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I've been using paint.net for a few years, and it's starting to feel a bit barebones. I want to start using something with more robust features/tools.

Is gimp still the best image editor for people who don't want to use photoshop? Or is there another, better option now? I honestly don't know.

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>people who don't want to use photoshop
why not?

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Some people are freetarded.

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Depends on what you want to do. Krita for digital drawing/painting and yeah there is Gimp, but Gimp is fucking garbage.

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>Paying money to make pepe
>Stealing shit to make pepe

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Pixelmator, maybe Acorn

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I mostly just make dumb little OCs for 4chan. Edits of webcomics, meme shit, reaction images, that sort of thing.

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Photoshop is free on TPB and piracy is not stealing.


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Gimp is the correct choice.

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Gimp is shit

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Enjoy you're trojanized malware.

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I never used paint.me but you don't sound very demanding. What features does it lack?

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Keep mining my BTCs queer. Download some games too while you're at it.

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The biggest thing is I'd like a better find/fill tool. Not sure what you'd call it.

Like, say I want to cut out someones head from a photo and copy it somewhere else. With paint.net I'd use the magic wand tool to select and delete as much of the background as I could, then carefully manually erase whatever is still left. Bit of a hassle. Plus any photo with a lot of hair in it is a nightmare.

Paint.net works fine for drawings and simple line images, or any photos with bright solid backgrounds, but for noisier photos it feels a bit lacking.

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Give it back, jamal

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use photoshop you moron

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Cutting out noisy objects will always be a pain in the ass. I don't know of any tools even in PS that make it far more comfortable.

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I will ;^)

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W-Was that image drawn with krita? it's a qt

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Yeah, this threads making me think that I should probably just stick with paint.net for now. I'm gonna check out Krita though, looks like I might get some use out of that.

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> 9/28/2016 20:031061×1500 PhotoshopCLIP STUDIO PAINT

But this was

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no, this one is http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=59088804

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>implying not any painting software could do this
All you need is a soft and hard brush.

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>implying not any painting software could do this
>any painting software
>All you need is a soft and hard brush.
>soft and hard brush
>all you need

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not as qt

what the fuck is up with her spider fingers

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what the actual fuck is wrong with her LEGS

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That's literally all you need if you got the skill. Though you can replace all the muscle memory with good tools.

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Pirate Photoshop faggets

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use the select colour range tool + refine selection

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>links to a shit old video
>poor colors
>color management can be achieved by any software
>literally all you need
free and FREE as in FREEDOM tools already available, why would you limit yourself to tools that just slow you down

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Pixelmator is underrated

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Inkscape is so fucking comfy

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>Software used SAI、PhotoshopCS6
>Graphic tablet intuos4

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sai is not shit and he does his color managment mostly by using photoshop,
and that gives u a solid job fast with a nice quality

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just saying those aren't free tools either

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my point wasn't that, using shit like gimp, paint.net, etc to do such jobs would only limit you.
using tools like krita, photoshop, etc would let you achieve the same results faster or even better results. stop being a huge retard anon

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ah, nevermind then. not that i paint anyway, i just use PS for simple manipulation jobs and tiny amounts of typesetting

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Pen tool.

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