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Speccy thread.

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>it's never 800 MHz

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You have a hoarding problem.

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This guy gets it

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step aside.

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You could just crop you know?

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for you

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>he fell for the "4k is a meme" meme

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lazy cunt

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>having less than 6 cores
I'd kill myself desu

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which 4k model

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>Having less than 64gb ram

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Fuck you. I waned to have the best CPU

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>unused RAM is wasted RAM

If your workload uses that much, good job. Mine doesn't though.

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Samsung UE40KU6079UXZG. Not the best, but I got it cheap.

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sorry :^)

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I think you forgot your name

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Why won't my board recognize the other RAM stick? ;_; I reseated it a hundred times.

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>[[email protected]]
no he didn't

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erm no it's right there in my bash prompt mate

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I meant itt

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You probably have the best single core performance if that makes you feel better.

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No he usually names his posts
It does thank you :)

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Why such a shit graphics card tho

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4790k paired with a good motherboard and good cooler could probably rival it, but lets be fair, a 6700k with a similar quality motherboard and similar high level cooling will be clocked right up at 4.7-4.8GHz as well, and still have a 5-10% architectural IPC advantage.

Because the most intense game I play is counter strike?

This isn't /v/

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grats on your purchase, good deal

4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4
18.7ms latency

no wide color gamut but barely content supports it anyway

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not sure yet if I'll go the used xeon route or if I'll wait for zen instead

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Why such as shit overall build then?

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What else is shit about it?

Literally the only thing shit is the GPU and it's because I dont do anything that really stresses the GPU.

5820k, DDR4 3200MHz RAM, Samsung 950 Pro M.2 boot drive, 500GB secondary SATA SSD, and 17TB of hard drives.

The motherboard is workstation quality, the power supply is 80+ titanium rated.

So please, expand, what makes it "overall" shit?

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>the power supply is 80+ titanium rated
Is this the new gayman PSU standard?

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its been a standard in server PSUs for a few years.

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The pieces are good but nothing really fits in your build... it feels like you didn't know what you were doing.

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Lol what?

It's for encoding and storing my library of DVDs and blurays.

What do you even mean nothing fits my build?

If I had a GTX 1070 you'd be calling it an amazing build.

Fucking /v/ autists.

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Hey bros, should I worry about something here?
Is this 100% gpu load normal when idle? All the other stuff seems to be in order.

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>gayman PSU standard

Titanium is the new flagship standard.

Come on, you can't be obscurantist and diss technology terminology because it affects your preconceptions of words assimilated to a stereotyped spectrum of society.

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what a surprise. no, and it's not normal. my R9 does the same thing sometimes, I don't know why. I have to restart windows so it goes back to normal.
fucking AMD, never again. I believed my friend when he said that AMD has finally gotten their drivers to a usable state, but what a load of horseshit.

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Could be a bug in the program you're using. Take a look at task manager.

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my task manager doesn't show info about my gpu and I don't know why is that

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Oh fuck my bad, I was thinking about CPU usage. I need my meds.

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are you actually calling this build (>>56647212) a build that doesn't look like they knew what they were doing?

The only thing off is the GPU, and looking at the comments he said he only plays counter strike, which shouldnt need anything more powerful than that.

His build looks great, i'd kill to have a 5820k X99 platform.

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cpu usage seems to be normal

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my man

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Well if you bought a x99 build I hope you'd spend it more wisely than >>56647212 then

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why yes this is my Speccy

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what does that even mean? What could he have spent more/less on?

About the only overkill thing I see is the Samsung 950 Pro.

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i just noticed my Benq wasnt running at 144hz

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To anyone question temps, I have the CPU overclocked to 4.6 GHz running at that speed 100% of the time.

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Probably the worst one here

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is there a cooler on your cpu ?

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Nice background there, buddy

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Come on lads

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Shitty stock AMD cooler desu

I plan on upgrading to an Intel Core i5 6600k
and get an SSD

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get at least a coolermaster 212+ in the meantime

just fixed the Hz on the Benq, satisfied ?

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4790k oc'd to 4.8 ghz, R9 290 at 1140 mhz

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i like it/10

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Do your worst senpai :^)

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nope :)

Will upgrade to ssd though and will use an external GPU via epresscard slot

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Hows the G257HU, was thinking of buying one.

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i'd quite like to see the video that still was taken from

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Got last week.

What dya think

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BrazzersExxtra - Riley Reid (Harley In The Nuthouse XXX Parody)

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You need a better monitor man. A 1070 for that is just a waste of money.

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I just got this one with the PC. I used a 900p one and got this one with the leftover money. I think ill get a 1080p 144hz next.

Did I screwed up by not getting a 6600k instead?

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There isn't any VESA support so i had to buy pic related. It isn't a terrible choice if you really want 1440p right now, but otherwise i'd probably wait for the higher resolution/refresh rate async monitors to go down in price.

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I think you'll be fine.

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Behold my wonderful hardware and software

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I'm surprised your computer hasn't died

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Died? Nah f a m, it's still working fine. I'm posting from it right now, but god damn is Firefox sucking up all the RAM and CPU. What's a good lightweight browser that I can use on this dinosaur? (Opera needs SSE2 instructions which the venerable P3 lacks.)

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just get some fuckng $5 ram unless it wont fit

>> No.56653865

Can't. The Intel 815 chipset only supports a max of 512MB RAM.

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upgraded half a month ago

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and i forgot pic

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I doubt there's anything that will run well on a 512MB system, except maybe lynx

But maybe some memey webkit derivative like http://midori-browser.org/ ?

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i fell for the 1080 meme

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Why does Speccy always say that ram is clocked slower than what it's rated at?

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That's pretty gay, i'm also looking at the Asus PB258Q and Dell U2515H, as they all seem to be identical panels just with different features (USB hub, Displayport passthrough, etc).

And it looks like the Dell and Asus have built in VESA 100x100 mounting holes so I will probably get one of those.

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it doesnt, speccy is giving you the actual frequency the memory is operating at, however DDR by virtue of the way the technology works, doubles the frequency (it sends a signal on the upstream AND downstream, thus doubling the effective frequency).

So 1066 is 2133MHz.

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It'a not the worse meme to fall for considering you have a 1440p 144hz monitor.

>speccy is giving you the actual frequency the memory is operating at
So I'm guessing ram doesn't always run at its maximum frequency? Because my ram is 3000mhz. So I'm guessing the frequency either isn't constant, or I have some setting wrong in the bios.

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>or I have some setting wrong in the bios
You probably didn't enable the XMP profile, 2133MHz is generally the default frequency for DDR4 sticks, so it's running them in the "safest" mode possible as technically all DDR4 sticks should be able to run at 2133MHz CL 15.

Enable the XMP profile, you might need to adjust voltage manually however, some BIOS's do it for you, some don't.

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>you might need to adjust voltage manually however,
don't do this it bricked my Alienware laptop

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How do you brick a laptop by changing the memory voltage?

DDR4 runs between 1.2 and 1.35v, for 3000MHz+ you'll need to be using 1.35v

Just set it to 1.35v and you're fine, hell the sticks will even say on them what voltage you're supposed to run them at.

Stock 2133MHz DDR4 is 1.2v, 3000MHz is going to require a voltage increase.

source: I own and run DDR4 3200MHz RAM sticks at 1.35v

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idk mate but I had to disassemble everything to get to the CMOS battery and it was stressful.

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT take this guy's advice you WILL BRICK your computer!!!

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File: 10 KB, 391x245, 2016-09-17 20_36_53-CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) De.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jordan, you're a fucking moron.

Kill yourself for buying alienware to begin with.

Not to mention, the dude has a desktop, removing the CMOS to clear BIOS settings would take him literally 15 seconds. So even if he did somehow magically manage to not be able to boot at 1.35v, he'd easily be able to get it back to 2133MHz and 1.2v.

Seriously though, what the fuck is the point of buying RAM rated for 3000MHz 1.35v operation if you're too much of a bitch to actually run them at that speed?

pic related, random DDR4 3000MHz sticks from newegg showing 1.35 operating voltage.

>> No.56654987

Mine is supposed to be at 1.2v so 1.35 doesn't work LOL

>> No.56654999

No fucking shit, it's laptop ram and doesn't have airflow to dissipate heat as well so for the moment almost all laptops use 1.2v DDR4.

Jordan, you really are fucking dumb.

>> No.56655017

If that's true why was it so easy to change and why didn't the computer tell me it was a bad idea?


>> No.56655092

Because it assumes you know what hardware you own.

Most laptops simply dont have the cooling for it so they only sell them with 2133mhz or 2400mhz DDR4 which can operate at 1.2v just fine.

There are some newer faster DDR4 sticks which go up to 3000MHz for laptops, but they loosen up CAS timings a bit (CL 16), and they use cherry picked memory modules that operate at lower voltages better.

Basically though, nothing would stop a laptop from using 1.35v RAM, but currently I don't know of any that do because of heat and lack of real benefits (most laptop workloads wouldn't notice a difference from faster RAM).

Again, comparing laptop DDR4 to desktop DDR4 is retarded to begin with, don't tell him not to run it at 1.35v when desktop DDR4 is specifically rated to run at 1.35v for higher speeds.

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how am i doing senpai ?

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>complaining his BIOS let him set a voltage that could possibly damage his computer

Are you really this fucking stupid? Don't go fucking around with voltage stuff in the BIOS if you don't know what you're doing, you should never expect the BIOS to not let you fuck things up, the whole point of the BIOS is to give you hardware level access.

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Update: I enabled the XMP profile and now Speccy says my ram speed is clocked at what it should be at and my computer didn't explode. Thanks.

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Pretty good, but the 970 is kind of meager for 4k don't you think?

>> No.56655224

>Pretty good, but the 970 is kind of meager for 4k don't you think?

970 was left over from the previous computer.
Since 4K is just 1080p x 4 scaling really isn't a problem so the 970 @ 1080 is fine
If I want to game at 4K (with good fps) the money needed for that is a bit unreasonable, gtx 1080 is required :/

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>thinking thats good

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>paying 700USD for a gpu
>/g/ - Consumerist Nvidiots
Should have waited for the 1080Ti m8.

Mine is a "VR ready" bare minimum build

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> AMD FX 8320
> RADEON HD 7870
What upgrade?

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watercooling is bs

i'm using a hyper 212 evo and have no problems at all

my case is the n200

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GPU and save up for AM4/Zen/16GB DDR4 in 2017

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CPU is i7-6850K

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Using Win7 Starter makes me feel special.

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>tfw fell for the 32GB ram meme

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Yeah fill up those ports WHORE. You love it don't you

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Just got SSD and installed win10. Now need to get a new graphics card

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got enough memory there?

>> No.56660045

it'l do

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yeah, same as retarded person is special

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r8 my shitrig

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>not having a desktop AND laptop


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>it hurts to live

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gpu needs to fuck off

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my motherboard is on fire.

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Get rx 470

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Dude, you need to buy a 2tb and partition it to mirror those old HDs. Then turn disassemble them. There must have been /g/ threads on uses for old HDs before.

You got a 3d printer? Print something hilarious and stick the HD magnets inside it so that they don't actually contact the fridge (they'll scratch it when you try and get them off).

If you're still in uni, make some sexual organs with magnet inserts. If grown up, be more mature.

Use the platters as coasters, they're fantastic for that.

Honestly, the most fun I've had doing arts and craft, in my life, was when I retired a few old HDs.

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i'll get rx480

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>i7 4th Generation
>Speccy still can't find it.

CPU is i7 4702MQ

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pls no bully

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>> No.56662700

it's a piece of shit from my old rig, working on replacing it in the next few months

>> No.56663616

Not them but if there's a big price difference stick with the 470. You may not use that 8gb vram at 1080p and there's literally just a few fps difference. If you're planning on anything above 1080p, you're better off with a better card than the 480 anyway. At least where I'm at there's a minimum $50 gap

>> No.56664541

Wew lad is this the new Windows 10 thread?

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File: 124 KB, 791x643, Speccy9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 144 KB, 1561x888, Clipboard024831105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's almost 3 years old, but I wait for the 7th gen Intel chips to upgrade.

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u gotta install drivers

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Been lurking /g/ for a while, first time post in a Speccy thread.

Did I fuck up guys?

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>install windows 10
>its complete shit

are all you faggots with iwndows 10 installed in your speccy's just trolling or do you seriously use this piece of dog shit?

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I need a new monitor and ram but due to the cooler it needs to be under a certain height.

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How is the 470? I know this may sound silly but I was thinking of returning my 1070 and instead investing in a better monitor and a 470/80.

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>[email protected]

>> No.56666285


It was a monitor or the DAC, chose the latter. More of an audio guy.

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