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As a non-native english speaker, this phrase always sounds like "what if you have something to hide? like cheeze pizza? you definitely should have the right to hide it"

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Can't refute

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No. Just a true patriot.

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Why are some Americans such submissive little cucks?

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A true patriot ok with:
>secret courts
>warrentless searches of your house
>warrentless searches and siezures of your conversations
>spying on you without consent.

Go kill yourself you damned authoritarian "patriot" this is SUPPOSED to be freedom land. Youd be happier in north kotea or China.

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He's right he's just 20 years late.

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he is 33 how could he release these in 13old

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you do realize how much red tape they have to go through to """"spy"""" on you, right??? yes, they collect the info. no, they don't have access to it without a ton of red tape.

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When people say they have nothing to hide, they don't mean they want zero privacy. It means that the Government has no reason to care about anything they do. They aren't plotting to plant bombs in the name of jihad or committing fraud, downloading child porn or anything else. They're just living simple lives as normal people.

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Pretty much this.

The general public was Oh so slowly eased into the fucking situation we're in now. I doubt they even noticed.

Best example of Boiling frog syndrome.

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Whistleblowing that ad companies and corporations are using personal data to make more money is as groundbreaking as telling people politicians are liars.

He was an actor.

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And they're wrong.
Laws can change, history shows that records will be used against you.
Having a huge database of what everyone ever did in the hands of the most powerful entity of society is a very bad idea.

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>how much red tape they have to go through
Literally just one secret court that almost never says no.

The mere fact that this database of everything exists should be illegal and is arguably unconstitutional.

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But I unironically agree with both sentiments.

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If the government was infallible and always did the right thing, privacy would be unnecessary. But I don't fully trust them and they fuck up sometimes.

I'm not a big privacyfag, but I see why it's important.

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>that opinion
>with that face
Powerful bait, but it's most illogical.

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This. How the fuck can people complain about the meddling of the govt in business but not in private affairs with a straight face?

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No, that's a false equivalence. It sounds nice but it makes no sense.

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snowden didn't do the right thing

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3rd party rule means your info is open season. There is zero red tape. Also you haven't explained how he is a traitor, the only thing he did wrong was lie about being sick one day. he broke the law yes but do you honestly believe reporting the issue to the people creating the problem would fix anything?

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Someone once said, if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. Well if I have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to look for.

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>doesn't mention what he thinks is the Right Thing
You sure showed us with all your arguments anon.

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He is absolutely right.

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Goebbles if i recall correctly.

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This desu. Eisenhower warned us but Americans didn't listen enough. I really think it's the fault of accepting massive government bc then the next generation grows up with giant government and doesn't understand the supposed reason it got that way bc we were told the reason was a never ending problem so For instance newer Americans just accept the already huge gov as regular and let it expand further then the next generation does the same and now we are were we are today

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We found out that everything was being recorded without warrants. We were never told this before and then the head of nsa lied to congress and the American people about it. We learned a lot

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truly causes one to ponder

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What red tape?
The NSA director at the time lied to the court and it was filmed as well as documented.
If he can lie and get away with it, then there exists no red tape except the one in your mind.

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>is he right anon?

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It's a catchy phrase that makes an interesting point, but unfortunately privacy and free speech are two separate things.

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its an analogy

all analogies are false, because they (as you've already concluded) are comparing two similar but separate things.

whenever i hear an analogy explaining something, i tune out instantly
along with many buzzwords, including the word "buzzword" and most if not all memes and the language that supports memes.

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This level of butt frustration is unironically comfy.

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eheheh i saw the bleach meme on fb

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Acting traitoriously towards a criminal government that respects neither the Constitution nor human rights is not a bad thing.

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>I love terrorism: The Post

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whistle blowing =/= terrorism

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What a measured,well reasoned response.

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Reporting classified government anti-terrorism activities = terrorism

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a.) you're assuming that mass surveillance is both effective and necessary in combating terrorism. We have no evidence of this beyond the promises of the people that are running the surveillance programs, who have a vested interest in continuing and expanding them.
b.) More people are killed every year by falling down stairs than by terrorism. Do we have a multibillion-dollar bureaucracy for posting guards at stairwells, inspecting the shoes of people using stairs, and monitoring who climbs stairs, where, and when? Are we being told that we need to let the government monitor everything we do in order to prevent the tremendous scourge of people falling down the stairs? No. Terrorism is not an existential threat to the nation or its people. It makes scary headlines, but the number of deaths is barely even a drop in the bucket. We should accept terrorism deaths as a sort of "cost of doing business" and not give up any freedom or liberty in the name of preventing them.

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First post best post

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>INCREASINGLY NERVOUS child pornographer claims unrestricted civilian use of encryption doesn't help terrorism for the 7th time this year

Stop whining, it's only a matter of time now. Both major presidential candidates are for encryption-control, you better start wiping those hard drives full of kiddie porn soon.

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cucks will deny this.

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Or as I've recently taken to calling it, NSA plus Shill

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America has always treated people who were not wealthy capitalists like shit. Our nation was founded as an empire, right from the beginning.

>Conquering westwards isn't imperialism
>They were stupid and uneducated, they deserved it!
>The rest of the world needs FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY! otherwise they might do something crazy, like use an atomic bomb on another nation! or perhaps two! one right after the other!
>So you're saying America causes more terror than is committed towards them?
>America wouldn't do that bro, trust me, I know our government.
>People hate us because we're so GOOD and FREE.
>Our intentions are good!
>We need to disarm the population!
>Germans posed a threat to our national security!
>Vietnamese posed a threat to our national security!
>Guatemalans posed a threat to our national security!
>El Salvadorians posed a threat to our national security!
>Muslim cultists are the good guys! We should arm them and train them!
>Muslim cultists are the bad guys! We should blow everything the fuck up.
>Freedom of speech is a right in America!
>Alien and sedition acts
>Espionage act
>Patriot Act

Americucks: defending their terrorist government and psychopathic behavior since 1776.

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Obviously the right thing would be not doing what he did. How retarded are you?

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Not everybody has nothing to hide, obviously. If you have something to hide, you have something to fear. That's why pedos get all buttmad about NSA

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If I don't have anything to say, why should I care about free speech?

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>implying the NSA cares about child pornography, drugs, etc.
they are there for political control and economic espionage


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>government is too incompetent to be trusted with our info
>government is competent enough to be conspiring against us

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>government is a single institution that does not change over time
>intelligence agencies don't exist alongside the judiciary
>intelligence agencies don't commit crimes in the name of "security"
>political control and economic espionage aren't a thing
acute retardation, you say? reality is far more complex than it seems, you literal retard

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No one besides NSA / government shills ever said they don't care about privacy . Well, maybe normies did, but they're not really sentient 'people'

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Yeah, except "abusus non tollit usum".

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>all these faggots sucking their nerd hero's cock imagining how the big bad gubbermint wants to steal all their loli and trap pics

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No one besides terrorists / child pornographers ever said they don't care about security.

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No one at all ever said they don't care about privacy. We just don't think it's an absolute.

We care very much about privacy. We don't want to ban encryption altogether, we just want to regulate it and give the authority the ability to override it with a warrant for national and personal safety.

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So either they're incompetent, and shouldn't be trusted. Or they are competent, and shouldn't be trusted. Either way they shouldn't get to collect information on people.

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Take your unfree lingo someplace else, buddy

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>le false dilemma

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If you don't know Latin, then that means you don't know Law either, which means I don't even know why you're being a part of this discussion. Why be so opinionated about something you don't comprehend in the least?

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yes. 4th amendment is just as important as the 1st.

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i dont have anything to hide AND I keep my thoughts to myself.

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Are you fucking kidding me anon? Do you even know what the fuck you're talking about or just baiting? Jesus fucking christ.

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>We don't want to ban encryption altogether, we just want to regulate it and give the authority the ability to override it with a warrant for national and personal safety.
You're imagining that crypto is like a safe. No matter how strong a safe I build, a safecracker can eventually drill through it. Properly-done crypto isn't like that. Nobody without the key gets in. It protects you from the US government, armed with a lawful court order, as much as it protects you from a Chinese Army hacking team.

And if you deliberately punch a hole in it to enable lawful access, then you can't limit the use of that hole to the people you like. If the backdoor lets in the US government, armed with a lawful court order, it also lets in that Chinese hacking team, as soon as they find the hole.

Once you mandate backdoored crypto you guarantee they'll put a few tens of thousands of their brightest minds to the task of finding that hold, by the way.

Crypto isn't like anything that came before. You can't split the difference. It's one or the other. Either everyone is secure, or nobody is.

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The 4th amendment allows us to do whatever the fuck we want as long as we get a warrant. Stay mad, civilian cuck.

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nice goalpost you moved there, faggot

>> No.56699742

Here's your (You) lad :^)

underrated post

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>What are asymmetric backdoors?

If you don't know jack shit about encryption, then why even comment?

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Snowden didn't leak that people got their shit searched if there was a warrant though.

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Usually you provide a counter-argument... sounds like you don't have one and are just trying to fit in with the rest of the do-gooders. What a pathetic cunt you are.

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You're still a paranoid fag who believes in conspiracy theories.

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>>What are asymmetric backdoors?
As exploitable as regular backdoors, that's what they are. Anyone who knows the trick gets to use the backdoor. If you make finding the skeleton key computationally infeasible, you still have to worry about it being stolen. And as the OPM hack demonstrates, the government isn't the greatest at keeping valuable information secret. Once it is you can't put the cat back in the bag without moving the whole world to a new protocol. That's difficult, as IPv6 boosters have found out.

There's also the small matter that there are non-backdoored algorithms and implementations of them already existing, and they are easily developed and disseminated from countries beyond US borders. What you'll end up doing is give those who know no better compromised crypto, while your terrorists and pedophile bogeymen will continue to have access to and use strong crypto with no backdoors.

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What's so bad about only allowing the use of encryption with backdoors that can only be used by the authorities and only when they have a warrant then?

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>ITT batman vigilantes that knew how fucked everything was and is going to be before it got fucked, yet instead of helping anything they sit behind their computers and jack off to hentai while simultaneously calling normies shills, believing themselves to be the better when instead they are truly the same shills for not doing anything in the first place

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I think the biggest issue with just collecting fucking everything is that people will just start accepting any bullshit as fact because it's in the database. Imagine a world where anyone who disagrees with the government or even powerful individuals can be silenced without any recourse because something illegal was "found" on their profile. The public won't fight for a pedophile no matter what evidence or facts they have. It's an open door to corruption and abuse.

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>You're still a paranoid fag who believes in conspiracy theories.
the NSA is very real, and we tech people know very well what it can or cannot do
this is the tech board, there are not boards dedicated to retards like you, but you can always go >>>/out/ and stay there

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If you understand this sentence, yes.

If you don't, no.

He is right. But our world is changing so fast, less and less people and especially newer generations won't understand why this is.

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No one suggested that we should collect fucking everything, you fucking moron. What we said is simple common sense: you shouldn't have access to encryption so strong that it would allow you to hide crimes. Why do you even need such strong encryption in the first place?

We're suggesting law enforcement should have a master key that can be used in the case of an emergency, that's all.

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>quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
This is not a new problem and it didn't stop us from having a police force in the first place. Everybody knows very well what the police can do if they're corrupt, but ABUSUS NON TOLLIT USUM!

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you keep repeating that meme, but >>56699454
>they are there for political control and economic espionage
not for petty crimes. the real abuse here is that they don't help society, they control it, just like a dictator controls everything that moves, all of that for the benefit of an economic class.

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you cucks let the terrorists in after bombing their countries for the jews now you're arguing everyone should lose their rights because there are terrorists

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I fear an evil government, which is not for the people but against them. A government which doesn't want you healthy, but sick and enslaved. A government so evil, if you don't bow down to it, it will try to make your life miserable or even kill you.

I don't have anything to hide from god. But I have a lot to hide from the government.

When the government becomes the enemy of people and god, then you can call me a traitor.
But I will call you a traitor of god and the humanity as a whole.

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You haven't taken an airplane lately, have you?

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1. that was not the original argument, it was that encryption should be illegal.
2. having a flaw in your design is usually something you would want to avoid regardless of how well your intentions.
3. Having a backdoor that "only one can use" is very hard to ensure. Either you hardcode who has access and then it would be very hard to change, or you make it so dynamic that the keys changes hands so often everyone has it.
Ideally, secure communication would be just that. secure.
The only unsecure places for communication should be at the sender and at the receiver.
Criminals who destroy evidence has always been a problem, there is nothing new here.

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fuck yea he was right. Everyone in the pentagon deserves to be nuked before burning in hell in forever. Fuck them, fuck the government, fuck the cops, and all their supporters. You are enemies of freedom

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>2 things with qualities of freedom must be comparable or else you will die

>> No.56700266

>Fuck cops

What do you think would happen if all cops disappeared?

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> hook line and sinker

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peace love people would assemble and create a new police force, in order to prevent anarchy from breaking out.

>> No.56700418

No, the military would take over policing and niggers would start dying even faster.

>> No.56700434

>Fuck cops
>"what happens when cops are gone?"
>peace and NEW cops

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I notice the people against Snowden usually are anti gun. They don't mind people's privacy being taken away, but taking away their guns would be a million times worse. They even get upset when a national gun registry is proposed, having every gun owner in a national database.

It's so hilariously ironic.

>> No.56700773

look at it this way. In 1776 the colonies revolted against an unjust regime. They created a government for the people, by the people. 250 years later, the government they created is now corrupt and definitely not for the people. With another revolution, at least for a while the new authorities will be better then the previous ones.

>> No.56700778

I'm very pro snowden and very pro gun. The Bill of Rights is being trampled on by current administrations.

>> No.56701138

Eisenhower specifically warned us to beware of the military industrial complex but that obviously fell in deaf ears.

>> No.56701202

Only the 2nd amendment matters

>> No.56701766

You mean reporting unconstitutional actions

>> No.56701819

(You) don't speak for everyone

>> No.56701867

No, no we are not. Your not very good at this Hegelian tactic thing

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>Why do you even need such strong encryption in the first place?

Data protection, intellectual property, basic privacy.

>you shouldn't have access to encryption so strong that it would allow you to hide crimes

>you shouldn't have access to knives so sharp that it would allow you to commit crimes

Having the ability to commit crime is actually still a sign of a free society, otherwise, it is a police state. Crimes have often been committed that have furthered humanity (homosexuality rights, even the founding fathers used encryption against the British). You assume encryption will only be used for crime thus need to break it, while throwing out any consideration for its benefits and legitimate uses. Even good old police work isn't stopped by encryption; there are other methods of finding information. This stinks of another method of population control wrapped up in a "think of the children" scare tactic.

>> No.56702182

This. Not because he exposed the government sitting on people, but because he got American service men killed due to the information he released.

I'm glad he whistle blowed. But trusting Wikileaks to release information with regards to our service men is a bad move.

>> No.56702203

>he got American service men killed due to the information he released

Proof please.

>> No.56702229


If the government won't play by the rules, then neither should the people.

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thought crime


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mindless cultist

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> "What Snowden has stolen and exposed has gone way, way beyond his professed concerns with so-called domestic surveillance programs," Clapper told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in the public hearing. "As a result, we've lost critical foreign intelligence collection sources, including some shared with us by valued partners."

>"What I do want to speak to as the nation's senior intelligence officer is the profound damage that his disclosures have caused and continue to cause. As a consequence, the nation is less safe and its people less secure," Clapper, a retired Air Force lieutenant general, somberly explained.

>The general said troops may die because of Snowden, who once worked in support of the military and even briefly enlisted in the Army before being quickly discharged.

>"What we've seen the last six to eight months is an awareness by these [terrorist] groups...of our ability to monitor communications and specific instances where they've changed the ways in which they communicate to avoid being surveilled or being subject to our surveillance tactics," said NCTC Director Matthew Olsen.

>> No.56702341

>>"troops may die because of Snowden"

>> No.56702373

Snowden != Manning.

>> No.56702447


The same guy that lied under oath? Oh yeah, that Clapper.

>troops may die

I don't see anything else other than speculation here.

For additional reading, check out this debacle:




Stop being so naive. Seriously, do people just swallow blind government stenography without thought? It is frightening.

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He lied to congress about the very same issue and denied what they were doing and then was proven wrong

>> No.56702615

> "What Snowden has stolen and exposed has gone way, way beyond his professed concerns with so-called domestic surveillance programs," Clapper told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in the public hearing. "As a result, we've lost critical foreign intelligence collection sources, including some shared with us by valued partners."

Because, when they found out what the us gouvernment is doing, they don't want anything to do with them? Well.. I don't see anything wrong here. This is a good thing.

>"What I do want to speak to as the nation's senior intelligence officer is the profound damage that his disclosures have caused and continue to cause. As a consequence, the nation is less safe and its people less secure," Clapper, a retired Air Force lieutenant general, somberly explained.

There is no outer threat, the us is rotting from inside. And it stinks.

>>The general said troops may die because of Snowden, who once worked in support of the military and even briefly enlisted in the Army before being quickly discharged.


>"What we've seen the last six to eight months is an awareness by these [terrorist] groups...of our ability to monitor communications and specific instances where they've changed the ways in which they communicate to avoid being surveilled or being subject to our surveillance tactics," said NCTC Director Matthew Olsen.

Calling your own people terrorists now?

Pitting people against people. A very old game, many kings have already played.

>> No.56702819

good. the more damage done to the government the better. The goal is to tear this fucking system out by the root. We will bleed them dry. Enemies of freedom, deserve no freedom

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There's no red tape moron. There's evidence NSA employees were spying on their spouses all the time casually. That's only one example of how open the spying is.

>> No.56703430

can't wait for Trump to hang him on the White House lawn desu senpai

>> No.56703436 [DELETED] 

The worst part is that you're serious.

>> No.56703451

As a native English speaker this anon sounds like a fucking faggot.

>> No.56703453 [DELETED] 


>> No.56703483

CIA nigger

>> No.56703623

Maybe I want to hide the shape of my Penis. Maybe I want to hide with what person I sleep and when. Maybe I want to hide when i go to shower. Maybe I want to hide who I love and when I love. Maybe I just want some fucking privacy and not a camera in my bathroom. Is this so hard to understand?

Fucking anti-privacy retards. "Du huh install a camera in my shower please i don't care. let a camera follow me everywhere around, and when i fuck up something let the whole world and my friends know it that I'm a retard."

If you can't even trust your friends with everything, sometimes you can't even trust family. Then you should even less trust the government.

First they came for the truthers, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a truther.

Then they came for the privacy fags, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a privacy fag.

Then they came for the christians, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a christian.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

>> No.56703747

This is what you get nowadays if you free the people from their corrupt, war mongering, world enslaving, lying, self righteous, constitution betraying government.

If the government and the responsible people will go to hell. You realize, because of your sympathy, you may unwillingly follow them?

You shouldn't follow corrupt people so light-minded.

>> No.56703773

Tbh senpai

>> No.56703798

No one is literally going to watch you masturbate on the shower you fucking idiot that's not what they collect

>> No.56703825

Wow what a terrible analogy

>> No.56703864 [DELETED] 

>I don't want privacy, so I don't need the right to privacy
>I don't need free speech, so I don't need freedom of speech

You failed at elementary school English class analogies.

>> No.56703911

I imagine they collect all spoken words, by saving it in a text format, because this way it needs less storage capacity.

If someone is suspicious they may also record audio files. With GPS you can be localised when you are at the toilet and when not. By audio, and hearing the flushing, they can even know when you are finished.

They know when you look at porn. They know your political position. They know when and where you meet your friends and what you ate, because you tell it on facebook.

Don't deny it, anon. They know everything, also when you fap.

You use google, right? Well you are an open book now.

>> No.56703935

I think the analogy is pretty good.

>> No.56703955

>he thinks advertisers don't want to buy his shower behaviour data

>> No.56703959

Where's the one where he's sucking Putin's cock and being an obedient puppet?

>> No.56703967

This is not what was implied you dumbfuck.

>He's right he's just 20 years late.
read that as
>someone should have done what he did 20 years ago

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Too bad there is no way of validating that.

>> No.56703976 [DELETED] 

>They know when you look at porn.
Exactly lol. They know in real time when people are jacking off as it happens. They could easily view through the cam or listen to people beating their meats. Surely there's some creepy homos and voyeuristic women at the NSA who gets off on this. Not only that, you could be recorded and if they're amoral enough the NSA employees could create some warez to blackmail people for anything they want or take revenge on spouses, people they know etc. The surely have the technical skill to do it to, so trust that there are people in the NSA who would do it.

>> No.56703992


>everyone i don't like is putin

Is it just me or is it laughably obvious the amount of anti-Russian propaganda doing the rounds?

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Or maybe Snowden is being sheltered in Russia and being trotted out to tv shows for propaganda purposes?

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Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

>> No.56704053


I mean in the west in general there has been massive anti-Russian propaganda. Everything is either anti-Putin, anti-Russia, everything is Russia's fault etc. It's the west's latest bad guy after Assad but that ain't working out too well, is it?

>> No.56704074 [DELETED] 

>nothing to say, no reason to have freedom of speech

>> No.56704075

So I guess you are trying to confirm that Snowden shills are also Russia shills?

>> No.56704235
File: 344 KB, 624x414, 1453771184584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got something to hide, pedo?


>> No.56704243 [DELETED] 

Got nothing to say, literal retard?

>> No.56704260 [DELETED] 

Got nothing to say, pro-police state bootlicking shill?

>> No.56704275 [DELETED] 

Got no reason to open your mouth except for letting federal government dick down your throat?

>> No.56704281
File: 99 KB, 440x240, sbmdeer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So why don't you run around naked all day if you have nothing to hide.

Have you thoughts you don't speak out loudly? Then you are lying, you are already hiding something.

Privacy is a natural thing. EVERY thought we have is private. It's our own. And only if we want to, we share it.

But with the IQ of people nowadays, I sometimes get the feeling they don't have any thoughts. Their mouth moves, I hear them talk, but I get the feeling they don't do any self conscious thinking.

Maybe this is why some people have nothing to hide, because they really have nothing. No thoughts of their own, they are empty inside like a shell.

Do you remember beautiful moments from years ago. Maybe you have seen a Deer. And you didn't tell anyone, because you treasure this moment. And feel like you would destroy it by talking about it.

Why is this a bad thing? Am I not allowed to keep those moments as a treasure? Am I a terrorist, because I don't want to talk about me seeing a wild animal?

You guys have nothing to hide, because you have nothing worthwhile to hide.

You are jealous of the people who actually have something to hide, beautiful memories for example.

As long as we have something to hide, we are human. When we got nothing to hide, we are enslaved herd animals.

But we live in a time, where most people won't even get what I'm saying.

>> No.56704302


No. I mean in general. Nothing to do with Snowden, although him being in Russia helps the government narrative against both him and Putin. Snowden would not be in Russia just now if the US government had not revoked his passport stranding him there.

>> No.56704306

They fear a german russian alliance.

>> No.56704327

fuck. thats actually a good way to put it. bt he's an evil dude haha LMAO

>> No.56704426

Government surveillance programs do not threaten privacy unless they uncover illegal activities, and that if they do uncover illegal activities, the person committing these activities does not have the right to keep them private.

>> No.56704433

>voyeuristic women
>tfw a cute national sexy administration cutey fapping to your hard cock over your webcam and you will never meet her
sucks tobh

>> No.56704445

>Government surveillance programs do not threaten privacy unless they uncover illegal activities

How are these illegal activities uncovered?

>> No.56704471 [DELETED] 

>a crime is not committed unless it happens under surveillance

Do you shills even believe the horseshit you actually believe.

>> No.56704477

>if they do uncover illegal activities, the person committing these activities does not have the right to keep them private.
you're confusing natural and legal rights
this is a country where it's illegal to distribute 128-bit numbers - how on earth do you trust these clowns to completely arbitrate what you're allowed to do in your own home

>> No.56704516

But they can only find out but spying on EVERYONE.
Also the people who did nothing wrong.
This creates an environment of fear.

And suddenly everyone doesn't want to do anything wrong.

"Oh no, don't say that, you know they listening and can hear everything...... you know better that you are not allowed to say something bad about the government."

Do you want to live in such a world? Isn't it bad enough, already?

>> No.56704532

Calling good guys evil is an act of evil.

>> No.56704560 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 644x323, COINTELPRO.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56704731

I wanted to dismiss it off hand. but that's actually a little thought provoking.that implies that we should have something to hide. that it is the right thing to hide something. which I suppose is part of society now. that we all wear masks and hide our true selves except from a select few. hmm. so yeah. I guess until we have reached a point in society where any secret could be revealed without everyone else over reacting and say killing him or harm them for something as stupid as having the biological reaction of erection to preteens. then yeah. we definitely need privacy. possibly always.

>> No.56704969

It's more so that a government is nefarious in it's desires to spy on you. Because there is no good reason why thr government needs to know these things. Likewise with freedom of speech. Even if you don't have anything to say, government has 0 good reason to censor people, and a stste heavy handed with censorship can/will only use this for draconian purposes.

>> No.56704983

This is 100% true under due process.
That's why we have warrants.
That's really not what snowden was talking about though...

>> No.56705027 [DELETED] 

You bootlicking shills are disgusting.

Take a look at some of the things that happen when anyone has the power to use mass surveillance. >>56704560

This is what the FBI illegally did to American citizens using mass surveillance. Who protects the citizens against an oppressive government? What protects citizens? The protection could start with the right to privacy and the right of freedom of speech.

Do you morons not know about COINTELPRO and the FBI's history? This is just one example of the abuses of power that always happen with mass surveillance. How about learning about the history of East Germany and the Stasi. Fucking morons.

>> No.56705058

don't know draconian off the top of my head. but yeah. the government should have little to no reason to spy on it's own citizens. and I'm annoyed at any use of censorship. it's never beneficial. no good is actually gained by hiding something someone said. I do find it interesting how little faith in the government there seems to be recently. that bodes well for the future. except for the whole Trump thing

>> No.56705074

I'm sorry why did I get tagged?

>> No.56705075

>How about learning about the history of East Germany and the Stasi. Fucking morons.

This is the problem with people anon. They do not learn from history and either believe in a benevolent government, or, any old propaganda from the government towards its 'enemy'

>> No.56705088 [DELETED] 

Because you're a fucking moronic bootlicker.

>> No.56705091

>due process and warrants are bootlicking now.

>> No.56705101

well it's close. I think the real problem is that we think we or us or I. are smarter than them. which we generally aren't

>> No.56705121

>I think the real problem is that we think we or us or I. are smarter than them. which we generally aren't

Knowing about the abuses from history does not make one smarter than another, simply less ignorant. The problem comes from people that are then wilfully ignorant when informed of the abuses and do nothing to effect change.

>> No.56705128

Not having the right to privacy doesnt prevent me from doing anything

Not having the right to speech actually limits my freedom

The analogy is shit

>> No.56705137

I more meant that that didn't seem like a reply to me. or atleast it's partially non-sequitur. since I didn't say I was for the invasion of privacy or that I trusted the government. my post was just pondering the letter of the original picture. and the relation of privacy to speech. and our in alienable rights to them. but our fear of our government is certainly an interesting thing. since it is ours. and since they atleast partially claim to want to do the right thing. also generally I would advice against making decisions based on fear. but. no I don't think we should give the government anything. no more information and no more power

>> No.56705141 [DELETED] 

No, if they support a surveillance police state they are morons. It doesn't matter if they didn't know what's happening or if they do know and do nothing about it, they are morons either way.

>> No.56705156


>i only think in extremes, the post

>> No.56705160 [DELETED] 

Snowden is saying people like you 'have nothing to say' that you are an unthinking moron or a bootlicking police state shill, so 'you don't need freedom of speech' because you're just a typical sheeplike retard of the masses.

>> No.56705167
File: 15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"The fact is, your making us all look bad"

Still though, i wish his "three days of condor" move went better than it did, way too much abuse coming from that there 4th state.

>> No.56705169

I'm not saying they think they're smarter because they know about history. I mean that they just think they are smarter. everyone thinks they are the smartest bestest main character and that we are the best generation. well we aren't all generations and people and populations are the same idiotic groupings of morons. so I agree that we need to learn from history but I'm saying that even with that people would be like "nah we're fine. we fixed the specific problem, and everythings better anyways. we're awesome and better and smarter than them."

>> No.56705179

Yeah stripping away due process doesn't interfere with your freedom at all.
Ask all the people who were in Gulags after show trials how "free" they were.

>> No.56705197

>better and smarter than them
This is the general long term trend in history yes.
You don't think today's academic are smarter than X years ago? Or our technology is better, or our standard of living?

>> No.56705198

I think the point is that the government will find a way to restrict your freedoms using all the information they have on everything that you do

>> No.56705212

You don't spy on innocent law abiding citizens to "protect their freedom" you do it for the opposite.

>> No.56705228

I think that some of the people on this thread are too ready to go on the attack. probably because they are motivated by the fear that this will be something terrible and they have to convince the other idiots of this site of all sites to care and be on the right side so we can vote. or something. as if any of that would make a difference. it's not like Trump or Hillary would do anything to stop this. they both would won't the increase of usable information. so we're fucked either way.

>> No.56705249

That's an elaborate way to spin it, good job. But the point of it is saying just because your not using your rights doesn't mean you won't, that even though for now you may be within safety and comfort, if allowed to run rampant, intelligence agencies in this country (and others) could quickly devolve to a autocratic panopticon prison state. Its kind of akin to "I may not agree with his words but would fight to the death for his right to say them", he really is patriotic, and what he did is truly only illegal in the sense of its impact to global socioeconomic/political relations. My opinion, intelligence should stay foreign, degrades the cultural validity otherwise.

>> No.56705264

There's Johnson.
But American's are to stupid to vote for any party but the republicans or Democrats.
Imagine how fucked the rest of the world would be under this system

>> No.56705273

This. Arguing over it is useless, it's gonna happen whether we like it or not. Best we can do is prepare and make sure the backdoors they put in are as safe as they can be.

>> No.56705293 [DELETED] 
File: 54 KB, 900x393, BenFranklin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The same people that don't understand Snowden's statements also don't understand Ben Franklin's quote here.

>> No.56705303


Well, if history has taught us anything is that Middle Easterners, South Americans and general third-worlders have much more to fear from an evil American government than we Americans ourselves.

>> No.56705318

If history has taught us anything it's to never challenge ideas or policy, and just submit to government.

>> No.56705344 [DELETED] 
File: 131 KB, 481x361, SubmittingToGovernment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Typical opinion of a coward and a bootlicker. It amazes me how much Americans hate freedom these days. The majority of Americans prove to be unamerican in this way.

>> No.56705345

No, it is terrible.

>some people have something to say, therefore free speech is important
>some people have something to hide, therefore privacy is important

See? It just doesn't translate.

>> No.56705348

haha or there's always the other thing, not great choices either way.

>> No.56705349

>all this religous bullshit.
Ahmed or christfag?
Either way please don't shoot up planned parenthood or someshit over cakes or liberty or whatever triggers you.

>> No.56705360 [DELETED] 

You obviously have reading comprehension problems.

>> No.56705364
File: 418 KB, 931x1600, house.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.

Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

>> No.56705365

>people should have the soul determination, theirs and theirs alone, of whether they speak or not.

fixed it for you

>> No.56705366

Daily reminder that encryptards already got absolutely fucking #REKT and BTFO in this thread: >>56641930

>> No.56705368 [DELETED] 

>reading is hard

>> No.56705388

ironically they think they're being smart for not wasting their vote on Johnson

>> No.56705414

yep. this is why we're still British. and the french still have a monarchy

>> No.56705417
File: 113 KB, 550x446, large_img_line14-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Most Americans prove to be unamerican by being anti-immigration too, but you never complain about that.

>> No.56705435

anti-encryption..on /g/ ? wow the shillings getting too real

>> No.56705439 [DELETED] 

>straw man argument

Stick to the subject, this is about people descended from Americans who built this country, not about immigrants who want to come after the fact centuries later and mooch of it.

We're talking about a few freedoms that are American by nature, right to privacy, and freedom of speech, and neither should be treaded on.

>> No.56705445

lol, not anti- *ILLEGAL* immigration, right?

>> No.56705449

Ofc anon. Could you imagine if 51% of the electoral college all just threw away their vote for Gary Johnson!?!?
Precisely resistance is futile!

>> No.56705463

The statue of liberty was just a gift from the french, Immigrants think it's there because it's represents our stance on immigration as a whole.

>> No.56705464

I don't think the current governments involved are necessarily evil and it can be argued its good to stop terrorism, pedos ect.

But my issue is that we won't have the same government in 40 years time and who's not to say we don't have an ultra left wing though police government(s)? They will easily be able to silence people with secret police with this level of surveillance.

>> No.56705482

I can translate this to Republican for you.
>Dems control all three houses.
>pass really strict gun control.
>republican try to stem back this, understand the large chunk of American gun owning patriots now technicaly criminals but republicans stand up for them.
>dems want to forcibly take away all their guns.

>> No.56705502


The difference between legal and "illegal" immigration is a technicality, brah. Illegal is actually a buzzword, every immigrant is legal, those are just undocumented.


>all new immigrants just want to leech off of us

That's prejudiced. The only true difference between past and present immigrants is their skin color.


No, it's a national symbol, you fucking idiot.

>> No.56705536

Illegals mooch less since they are eligbwfor MUCHHH less benwfiwand social security bullshit. That's why retards argue this one to the complete opposite degree saying they are too hardworking and as a result "taking our jobs"

>> No.56705538


Just legalize it, you fucking moron. There, problem solved.

>> No.56705539

two things. one it wouldn't need to be 51%. it would just have to be higher than the next highest which could be something like 34%. and two no. the electoral college has the power to disregard the people. and even then it's a full swing. so that means we'd need both california and Texas basically to not vote for the candidate that they are definitely voting for and instead vote with enough of an amount to make the electoral college vote for him. also on that note I believe it's been said that certain electoral college members have said that they will never put Trump down.

>> No.56705551

>The difference between legal and "illegal" immigration is a technicality, brah. Illegal is actually a buzzword
We're not talking about new laws being passed, we're talking about the laws on the books being enforced, just like with gun laws now.

>> No.56705558 [DELETED] 

>That's prejudiced. The only true difference between past and present immigrants is their skin color.

There were whites, blacks, and asians coming here then, and there are whites, blacks, and asians coming here now. So you're incorrect.

Stick to the topic you derailing morons. All you morons have is straw man arguments. And you're all a bunch of coward bootlicking morons.

>> No.56705577

if you would have asked me 5 or 8 years ago I'd say it'd be very likely that that would happen. but one beacon of light from all the shit that has happened in the last few years has definitely made the average citizen terrified of the government and wanting to bring it down to size. sooo. Thanks Obama?

>> No.56705590


>there were whites, blacks, and asians coming here then
Blacks didn't immigrate, they were enslaved and brought in forcefully.

>there are whites, blacks, and asians coming here now
And Indians, and Arabs... you seem to be determined to be wrong.

>> No.56705600

you say bootlicking morons alot. do you need to talk about something? something important and personal in your life? that scarred you?

>> No.56705610

Laws were obviously passed previously that's why it's "illegal" you dense motherfucker.
How is it a strawman? You said they are leaches but they are not eligible for most welfare stare benefits.
I thought electoral college required majority? No? Im Canadian so idk. Though secondly that's bullshit. The electoral college can't really do that. They have the POWER. however technically the Governor General or even in some very rare cases the queen can block legislation in Canada, dissolve government and many other residual powers. However barring any very MAJOR situations this would cause fucking mutiny. Electoral college, as retarded a system as it is, still has to respect democracy to hold legitimacy.

>> No.56705618
File: 11 KB, 146x225, le_argument_man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice arguments there, jackass.

>> No.56705620 [DELETED] 
File: 8 KB, 220x239, Political_chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shut the fuck up you partisan moron. The authoritarian vs libertarian political spectrum is completely separate from the liberal vs conservative spectrum. Being as dumb as you and the masses are, this is how both parties have created the surveillance police state in America today. While you bicker about left vs right politics, both parties have worked together to increase statism and instituted increasingly authoritarian policies and programs.

>> No.56705628 [DELETED] 

Shut the fuck up bitch.

>> No.56705638
File: 537 KB, 1077x800, 1431603388194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Laws were obviously passed previously that's why it's "illegal" immigration you dense motherfucker.
Exactly, at least now you're admitting I was right to begin with.
lol, pic related.

>> No.56705657

not all states require all of the electoral votes to follow anything. there was a guy who wrote Tylaer or some shit instead of the actual guy because he was drunk at the time. so the national vote had the correct name. the other guy. and one vote for that fucked up spelling. it's fucking hilarious. but the US is filled with willful ignorants who don't want the responsibility of knowledge. so they just assume that our votes go directly to the president and when it's shown that it doesn't we white middle class riot which consists of standing outside Hobby Lobby and yelling for two weeks and that's it.

>> No.56705661

>Obongo/Bush make a giant powerful surveillance machine and big government with the power to ignore due process with the best intentions.
>hand it all over to trump.

>> No.56705675
File: 64 KB, 572x675, dasboot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56705701

Sure. But if you win enough votes and stated, and don't become president people will riot. That isn't to say the whole college is perfect or won't fuck up or some dude won't write trump or something. But as a whole it will reflect the will of the people or it will be fucked.
Did you miss the entire point of my retard friendly analogy?

>> No.56705703

.... I'm not disagreeing with anything you said. I'm just saying that during Obama's term people became tired of the bullshit. that Bush started and Obama brought home. of giving the president way too much power and fucking executive orders and the patriot act. also I was making the joke that anything that happened during his term was his doing. well yeah it was more that something clicked in the american people where they realized that both parties had made the situation worse. when Ron Paul looked like he was going to run so many people jumped on his bandwagon solely because of how libertarian he was. they didn't care that he was republican and they normally vote democrat. and don't yell at me or people for that. yell at the media.

>> No.56705711

What if Hillary gets elected and bans worship of frog gods, but you are extremely devout pepe worshiper. Will you not want the ability to hide it so the government doesn't put a stake up your ass and burn you alive by the washington monument?

>> No.56705716

naaaah. how instead of that you open up and tell us what's actually bothering you

>> No.56705740

lol, did you miss where you admitted I was right to begin with which made your retarded analogy completely irrelevant?

>> No.56705741

please don't hand it over to Trump. atleast I can be comfortable in the fact that possibly Clinton still has an 80% chance regardless of what happens. since certain states haven't changed their votes in decades.

>> No.56705755

>mfw when this is legitimately a valid point in 2016.
I can't tell if i am happy or terrified of the state of affairs.

>> No.56705756
File: 15 KB, 360x202, 789e019eb3a0ae8d9b540d8768eff35b1-e1449692218407-1-e1466703378225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hillary is not the one threatening to break the 1st amendment, anon.

>> No.56705758

Unless they're prosecuting you as a traitor or a terrorist. What if in ten years they retroactively enact a law saying that use of nmap is an act of hacking/terrorism? Then most legitimate /g/-nerds are fucked.

>> No.56705764

who would win in a fight?

>> No.56705769


Now this is the kind of unconstitutional and unamerican but populist shit that should just outright disqualify you from even running for president.

>> No.56705774

and this is why Gore is our President. he won the popular vote. but even still we might would actually do something after it happened but it would be after and we'd have no power to fix or change the president

>> No.56705776

>threatening to break the 1st amendment
0/10. Step your game up, this is just pathetic.

>> No.56705800

it's a heavy handed metaphor designed to insight quoting
if he wanted to be deep he could have said
>privacy is a prerequisite for happiness

>> No.56705803 [DELETED] 
File: 56 KB, 850x400, Hitler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isn't Godwin's law because this is actually relevant. Trump uses this particular tactic that worked for Hitler.

>> No.56705826

>muh literally hitler

>> No.56705834

>my candidate wants the throw the book at anyone who as much as casually touches marijuana, maximum sentences and all. A Marijuana task force
>but you are misrepresenting him, he is not anti "marijuana" he is simply anti "illegal marijuana"
>he doesn't even want to pass new marijuana legislation just enforce what we have already so your stupid points about draconian laws or we as a society, and a government moving away from this and not enforcing marijuana laws to the fullest are invalid indicators that he is antimarijuana.
>he wholly supports legal marijuana consumption he is basically pro marijuana!

>> No.56705840

Doesn't say anything about banning islam just about securing the boarders. Anyway this is not /pol/

>> No.56705852

Bush won off Florida recount. I counted states didn't I? I never said American elections were decided by federal "popular" vote.

>> No.56705853

>step one: run a populous campaign based on assertion of power against unknown foes, non-sequiters, and pure outlandishness; turning any criticism into an accusation against your oppisition.

>step two: ???????

>step three: massive huge fantastic profits

>> No.56705854
File: 41 KB, 400x469, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56705859

>99% of muslims support terrorists
>banning muslims temporary is unconstitutional

nigga you want another 9/11?

>> No.56705863 [DELETED] 

Appealing to your emotions is what he's referring to as "crudest and most stupid things." You don't like Trump because you think he's rational, you like Trump because he satisfies your primitive instincts.

>> No.56705865

Hitler rebuilt a broken nation. Also calling everyone Hitler is getting real old. Also... >>/pol/

>> No.56705867

>this is not /pol/
I wonder why it looks so though... oh, I get it, it's because mods don't enforce GR#3!

>> No.56705869

Great arguement.

>> No.56705879

>unknown foes

>> No.56705880


But that was the Mossad, anon.

>> No.56705894

Im more afraid of the government than a few goat fuckers desu senpai.

>> No.56705903
File: 200 KB, 512x384, eye roll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56705906
File: 132 KB, 1160x420, 14324635_1195019607217092_3065470466129709129_o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder that there are more effective ways to stop islamic terrorism, i. e., stop giving them weapons. We just bombed the shit out of Assad's troops and helped ISIS retake massive strategical positions, we should be talking about our foreign policy before anything else if stopping Islamic terrorism truly is a concern.

>> No.56705911

Obama saying he would get judged by a "jury of his peers" is the biggest fucking lie of the decade. Icing on the cake is that Obama campaigned on the ideals of transparent government while ramping up extremely secretive operations on every level of government. He is right, and such hardline opinions are necessary because the government as it is would sniff your ass and copy the smell if it could.

In my country, illicitly reading a minister's account is years in prison. Why is doing so on us taxpayers and voters, those who prop up democracy easy and normal? RMS is right when he says politics will never leave tech alone. We don't need the IT staff reading (or in Clinton's case, editing) emails or the NSA snooping our drives, we need competent investigation forces because more often than not when it comes down to terrorism or corruption, somebody already knew about it.

>> No.56705912 [DELETED] 
File: 302 KB, 1200x1600, ZionistTrump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't call Trump Hitler. Trump is hardly anything like Hitler where it matters. Trump's daughter is Jewish, Trump's son-in-law who bred Ivanka is Jewish, Trump's grandkids are born Jewish. Also, Trump is a Zionist and has a history of supporting the state of Israel.

Yet, the /pol/ morons worship Trump and imagine he's anything like Hitler, even though he's not at all where it matters.

Basically, if you support Trump you're a moron and if you shill for any politician you're just as brainwashed.

>> No.56705931


Ah, so NOW you're worried about terrorism?

Blatantly breaking the 1st amendment is okay in order to fight terrorism, but creating perfectly secure asymmetric backdoors meant to be used only with a warrant (therefore not breaking the 4th amendment) to catch terrorists is the end of the world apparently!

>> No.56705940

I'm curious, do people who support Snowden not know that he leaked information on the US's international spying operations? Or do they think that leaking that information is okay.

I'd like to believe it's ignorance and not retardation.

>> No.56705949

Why would it be okay?
Many sovereign allied Nations were implicated.

>> No.56705954

No one's arguing otherwise, but importing more and more potentially dangerous Muslims with no way to vet them is pure stupidity.

>> No.56705971


north kotea isnt that bad.

>> No.56705973

>This isn't Godwin's law...

>> No.56705975

How about the part where the US was pinpoint-accuracy assassinating journalists?

The thing about the NSA and other centers is that they store huge amounts of data and no organization can leak these things to the 100% accuracy of their intended motive. But in doing so, he has shown all from a neutral stance.

>> No.56705977

the point being that it doesn't matter who the foe is, islamic terrorism is just a stand in, just that whatever it is were gunna win it. Its basically the red scare, or the next it could be crime, regardless.

>Oh hey guyz lets help them rascally mujahideen,
>Bad news guyz rebel factions, extremests
>Lets support the other rebels they're on our side.
>Bad news...

rinse repeat for a few decades, some people are motivated by preserving fredoms, some by fighting the bad guys. Its a manipulation, and i hope you see that.

>> No.56705986

lol what a faggot he's scared of being blown to bits by a bearded man
I bet you avoid flying on airplanes and think 9/11 was coordinated by Osama Bin Laden

>> No.56706008

Snowden gave 20% of what he stole to the Guardian and other journalists. He then said it would BE UP TO THE JOURNOS TO DECIDE WHAT GETS LEAKED.

So technically Snowden leaked nothing to the general public, the papers did.

Interesting note, WaPo, that sleazy rag run by Bezos of Amazon Inc, published early Snowden material (of their choosing) then recently wrote an attack piece on Snowden saying he should get life in prison.

tl;dr media are scum, blame them for any problem with the snowden docs

>> No.56706013

No ones talking about breaking the 1st amendment, not Trump, not anyone. We're talking about putting a temporary hiatus on letting in Islamic immigrates until they can be vetted. No foreigner has a right to enter this country without going through the proper channels.

>> No.56706014

Right. But this isn't fucking europe where they can just walk in.

We vet everyone before they come in, and they have no way of just coming here, terrorists are better off applying for student Visa's.
I also think taking in more than you can reasonably assimilate or what have you is stupid, but again the USA, and even Canada are taking extreme Vetting processes and such a small number it's hardly a campaign issue.
If a candidate were to step on people's religious liberties on the other hand...

>> No.56706016 [DELETED] 

Here's why you're even more a moron. The truth is that you support Trump and you also favor Hitler and YOU compare Hitler to Trump regardless that he's not anything like Hitler. But here you are having the audacity to say that I'm the one calling Trump Hitler when in fact YOU compare Trump to Hitler and favor both of them. It's you morons posting memes with Trump looking like a Hitler figure.

I doubt you could get any more hypocritical. Such is the hypocrisy of a literal retard.

>> No.56706021

>the point being that it doesn't matter who the foe is

>> No.56706026

Whilst I agree that >if you support Trump you're a moron and if you shill for any politician you're just as brainwashed.
In neglecting to mention Clinton supporters are equally retarded you've shown your bias.

>> No.56706041

>But this isn't fucking europe where they can just walk in.
lol, they could walk in through the southern boarder anytime they wanted too.

>> No.56706046

I only see Hillary supporters comparing Trump to Hitler. Sure some /pol/ people probably think that way secretly, it is only in a sladerous tone that I ever see the comparison made. So the assumptions for this topic are really against you.

>> No.56706055

Not him.
But falling for a populist is going full retard.
I hate Hillary immensely arguably just as much, but she is not a populist. Her supporters are my ideological oppents, but that doesn't speak of their intelligence, you can be smart or stupid and support her. If you want to compare candidates supporters by education level...

>> No.56706060

>The truth is that you support Trump and you also favor Hitler
You should probably stop now, you're just embarrassing yourself at this point.

>> No.56706070

Oh i forgot Mexico was an Islamic country with a civil war and mass migration, with everyone being granted "refugee status" carry on then.

>> No.56706080

>If you want to compare candidates supporters by education level...
...you mean indoctrination level?

>> No.56706083

I'm aware, look its not an easy call what he did, truly he had some balls to take a stand for it, and displayed a little more precaution than just dumping say, lists of operatives in foreign countries or intentionally causing chaos. He relied on journalists to make the call on what was appropriate, it makes it difficult when the united states finds it appropriate to take foreign intelligence apparatuses and point them back home, if not criminal by current standards, its is at least worrisome and pushes the scales of checks and balances considering the huge amount of power asymmetric information holds to those that have it. The thought that this is possibly all one elaborate half-hold out has not slipped my mind though.

>> No.56706129

Sure thing Cletus.

>> No.56706160

Mexico is a corrupt failed state illegally bleeding refugees into the United States, the idea that an Islamic terrorist couldn't easily fly in, bribe some Mexican officials, and walk across the southern U.S. boarder is laughable.

This is why the southern boarder desperately needs to be controlled. This is a national security concern.

>> No.56706172

whats your point? Because I think your making mine for me.
>oh geez they're cutting peoples heads off.
>because thats our soul reason for being there, ethics and humanity.

>> No.56706173

>now he's resorted to name calling

>> No.56706194

>whats your point?

How many times am I going to need to post this for you?

>> No.56706231

its obviously a bit different
freedom of speech = freedom TO DO something
right to privacy = freedom FROM something
so they aren't totally comparable rights in the first place. one involves what you can do, the other what others can do to you.

but eh he is right in his message, they're equally retarded arguments when discussing policies

both are okay reasons for "why I care or don't care about this or that policy on a personal level", they're just explanations for why this policy doesn't make me feel anything much. I don't even care about privacy that much, it doesn't make me feel one way or the other, yet it is one of the things I consider when voting or donating to a party/candidate or whatever

>> No.56706239

You can follow this logic until you are sitting in a padded room guarded by 7,000 guards for your whole life amd still get fucked.
Your scenario is possible. But 100% unlikely. Why not just go straight to America via a passport? Muslim ban? Fake it. Arab ban? Get the pasty fuck to do it?
America is a no flight zone and shoots down all planes in it's airspace? Get a Muslim already in America to do it.
I could go on for days but you get the idea.
Considering how uncommom terrorist attacks are in NA and how Little they impact your life, fear really shouldn't impact Any policy decisions.

>> No.56706287

The world is a scary place anon i know. But fear shouldn't dictate wide spread political action.

>> No.56706291

>no one's talking about breaking the 1st amendment
>we just wanna select people by religion
The worst part is you aren't actually aware of your own cognitive dissonance, you actually believe that is perfectly in consonance with the 1st amendment!

>> No.56706334
File: 83 KB, 564x402, trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The truth is that you support Trump and you also favor Hitler
What exactly is your point for saying this?

>You should probably stop now, you're just embarrassing yourself at this point.

Here's why you're even more a moron. The truth is that you support Trump and you also favor Hitler and YOU compare Hitler to Trump regardless that he's not anything like Hitler. But here you are having the audacity to say that I'm the one calling Trump Hitler when in fact YOU compare Trump to Hitler and favor both of them. It's you morons posting memes with Trump looking like a Hitler figure.

You're not fooling anyone. See, immediately when your stupidity is called out you backpeddle, or deflect.

>morons like you make images like this and spread it around 4chan
>you morons compare Trump to Hitler and you favor this image of him as a Hitler figure

It is YOU morons who try to make it look like Trump is like Hitler. Trump is nothing like Hiter. Trump is a Judaized cuck.

This is how stupid Trumpcucks are. And then you have the audacity to say I'm saying Trump is like Hitler. You have shit for brains.

>> No.56706363
File: 83 KB, 564x402, trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You should probably stop now, you're just embarrassing yourself at this point.
What exactly is your point for saying this?

Here's why you're even more a moron. The truth is that you support Trump and you also favor Hitler and YOU compare Hitler to Trump regardless that he's not anything like Hitler. But here you are having the audacity to say that I'm the one calling Trump Hitler when in fact YOU compare Trump to Hitler and favor both of them. It's you morons posting memes with Trump looking like a Hitler figure.

You're not fooling anyone. See, immediately when your stupidity is called out you backpeddle, or deflect.

>morons like you make images like this and spread it around 4chan
>you morons compare Trump to Hitler and you favor this image of him as a Hitler figure

It is YOU morons who try to make it look like Trump is like Hitler. Trump is nothing like Hiter. Trump is a Judaized cuck.

This is how stupid Trumpcucks are. And then you have the audacity to say I'm saying Trump is like Hitler. You have shit for brains.

>> No.56706400

>Your scenario is possible. But 100% unlikely.
100%? That's it, you're done. Unless you're clairvoyant and can see the future you just admitted you're completely irrational in your thoughts and ideas.
>But fear shouldn't dictate wide spread political action.
What about fear of starvation? Fear of violence? How deluded you are that you actually believe that. Some political actions have always been driven by an element of fear. nothing new or scary about it.
>we just wanna vet immigrates for safety reasons
lol, ftfy. Same as if we had an ebola scare, we need to protect public safety. If you're not found to be a danger? Cool, come on in!
Wow. Enjoy my last reply, Anon.

>> No.56706418

>Wow. Enjoy my last reply, Anon.
Enjoy being pro-police state fascist bootlicking shill. You moron.

>> No.56706420
File: 120 KB, 717x742, 1474322466667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

False argument

Some people have nothing to hide
NO BODY has nothing to say



>> No.56706447
File: 377 KB, 668x412, TrumpcuckMeme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>look familiar you moron?

>Trump shills making memes that glorify Trump as Hitler or a Nazi

When in fact Trump is a fucking Zionist with a Jewish family now.

>> No.56706459

most amerifats are too dumb to understand this post
brits rule the world by controlling isreal therefore controlling America by proxy deal with it

>> No.56706467
File: 21 KB, 328x328, Bart_and_Milhouse_Laughing_crop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, this guy right here! Ok, one last (you)...

>> No.56706482

This is how stupid Trump supporters are. Cowardly, hypocritical, stupid.

>> No.56706498

>ad hominem

>> No.56706503

Yes he's right
And /g/ should do the same: ditch their false solution of using open source software and attack the real problem: Government.

>> No.56706523

It's not ad hominem you moron, Trumpcucks being morons IS my argument not an attack on an argument by attacking your character. My whole point is that the character of a Trump supporter is moronic, you are stupid people and hypocritical.

I just showed how Trump supporters on 4chan are the ones comparing Trump as a Hitler figure when he's nothing like Hitler. We all know you're stupid, you favoring Hitler and Trump and comparing them in favor of them is just the proof of how stupid the Trump supporter is.


>> No.56706542

Okay 99.99% happy?
Willing to admit terrorists using the Mexican border woupd be stupid now?

>> No.56706570
File: 19 KB, 480x360, donald-trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a fun guy, I've decided I like you and we should be friends. Close friends. Close like in the butt.
Nah, no deal.

>> No.56706574

>You're a fun guy, I've decided I like you and we should be friends. Close friends. Close like in the butt.


>> No.56706596

So no in the butt?

;___; <(like tears in rain)

>> No.56707652 [DELETED] 


>> No.56708326

>He's right he's just 20 years late.
Better late than never, at least he acted when he had the chance. Shame no one did 20 years before he came along.

>you do realize how much red tape they have to go through
Basically none, that was what most of the scandals were about. Well, they were supposed to go through red tape but they just didn't bother and did it anyway. And it was made retroactively legal.

>> No.56708546

>NSA spies on everyone
>Obama lets in thousands of terrorists regardless
>Terrorists blow shit up in the US
Please remind me why do you need NSA and Patriot act again?

>> No.56708575

to get rid of people who download movies online

>> No.56708855

Nah, fuck that one-hit wonder phony. He's been harping on Assange for releasing the DNC leaks so that Shillary may pardon him.

>> No.56708875

The President has the power to restrict immigration to whomever he chooses. The 1st Amendment only applies to citizens.

>> No.56710820
File: 86 KB, 634x506, 37C16BF700000578-3767201-image-a-60_1472653614419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying fascism is a bad thing

>> No.56710824

You misspelled Bush, 9/11 happened on his watch.

>> No.56710844


Not true. The founding fathers believed in a concept known as "inalienable rights", the rights of any man on earth. These are rights given to you by your "creator" and cannot be taken away by anyone without reason. The Bill of Rights is a listing of these rights, the states of the time were worried that if they were not explicitly protected then a future government could interfere with them so they were written down. The Bill of Rights doesn't give you your rights, it protects them from being taken away. Non-citizens have the same rights, that was the intent behind the Bill of Rights.

>No state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law

>> No.56711900

Unless you're going full on Rockstar mode where you flat out cut yourself off from American society and do what you want when you want, you pretty much have to be. Nobody in this country likes honesty despite say "I'm not PC!" Nobody actually works hard. It is amazing to see just how many little things are designed to fuck you over.

>> No.56712474

Caring about the lives if government henchmen.

>> No.56712475

>patriot act existed 20 years ago

lmao dipshit

>> No.56712525

Privacy and free speech go hand in hand. Why do you think we are anonymous here?

>> No.56712569

It goes hand in hand you nigger, you use privacy to separate what you say from your identity so no one can persecute you for saying certain controversial things.

>> No.56712574

> This terrorist is a traitor
> lol, submissive cuckold.

Holy moly. The edge. My eyes are bleeding just because I looked at it.

>> No.56712611

Yeah snowden is politically biased. Fucking faggot.

>> No.56712641

Yes, he's 100% right. Just because a certain law doesn't affect you right now doesn't mean that it's useless. Laws are meant to protect its citizens, not fuck them over. The moment the government has more power than its human population is the moment any real democracy goes out of the window.

>> No.56712686

That is right. I have nothing to say other than agreeing because I am a sheep. I could have literally said nothing and not reply at all but arguing about the logic that by saying something i.e. agreeing that I have nothing to say (thereby saying something) could be construed as a troll for aspies.

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