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Post speccy's

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>AMD everything
Your build is so disgustingly philistinic that I decided it wasn't worth my time to even post mine.

Seriously, it's 2016. AMD is cancerous.

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Next upgrade?

Waiting on 7700k to upgrade CPU/Mobo/RAM

Could go new GPU but 970 is doing ok mostly.

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>AMD everything
>Random RAM
>Asrock mobo
>Asus display
>Crucial SSD
>Realtek Audio

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Hynix > Elpida memory

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This shit isn't for gaming, right?... RIGHT?

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worked for this over summer and i don't even wanna play games anymore because of college or whatever. life's boring

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Of course not, I play CSGO and that's the only game I play regularly besides older games or emulator games.

dual 1440p, 5820k, $800+ in storage, etc. If I wanted a GTX 1070 or whatever i'd get one.

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Movie production, 3D production or some renders done on that?

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Encoding and archiving blurays for private torrent trackers.

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https://www.gtx970settlement.com/Home.aspx get your 30 shekels, goy.

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This was a prebuilt that I put a new gpu and psu in, I'm planning on transferring my gpu to this in a month or so. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/QVF6D8

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Oh look it's this thread again.

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Sucks the 5820k came out a year later and with 2 more cores.

intel really fucked over 4820k buyers desu.
I paid $290 for my 5820k.

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>14° C Motherboard
>21° C CPU


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post pic of rig pls

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This x79 build was a mistake. If I had to do it over again I would have just gone with a 4770k. It's running pretty well OC'd at 4.7GHz but I'm ready for an upgrade.

Proc is on a custom loop, motherboard temp is probably just wrong. This MSI board is pretty shit desu.

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Well the good news is X79 motherboards have kept their value decently if they can support one of those cheap ass Xeons you can get off ebay.

Some of the used x79 boards can go for close to retail price.

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Oh god what have I done.

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Feels good man. Though I want to upgrade my CPU.

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Is this the Windows 10 thread?

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Temps are on the high side because I'm stress testing a max heat test with Prime95 right now after adjusting my OC a bit.

It says there is 1 GTX 660, but there are actually 2, I just have one unplugged right now for further stress testing reasons. I'm upgrading from my 660 sli to a 6GB 1060 tomorrow though. Card is supposed to come in the mail tomorrow, that is.

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Whoops, posted wrong pic of Speccy. Here we go.

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the RX 480 and ssd are recent additions :3

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Ban this thread. It's gaymurr trash and if we can't have desktop threads we can't have speccy threads.

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Now that you mention it... they are the same thing really. Hm. Odd that these are allowed so far.

>inb4 thread deletion and b& hammer wombo combos all around

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New memepad. 1gb WD HDD isn't showing up in explorer, haven't done much looking into it yet as other tasks are higher on priority list.
>tfw 16gb ram advertised, 64 arrives

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cyberbully channels are cancer cancer cancer

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Hook me up with animebyte invite

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>1gb WD HDD isn't showing up in explorer,
Anyway, Disk Management

Good job

Need new graphics card and SDD

CPU is fine


>Oh god what have I done.
Fell for the 32GB RAM meme


Need a better graphics card if gayman

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Hoping for some sweet black friday/ cyber monday deals on a new GPU this year.

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Grandpa tier, still going strong.

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>GTX 460

Not even close. Maybe if you had a P4 and an 8600GT or an old Celeron and a RAGE card. This is just an outdated mid-tier gaming machine from 2007.

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It used to have an 8800GTS but that died around 2011

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how bad it is? I am planning install linux, any distro advice?
>inb4 gentoo

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whats a GTX 460 score in windows experience index

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after so many misadventures with this laptop I kinda love it now

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download the font rendering DLC for windows senpai

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this is my secondary PC, parted out my primary and need to get new parts for it.

should I buy an overpriced LGA2011 mobo and E5 2600 series off ebay or should I just wait for Zen? I'd like to have at least 8 cores for virtualization but enough single thread performance for vidya.

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I'll get a 1170 when it comes out.

All my movies and such are on another old PC with an i5 3550.

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Just wait and look for a decently priced Supermicro 2011 workstation board. The single socket boards are cheap because no one wants them when they can have 2 sockets.

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>New Bitmap Image.jpg

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Been going strong for 3-4 years.

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No need for that, because I just streched the picture a bit.

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He's a shill that unsurprisingly knows nothing about technology. Just ignore it

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>2GB GTX 1060 6GB
Wtf speccy!!

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>bithering to name files that will be 15 sec on your disk

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>yfw novidia gimps your vram

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Not upgrading to the Redstone LTSB?

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Wait for Zen and may as well wait for the next release. Just get Intel Xeons since their IPC are pretty good even though their clock speed may be lower.
PS free dreamspark Windows are nice.

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just finished this build

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