your phone or headset to record the audio and not your shitty laptops mic.

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Directional microphone.
Wireless microphone and stay away from your laptop
Put your laptop under sheets or something to smother the noise
Record with a low mic volume but speak louder.
Record with your phone, it may surprise you.
First or third party programs to control fan speed, but this is dangerous if you fuck up.

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Anybody know how I could go about installing 64 bit Java on my 64 bit Firefox? Everything I've looked up so far says I'd have to have the 32 bit installation for some goddamn reason.

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shit son, nice mic. Yeah listen to this dude>>56854788 and if your laptop isn't hot just smother it under some sheets.

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so windows 10 updated today and for some weird reason the sticky notes app has gotten incredibly slow when i type new stuff.

it does the thing when it slows down and when you let go of the keyboard when done typing, the text is catching up.

i have quite a lot of stuff in the note and when i just create a new empty one it's obviously faster, so i guess that's why but god damn it it was not like that before.

any ideas?

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Is a STEM degree really worth it?

I feel like everybody else is behind some really easy material.

Also, what sort of side projects look good on a resume?

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is there any kind of online messenger that is en cryp ted ? Like an account less client that is browser based?

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check your system monitor and get rid of bloat. odds are that chrome or some shit is using up a ton of CPU.

Better, install a light linux distro.

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if you like it enough it's worth it.
if you don't, don't bother. too much work.

not really
use tox if you want to talk to someone specific, but you have to exchange info with them somehow.

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uninstall the one, install the other.
sticky keys, maybe?

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Do fast food employees care if you get a water cup and then fill it with soda?

My mom does this every time we go out somewhere with a soda cup and I feel like it's only a matter of time before we are confronted for it. I, being on the straight and narrow, only fill my water cup with water.

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it would be penny pinching at best for them. I don't think so.

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That's soda piracy, illegal.

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I want Foobar to open a playlist in the playlist viewer when I click it once and start playing it when I double click it. Why won't that shit work?

Right now I need to double click the playlist, it opens, and I have to double click a song to start playing anything.

It's not medieval times I shouldn't have to double click twice

Google searches only show me people who don't understand how the media library works, none of it is related to the playlist stuff

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What kind of impact does having a touch screen in my laptop have on battery?

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If you didn't pay for soda, you can't have soda.

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Not really noticable next to playing videos. I don't know how they manage power either, but it could not take any if it's not being used.

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Yeah, I know you're not supposed to but will they call you out for it? She always says "oh they won't care, don't worry about it" but I feel embarrassed.

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Is using my credit card in google store a good idea?

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My internet has been sluggish recently and randomly cutting out, even though windows doesn't indicate the internet connection is lost.

I thought it was my ISP, but when I try accessing my router's settings when it happens, the page wont load. Should be a router thing, right?

Any ideas how to diagnose it better? Don't really wanna buy a new router.

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It's called not being a thieving fuck with your trashy mom.
In nigger neighbors they got the pop machine behind counter to stop people doing what you and your mom's doing.

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>what sort of side projects look good on a resume
Something that's noteworthy for a business, aka databases, especially data extraction and frontend GUI.
Unless you wrote a program in a language that's relevant to the business in question, in which case it might help

>Is using ... credit card ... good idea?
Buy a prepaid at a store with the card and THEN buy shit

Try to connect to the router via phone or another PC.
I have this shit once in a while and it basically make everything connected via wifi slow down to a crawl (but not actually disconnect) while the cabled PC works wonderfully

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tv and movies depicted instant messaging in a way that seemed like the recipient saw each letter being typed by the sender in real time.

from pre-AOL to now, i've never seen such a thing in the real world.

did i miss something? did an interface like this ever actually exist? if so, what was it called?

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>Try to connect to the router via phone or another PC

I can't though. And when this happens there's no internet on my mobile devices as well, don't see how that would help. What's weird too is there's no indication to when it happens, windows shows I have internet, and all the router indicators work just fine.

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as much as having a credit card is.
you'll get info collected on you wherever you use it. get rid of it and say " fuck credit" or just don't worry about it.
If you're doing something you don't want people to know about, of course you're not going to use it. but that's completely different.

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Technical difficulties at the NSA.

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i've seen it once

some site's customer service chat interface allows the service rep to see what you're typing before you press "send". not sure of the purpose though.

btw what does vagina mileage matter??

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Definitely either your ISP is fucking up or your router is busted.
Reminder that if your ISP provided you the router most of the time they offer free replacements/assistance
How much has it been doing it for?

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Nah I bought the router myself and it's been working for a couple of years now no issues. It happens randomly for no more than a minute at a time, just happened 10 times in a row.

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mileage matters in the same sense that you don't want to drink from the same milk jug that 50 niggers drank from. how used is the car/pussy? if it's only 8 years old, but has 350k miles on it. i'm not buying that shit.

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Might be getting too hot

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>before this thing broke it worked perfectly
Unless you have a neighbor to ask for a router to test it there's no much more you can do

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Would you buy a used mouse? I found g402 for $17.
No pictures available though. Will it be beaten and full of dorritos grease?

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what's the best way to backup windows machine and & files (documents) to a nas ? system restore won't do the job i think, since the file versions are left up to date, just the system files get restored, right ? 3rd party tool like robocopy ? It's not for me, have to set it up for a friend of my boss. It has to regularly back up/copy let's say bookkeeping to the nas.

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I bought my mouse used six years ago for 5 bucks
it's a moakuo gateway

Wipe it with a baby wipe or something

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unless you're fucking her directly after 50 niggers cummed inside, it doesn't matter. she'll clean that shit out. the only things that matter are: diseases, child birth, and extreme fetishes like fisting.

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Its finally new monitor time lads, and its gonna be a meme one. The only question is:

144hz gsync OR 1440p curved ultrawide

both are ~500$ at fry's at the moment

other monitor suggestions also welcome.

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So you'd want a women that fucked 50 niggers to birth and raise your children

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Does anybody know how to translate an iframe? Is there any alternative iframe option with javascript or something??

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Can't you ask the guy for pics?
Either way most of them are really easy to disassemble and clean, even the insides.

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in the right circumstances, sure.

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It matters because it's pretty obvious that girl doesn't give a shit about stable relationship or responsibilities and will abandon you as soon as she feels like it

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Use a third-party backup tool. As an example, Macrium Reflect Free works great. I use a pirated version for more features.

What you do is you tell the backup program to make a backup of the OS and whatever files you want and make it backup to the NAS. Schedule that shit, maybe use, differential imaging to cut size.

Look up features of the solution you want to use.
Important stuff is:

- ability to backup an OS while its running (via shadow copies or whatever)
- ability to create rescue media
- differential, or better, incremental imaging
- For work-related stuff: encryption

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But it's ok because we're white.

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Door mats that eat shit fuck it up for everyone else

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consider this

>girl lives in poor, fundamentalist christian house
>parents very overprotective and she isn't allowed to go anywhere but school and church
>she turns 18 and leaves home
>due to her repressed sexuality she fucks lots and lots of guys
>this also gives her places to stay
>she does this for a few years and realizes that she's unhappy
>enters a stable relationship, gets financial aid for college and gets a degree
>despite her reckless sexuality she never gets pregnant or contracts any STDs
>becomes a lawyer, eventually leaves her boyfriend because he cheats on her
>you meet her at a bar and she's everything you want: beautiful, intelligent, successful
>you end up dating her
>a couple months into the relationship you learn of her past

do you leave her in this instance?

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i actually got caught the one time i did this as an adult and the manager bitch actually called the cops. so i bolted. went back the next day and paid in pennies, got my receipt told them to keep the cup/drink and then i asked for manager and said, there it's paid for.

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women don't go to college and get grown up jobs what the fuck are you talking about

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If i was sexually repressed i would fuck 1 person, not change partner more often than you change underwear.

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god bless /g/

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Nice way to exemplify your hollywood-tier understanding of female sexuality, also blaming Christians.
You get what's coming to you

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that's the point. if we new she was a slut, we could bypass her up front.
then after we invest so much time/money/emotions in her to learn she's not pristine when she portrayed herself to be pristine, we feel swindled.

also, the odometer would give chicks an incentive to keep the miles low.

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but what does it matter if she was a slut years ago? she's changed now, and is ready to be faithful to her partner, and in fact was with her previous partner. what does "pristine" even mean? the skin cells that other penises touched died and were replaced long ago.

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Anyone know why captcha works just fine in Opera but I get the bullshit illegible ones in SeaMonkey no matter how many times I reload them?

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hate that podcasts are called podcasts.
named as if iPod is the only platform for these shows.
also, cast... nothing is casted in a podcast. by a loose definition, the link to the file may be broadcasted, but not the file/show itself.

>why u do dis?!

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you ever hear the word cuck?

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This made me kek 2 deth for some reason.

No, they don't care, the employees anyway.

They just want to put in their fill of time and go home.

But still, why not just buy the soda? Your mom sounds like a coupon clipper taken to obsessive levels. I'm sure she scoops up half the damn napkin rack and loads up her purse with ketchup packets too.

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to some it may not matter.
she should be honest up front and not try to trick the dude.
if the dude is cool with it, then whatever... but if a guy prefers a non-slut, he should be able to know she's no slut.
but since bitches lie, odometer should be req'd.

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Are there any Indian people on /g/? How do they feel about the Pajeet jokes?

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maybe because it's seeing a unknown user-agent and it's giving you extra hard stuff?
try changing to say Mozilla with a plugin or something.

>> No.56855782

I never did. Now when I go in, if I don't get a free soda from someone I know that still works there I ask for a large water and get a free soda anyway

UA reports as Firefox

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if they are indians, but not pajeets they should agree with them.
just like if a black person isn't a nigger, they should stand up against niggers too.

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t. highschooler
the term was coined by iTunes
next you'll bitch about shoutcasters

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/int and /pol have people from india, they often namefag like: designated shitposting street
So they're not too upset

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>Cuck, short for “cuckold,” is a term referring to a man with a female significant other who engages in sexual activities with other men

>female significant other who engages in sexual activities with other men


>> No.56855818

yes, if you ask her about her sexual history up front and she lies you have a good reason to be upset.

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exactly! if it's not on itunes, it should not be called podcast. then again, none of them should have cast in the name.

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Anon, you've reached new levels of autism. It's a portmanteau of iPod and broadcast because even though it's not actually being broadcasted it's essentially a radio talkshow broadcast for your iPod

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how many people have you had sex with, anon?
(divide answer by 3 for real number)
how many people have you had sex with, femanon?
(multiply answer by 3 for real number)
if catholic, that ass is destroyed even if she claims virginity.

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need help /g/, im in a class where we need to develop a web project using java and .net, the problem is we need to find a hosting that can support both, we were thinking on going with digitalocean but then we don't know what to do with the ".net" part (it's obligatory) what are good options? getting two hosting? use mono?

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How hard would it be to set up a two-part authentication system for a computer that requires the user to be wearing a certain object and know the password? The object could be something like a ring or pendant with an embedded RF chip or something similar that just talks to a receiver on the computer, but how hard would the software be?

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Asked this yesterday but I got no response. I'm looking to capture screenshots specifically from my PS3 and 360 through HDMI. Is there any cheap capture card that can manage this that doesn't require me to spend $170+ on an Elgato? I don't necessarily need video capture, I just want to screenshot stuff for fun. Or is this one of those situations where there's nothing that specific and I'm going to have to settle for an Elgato?

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you are dumb lol

>> No.56855900

if ringPresent == true && passwordCorrect == true
then allowAccess
else println "fuck off"

>> No.56855911

Okay I have a computer with an internet access.

Computer - Switch - Router - Internet
No problem.

I have another Computer that I want to add to a seperate network.
Figured it was just as easy to plug them a network cable between them, but that wasn't the case.
They both find the network, but it is unidentified and as far as I've seen I haven't been able to change that.
Is there an easy way to force the computers to recognize eachother?

>> No.56855921

How would you go about creating the interface between the ring and the computer, and how would you integrate it into the built-in login system?

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see pic. or integrate it with smartphone.

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These fan cable splitters do not have any impact on how fast the fan spins, right? I got molex -> 3pin adapter powering one fan right now and would like to add another fan to it.

>> No.56855989

Why isn't there more 1440p laptops out there? I can only recall some Lenovo Yoga model that has it. Seems like everyone just goes with 1080p or 4k

>> No.56856052

Only gaming uses 1440p, every other part of tech industry is skipping it and going straight to 4k. Laptops are marketed to casuals and they tend to prefer 4k or Full HD because those are the terms heavily used by marketing.

>> No.56856062

its a portmantoe of "podular" and "broadcast"

>> No.56856159

Fixed it in an unsatisfactory way, but good enough.
Nevermind me.

>> No.56856176

What's the best, relatively inexpensive, VPN?

>> No.56856194

Why is it that if I max out my download speed I can still browse around, but if I max out my upload speed everything goes to shit?

>> No.56856222

the former is controlled by your software,
the latter is controlled by your ISP.

>> No.56856328

Aren't they both controlled by my ISP though?

>> No.56856364

your kernel downloads and uploads, and doesn't know that you have the option of one or the other like your ISP does. splitting a connection one way among programs is easy, splitting the bandwidth in your situation is hard.

>> No.56856370

Does webm for bakas have a feature to swap the audio tracks? It uses the first track by default and there isn't an option to use the second.

>> No.56856381

What for?

>> No.56856400


4k also displays 1080p content better than 1440p does.

>> No.56856419

It's also retarded as fuck for anything battery powered

>> No.56856451

I wanna connect this latitude 2120 with debian to the internet by connecting it to my thinkpad whos wireless actually works via an ethernet cable

>> No.56856472

Just for basic downloading and browsing on a network that blocks certain sites. It also seems to block certain free VPNs, and the one it didn't block I already used to its cap.
Since I don't plan on doing anything illegal with it, would it be safe to pay with a personal credit card or should I get a throwaway card?

>> No.56856500

Agreed. I think the push to 4k is overwhelmingly a marketing thing and not worth the extra resources they consume in most situations. However the one technical argument for jumping straight from FHD to 4k is the perfect scaling. That actually makes a huge difference when you're trying to run something at lower than native resolutions on lcd.

>> No.56856521

Go with pia. They offer good alternative payment options and they're cheap. Never use free VPNs.

>> No.56856527

I'd be perfectly content with running shit at HD for stuff my machine can't handle at QHD

>> No.56856534

on videos, bitrate is all that matters.
on UI, that's software level vector handling. nothing to worry about.
it's a straight up meme.

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Whats habbiding to my win 10?

Sfc doesnt find any problems and neither does malwarebytes...

>> No.56856579

Is there some kind of .bashrc file that commits actions whenever the shell closes?

>> No.56856582

Decent image viewer fro Windows that doesn't look straight out 2007?

>> No.56856597

>it has too look shiney
Get a mac.

>> No.56856607


infranview is honestly complete and utter fucking garbage

>> No.56856609

I was using irfanview until now, and its great, but it's so damn ugly...

>> No.56856618

>so damn ugly...
You should purchase a mac.

>> No.56856620


>> No.56856624

google chrome

>> No.56856634

>Decent image viewer fro Windows that matches my wardrobe

>> No.56856658

>wanting software to not look like ass is a bad thing

>> No.56856659

I kind of feel that way about 4chan sometimes. That's why I like to visit reddit. It's so nice and shiney, and the people there are SO MUCH nicer! True gentlemen, I have to say.

>> No.56856677

>caring how software looks.
>not using primarily command line based software when it can automate complicated tasks.
>not learning the command line.
>not using Linux with feh.
>being a gaymer with a microsoft penis.

>> No.56856698

>implying I'm him
>implying I use Windows
>implying Windows has a functional CLI
>implying sotfware should look like ass just because you can into CLI
Fuck off, autist

>> No.56856718

>Is a STEM degree really worth it?
what do you mean by this, a "CS" degree? or some proper science?

>> No.56856744

I moved into an apartment with a roommate
We are supplied internet via one Ethernet ports in each our rooms
I don't have a need for WiFi and I just use a desktop so I plugged my PC directly into the Ethernet port

Is this full dummy? To be clear, it goes PC -> wall, not PC -> router -> wall

Am I vulnerable to things this way? Should I go buy a router/and use Ethernet that way?

>> No.56856746


>implying I'm him
That's a reasonable assumption in the context.
>implying Windows has a functional CLI
It doesn't, but Powershell is a good babystep to a real CLI, until you install a putty shell or cygwin.
>implying sotfware should look like ass just because you can into CLI
If you care how shiney your software looks there is a fine community that you might like at http://reddit.com/r/unixporn

Not an argument. When you call someone an autiste, you admit they are smarter then you.

>> No.56856754

You just downloaded the update KBTHXDOC you just need to revert that
For reals tho, your GPU might be acting up

>> No.56856761

>hurdurr I'm fine with everything looking like shit
Jesus Christ there's something wrong with you. Go see a neurologist.

>> No.56856766

Actually running native resolution is important. If you set a 1080p screen to something like 1360x768 to relieve stress on your GPU, your screen will look like shit compared to one that's built for that resolution. This was not so with CRT monitors.

>> No.56856777

>Jesus Christ there's something wrong with you. Go see a neurologist.
Not An Argument.
>hurdurr I need my software to match my shoes

>> No.56856786

>Wanting things that work well and also look nice is bad, gay and, this is the best one, a Reddit thing
>Wanting software with a clean and useful interface instead of having 2 rows of useles buttons is somehow bad
I hope you guys never posted on a ricethread, ever used a CSS for 4chan or your browser, used any kind of theme or skin for anything ever, hell I hope you havent even changed your wallpaper, because thats will be fucking gay
>Not an argument. When you call someone an autiste, you admit they are smarter then you.
Thats what you mom told you about those boys that bullied you in school?

>> No.56856798

ICQ had this for years. You would see what they type as they were, including correcting etc

>> No.56856802

>I hope you guys never posted on a ricethread, ever used a CSS for 4chan or your browser, used any kind of theme or skin for anything ever, hell I hope you havent even changed your wallpaper, because thats will be fucking gay
>Thats what you mom told you about those boys that bullied you in school?
No, that's she told you, Todd.

>> No.56856805

android scales UI accordingly. Windows/other systems that let you 'set your screen resolution' instead of just setting a DPI are just a pile of shit.
again, doesn't matter for video.

>> No.56856811

>not an argument
>not an argument
>not an argument
Full blown autism. And I'm not saying you're smarter than me, I'm saying that your brain is fucking malfunctional.

>> No.56856818

Post your desktop with this thread open in the next minute or your argument will be invalidated.

>> No.56856819

>Full blown autism.
>And I'm not saying you're smarter than me, I'm saying that your brain is fucking malfunctional.
That is a contradiction in terms, because an autistic brain is FULLY functional. Far beyond the level of a normie brain.

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File: 31 KB, 1280x1024, my_bg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Post your desktop with this thread open in the next minute or your argument will be invalidated.

>> No.56856861

>m-muh semantics

>> No.56856881

And because an autistic brain is FULLY functional. Far beyond the level of a normie brain, you admit (for the third time) defeat in this argument.

>> No.56856902


>> No.56856913

>Am I vulnerable to things this way? Should I go buy a router/and use Ethernet that way?
Yes and yes.

>> No.56856918

What are some good apps to have?

>> No.56856921

lmao autism

>> No.56856934

Indeed. I'm glad you can cede to the neurologically superior. When the revolution strikes, we will enslave you last.

>> No.56856947

>What are some good appetizers to have?
Some caviar really hits the spot.

>> No.56857152

>FULLY functional
>rocks back and forth making retarded sounds
Choose one


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It does though. If the resolutions of your content and screen are not directly divisible, there's an inherent blurriness on screens with fixed pixel size. That's the same whether it's higher or lower rez video, games, or the overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously wouldn't have that problem.

>> No.56857176

>>FULLY functional
>>rocks back and forth making retarded sounds
>Choose one
I choose FULLY functional. Easy decision. I think soon, you will realize that your intellectual riddles are beneath, petty prole.

>> No.56857198

>It does though. If the resolutions of your content and screen are not directly divisible, there's an inherent blurriness on screens with fixed pixel size. That's the same whether the content is higher or lower rez video, games, or the overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously wouldn't have that problem unless somebody tampered with the output resolution.

>> No.56857210

People with fully functional minds are capable of sitting still and being silent, you autist.

>> No.56857235

Indeed. That is how I spend half of my week, except for exercise days, in which I jog, and train my core and arms.
I'll admit I've been skipping leg day the past two weeks, due to a nasty cramp, but that will be over with soon enough.

>> No.56857253

>>It does though. If the resolutions of your content and screen are not directly divisible, there's an inherent blurriness on screens with fixed pixel size. That's the same whether it's higher or lower rez video, games, or the overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously wouldn't have that problem. The overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously wouldn't have that problem unless somebody tampered with the output resolution.

>> No.56857263

>If the resolutions of your content and screen are not directly divisible, there's an inherent blurriness on screens with fixed pixel size. That's the same whether it's higher or lower rez video, games, or the overall system resolution. You are correct that the
>If the resolutions of your content and screen are not directly divisible, there's an inherent blurriness on screens with fixed pixel size. That's the same whether it's higher or lower rez video, games, or the overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously wouldn't have that problem. The overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously
But if the overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously wouldn't have that problem unless somebody tampered with the output resolution.

>> No.56857282

What kind of intrusions am I vulnerable to

Could a bank login be compromised

>> No.56857283

JPEGview is pretty cool, better than irfanview even, the only thing I miss is using the mouse wheel to browse through pictures in the same folder, but its okay thanks guys.

>> No.56857286

>But if the overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously wouldn't have that problem unless somebody tampered with the output resolution.

That's the same whether it's higher or lower rez video, games, or the overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously wouldn't have that problem.

>> No.56857303

Does connecting to a VPN negate an ISP attempts to throttle p2p connections?

>> No.56857325

>What kind of intrusions am I vulnerable to
Someone could guess your password with a bruteforce attack just like they got the Hilldawg, and while you can improve your encryption and take steps to change your routers password every month (you do change your router's password every month, right?) it's still an unnecessary risk, when it can be completely eliminated with a simple cheap cable.

>Could a bank login be compromised
Absolutely. They could mimic your router, and give your laptop a fake signal to a fake bank site identical to your real one, that accepts you password and gives you a "This site is under maintenence at the moment" alert.

>> No.56857356


I'm honestly too tired to identify on what level I'm being fucked with. I edited my comment wrong. My point is correct though. Feel free to reply without quoting.

>> No.56857368


Read the comment chain

I don't have a router

>> No.56857382

>I don't have a router
So you ARE plugging in direct with ethernet cable? You're fine then.

>> No.56857402

I'm just saying that's the same whether it's higher or lower rez video, games, or the overall system resolution. You are correct that the android UI scales and therefore the UI itself obviously wouldn't have that problem.

I don't understand why you have to be such a bitch about it though.

>> No.56857439

But the other anon said I'm vulnerable and need a router ??

>> No.56857453

>But the other anon said I'm vulnerable and need a router ??
Which anon? I think I misunderstood you, and was going on to explain why you should NOT use a router.

>> No.56857463
File: 263 KB, 160x120, 8a592d71235f43d4e8d2de180773e4b3486edede8fa86ed4cc7de42fcd8b69bb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My CPU fan has been acting weird lately, when I start my computer it runs normally, but during the course of an hour or two it slows down (once it even "reached" 0RPM, although the fan was still running irl). Also, the CPU temperature sometimes reaches 100°C, but when I touch the case (near the region where the CPU socket is located) it doesn't feel very hot (and I have never experimented with overclocking before, so I suppose the CPU would shut down before reaching such a high temperature, right?)

I am starting to wonder whether the problem lies not in my CPU fan, but on the BIOS/software I am using to measure/read the cou fan speed/cpu core temperature
would such a thing even be possible? How could I find out for sure? And how could I fix it?

Oh, and I started to have problems with my CPU fan a while after one of the Windows 10 updates, could that be somehow related?

any help would be appreciated, if you need clarifications or more information, don't hesitate to ask

>> No.56857475

What parts tend to see the biggest discounts in Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

>> No.56857478
File: 10 KB, 935x92, Neat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nevermind, I love it.

>> No.56857494

This anon

>> No.56857507
File: 27 KB, 463x95, oops.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56857519

I give up :)

>> No.56857522

Yeah a router is not going to make your technology more secure. It's just another point of failure in the chain of command. Unless you have more then one device you want using the same legal IP, then there's really no point.

>> No.56857593

You literally told me to buy a router

>> No.56857596

Ok, so you are connected to a router somewhere. That's a fact. The question is how many other people are on that same network with you, and thus have elevated access to your shit. If you aren't comfortable with that you can insert your own router into the line to provide you with a hardware firewall, at the cost of some latency in your connection and your nat type being closed.

>> No.56857602

I have a google doc with a bunch of links that I keep in a google doc on specific subjects that I want to keep on hand, but is there a good way to save a page or article for offline viewing?

>> No.56857712
File: 12 KB, 581x175, What is this?.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>try to contact my representative.
What is my +4 number? Why is my rep cucking me? How do I tell him not to cuck the web?
>inb4 blackpill shills say no point.

>> No.56857737

Go here https://emailcongress.us/ and use it to find the contact pages of your state's senators.

Copy and paste this into the body of your email/comment and hit send.

Dear Senator,

Hello- it's recently come to my attention that at the start of October, President Obama plans to pass control over the internet from the United States to ICANN, and that ICANN will transition into a globally owned entity. This has extreme implications about our first amendment and I believe will jeopardize the ability of internet users to download, upload, and share material in a free way. If any nations hostile to the American constitution were to acquire a sizable share in ICANN, they would undoubtedly start to impose censorship laws on certain materials and websites. This is a concern to anybody who values free speech and transfer of ideas, so please vote against this.

Repeat this daily and spread the word

>> No.56857755

just look up your address in usps. Although your representative literally cuckolding you is a great mental image.

>> No.56857761

How the hell do display crashes even work? Why does the audio sometimes get distorted when it happens?

I upgraded from a GTX 560 ti to a GTX 1060 after it kept crashing from vidya and eventually internet browsing, but I never understood what exactly was wrong with it besides being outdated.

>> No.56857847
File: 41 KB, 597x400, Senator Topic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Under what exact topic?

>> No.56857894
File: 340 KB, 1280x1280, surveillance-cameras-CCTV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone into surveillance cameras?
I have things like lense diameter, sensitivity in lux and that it's "2.1MPx CMOS" whatever that means. How do i rank those values on a simple scale: shit/mediocre/good ?
Or is resolution the only thing i should be really concerned with?

>> No.56857921

obv minority issues

>> No.56857924


>> No.56858062

Could having too much bookmarks slow down your browser?

>> No.56858081


is osX terminal the same as linux?
I mean, can you use the came comands?

>> No.56858099


>> No.56858100

ones with high profit margins. SSDs get like 15%. also, cyber monday got cannibalized by black friday.

>> No.56858132

it's missing plenty of binaries, but you can install a package manager to reinstall them.
no. but clearing out your browser's folder beyond just clearing the cache will help a lot. I would delete/move the whole thing and move back what you can make out that you need, like bookmarks.

>> No.56858145

I have a couple of question related to overclocking:
>is there a software i can use to monitor my core voltage while running something like prime95?
>how can i assure my mobo gets enough airflow if i get an AiO clc and mount it to the front of my case
>is there a site ehere i could see what kind of results other people have gotten with a specific cpu i.e. person 1 has his 6600k at 4.5ghz with 1.2v and person 2 has his 6600k at 4.8ghz with 1.5v and stuff like that
>how important is the mobo in this? I have a cheapass 100€ z series board and i am really concerned about this since i couldn't find any documentation of its power delivery.

>> No.56858185


>> No.56858238

How do I get bash to assign the input wildcard to a corresponding output wildcard. For example in ffmpeg I'm trying to get a frame from each of multiple videos in a directory and have that image labeled with the name of the video.

ffmpeg -i *.wmv -ss 00:00:10 -vframes 1 *.png

Something that will give the .png a unique name corresponding to the video.

>> No.56858244

there are too many things that could go wrong to rank them too well.
Find a manufacturer that has good firmware and reliability and go with that.

Personally, I would prioritize size, or just general ability to be hidden. Not that I'm into that sort of thing.

>> No.56858265

name them incrementally, I would guess.
It would be simpler to just input two files of filenames.

>> No.56858316

What's a good dot matrix printer with linux compatability?
I want to relive the past

>> No.56858327

is there any windows (or ubuntu) software to stream my local video files to a chromecast

>> No.56858338

Should I be scared in 2016 to get caught when I'm downloading warez? Does a proxy protect me?

>> No.56858359

Proxy don't do shit.

>> No.56858390

So basically reinstalling the whole browser could help? Got it.

Thanks. I have ~7500 bookmarks from almost 10 years of hoarding categorized in quite impressive directory structure, so I thought that might slow down chromium a bit.

>> No.56858432

Google doc alternative?

>> No.56858434
File: 973 KB, 1026x1502, german soldiers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every one in 10 boots my computer will get stuck on the motherboard brand screen that shows before windows loads. It stays at this screen for a good 10 seconds then gives out a long beeeeeeeep before booting as normal. Is this bad? Is some part of my hardware dieing?

>> No.56858448

literally any office suite? be more specific.

>> No.56858456

I hardly see any googles working in the medical field

>> No.56858466

probably some integrity check or other. Should be mentioned in BIOS.

>> No.56858480

wuts the best torrentclient

>> No.56858496

Are there any small cameras that i could plug into my phone? TLDR someone at work is making loads of BS claims about me and im going to record everything i do to prove hes bullshitting. I was wanting something like those small clip on mics reporters put on people they interview, and then id just run the cord on the inside of my shirt or something.

>> No.56858518

Why dont you just use your phone?

>> No.56858531


>> No.56858533
File: 80 KB, 300x209, crucial-4-8gb-ddr4-udimm-kit-4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's just ram but I have no first hand experience at all
running 24h could there be any problems with that ? you know something about heat maybe
thanks appreciate it

>> No.56858542

Why don't you go ask in your local prison cuz that's where you are going buddy

>> No.56858639


>> No.56858687

Pls respond

>> No.56858735

Are there any decent Windows laptops that come in 16:10? 16:9 just looks retarded to me after having used a Macbook Pro for 5 years

>> No.56858773

nope. slow and repetitive is the only way.

>> No.56858782

I'm on Arch and my screen goes black after 10 minutes. If I leave it for a few more minutes, it doesn't come back on at all no matter what I click and I have to exit X. What could be wrong?

>> No.56858788

there's a toughbook, cz730 or something. It's mainly sold in japan, though, so it's tough to find where to snag it on panasonic's website.

>> No.56858826

Whenever I shut my Windows 8 laptop, it disconnects from the internet. When I open it up again, it's still disconnected, and it says there are connections available. But when I click to connect, it says there AREN'T any connections available (and then sometimes if I check the settings, it'll say I'm already connected). I have to wait a few minutes, then it'll reconnect automatically.
Is there anything I can do to fix it? It's really annoying.

>> No.56858833

check logs.
systemctl status [login manager name here]

>> No.56858856

it happens only on certain connections for me, so your router settings could play in.
But I don't really know. I would also like an answer.

>> No.56858863

power settings, advanced, do not let it disable the wireless card to save energy.
If that doesn't help try disabling fast boot or fast start or whatever the fuck that was called. In system, not bios. I've seen it do exactly what you describe.
I assume you already tried reinstalling driver.

>> No.56858938


>> No.56858963

what's with the mod/janitor deleting the scifi thread? science fiction is tech related,

>> No.56858986

For years and years I've been using a free @inbox.com email account, but today they are finally shutting down their free service due to financial reason.

What is the best free service to set up a new email account with, or should I just pay the $20/year to stick with my old inbox.com email

>> No.56858991


>> No.56859053


The thing is: its not always like that. every second ewboot or so it behaves like normal

>> No.56859149

Any decent, good or worthwhile online editors/text editors that've the same, similar or familiar feeling/s like desktop editors? sublime, atom, etc I just want something web based and hopefully/possibly modern but whatevs don't really need it modern but it would be nice/convenient if looks spiffy, nice, spiffy and such

>> No.56859182

can someone please explain to me what subnetting is and how it works?

From what I understand now, it's something like
>Have IP with subnet mask of 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000
>Only 253 available IPs
>If I subnet to 11111111.11111111.11111111.11000000
>I now have 4 subnetworks, each with their own 253 IPs

but my book doesn't make it seem that way.

It makes it seem like the IP is just divided up into parcels of host IDs, and that only the host IDs in the designated range can communicate with each other

>> No.56859211 [DELETED] 
File: 12 KB, 451x163, 2016-09-30-22:50:59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

systemctl status I got pic related. Xorg logs show "config/udev: Adding input device Acer BMA150 accelerometer (/dev/input/event6); No input driver specified, ignoring this device.; This device may have been added with another device file." then "Option "fd" "15", etc. and then a few "systemd-logind: releasing fd for 13:69"s or 13:72/whatever.

>> No.56859237

Yeah, I noticed it started happening when I switched ISPs and got a new router.

>> No.56859241 [DELETED] 

I didn't even read the screenshot properly, it's irrelevant. I closed the lid when the monitor stopped working.

>> No.56859265

So my hard drive crashed and I didn't have an image of windows saved. I had a dell desktop and upgraded parts over time. I called dell and asked what I could do. They told me the product key for windows 8 is embedded in the motherboard software. I don't have a compatible processor for that motherboard. Is there anyway I can get the product key?

>> No.56859359

Xorg logs show "config/udev: Adding input device Acer BMA150 accelerometer (/dev/input/event6)" and does it again with js0 instead of event6; "No input driver specified, ignoring this device."; "This device may have been added with another device file." then a bunch of lines of
Option "fd" "15"
Option "fd" "18", etc., then "UnloadModule libinput" repeated after every line of "systemd-logind: releasing fd for 13:69" (or 13:72/whatever).

>> No.56859376
File: 26 KB, 482x589, power.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the wrong place? I don't see that option anywhere.

>> No.56859416

im doing a clean reinstall on ubuntu cause it shit up my laptop so bad and i still wont put on windows

noose or helium tank?

>> No.56859500

is there any way to reclaim space on my SSD without doing a full defrag?
I scanned it out of curiosity and it's like 85% fragmented, you could probably squeeze several gigabytes out of that but the way I understand it it'll seriously reduce the lifespan of the drive

>> No.56859549


>> No.56859565

Not saying it's 100% it, it's just that i've seen this option cause exact problem before.


>> No.56859580

Pls answer me

>> No.56859590

they do get fragmented m8
SSDs still use blocks
it just doesn't really affect performance because there's no mechanical process required to read a given spot

>> No.56859593

I got a new pc and previous laptop feels slow as fuck now.
what can i do to make it faster?
it takes like at least 5 mins to get it working after start up or it gets stuck.

>> No.56859612

How were you using it without a CPU?

Anyway, if you can get it working, there's utility called "Read Write Everything" or RW everything. There's a guide how to read key from bios. Pretty straight forward.

>> No.56859639

Is anyone able to answer my question here?

>> No.56859642

Why specifically do people use Vim/Emacs when SublimeText/Notpad++/etc. exist? Not trolling, just wondering if I should switch.

>> No.56859738


Switch from what to what?

>> No.56859870


I've updated both the motherboard and the CPU and I don't have the CPU anymore.

>> No.56859876

Host your won

>> No.56859919
File: 3.19 MB, 3480x4640, IMG_20160924_124146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I buy an android box for my tv shows? I tried my friend's and it's cool how it collects all the different streams seamlessly without bullshit, unlike finding a decent stream on a PC.

Or can I just get Kodi and chromecast it to my smart tv? (is this possible)

>> No.56860011

because i plan on recording hours of stuff, and my phone is in my pocket most of the day? a small button camera sized thing i can clip on my collar would work a lot better than holding my phone up for 8 hours every day

>> No.56860016

I have a dual band router at a restaurant. One band is secure and the other is open/unsecure. What's the best way to setup a "guest network" for customers?

Also, if I were to access a secure website on this unsecured website, am I still vulnerable?

>> No.56860137


>> No.56860171
File: 35 KB, 555x392, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

after 4 years still no clue how to triforce, tried the ALT + 255 etc. methode that obviously seems to be a troll, don't really mind but though there is a 1 in a million chance i'd find it out ^^

>> No.56860176

My ethernet port isn't working, I tried a different cable but no change. Wouldn't be a big deal but I play csgo at a semi-pro level. I'm on University Wi-Fi rn and at like 10pm on school nights, I'll be rubberbanding across the map. Will be 30 ping but every 5 seconds it'll jump up to 300 for a second or two. I updated the ethernet driver too. Will installing a chipset driver help at all? Is that the same as motherboard? I plug the cable in and in Network center it says nothing is plugged into the port.

>> No.56860242

>buy iphone
>constant notification noise during calls
>put on silent
>loud as fuck vibrations during calls
>no way to fix this


>> No.56860282
File: 80 KB, 443x388, 1331524407492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I play csgo at a semi-pro level

>> No.56860292


Turn down notification sound?

>> No.56860320


Don't laugh at the man. His ESEA subscription goes a long way.

>> No.56860338
File: 98 KB, 612x491, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>leave pc on for a few days
>notice weird pause in games but I think in general too
>like, it goes 1 fps for a second and then goes back to normal
>restart pc
>it went away

What is this?

>> No.56860372

I'll demonstrate with circles


>> No.56860419

DPC lag

>> No.56860476

well done i bet i can do the same triforce style


>> No.56860609

So my system's only got 512MiB RAM. Would moving the page file to a microSD card be beneficial? The card's only got half the sequential r/w speeds of the HDD but the random r/w is 6x faster

>> No.56860621

how am I supposed use my 128 gb microsd on my android phone.
When I format it under windows as exfat(only option besides ntfs) it asks me to install drivers for it. Thing is I disabled google services and to install it requires me to login google. When I plug it as a raw disk so phone can find what works for it, It stays corrupt. I tried both gpt and mbr. Also I don't have root.

>> No.56860646



>> No.56860650


If I want to be able to play games like Fallout 4, Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity and GTA V at medium/high @1080, would the RX 460 be the best card for me?

>> No.56860652

I'm looking to run Crossfire 2 r9 Fury cards. I looked at a few different websites. some say my 850W is enough, others say it isn't. Can I get a clear answer?

>> No.56860694

49" version of both.
I don't give a shit about the "smart" functions.
As far as I can tell the LG is better because it has a 100Hz panel (yes, that's the actual refresh rate, not interpolation bullshit, and it's divisible by 50 and not 60 because of Europoor)

>> No.56860729

>Fallout 4, Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity and GTA V
Horrible, horrible taste

>> No.56860769 [DELETED] 


If that's the case, I might not even need to upgrade. Thanks.

>> No.56860867



>> No.56860889


from the looks of the place that mic cost you a month's rent...

>> No.56860907

Have you considered just googling benchmarks for the 460?

>> No.56860938

Pls respond need a network pro

>> No.56860966
File: 50 KB, 547x471, 1456446176743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw spending 2 month's rent and a little more on a graphic's card

>> No.56861003
File: 112 KB, 1919x1012, shig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how long until I give up?

>> No.56861045

Just use rufus and an x86-64 image to get it onto your USB drive.

>> No.56861097
File: 469 KB, 1280x853, 1474581837597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but oh well. Is it possible to "re-master" something like a concert that's 360p or 480p to look better in after effects, premiere or anything else with non-professional knowledge?

>> No.56861107

but I can't use that as a server

I'm not ready to go balls dip and hop off the wincuck train entirely, but i'm thinking I need to try the desktop version of this first if I want to have any clue how to run a remote/headless machine

>> No.56861127

Think of it like this - the file size is determined (normally) by how much information is stored within it. The reason a smaller 1080p video looks worse than a larger one is the larger one (usually) has more colour and sound information than the smaller one.

Your 360p file just doesn't have that information stored in it, that's why it's a smaller resolution and looks like shit. There is no way to make it look "better" unless you consider running a sharpen filter or something to be "better" looking.

>> No.56861133


Is it possible to make a story-driven boss-rush FPS in Unreal Engine 2?

>> No.56861149

Yeah dude just enhance it

>> No.56861165

How does one do this? You mean contrast, levels, and shit?
Thanks, this helps.

>> No.56861189

I got a moto g phone with a new sd card. When I put it in it said something along the lines of "this memory card may be too slow". Then sometimes the sd card loses connection with the phone and I have to put it back in. Is this a broken harness or does it have something to do with the error message?

>> No.56861203


>> No.56861226

When could we realistically expect a 4K IPS monitor with G-Sync and a 1ms response time? Q1 of 2017?

>> No.56861227

I got meme'd. Wp

>> No.56861231

Hey /g/
Stupid question for overclocking cpu
So basically what I want to do is start with a voltage, like 1.1, then raise my multiplier until it fails right?
Then when it fails, I raise my voltage.
I rinse and repeat until I got to the clocks I want at a certain temp right?

So for the most part, I ONLY raise my voltage until my overclock fails?
Also what increments should I raise my voltage? .01 volt?

>> No.56861343

I've been trying to get the anniversary update for Windows 10 to install for fucking ever now because I want bash, but it /won't fucking do it/
Everything I look up says to either download the ISO and reinstall everything (fucking dumb) or to just manually hit "check for updates", which I have done, ten million trillion fucking times.
How the fucking hell do I get this stupid thing to install?

>> No.56861430

Really dumb question: Is there a way to upload pics on 4chins without downloading them?

>> No.56861503
File: 141 KB, 607x360, frogs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I open a .jpg in Microsoft Paint and save it as a .png, is any quality or data lost?

>> No.56861549

click add from link

>> No.56861565

All I see is "Choose file"

Do I need to install a plugin?

>> No.56861619

How can they know if it's going to rain 10 days from today? You'd think everything moving around for 10 days would make it hard to predict where it will all be then.

>> No.56861676

The worst things that have ever been said to me were during esea pygs

I'm frankly astonished how/why people pay to be verbally abused by NEETs

>> No.56861678


>> No.56861778
File: 575 KB, 250x210, 1464505957225.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Any feedback on this build would be great.

I already own the GTX 980, which is why it's in there.

Also any advice on high end cases for water cooling, and water cooling itself, would be appreciated. I have no idea where to start.

>> No.56861908

I just reinstalled Windows 7 on one of my machines, and is still checking for updates even though I started it last night. Is there any way to speed this shit up?

>> No.56861938

I had that problem, I'm very sorry but I can't remember anything about how I ended up fixing it.

Why would you install Microsoft's evil updates anyways?

>> No.56861966

I'm reinstalling from the original 2009 install disk. Newer updates have UI improvements and stability improvements which I need. Without the updates my machine crashes like nobodies business.

>> No.56861998

Which graphics card should I be saving up to if I want to play my manchild gaymez at 5760x1080 60fps ?
2.5 million pixels more than 2560x1440, 2 million pixels less than 3840x2160, and no benchmarks. Please send help.

>> No.56862017

I wish I could help, iirc Microsoft released some fix to speed up updates and reduce CPU usage

You probably already found that when you googled the problem though

>> No.56862057

if my laptop has a maximum memory capacity of 12GB with 2 GB integrated to the mobo, could a put a 16 GB stick in and have it utilize 10GB? Or should I just go for an 8GB and call it a day

>> No.56862065
File: 105 KB, 181x381, (C87) [UU-ZONE (nuezou)] Gyaruko Ah! - Galko Ah! (Oshiete Galko-chan!) [English] [Sn0wCrack].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best DNS to use given the current circumstances?

>> No.56862066

You need to manually install an update for Windows Update, the one that ships with 7 isn't compatible with the update service.

>> No.56862113


>> No.56862116

From my java data structures test on adt and arrays
>Any methods that a core method might call are part of the core group.
>True or False
What the fuck did he mean by this? Pretty sure he's full of shit and just making this up.

>> No.56862127

Found out how. I had to download .NET Framework 4.0 and KB 3135445 and install them.

>> No.56862135
File: 126 KB, 1100x761, googlefiberisbetter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have an Xfinity modem/router combo thing. I have an old router that handles 5GHz so it's about on par with the Xfinity one. My question is, can I use it to boost the wireless signal strength? Maybe the performance too? Although I'm sure that'll actually go down if anything.

>> No.56862154

assuming the port can put out enough amps, no, the fans should spin the same speed

>> No.56862160

Is liquid cooling actually helpful?

I'm in Australia and during the summer in my non-airconditioned bedroom it can get incredibly hot with my computer on all day.

Will that actually help somewhat if I buy a new computer?

>> No.56862205

for i in *.wmv; do ffmpeg -i "$i" -ss 00:00:10 -vframes 1 "${i%.wmv}.png"; done

>> No.56862245

Can you specify say grab 10 frames from each video?

>> No.56862293

for i in *.wmv; do ffmpeg -ss 10 -i "$i" -vframes 10 "${i%.wmv} %02d.png"; done

>> No.56862342

I started windows with only my ssd and it said windows could not startup correctly, but when I had my hard drive in as well everything worked. My OS is on my SSD. Why wouldn't it boot with only the SSD?

>> No.56862367

It might have files for startup services installed on the hard drive after an update

>> No.56862432

Never install windows with multiple drives connected

>> No.56862512

im an idiot and i want a easy linux distro, so i made a partion with aoemi, and it says make bootable media can i possibly make that a linux boot up instead of getting a usb and doing this whole iso thing.

>> No.56862547

I logged in to an old email account and found a strange message. Apparently someone tried to reset my fitbit.com password twice in the past 24 hours (I don't even remember making an account on this website). I assumed it was a phishing attempt, but maybe I did make an account and just forgot about it.

So I checked "have I been pwned", and apparently 3 accounts made with this email have been leaked (dropbox, neopets? patreon? don't remember those two). This email is old, and I know that I made neopets accounts in the past, but I don't remember using this email address. When I searched my email account I found no messages from either neopets or patreon. When I go to patreon.com and say "forgot password", it doesn't even recognize my email address.

The only thing I can think of to explain this is an error on the part of haveIbeenpwned. There must have been a paste that contained dropbox accounts, neopets accounts, and patreon accounts, and somehow I got lumped in with all of them.

Anyways, what do you thing is going on, and how worried should I be? I know I re-used passwords in the past, but I have no fucking idea on what websites and with which passwords (they were never simple, but I'm still using variations of one of them to this day).

>> No.56862553

I'm chatting to some person in a web chat. They speak Spanish, I speak English.

Instead of typing my responses into google translate, copying the translated text, and pasting it into the chat, is there a quicker way to go about this?

It would be nice if there is a chrome extension where you can just highlight your text and it will automatically translate it.

>> No.56862575

i have no idea what you just wrote

>> No.56862578

Are you for real?

>> No.56862616


Yes. I searched chrome extensions and I found one that lets you highlight text and view the translation but not one that will actually change your text.

>> No.56862632
File: 2 KB, 181x41, this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let me snip it for you, can i possibly use aoei for my advantage so im a poor fag who cant afford a usb drive right now to get linux, or do i need a usb drive

>> No.56862636

anyone know what this means?

>> No.56862639


>> No.56862654

>cant afford $5 8gb flash drive
Yet you have internet?

>> No.56862659

i don't know what that programs is, but it is possible to install linux without leaving windows or using a usb flash drive

>> No.56862665

Oh damn, now I want to do this.right in the nostalgia feels

>> No.56862667

how can i do it, i want to dual boot. Please do tell.

>> No.56862687



>> No.56862696

chrome has that shit BUILT IN

>> No.56862711

you can use a VM with a real disk attached to it
can be risky if you have no clue what you're doing (but so can a normal OS install)

it would even be possible for me to help you directly over teamviewer or something, though a stranger from 4chan might not scream "safe" either

>> No.56862722
File: 12 KB, 531x146, languages.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Are you sure? The language section does not have much options.

>> No.56862796

i really wanted a separate boot up instead of using vm

>> No.56862824

yes, what you do is you attach a real, physical disk to a VM, and install through the VM to the physical disk
when it's done, the OS is on the physical disk, just like a normal install, you don't need the VM anymore

>> No.56862828

Put laptop on something that won't choke cooling air. So don't put it on your bed/blanket etc. Clean out the heatsink by spraying compressed air into it until no more dust is coming out. Make sure you're not running anything cpu intensive by checking your task manager.

>> No.56862851

can you tell me step by step how to do this

>> No.56862872

or atleast a youtube video

>> No.56862908

1. create a space or partition in which you want to install linux, ensure it's unmounted from in windows
2. install virtualbox
3. create vmdks pointing to relevant disks with vboxmanage
4. create a VM with those vmdks attached
5. install linux in the VM
6. ???

>> No.56862909

if i leave empty sata cables connected to my motherboard, will they drain power?

>> No.56862916

Did Nvidia fix the144hz bug that prevented your GPU from downclocking?

>> No.56862941

it'd be faster and easier for me to guide you in a teamviewer session
hell, don't even need to allow me control if you don't want to

>> No.56863105


I didn't install. I had an SSD with Windows and I cloned it with Samsung magician, then copied it over to the new SSD.

>> No.56863122

Is Kodi worth it to buy an android box for a technology noob?

I have no idea what you can do with it, but I'd like to get it for my dad who likes to watch movies within the past year / he doesn't know how to work a computer.


>> No.56863136
File: 6 KB, 276x183, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody know a good website to receive SMS online? Preferably for free?

I've tried some numbers on sites like freesmsverification.com but they don't seem to receive the texts.

>> No.56863232

what the fuck is aspnet.exe and why does it randomly start raping my CPU
I googled this shit and every result is talking about a web server which I am definitely not on

>> No.56863289


First link on google says it is a virus. Are you dumb or just stupid?

>> No.56863303

I mean... he did get a virus

>> No.56863371

Virus dude, well done.

>> No.56863397

Google Voice

>> No.56863554
File: 254 KB, 1920x1080, yZYtGJk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats the closest thing to nvidia inspector for AMD ? want to set lod settings for shittastic graphics

>> No.56863815

How do I fix the massive distortion that's been hitting my laptop speakers since updating to W10 anniversary? I've read through everything, updated drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled everything, and fucked around with every single sound setting, but nothing gets the job done.
Changing the sound quality fixes it for a few minutes, but before long it switches right back to being overloaded with static.

>> No.56863920

What is a good 1080p gaming monitor under 140 usd? Looking for atleast 23-24 inches.

>> No.56863998
File: 52 KB, 662x528, Speccy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I play on BF4 on my 1080p 144hz monitor my mouse feels responsive and quick.

When I play BF4 on my 1440p 60hz monitor my mouse feels like there is a slight delay and I can't acquire targets as fast.

Is this what I have to deal with on 1440p or is there a way I can fix this?

>> No.56864094

How do I set my mouse4 and mouse5 to scroll on webpages instead of operating as a forwards and back button?

im using chrome

>> No.56864290

No, there is no device.

>> No.56864302

Try overclocking with custom resolutions in nvidia control panel.

>> No.56864304

I was going to do a ethernet powerline but the destination is on its own power breaker.

Powerline adapter pair #1 -> Ethernet cable -> Powerline Adapter pair #2

Total distance is about 60ft.

Any forseeable issues aside from noise?

>> No.56864332

How do I go about finding out what about my PC is causing bluescreens/full stops? I just built it in February so all the parts are still young.

>> No.56864436

New thread

>> No.56864603

I don't think you can

>> No.56864617


replying to myself because i figured it out with autohotkey. code is as follows.

Send {down 10};

Send {up 10};

>> No.56864712
File: 178 KB, 726x358, berserk_v14a_034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I run Mac Software on Lubuntu?

>> No.56864775


Did you do a fresh install?

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