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No Speccy Thread?

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We need a speccy thread come on guys

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What do you do with this?

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Render 3d hentai

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I just like having a lot of google chrome tabs open at once.

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No speccy but here goes
Operating system: Windows 7
CPU: i5 4690k at 4.2GHz (didn't fall for sky meme)
Ram: 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 dual channel
Motherboard: GIGABYTE G1 GAMING z97
AOC 1080x2650 IPS at 75Hz
r9 390 at 1080MHz
Optical drive:
Asus something
2x WD Blue 1TB
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (boot drive)
Kingston V300 120GB
The one on the motherboard

Rate plz

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help, I fell for the jewish tricks

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Had 2 HDDs fail me this year so far.

1 3TB drive which I replaced (managed to get the data out before it failed), and the other one, a 1TB HDD is still out.
Thinking of replacing it with a 1TB SSD, as I am kind of traumatized now.

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i kinda want to upgrade but i may as well build another.

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what brand HDDs? if you say seagate you should scream into your pillow like a sissy

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Yes. I wanted to punch myself, I expected better of the 1TB drive though (the new spinpoint f3 that had been recently acquired by seagate at the time), so I trusted that their quality would be on par with the old spinpoints from samsung.

I was wrong.

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Holy fuck upgrade that GPU for the love of god

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Needs more RAM, 16 GB isn't a meme, especially when you use DDR3.

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Needs more RAM, 16 GB isn't a meme, especially when you use DDR3. Get a better GPU.

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Dam right you did, that GPU is bottle necked by the CPU. I recommend trying an SSD, the results are astounding.

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Go for a Samsung SSD if you are using SATA or M.2, nothing else has as good of value. I wouldn't recommend getting an PCIe x1/x4 SDD, the price large increase compared to the minimal performance isn't really worth it IMO. But if you really want one, go Intel.

Also, consider upgrading to a i7 2700k before they become hard to find.

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Pretty crappy laptop, but I see you have done what you can to make it better. Save up for a 2-in-1 (like the surface pro) or get a thinkpad.

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>suggesting a tablet as a replacement for a laptop

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Got the 980Ti for $270, so great performance for the price that's for sure.

Can't wait to get my Z97 board back so I can see how it performs with my 4790k.

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Kind of nervous posting here, people always make fun of my computer.

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I had my eye on the sandisk x400 1TB, but the samsung 850 seems to be better.

Considering that my mobo supports ivy bridge, shouldn't I aim for something like a 3770k instead of a 2700k if I just wanted to upgrade my CPU?

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Yes, you are correct. Some 1155 are very particular on what cpus will work. So I said that to be sure.

Get a 1080 or a 1070

Nice laptop, the GPU could be better but there's nothing you can do about that. Bonus points for having Win 10 Enterprise.

Horrible PC. Keep the GPU and use logicalincrements.com to help you build a new one.

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>Get a 1080 or a 1070
For what purpose?
I was waiting for the 11xx series or 12xx series.

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They wouldn't bottleneck your system like your current system does.

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I'm>>56799402 , I'm transferring my GPU to http://pcpartpicker.com/list/BXByWX soon.

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Looks great

Good for an office machine

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bottleneck what?

At the moment I dont have any GPU bottleneck as I dont have anything that particularly stresses my GPU.

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Understood, I assumed you were doing graphically intensive tasks.

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1: What on earth do you need a titanium power supply for? I would recommend a silver at most.

2:If you are planning on gaming, get GSkill Trident Z 3200 2x8. It's the same price and performs better.

3:It looks like you want to overclock. The MSI Z170 Gaming M7 is a more reliable mobo with more features.

4:I'm no HDD expert, but I would check with other people on weather that brand is a good choice.

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Most people recommend Hitachi over WD or Seagate.

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>16gb ram isn't a meme
>especially when you use ddr3
I'm too stupid to understand why
>get a better gpu
On my current res, really anything more than a clocked 390 is overkill.

Yes it runs at 68 centigrade.
Really though, best card for the money. Pushes about 35% more fps from just maxing out the power limit.

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I'm pretty cool right now :^)

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I need a new everything...

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Settle down, you butthurt dumb boys.

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How'd I do?

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I only play a few games and it runs them flawlessly. Only thing I'm thinking about changing is a larger SSD since I built this in the era of "buy SSD for Windows only."


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You can get a 500GB 850 Evo for ~$150

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Plan to get some better SSDs and another 1070 at some point.

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Posting mine tomorrow, once new motherboard is in as my current doesnt support sli for my 1080s

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Why is his CPU and mother board so hot?

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So many SSDs.

Just wtf is going on. 11 usb-connected devices?

I have an 850 evo myself. Funny thing is, I thought it was pretty fast at first. Benchmarks were all ~550mb/s-ish. Actual copy/paste was a different matter though and it's usually like 130-320mb/s. I thought it was due to some bottleneck somewhere unrelated to the SSD. Got my friend a new HyperX savage SSD, and it's blazing fast and actually starts at 500mb/s and stays that way until the very end, instead of doing like my 850 which is to start at 300mb and dip to a constant ~130mb/s after a few seconds. I couldn't believe it, but eh, I kinda wish I got that instead of the evo. The only reason I can think of is that his is new and mine is at 70% fragmentation. Even though times are constant for SSDs and fragmentation is totally irrelevant, I can't find another reason to blame this on.

Anyway, my next upgrade is a 4tb wd black. After that a 480.

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Is this an average laptop temp or do I need to crack it open and clean it

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Hi lads, i have a small /g/-illiterate question to ask and I don't want to start a new thread for it. I have an old system consisting of an i7 920, GTX750, and 6gb of 500mhz RAM. What I wanna ask is, will upgrading th RAM to 8gb 1333mhz have any noticeable effect on my performance, in general and gaming in particular?

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Definitely. Depending on the game.

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CPU-intensive games like Arma for example. But whenever I play new games in general i always reach something like 95% of my total available RAM

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