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So which one should I get? upgrading from a hd5870 and im stuck

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1060 then? i can get the evga for 230 euros as I don't pay the extra tax

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Gtx 1060 is a little bit better than rx 480

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8 GB vs 6 GB and you don't know which one mang?

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- shit performance
- same price as gtx 1060
- shit dx 12 performance
- even worse dx11 performance
- no drivers
- house fire
- nitro edition leafblower cooler
- company managed by indians who don't poo in loo

>GTX 1060
- premium components
- premium dx11 and dx12 performance
- oustanding drivers
- supported by all games
- gameworks and additional perks
- same price as RX480
- geforce experience
- physx software
- company based in the US

I think the choice is pretty clear here OP, Nvidia is the winner unless you have a designated shitting street.

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Then buy the 1060

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Why is the 980ti 3x as much as the 1060? 1060 is the better card right?

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You're going to get memed on with nvidia shills just like the 390 vs 970 debate

Get the rx480 since its the better fucking card

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480 is more future proof because it is more suitable for DX12 - the 290x is still holding its own too, despite being 3-4 years old now.

Nvidia card will start getting gimped once they release a new generation of cards.

>- oustanding drivers

They can't even fix the driver latency problem on the 10x0 cards.

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full retard shekel control overe her

t. (You)

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Why is the 480 more future proof can someone explain and don't tell me that nVidia gimps cards because I never seen any proof

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980 is already gimped from witcher's point of view and its a gimpworks title
all the amd cards aged absolutely fantastic because they dont drop their cards and their drivers as soon as new generation is out
>9x0 series already legacy

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Problem is will the 480 really gain much more in DX 12 once titles become entirely based on it?

6fps more doesn't seem worth the hassle at the moment with a lot of titles still being DX 11 based, still considering it though but got no replies on other threads.

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Should've bought the gtx 480 op. It's still being supported by Nvidia unlike your 5870.

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No, the 1060 is equivalent to the gtx 980 not 980ti

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>will the 480 really gain much more in DX 12 once titles become entirely based on it?
Yes. Current DX12 implementation is not perfect, as it's a new tech. And then there's also Vulkan. The community driven vulkan project RADV has been implemented into Talos Principle, and AMD cards have seen an approximate 60% improvement in performance.

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I have a distaste for Vulkan as a selling it's a wonderful idea with an amazing effect but no fucker seems to be saying "YES, WE'RE USING IT!".

So what should I do out of those choices there? I picked those models due to quietness and price.

My only concern over the 1070 is Volta being sped up and it being sidelined quickly.

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if you want bang for the buck its either RX 470 or GTX 1060
RX 480 doesnt go so well in performance per dollar unless you play very specific games

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>outstanding drivers
You mean the same drivers that for example don't have proper support for 144Hz monitors and that Geforce experience which requires you to log in online? Those ones? Yeah, real great alright. Fuck this Nvidia meme, you shills made me fall for it.

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i cant stop laughing because i actually think you're serious for some reason

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It's a meme you dip

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As for my burgeoning want of a 1070?

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>but no fucker seems to be saying "YES, WE'RE USING IT!".
It's still relatively new, and new things need to be learned. Majority of games still use DX11 because that's what devs are comfortable with. Just have to give it time.

>I picked those models due to quietness and price.
Then you should reconsider the Nitro+. It's anything but quiet. MSI, ASUS, and XFX are the best/quietest AMD cards, but they can't compete with the silence of that EVGA 1060.

>My only concern over the 1070 is Volta being sped up and it being sidelined quickly.
That's going to happen to the 1060, too. What happened to Maxwell when Pascal was released, will happen again when Volta is released.

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the 1070 its very good value in the context of higher end cards, if you actually think you need that much horsepower for your GPU

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Sadly the comfort is why I think Vulkan won't take off much, it's DX 12 locked to windows 10 but they won't care merely because it's the next in sequence.

The MSI ones above are the same price.

As for the 1070 I know it would degrade but I guess what I'm meaning is it won't lose 50% of it's performance more like 10, right?

Is freesync/ 144hz worth sacrificing IPS for?

Just so bloody stuck on what to pick to complement my build. I had a 1070 for a week and it was alright.

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Coming from a 750 ti even a mid range or even a 470 might satisfy me.

The 1070 was nice but something felt overkill if that makes sense.

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Is it true that nvidia fucked me over?

I used to get around 290fps in siege early this year with my 980ti i r6 siege now its around 170 with AA 6x lower, also it started artifacting and crashing randomly until i updated my drivers.

Is the gimping not a meme after all?

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If you own an nvidia gpu

Never update your drivers when a new series is released

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I wish i would've known that b4

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> buy 1070
> don't update drivers
> be satisfied with performance

Will that work for me? I know it's a shitty way to deal with it but I'm getting bored waiting for Vega.

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>liking a clearly better product makes you a shill
Don't forget to eat your veggies, kids. Oh wait, you might think I'm a vegetable shill now.

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By far the 480

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In all honesty I am disappointed with the 480 and 6fps plus in DX 12 isn't impressing me over the dx 11 deficiency.

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Why's there no rx480 on this chart?

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Except it would probably have burned up thanks to those excellent Nvidia drivers

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gamegpu doesn't have one, but you can see where the 470 is.

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Yeah, I've thought of getting one since I do play more low end stuff and the 750ti has done well.


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Gtx 1060 performs better and runs cooler

Rx 480 has better features like hdr, True audio and has optimized titles for it like hitman and doom

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