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Havent seen one today. Post guts, rate and discuss on any projects for your build. Happy buddha reporting in.

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32GB Patriot viper ddr3
Msi 970-g43
2x sapphire nitro r9 390x
corsair h100i
2x ocz trion 150 raid 0
samsung 850 480gb
2x wd red 4tb raid 1
corsair cx750m
phanteks enthoo pro m acrylic
3x corsair ml 120 pro
2x corsair ml 140 pro
1x fractal 120 pwm
silverstone pwm fan splitter

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Very nice tho the stickers kill the view. How how those dual 390xs working out for you?

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i actually dont use them
I primarily only play dota 2 and league of legends.
the second one is dedicated to my recording software or my streaming software. so that i can not have issues using one card to do both the game and capture.

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Here's a direct shot

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Looks nice UV light gives it an extra nice shot.

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Probably going to replace everything here soon. Though I don't need to. I want to.

1080 ti or 1070
i7 6700k
Crystal Series 460X RGB case
keep my cooler and HDs.
Undecided on a PSU and mobo

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OP here. Im thinking of upgrading to either a 1070 or 480

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I7 6700k @ 4.5 / AMD fx 4350
GTX 1080 / GTX 750
16 Gb @ 3200 / 8 Gb @ 1600
M.2 ocz 520 Gb / 250 Gb sdd

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Pretty cool setup anon

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Cable combs, buy some
Other than that, noice

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i5-6600k @ 4.5ghz, 1.320v
16gb g. Skill ram @2400mhz
Msi gtx 980
Msi z170a sli plus mobo
Kingston hyper x 240gb SSD
Mushkin 512gb SSD
Corsair ax860i psu
Corsair h100i cpu cooler
Nzxt s340 white case

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Posting old guts for Budha

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Just finished building this. Sorry about the potato quality.

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>Cloud 9
These fucking cringe gaymers.

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Got smacked with nostalgia. Hard

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Since everyones posting their specs I throw mine.
i5 4690k stock clock
2 kingston 8gb dimms
Asus Z97-A motherboard
Sapphire R9 270x
Cooler Master hyper 212
1x WD blue 500 gb
1x WD blue 1tb
Sentey GS-6011 case

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Im op btw

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>3 CLCs

are you retarded?

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Xeon E5-2699V3 @105 BCLK under 3 rads and 2 pumps for the keks
Asus Rampage V extreme motherboard
16GB ram 2666mhz (temp)
Quad fire R9 290s @1152mhz (currently hold the quad fire 290 record on firestrike)
1600W 80+ silver psu
Thermaltake Mozart TX case
500gb 850 Evo

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>Quad fire R9 290s
da fuck?


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Think about cleaning your computer dude there are cobwebs in there what the fuck

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PC Master Race

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Yeah yeah, case meant for water cooling yet air cooled everything. No GPU sag anymore either.

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do you live in canada? that's the only way i can see running quad 290's, let alone any multi 250+ watt tdp cards like the 780 ti.

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290s aren't bad if you repaste them, stock thermal paste on the reference coolers is horrid

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poor shitposting machine

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Fucking ashamed of my cables.

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Fucking disgusting. Why bother posting?

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/guts/ isn't just about pretty guts, we take guts in all forms.

We prefer nice clean guts, but plenty of people posting here started off with something like that guys guts.

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Lmao speak for yourself, weirdo.

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Well considering I have been posting in /guts/ threads for over a year I think i'm free to gauge what is and what isn't proper for a /guts/ thread.

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6700k @ 4.7
EVGA 1080 Classy PC +120
G.Skill Trident Z 3400Mhz
Gigabyte z170 Gaming 7
1TB Evo 850
1TB WD Caviar Black
EVGA 1000w P2

Case is Enthoo Evolv Tempered Glass
Hooked up to XB271HU @ 165Hz

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Transferring my 980 Ti to a new computer soonish.

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>6700k @ 4.7

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Stock yo

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Lol no it isn't

It wouldnt even boot using stock voltages, your motherboard is mostly likely adjusting the voltage for you and in all honesty is probably raising it far higher than you'd like, anything long term over 1.3v is considered unsafe if you want your CPU to last more than 3-5 years.

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I'd take a pic of the BIOS but I'm at work

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Also I don't care if it even lasts a year. I'll be upgrading when next gen launches.

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should also be ashamed of that 3.5/4 970 as well.

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what up /g/

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Take as many pictures as you want, it isn't running at stock voltage if it's clocked at 4.7GHz.

Most people have to crank it up to ~1.3v just to boot at that clock speed on the 6700k.

If you're an idiot who likes wasting money, go right ahead and run it at whatever voltage you want. But just know there isn't a snowballs chance in hell you're actually running stock voltages. There are OC'ers who would pay $500+ for that chip if you're serious.

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I know, I've had offers. I'll sell when next gen launches. I don't need money. I'm in the hunt for another classy right now haha

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>cpu 18 ℃
wtf... What is your room temperature?

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Good thermal paste does wonders friend.

I highly recommend Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, lout my temps drastically from arctic silver. 20C under load.

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Keep dreaming kid

Even basic internet searching and I can find dozens of 6700k OC's at 4.7GHz, most are 1.35v+, some are even 1.4v+. There isn't a single one I can finder under 1.3v.

So pretend all you'd like i guess, but you aren't running stock voltages.

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Why haven't you watercooled the 290's yet?

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sure, I agree. But it can't go lower than room temp

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well according to the fan in my room is was 19C but I assume the sensor in that isn't perfect or rounds up. I'm pretty sure speccy was going from 18-19 at the time.

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Eh, going to get an M.2 SSD whenever Samsung releases their new lineup to consumers.

>20C under load.

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Thermal paste will only help the transfer of heat, unless you're pushing sub 18c air through your heatsink it doesn't matter what thermal paste you're using.

The only way that is an accurate temp is if you are cooling the air down below that temp.

The laws of thermodynamics are absolute, you can't cool something lower than the temperature of the medium you are using to cool. In this case, the air your fans are pushing.

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cute 3/4 nazi criss

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Help me decide in picking the ncase m1 or dan4.

Also going to be running Debian or Arch so I dont know how great water cooling will be. Might dual boot windows.

I just want to have some really nice guts and it pretty much comes down to either watercooling or air. I think I could figure out a custom loop if need be.

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>Might dual boot windows
Get two GPUs, or make sure you get a CPu with integrated GPU so you can just run a VM of windows from inside your linux distro of choice. That way there is no real need to do any of the dual booting BS.

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Lowered it by 20C, on mobile.

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I'm getting a 6700k, its got an iGPU and then waiting or the 1080ti. Either gonna pick one up or allow it to drop the prices of the previous cards.

Thing is I have a key for windows 7 and I sort of want to use it. There might be some stuff I have to do on windows where a VM would be too slow

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Poorfag here, built this to hold me over once I can get a decent build.

AMD FX-6300
Ballistix Sport 16GB @ 1600MHz
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
Msi 970 mobo
2x shitty HDDs from my old pc

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What do you mean too slow?

You can play games at basically identical performance in a windows VM these days with modern hardware.
VMs can use direct PCI passthrough in order to access the GPU without going through your base OS.

You can run your linux OS and have a VM with 4 cores, 8GB of RAM and an SSD dedicated to a windows VM for gaming and get within 2-3% performance as you would get running native windows.

You seriously barely lose any performance these days.

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To add on to this, you would run your linux OS on the iGPU and dedicate the dGPU for your windows VM.

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Another pic

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Ugly case, worse cable management. About to rebuild this for a buddy who got savagely ripped off.

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just upgraded RAM and put in another fan

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i7 6700K
GTX 1080
32GB ram
512GB intel M.2

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Ha ha ... yes very much so ... long story short when i got my 2nd one i wanted it to match and it was cheaper to get another hybrid then to just do a full loop ... i was like ill just do it for now while i get the parts for a full loop ... then i never got around to it

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>AiO cpu cooler
just you know expected life time of AiO coolers is 2-3years any longer is lucky

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Cool I think I can afford that. And it's worth it for their convenience IMO

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sikkk aesthetics

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thats cat hair, but yeah.

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Where be psu??!?

Looks nice btw 10/10

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No sense in buying blocks for these cards now

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E6-2670 v3 on a X99

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you should be... shame! shame! shame!

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Oh dear, Anon, I LOVE your build. The water tubes are very neat and well-built. The colors also match perfectly (well, aside from the mainboard LEDs but what can you do...). Very tidy cable management. 10/10

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You need more intake fans bro. There is some serious negative air pressure in your system.
Get at least 2 more intakes and you system won't be that dusty anymore

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i5 6600k
GTX 1070 STRIX edition
Corsair H100I V1
Gskill DDR4 3200 16gb
Asus Maximus VIII hero
Phanteks P400
Sandisk 512gb M.2 SSD
WD 1TB 7200RPM drive

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Nice RAM.
Drooling over your chip.

5820K, 32GB, 512GB Pro, 390X.

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any r8?

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Still kicking ass.

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Thinking about buying that same GPU from jet.com. asus 1070 dual, right? You like it?

>> No.56873446

It's RX 480 4GB. Nice piece of kit.
Couldn't affoard 1070

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Which brand makes the best SSDs? Thinking about buying one, maybe 250GB.

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It's been hard to click on the 1070. But I'm upgrading from a 650ti boost. Sadly only doing it to play w3.

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Upgraded from 560 TI. Massive difference.

Pic related.

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Other side of the case, it's a cube style

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Upgrading from the 660 to rx 480 most likely. Was it that big of a boost in modern games?

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I've returned.

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yes, it will be more than twice as powerful

>> No.56876554

tfw almost everyone has cooler master hyper 212 evo

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>one ram different than the rest

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Like I said, my buddy got ripped off big time.

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welcome back.

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File: 3.44 MB, 4928x3264, _DSC2307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been a while since I posted

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my roommate's pc

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Where's your randomly accessed memory?

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it's generic ram like this

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