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This board is currently under a psyop !

The daily threads posted against encryption and for mass surveillance are here for memeing you into internalizing their message due to repeated exposure to their material.

If you're one of the few that can still think right, leave this board ASAP. Goes anywhere else to protect your mind.

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in b4 fbi mods delete

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Your antipsychotics are wearing off bro.

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yeah well the other chan has a new owner and im kinda pissed darkmoot deleted cyb

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We've known this for a while though.

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I am not on antipsychotics, nor I am schizoid, nor I have paranoid delusions.

Once an opinion, a statement, or some small piece of logic is repeated enough, people will start to accept it.

For the past week, each time I looked at the front page, someone is trying to meme people into thinking that encryption is against terrorist/pedophiles/drugs dealers/etc and that mass surveillance is good.

I am just worried about memetic spread of harmful ideas like this.

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>tfw I stopped taking mine for a week, blacked out a few days later and woke up in a hospital handcuffed to the hospital bed with police officers asking me if I had taken PCP because I was apparently breaking window cars with a kitchen knife
wew, those were some crazy crazy times, I couldn't even remember I did any of that lmao

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K the nigga isnt in charge now ?

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>nor I have paranoid delusions.
>I have paranoid delusions.
>posts paranoid delusions

Freudian slip there bud?

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Stop bitching and post in /sec/.

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I know you're trolling me, but I was recently evaluated by a psychiatrist mostly for depression-related stuff, I revealed my full power-level and they determined that my chain of thought was coherent enough to put away all diagnosis of any delusions.

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Also, the endless MPV advertisement thread is getting old. I'm not installing your shit player, no matter how hard it's shilled.

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used to browse 4chan a lot like 8 years ago and it definitely feels a lot more advertise-y than it used to

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I'm not trolling, if you legitimately believe that the autist that shitposts those fucko squad threads is a government agent conducting psyops and think you need to let people know.. well, while coherent, its pretty fucking far into the spectrum.

Same fucking symptoms either way.

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nope he sold the place. New guy seems OK but we shall see.

Fine. I guess. This place pisses me the fuck off anyway. Idk why I come back here.

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stop being so paRanoid anon, what have yoU to hide from aNyone?

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lol you should have been there for the call where they decided that bullshit

what a shitshow.

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yeah dude that shit is retarded. but its only a small part of the overall problem with this board that will never be fixed.

dont forget that anti linux faggot who posts non stop since may

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where is the upload, surely a glitterboy must have recorded it.

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I was in the thread. All those deletions.

The recording was posted. I didn't listen to it tho.

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The anon does havea point though. I feel if something is repeated enough, it suddenly can take hold on you. That's why I aviod the rooms where the T.V. is playing.

What's wrong with mpv? I just installed it and was just looking at the filter things?

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Seems like it's just tryhard shitposters more than anything.
You could be right, but I think the feds would pick somewhere more influential than a Malaysian crab fishing forum to spread propaganda.

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So does that mean something's up with Manjaro? I've seen that shilled a lot lately.

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>If you're one of the few that can still think right, leave this board ASAP. Goes anywhere else to protect your mind.
There is nowhere to go. This sort of thing is happening everywhere. Why do you think there is such a proliferation of gays all of a sudden, for example?

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>What's wrong with mpv?
>---your head---

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>The government can only spread propaganda to one place!

Why do you think 4chan is not an easily exploited platform for advertising?

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I agree that they would spread it around as many places as possible. I meant it more like, I don't see why they would focus so much attention on this place. Is 4chan really that much of a threat? A few posts here and there, I could see, but it seems like they're putting in some real effort.

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Oh lord that screencap.

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Yes the theme is bait users with image of a girl then troll them into an argument.



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it may not be a REAL threat, but they percieve it as one, think about how often the news has been asking who is 4chin in the last few years. also they probably think anonymouse haxorz are hiding out here giving us pawns instructions. instructions they are trying to subvert.
>tards chase autists
>autists chase ghosts
>ghosts are just tards in sheets

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So who do you shill for when the trips down tripcunt?

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whats up with that filename are you from /csg/?
youd know all about circle jerky wouldnt you?

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>Go anywhere else to protect your mind.
My mind isn't so weak as to be broken by petty propaganda, mortal.

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Literally any smart person sees through all the propaganda/shilling posted here. 4chan has always been subject to this. Niche chans like lain and cripple do not have that issue. At least to an extend like here.

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Did you really thiNk that yOu wouldn't be noticed?
earnesT your voice belongs elseWhere. One wouldn't want to see you get Relegated to green door duty. Must you be So daft? 46 73 86 44 187 127 30 169 113 116 36 217 6 21 10 164 offset 91274

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If you're impressionable enough to change your opinions, values and beliefs based on posts here, then you deserve everything you get.

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this is only true of rare gondola posting, in which the government wants you to believe you are without arms, and come to identify with something that has neither physical arms, nor munitions.


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>he's so mentally weak that he lets poor shilling get into his head

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I know, the feds have invaded here and their brainwashed puppets are following their masters orders. Where else am I supposed to go? Every other website is shit or even shittier.

Is the new owner a feminist commie?

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OP here:
Ok so I was in psychiatric care a while but that was 5 years ago. WTF has it to do with anything I am talking about here? All I am saying is, dont believe 4chan, put cameras all around your house and especially watch ing your pc, and dont answer the phone. Even if it's your mom or dad or psychiatric nurse, whatever you do, dont answer the phone

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You're not OP. I know you're an agent trying to discredit OP by false flagging him

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Fuck off, CIA nigger

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Op, you're right on being paranoid as fuck. Everything and everyone wants your information nowadays. Just don't expose your paranoia to the outside. Normies just don't understand and think you're insane.

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CIA nigger spotted. Everyone give this CIA nigger (you)'s.

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