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no guts thread

we need a guts bread

post guts

bst welcome with guts

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Are you satisfied with those monitors? Do you think '27 model would be preferable?

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Very satisfied and the price difference between the 25" and 27" is pretty stupid, 117PPI vs 109PPI, it's not as if the 25" is drastically different, just slightly sharper.

Also, at the time I bought them I had a much smaller desk and 27" wouldn't have fit. But even if I were buying today, i'd still probably buy these again if they were the same price. (I paid $265 each) they go for around $280 right now but were $330 at amazon the time I bought.

27" might be preferable if you have the room, but 25" isn't really any worse, it's not really a compromise, just getting a slightly sharper image and a tiny bit less screen.

If I could find a 27" for the same price I got these 25" at, sure I'd probably do it. But I wouldn't spend more than $25-50 more for the 2".

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Appreciate the reply. This has become a dilemma for me while i'm building a new system for myself after the long laptop and tablet period and this Asus model somehow makes me want to own it.

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My only real complaint is the stock stand they come with is bulky, though it has great tilt/rotation.

Just took up too much space on my desk, which is why I got a gas-spring dual arm monitor mount from monoprice ($100)

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nice guts
very nice guts
nice guts
Anyone getting upgrades soon?

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hello where are the sexy mini-itx cases

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strix three your outta here.
I like those gpus.
cute fan

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Thats solid cable managment for that case

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I wish my phone wasn't broken so I could have taken pictures of what I did last night to trigger /g/.

>PSU fails
>go to bestbuy to buy corsair 750 modular PSU
>only have shitty non modular Insignia PSUs
>desperate to get up and running ASAP
>dismember all my tidy cable management
>case now looks like some kind of tentacle monster lives in it


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Just need to sleeve and shorten them and that would clean it up but thats alot of time for each cable to be down. Thanks though man I tried to make it look pretty clean but gotta have cables.

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A (possible) quick and easy solution: get heat shrink tubing and put it over the cables, the 24 pin might be a problem though

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Yah but I want tit to look better then the snake skin covering that be quiet did already. I figures white para cord and some time to measure things out would make everything perfect but only for that case is my worry.

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You could get custom sleeved cables, but they arent that cheap, mostly

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Weird colour combo, but it looks cool af

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Yah and I need to buy bf1 and thats my sleeved cable budget gone lmao.

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I have cable exstension in my rig (blue themed one with the evga 970) and they loook good and are cheap (paid 15$ for all of them) you could hide all the cable behind that tray and rout the sleeved one to your components

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Thanks man. Built that to sell on Craigslist for a little profit, and to get building experience. It's actually better than my current personal rig, by a lot. I'm tempted to keep it.

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No tray to hide behinde thats literally a gap by the bay that you can stuff cables in that leads to the outside. Extensions wer my first thought

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I still feel like changing my CPU cooler. Maybe an 80mm rad pushing air out the back so I can put the top cover back on.

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Of course I mean 120mm rad. I shouldn't get up at 5am on a Saturday.

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The actual fuck is that speaker placement, OP?

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I like it, except the gpu is probably a 970. Well put together and aesthetically pleasing though.

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Just finished this yesterday.
Going to plastidip the gpu and red wifi card.

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Check out the phanteks 140mm one. Its slightly more expensive than the hyper 212. Also Be quiet! makes some good value nice looking stuff.

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Every time i see nano s guts it makes me want one even more. It would be awesome to go from m atx to mini itx.

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irrelevant to guts but desktop cable management would go a long way

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Welp, I tried...

My N200 case has so little space in the back that literally non of the power cables would fit easily back there. Instead I just tried to tidy it up a bit.

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Good guts, great keyboard.

Nice guts goy.


Kinda messy desk but nice battlestation.

That single purple fan. Kek. I've a 980ti classified in the step up queue for a 1080. Not gonna be huge upgrade compared from my R9 Nano to a 1070 itx..

I enjoy this one.

Blue theme is good theme.

Hotline miami the build everyone.

About as good as it can look. Not bad.

Pooor 1060 looks like its getting smothered by a psu.

Very nice. Speccy?

What case? Surely you can do better than that.

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Thanks bb also steam controller is the best lmao.

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Looking good. Isn't that mobo outrageously expensive and only useful for ln2 cooling? Just a hint of gpu sag too.
Overall though solid AF system.

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What on earth even is that cpu heatsink

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Neato. Shame that you have to run that gpu power cable though the middle.

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please dont plasti dip it. Will have a bad time with it melting on the gpu and sound card...

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If he plastidips the graphics card's shroud, he'll be fine. No issue there.
The backplate is probably fine to plastidip too.

The heatsink or PCB on that wifi card, though...

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I just dont risk parts.

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The Hero?

Is like $350 AUD


I don't have to

I chose to, because I like the look better

Old Pick because why not

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Good for you.
Doesn't mean you have to pull shit out of your ass and shitpost said shit at other people, though.

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My bad for trying to stop a plastic melt down... Also I have no clue what you are saying legit anyone knows plasti dip cant withstand high temperatures. Maybe learn what a shit post is but you probably rather break shit and figure it out the third time.

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>anyone knows plasti dip cant withstand high temperatures
Do you know just how high temperatures it can actually withstand ?
Because it'll withstand up to 93 degrees Celsius, or 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course you never bothered to look this up, and instead just assume that "high temperatures" means anything higher than your own body temperature because that is what's warm to the touch.

Now, can you guess how often a graphics card's shroud or back plate will reach 93 degrees Celsius ?
If you guessed "never," you're right. There's a reason plastidipping graphics cards like this is a relatively common and popular thing to do.

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If you believe marketing of a products maximum temperatures. I have used it before on shit that barely got hot enough to the limit and i bubbled okay. Now fuck off just cause you think it works doesn't mean it will work perfectly in practices... There are better paints to use that will have better results.

>> No.56642457

Or, alternatively, you could do your fucking research, and maybe use the stuff properly.
The shroud or back plate on a graphics card >>>WILL NOT<<< get hot enough >>>UNDER NORMAL USAGE<<< to melt plastidip. This is a fact whether you like it or not.
If you leave black plastidip baking in the sun on a hot day, of fucking course it's going to start bubbling.

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PCIE power got tucked away properly since this picture was made.

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Which case model?
Don't psu covers mess up the airflow?

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Cryorig R1 Ultimate

Pretty solid CPU Cooler on par with the h100v2

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how did you get your cables so straight?

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Cable combs

They are cheap as shit and nake everything look so much better

Cable mods sell them

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2 in 1

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2 in 1 cont...

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thank you anon. putting together my first build when the psu arrives, want it looking perfect

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My first PC build, i don't have a windows so i didn't focus on cable management that much but i still think it looks pretty good.

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Is that a G1 Gaming 1070? If yes, are you satisfied with it?
I ordered it a few days ago, now I just gotta play the waiting game until it gets here.
Also, looks like a Fractal Design case. My current computer is also my first build in a Fractal Design case.

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Yeah cable combs are awesome

Cheap as fuck

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Nzxt S340. Airflow is plentiful. Cables aren't really that crammed in the back either.

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I love the GPU any game i throw at it runs at 60fps on max at 1920x1080 don't know the 4k performance but at fhd it's really nice

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what do you use for lighting
i fucking hate led strips there so obnoxious

>> No.56647743

>tells you used it on gpu before still doesn't believe you.

suit yourself man. Its going to act as an insulator anyway so have fun.

>> No.56648713

You know what else acts as an insulator ?
The fucking shroud itself, you mouth breathing retard. Not that it matters because it makes no contact with the heatsink.
But wait, you were probably dumb enough to paint the actual heatsink. Kill yourself.

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>this was good cable management back in 2009

Wake me up when it's worth upgrading from Westmere-EP.

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Nope just a back plate m8 and do me a favor and remember the shroud is for directing the air flow not hindering it. But you probably rather just be told your right about everything.

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>we need a guts bread
ITT: children sharing their gaymen stations

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>remember the shroud is for directing the air flow not hindering it
And a layer of plastic-based paint on the shroud would hinder it how, exactly ?
Please explain to me how this concept of physics you've just pulled out of your ass works.
How does a .1 mm layer of material prevent air from passing by said material ?

Here's a hint: It fucking doesn't. And you said it yourself, the shroud isn't for transferring heat, and thus does not give a shit about a little bit of insulation. Next time don't paint your metal back plate on top of the core, you retard.

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Why cant you just admit that there are better paints then fucking plasti dip that you can use on it. Like legit just stating why use a paint that hinders you when can get an engine paint that will last longer and look better. Seriously like dealing with apple fan boys at a computer shop just shut up nd tell them there right as you collect there money.

>> No.56649742

Will you two shut the fuck up? Blathering like a YouTube comments section or /b/.

>> No.56649780

I've never denied that there are better paints.
I'm denying the bullshit you're pulling out of your ass about plastidip not being perfectly fine to paint things that neither get hot nor transfer heat with, a concept that you can't seem to understand because YOU were retarded enough to put it on something that does transfer heat.

You're blinded by your own stupidity. You didn't do your homework. You probably skipped all your physics classes in grade school.

Plasti dip does not hinder airflow. It hinders heat transfer. You do not fucking put plasti dip on parts that transfer heat. A graphics card's shroud does not transfer heat. A back plate made of metal does, but in most cases won't get hot enough to melt plastic except for right on top of the GPU itself.
As such, painting a shroud with plasti dip is fine. Painting a back plate is mostly fine too if you're not a complete retard and paint the parts that get hot.

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nah this thread is for literally showing off your pc and collecting yous has no real use besides muh aesthetic.
You literally said what I did. I never said it hinders air flow I said it will make it hotter if you coat it. I have used it on my bikes before with no issues just computers didnt agree with it and usually looked shittier then any of the other paints you can use or in some rare cases fails like my back plate did. Glad you already knew this and want to prove your self wrong. Also hot air get blown thru the shroud my man so thats no heat then?

>> No.56650059

>I never said it hinders air flow
Let's see here...
>do me a favor and remember the shroud is for directing the air flow not hindering it
Oh. Huh. You implied that plasti dipping a shroud hinders air flow. Whaddaya know.
>Also hot air get blown thru the shroud my man so thats no heat then?
Firstly, hot air passes through the shroud fast enough that it doesn't get heated to anywhere near the same degree as the heatsink.
Secondly, why the fuck would anyone paint the inside of the shroud ?

>> No.56650182

You said the shroud being plastic made it an insulator hindering the heat sync from displacing heat. Which I said its meant to direct airflow not like your coating the metal in plastic. Never said air flow but would make the shroud get hotter if you coated it. Also when I use a laser to gauge temps it seems the shroud gets pretty damn hot with it constantly getting hot air blown through it. Also I dont think I implied to paint the inside cause thats a little excessive.

>> No.56650199

>You said the shroud being plastic made it an insulator
>hindering the heat sync from displacing heat

>> No.56650343

So it isnt an insulator then along with spraying plasti dip? Idk were still in this conversation when you arent even the nigga gunna spray his PC with it. Idk why not just use a better paint then fucking plasti dip is my argument as a painter. Like thats it fuck boi why use plasti dip when there are better purpose made paints that arent made to peel off if you dont like it unless you are changing color of your pc alot.

>> No.56651132

How about you read the words instead of reading what you want to read so you can manufacture a completely different meaning.

>> No.56651243

Just use a better paint.

>> No.56651337

Just kill yourself.

>> No.56651366

Why because I dont agree that plasti dip is good for a certain application? You might be the one to kys with all that anger.

>> No.56651376

Because you refuse to read my posts, and instead substitute them with your own warped meanings.

>> No.56651552

You said plasti dip would work I said that it has some problems being coated on hot parts. The you threw the spec sheet in my face. Then you told me it doesnt get near as hot to do what I have seen it do. As I stated there are better products for that application since plasti dip is a plastic paint and will make it hotter. As you stated about how gpu shrouds are plastic which doesn't matter. Then which I keep telling you there is better options then it as you then splurged that I was a retard for seeing plasti dip fucking up. Use something else keep plasti dip for things that you might want to change color on in the future.

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Bored as fuck.

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I use an xbone controller, I admit to owning a PS4. Fuck that thing, it's pretty decent.

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dropping guts no time for cable management .
two r9 390s.

>> No.56652285

Oh look its red.
it is pretty decent.
You had to try to make it that crazy theirs no way.

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>pcb tracks
>red. everywhere.
>republic of gaymurz

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>> No.56653357


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>1400 MHz RAM

>> No.56653469

It's 2800MHz, DDR = Double Data Rate speccy reads ram like that.

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You posted in the wrong thread.

>> No.56654002

>only 3 monitors
What do you use the 650 for ?

>> No.56654846

2 of them are analog, each card only supports one analog

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Here's my mini ITX build. My case is actually as big as a lot of micro ATX cases because it was designed with water cooling in mind. I haven't decided if I want to actually water cool my rig though, if I don't I'll get a smaller case like the SG13 or something.

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>no serial
>no parallel
>no second GPU and NIC for passing to a VM

>> No.56657233

>2048MB GTX 1060 6GB?

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One day I will fix the cable management.

>> No.56658045

If that is your build, where is your trip faggot?

>> No.56658294

What do you do with your serial ports?

>> No.56660376

windows 10
spotted the meme

>> No.56660404

No... you won't.

>> No.56660420

>tfw kids these days buy expensive PeeCees just to impress others
>they literally can't use it's potential for any kind of productive work, they just waste money
And that's wxactly why this kind of threads should be banned and everyone who starts such thread should be drowned in acid.
You're the main reason why this country is so fucking shitty. Consumerism at it's best.
Fuck you all.

>> No.56660432

How's your facebook machine, child?

>> No.56660435

You are a fat baby.

>> No.56660455

I'm not fat.
And I value my money. You kids clearly waste it.
But hell, it's murica after all.

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Mine cost exactly $900usd and I got $50 back in rebates. $900 for a two year plus investment into hobbies is not very much. See /tg/, or hell, sports.

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I forgot to post with my trip, but yes, that was me.

>Facebook Machine
Oh wow, you got me so good m8, oh man I am so R E K T (^:

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Is that a radiator behind those 2 fans?

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>> No.56662904

That radiator and fan setup is pushing hot air inside the case

>> No.56662919

those fans are pushing air outward, pulling through the radiator.

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Just got a new motherboard. It seems that my old one had an issue with the VRM because i was stuck at a CPU clock speed of 1.4 GHz for a month and i spent that whole month trying to troubleshoot it.

Feels good to be running at proper speeds.

>> No.56662940

Nope, they are facing the wrong direction, look at the fan blades.

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These two weren't me replying to you (>>56662860 >>56662919)

With that set up, the fans pushing air in made the board and drives run cooler, but the CPU and GPU were warmer. If I flipped them to exhaust air, the CPU and GPU ran cooler and drives and board were hotter. I normally ran the fans as exhaust but pictures looked better with them as intake. I also got rid of that build because it was just too warm for what I wanted to do.

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r8 my build pls

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>pictures looked better with them as intake

>> No.56664398

Pretty good, considering that it is a 470€ build.

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>> No.56665960

That's horrible.

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