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ctrl+f = guts

no guts

we need a new guts thread

post guts

bst + guts also welcomed. show off all the guts and r8 them

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Instead of 'fan stop' they should have just drawn fan. Damn Gigabyte.
480? How is it performing in games?

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It's starting to average around 15c outside these days.

Cpu finally idling below 25c.

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Will this RAM

Work with my ASUS P8Z77-V LX

They're both 240DIMM Pin. My current RAM is 240DIMM. Motherboard supports up to 32GB.

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>this heatsink

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The rx 480 is quiet allright. But i play mostly old games so i am going to switch to a gtx 1060 AIC.

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Is my too packed? Temps alright, but the clutter interrupts airflow, so I'm thinking of installing an extra intake fan in front.

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I just ordered a Silverstone SG13 case, so hopefully that gets here soon.

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Im also planing on 1060 but im still poor sadly

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Built this to sell for profit. I regret not picking the black/red S340. I love this case though. I always buy an extra case fan for positive air flow.

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Nobody takes that garbage seriously
1 video from a shitty YouTube isn't proof for anything

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Well, I can sort of agree that it doesn't make a lot of difference, maybe a degree up or down due to better airflow. Anyhow, I've sorted out the cables somewhat, and corrected the cpu fan direction - they were opposing the case flow. For the peace of mind, if nothing else..

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What was wrong with the Nano S?

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Nothing. I just decided I wanted a smaller case. I got the nano s with the intention of water cooling it down the line, but I decided against it.

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Neat gpu man.
I hate your good air temperature go die.
How much are you going to over charge them for your knowledge?

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You wouldn't be interested in selling that 480 would you? (extreme poorfag here)
I would be happy to give you a temp email my dude

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It's been a while.

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are you pushing hot air through the front?
or are you pulling cool air from outside through the rad and into the case?

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$150 profit.

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r8 my shit plz

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Suh /g/

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Is that thing a 200R or a Spec-01? those little cheap carbides are the shit. I was gonna get one myself but I got the Rosewill challenger for the extra bays, but the carbides are more solid.

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Did someone say guts thread?

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its the spec 01, i bought it in january this year and got bored last week and decided to piss around with it, I was reading on the reviews from where I bought it, that it didnt support watercooling.

just needed to take out 8 screws and drill 4 holes to re mount the hard drive cage.

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i originally bought this case for the computer build im doing, being a poor wage slave, its taking me a big longer to get the stuff I need, so i just put the stuff from my first pre built pc in it.

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Not that bad man.

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>see guts thread on front page
>post guts
here guts

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Through the front as intended.

No temperature issues.

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What are my options if I want a silent, reasonably compact, mostly metal mid tower? I've got the Define R5 and it would be 10/10 if it weren't for the plastic front panel.

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Looks like a panini press

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Is anyone still here?

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No sorry i am going to sell it in my own country

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I have the same GPU's, assuming those are 1080s. I'll take better pix later.

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Oh nevermind those are Radeon. Saw the boxes. Gross. 0/10.

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Is there any reason not to get an AIO liquid cooler?

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Like a closed loop cooler? Works pretty good for me. I am...


My CPU never goes above 35C when gaming. Just make sure you experiment with the fans. Everyone told me they should be an intake but my GPU's were much hotter because it was blowing the air down with no place to go. I made them outtake out of the top and it's a lot cooler now.

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Excuse the horrific colored noctua fans and ac wifi card. Still rocking an x79 build, don't see myself upgrading anytime soon.

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new parts come in friday. right in time for my vacation to end

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Hows the m5? I just ordered that to pair with my 6600k coming in.

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I saged this thread

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Do these two work together? what is the second gpu used for

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Posting from my phone edition

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>Never goes above 35C when gaming
Stop bullshitting people. Could you just post your build and not be an annoying cunt for once?

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Nothing wrong with a wifi card, senpai. I got the same one in my rig, sometimes cables are just not possible.

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It's entirely possible.

My 1.3v 4.6GHz 4790k never once breaks 55c even during stress tests like 3DMark. So if he has a lower clocked, voltage, or even locked processor it's not completely impossible.

Modern AIOs are bretty good m8

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I am not saying it's not possible, that guy is just notorious for bullshitting. Those are custom loops level temps, not to mention the fact that he is taking hot air from his GPUs and pushing it through the radiator. I have the exact same version two corsair cooler and it is in no way that good. Unless he wants to post his load temps, it;s bullshit.

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that's custom loop territory
those are idle temp levels
hes bullshitting, no way in hell is he getting those temps considering he shopped out his temps in the speccy

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>Stop bullshitting people. Could you just post your build and not be an annoying cunt for once?

Why are you so hostile? I'm not bullshitting anyone. Here's your proof. I stressed it for a few minutes and it never went over 36C and it's slightly overclocked. If you want I can do a video of it too.

And here's my cooler. I used the stock paste that already came on it. Didn't even bother with aftermarket paste.


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>I am not saying it's not possible, that guy is just notorious for bullshitting.

Lol wat.

>hes bullshitting, no way in hell is he getting those temps considering he shopped out his temps in the speccy

Lol are you serious. Speccy doesn't recognize my CPU so it won't show the temps. The mobo socket temp is pretty much the same exact temp as the CPU. My CPU idles at like 23C and never goes above 35C when gaming. I have my cooler lights to change color if it goes above 35C and I have never seen it change color once. It's even overclocked to 4GHz and it still never went above 35C.

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Tell me how to do better.

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Put a small lava lamp in the extra space.

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why are you collecting and displaying garbage on a shelf ?

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It is my garage. Where I work on automobiles and other vroom vrooms.

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Post MSI afterburner graph with CPU usage and temps in one picture

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Min: 23C
Max: 37C

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I said, post MSI afterburner with graphing of CPU usage and temperature

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Oh you. That's the same thing. CPU-Z makes it hit 100% load. Clearly says max 37C. Time to go play video games and not go over 35C. Bye.

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No RAM for you

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No it isn't, MSI afterburner gives correct readings of all cores with the intervals of their increase. Along with the exact time they happened. corsair link doesn't read temperatures correctly.

>> No.56697971

>clearly says max 37C
>Time to go play video games and not go over 35C
You aren't very smart are you

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Not much to show here apart from the awful cable management both in and outside the case. Gigabyte gtx 1060, fx 8350. Things tp buy in the near future; 500gb ssd, Zen cpu and a new mobo with am4.

>> No.56698042

It's expensive and provides little to no benefit over a good air cooler.
The only really worthwhile AIOs are the expandable ones like seen in >>56690705 but these are almost as expensive as building an actual custom loop just for your CPU. Hell, you might be able to do that cheaper if you don't use expensive parts.
On the other hand, you get what you pay for.

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>Oh you. That's the same thing.
except it isn't you're just waffling

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>corsair link doesn't read temperatures correctly
>except it isn't you're just waffling

Sure it doesn't even tho I get the same exact temps as speccy. I also tested the CPU in the bios and got the same exact results of around 35C max. It's time to give up man. It's getting into pathetic territory now.

>> No.56698483

>Uses GPU to show accurate readings of CPU
>Stress tests CPU in bios
Are you stupid?

>> No.56698500

>I also tested the CPU in the bios
what did he mean by this

>> No.56698522

if youre so confident then just show the MSI graphs
What are you hiding?

>> No.56698564

I'm confused. How do the cards get any air at all?

>> No.56698575

>Look see the temps are correct
>circles gpu to display accuracy of cpu
>I tested it in the bios
run aida64 and show this >>56698522

>> No.56698711

anons settle down you need to wait for him to finish photoshopping

>> No.56698775

Why do you guys even bother using an AIO with an i5? And why do some of you use low profile downdraft coolers (other than the stock one) when you have a large case? What the fuck is happening with those guts.

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Never used MSI Afterburner before. I usually use EVGA's version for that stuff. No idea how to use this shit so this is as close as your gonna get. And surprise surprise same exact results, 37C max under full load.


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>> No.56698878

>run aida 64 and show this
And anon that is the CPU temperature, not the core temperatures along with usage.

>> No.56698908


for core temps

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>Still using CPU-Z
>Still not showing full graph with loads
>Immediately turns it to black and red theme
>Using the smily carrot nose
Holy shit you are such a faggot

>> No.56698939

Congrats, that's corsair link and you aren't benching with aida-64 or showing load and temperature graphs
CPU-Z doesn't work anymore, it can't stress test CPUs

>> No.56698968

>shows brief IHS temp
>points to corsair cores and no threads

20 points for you being legitimately retarded

>> No.56699002

>CPU-Z doesn't work anymore, it can't stress test CPUs
Then how come it hit 100% load?....

90% in this picture. Let me guess, Corsair Link doesn't work.

>> No.56699029

>100% load
>look see it's 90%
It's the same situation as prime95 and furmark, processor and GPU manufacturers have safeguards because the programs have damaged CPUs and GPUs in the past. It says 100% load but the CPU isn't actually working as it should be. Just use aida 64

>> No.56699066

What this anon said >>56699029
Just use Aida64 and post CPU usage/temp graphs from MSI

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Still 37C max, same as the CPU-Z stress test that "doesn't work".

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Unbelievably told. Now will you all stop?

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Oh and for the record guys. CPU-Z, Corsair Link, Afterburner, bios, Aida64, all gave the SAME EXACT RESULTS.

See these graphics right here? They are run by an icy cool 35C CPU.

>> No.56699344

>They are run by an icy cool 35C CPU.
Nah, they're run 90% by your GPU.

>> No.56699449


It's funny how everyone suddenly went quiet when I proved them all to be wrong. Not only wrong but dumb for trying to be PC elitists for thinking Corsair Link and CPU-Z was any different from using Afterburner and Adia. And then dragging it on for so long trying to "troll".

Oh well. I win this round. Feels good man.

>> No.56699476

Anon we said show the CPU usage Along with the temps
Nobody went quiet, I just abandoned thread because of how difficult it was to actually get you to do anything. Now I'm abandoning again because you still didn't do what we asked you too.

>> No.56699506

Good for you.
But in >>56699092 you neglected to stress FPU and cache. These are also your CPU and should be stressed just as well. You also didn't show the only relevant tab of AIDA64, which is the statistics tab.

But hey, if you want to run your fans at 100% just so you can brag about it on the internet, be my guest.

>> No.56699513


It shows the CPU usage in Aida.

>> No.56699530

>Only stresses CPU
Anon you're actually an idiot, and you still don't show the CPU usage in MSI afterburner

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>> No.56699584

>Not only wrong but dumb for trying to be PC elitists for thinking Corsair Link and CPU-Z was any different from using Afterburner and Adia
Becuase they are
>MSI shows all cores along with threads as well as the IHS temp
>It also shows the timings of usage and temperature spikes
>Aida tests your entire CPU
Despite that, you make sure to uncheck all of the actual stresses on your CPU

>> No.56699632

Holy shit you are incapable of listening I'm going to bold it for you


Also behold, 42C on the IHS and 40-45 on the cores, that's more what your temperatures should be

>> No.56699652

What was that again anon? keep letting the test do it's thing.

>> No.56699697

>MSI shows current CPU temp as 42C
>Other graph shows current as 40C
Now you are familiar with reading discrepancies

>> No.56699724

No what you want to do is stress the GPUs as well. Since you said you exhaust heat through the radiator then that would help with the accuracy of your test since in a real scenario your GPUs will be working as well and contributing to the CPU heat

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Stressing the GPU's didn't make much difference.

>> No.56699842

Keep letting it go

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Here's 5 minutes. Anyways the original argument was the temp when gaming, not stressing the everloving fuck out of everything. I still think the temps are pretty decent, are they not?

Thanks for helping me through all of this.

>> No.56700555

>cpu fans above 1k rpm
lmaoing desu

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Just trying to consider everything..

What's the better build I can get for




Thanks the 1 guy who responded in the deleted thread

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Gigabyte was a mistake.

>> No.56702442

You dumbfuck, that is the coolant temp, not CPU temp.

Goymer with a 1080 gtfo.

>> No.56702478

That floor fan is going to suck in so much dust its not even funny when it sets on fire

>> No.56702585

she's a tight one... what cooler will you use? also i'd recommend a sfx psu.

>> No.56702624

Naah. The dust filters works amazing.

>> No.56702691

>cover up Phanteks sticker with Corsair® sticker
>cover up Winforce logo with Corsair® sticker
>post on corsair forums

>> No.56702712

>ctrl+f'ing the catalog
>these are the /v/ kids who browse /g/

>> No.56702746

>tfw have gaming pc
dont actually play games or browse /v/

>> No.56702779


>> No.56703859

Are you an actual autist, my friend?

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Heatsinks you say?

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>dual gigabit LAN

>> No.56704100

you fucking got me bruh

>> No.56704386


What's wrong with gigabyte?

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File: 3.49 MB, 4032x3024, 20160920_122502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 3.57 MB, 4032x3024, 20160920_122514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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basically this but with another ssd, same as what came with it

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File: 1.76 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Compact guts

Pentium G3260
32gb of corsair Vengance LP ddr3 (ignore that pls)
Sapphire Nitro 4gb Rx460
3x Seagate 5tb HDD's
One 2.5" 750gb HDD scavenged from a laptop
One 120gb Adata SSD, oddly not used as a boot drive, it just has my steam library on it
(Windows 8.1 still boots fairly quick anyway)
Thermaltake TR-2 600w PSU
BeQuiet shadowrock LP
All shoved in a Sugo sg11b
There's even a disk drive in there
Shits tighter than a finger box in the cold

>> No.56704826

Oh and some gigabyte d3h mATX mobo
Can't be asses to look up the model

>> No.56704978
File: 2.98 MB, 2992x4000, IMG_20160920_173105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's finally here. This is without the PSU (not installed yet so you can see the guts) and without the CPU cooler yet (hasn't arrived yet).

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>many hundred page views on several services
>not a single offer
Why is nobody buying my PC? Does it look like something is wrong with it? Or do people simply not trust a water cooling loop built by someone else?

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anyone here with an r9 290 x? mines been loud as fuck lately and idling hot between 56-60 c. dot ever remember it being this hot. anyone know a more "modern" equivalent to replace it with?

>> No.56705794

what case is this?

>> No.56705947

where are the traps, i have a question for them

>> No.56705960


The mini ITX Enthoo Evolv.

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>> No.56706667

beautiful, name of the case anon ?

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>> No.56706826

Fractal Design Define S

Thank you, she was a pleasure to build in.

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Lights on edition

>> No.56707374

Can we post micro itx and other small builds?

>> No.56707629

I really love that mobo for it's price range on paper, but in certain lights, that brown pcb makes me want to vomit.
That's a pretty funky looking cpu cooler you got thur. What model? Also curious what the adorable little GPU is.

>> No.56707658

Of course.

>> No.56707731

its the d92. i got it to match instead of an ugly 212evo.

and its not really the light. all black mobos do that. its just the camera.

The GPU is a 750ti. Its a placeholder for now until my 480x comes in.

>> No.56708387

What? Why the hate friend?

>> No.56708408

Berry nice. What PSU and cooler did you get?

>> No.56708597

I got a Silverstone 450w SFX power supply and a Silverstone TD03 lite CPU cooler.

>> No.56708832

Was in response to >>56706667

>> No.56708940
File: 168 KB, 968x1120, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

like poo fans?

>> No.56708998

>speakers not ear level
doing it wrong.

>> No.56709034

its vintage garbage

>> No.56709080

This is a thread about PC internals layout appreciation. Your cabling and cramped layout is an utter abomination and a disgrace to our community. Please leave or try. Try a lot fucking harder or just leave.

>> No.56709238

Please read
>This is a thread about PC internals layout appreciation. Your cabling and cramped layout is an utter abomination and a disgrace to our community. Please leave or try. Try a lot fucking harder or just leave.

>> No.56709572
File: 252 KB, 1600x900, spaghetti.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56709586

ugliest cards ever

>> No.56709976

Ambient temp?

Honestly though, 1.2Vcore, CPU fans over 1000rpm and with your AIO 45c is around the ballpark you'd expect.

>> No.56710221
File: 899 KB, 2160x1216, gutsspec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.56710251
File: 2.81 MB, 4320x2432, IMG_20160823_142814221_HDR[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aaaand mommys pc again

can't even begin to tell you the amount of tendies i got for this bad boy

>> No.56711697
File: 400 KB, 1920x1440, IMG_20160920_171941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1st time posting /g/uts. I'm a poorfag, yet I managed to save enough to build this before summer.

Specs are:
>Intel i5-6600
>Kingston HyperX Savage DDR4 2400 CL 12
>Asrock Z170 Pro4
>Samsung HHD 500Gb
>Hitachi 2Tb
>WD Caviar Blue (I think) 1Tb
>Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb
>Sapphire Radeon R9 390 Tri-X Nitro OC 8GB GDDR5
>Super Flower Leadex 80 Plus Gold 650W
>Asus DGX

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