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Perpetual guts thread. May she live on for longer than a few hours this time...

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Fuck you niggers

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What heatsink is that? Looks pretty funky

Also, your hard drive cage seems to be missing

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Without me bumping them? Very fast.
Dual cpu's, lotsa hard drives. Is that for CP storage? Tell me the specs please.

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I wish I would have sprung for custom cables, but I guess it looks fine.

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>Dual cpu's, lotsa hard drives. Is that for CP storage? Tell me the specs please.
And no it's not for CP. I just like to store things, is that wrong?

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Nah, not at all. I would too if i could afford extra hard drives.

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Here's my pissmachine

Rate it

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>soft tubing
You should have went for AIO water cooler.

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>i have no friends so i seek validation on the internet
>look what mom bought me for christmas XD


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Had it, wanted to do water sports

Hard tubing comes later

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What's wrong with soft tubing?

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Oh, very nice then. You gonna paint the water yellow too?

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Its ugly and looks out of place.

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Most likely, though i wanna find a yellow that doesent turn green over time and doesent stain

Pastel colours are a bitch to clean

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Good luck with it mate.

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new pc cabinet will arrive at 1 month

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I've been thinking about getting dual 2670's. Cant beat the price. But I'm having trouble finding an affordable motherboard. Plus I have only found a few mobos that come in standard ATX, everything else is E-ATX. It's not a requirement but would be nice.

Any recommendations/sources for dual 2011 boards on the cheap?

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so you care about aesthetics more than performance, ease of use, ease of maintenance, safety, etc.?

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nice setup, though looks a git boring with the current case

what's under the cooler?

very tidy and clean desu

does a backplated gpu fit under that hdd/pump bracket?

can't make a shit what's in that... is that a gun?

nice setup doe, not the prettiest though


nice server

quite boring, first pc?

the red and blue don't exactly sit right together

rare to see a yellow build, nice
odd spot for a reservoir


what the fuck is going on here oh god stop it fuck

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>Any recommendations/sources for dual 2011 boards on the cheap?
The one I got (ASRock EP2C602) cost me about 300€

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>quite boring, first pc?
2nd actually

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Also, you should try buying them used. If you're in the U.S., natex.us is a good resource for used server hardware

>Plus I have only found a few mobos that come in standard ATX, everything else is E-ATX. It's not a requirement but would be nice.
Most big tower PC cases should fit E-ATX etc. My fractal design R2 XL does.

No reason to try and cram a dual-CPU system into a mid tower case.

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there are 3 guns in that pic.

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Because I don't have a safe.

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just letting you know I'm using your pic to make an article in my website (placabit.net). If this triggers you, let me know.

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uhh, why?

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Doing my part to keep the thread bumped.

Yellow / Yellow. Could use more yellow.

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it's an article about getting the right pieces for heat control, energy issues and whatnot, and when it comet to heat control you have all the right stuff (big case with the PSU in the bottom, a good cpu fan) and none of the memes (watercooling, too many fans, etc)

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fair enough, go for it

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thanks lad

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I see you guys using AIO's, how are they faring?

I've been debating AIO vs air for a long fucking time now, only reason I'd go for AIO is because the case I picked out (carbide 240) barely fits any decent air cooler at all.

WHAT DO I DO? AIR OR AIO?????!?!1/

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I got an h60 a few months back (may to be exact) and i've been loving it ever since
Go for one if you need good temps with/without an oc

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A good air-based HSF will be just as good as your average AIO

You're paying more for nothing

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Great, beats all air coolers I've ever used and I only got a H60. Have an matx case though so a big double fan one wouldn't fit.

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Guys I know this isn't the place to ask for tech support, but I've given up.
Last night my pc fucked up and I had to factory reset it, start fresh. Now, whenever I try to overclock my cpu, it doesn't work. The screen blacks out and glitches out, and send me to the lock screen where I can't log in because it just keeps on glitching. Please, I really need help with this
Before all of this, though, I could OC just fine. Also, MSI afterburner won't even start up, wtf is going on?

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sata peasant

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*hugs Noctua NH-U12P*

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My first build, had for almost 2 years. Gonna put in a 1060 in 2 weeks. Thoughts?

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You'll have to keep the size of 99% of air coolers in mind. There are no decent air coolers that fit the carbide 240 (max clearance height is officially stated 120mm, some consumers report that 130mm fits as well).

I've been looking at the Noctua NH-C14S, but it seems that it might bring complications with it due to its width. Right now, I'm forced to pick AIO over air unless i pick another case.

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>my gf loves nothing more than stroking my HARD, RIGID, TUBING!!!!!
I have to admit, though, telling girls you have rigid tubing water loop is the ultimate pick-up line. Gets them wet instantly.

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i made the mistake of buying a fan cooler instead of an aio water cooler
i'm currently running noctua D15

i7 4790k @4.8 gz 1.37 v and i'm ideling at ~45c

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What's wrong with SATA?

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That's what you get for buying a tiny-ass faggot case instead of something manly enough to take a real cooler

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I have the NZXT Kraken X41 and it idles at 25C with average ambient air temps of minimum 30C (I live in the tropics). My previous cooler was the Noctua NH-C14 and it averaged at 35C.

So there's something very wrong with that chart.

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I didn't buy it yet gaylord, just picked it out. Don't want a fuckhueg ATX tower just because of the CPU cooler, even though I'm thinking of doing just that.

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I didn't buy it yet gaylord, just picked it out. Dont want a fuckhueg ATX tower just because of the CPU cooler, but I'm leaning towards just doing that, since I just have trouble trusting AIO

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The chart is normalized based on loudness

Also, if in doubt, assume SPCR has a more rigorous testing methodology than you

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>if in doubt
There's no doubt. I know what my cooler does, and I can't hear it, even though it's sitting next to me on my desk.

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I guess you've never seen a real case then?

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show me faggot

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>he's never seen a full tower / EATX case

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That led highlighting the lonely hard disk looks weird. Otherwise it's pretty decent build, not to flashy but still nice to look at. Could dump more lights on there though, quite hard to see.

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>I have the NZXT Kraken X41 and it idles at 25C with average ambient air temps of minimum 30C
No it doesn't.
Water cooling is incapable of cooling anything below ambient temperature, so one of these two readings is wrong.

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R1 Ultimate is the cooler with a 4790k under it. Fuck HDD cages, its why I like the Define S so much.

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Still hiding cause need another ssd.

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10/10 for the case

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