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>Why? Little guy is a beast, especially 64gb.

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>iphone for poors
because there are already phones for poor people

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Only reason to buy it is if you absolutely want iOS.
iOS is a terrible OS so no one actually wants iOS.

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>Why? Big 'ol guy is a beast, especially 64gb.

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literally 5s.
you can't make use of any othet thing on se because of restrictions.
it's 2016 and iphones don't even have a file manager.
t. iphone user looking for a replacement.

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>"you can't make use of any othet thing on se because of restrictions."
what does that even mean.

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all apps are as fast as they are on 5s
it sucks when compared to anything 5s+ at anyhing like camera, app launch speed, speedtest.net
this is the biggest ruse i've seen that apple has done so for.

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If you want a small iPhone but have T-Mobile the SE has band 12

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yeah it's a good phone, op

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I like it, looks like my 4S but can actually run iOS9 or 10 without being slow as shit

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>without being slow as shit
At least until the SE2 releases. :^)

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I was going to get it as my first Apple device.

It was £359 and they offered gratis headphones gift for students, some Powerbeats2.

Decided to wait till 7 comes out as I knew the prices would change and, logically, old phones' will decrease.

Now it's £379 and the student offer is gone. Apple can fuck off, let them milk their iSheep...

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Nobody wants bootloops

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If I had slightly smaller hands I'd get one. I loved my 5 and 5S.

I think it's a good idea to keep a bit of consistency in the product line-up. Like >>56588482 says it's basically same shit, new model, which a lot of people like.

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My contract is up next month and I'm really thinking about getting it. I miss my old droid 4 incher. The only thing I'm worried about is my SNES/PS1 emulators, every other Apple restriction I can live without.

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Some US site has them for $200
If they were $200 where I live I'd get one right away

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5s was voted by the public as the sexiest model so they brought it back. I wish any other smartphone company would bring back their 4 inch screen but they won't listen to their consumers.

Also there's an app if you want a file manger called iFile (pls let that meme die)

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>even considering buying ishit

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Retail cuck here, we sell fucktons more SEs than any other iPhone.

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I would buy an android with the same build quality and same size.
Sony almost had it with the Zc serie.

Until then, iPhone SE it is

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>build quality

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I have one, would not recommend.
Don't get me wrong, it's usable, but iOS quirks are just fucking intolerable sometimes.
Some soft that is absolutely awesome on Android (swype keyboard) is just horrible on it.
And yeah, you can't sync with linux.

On the flip side, it's encrypted out of the box. And it's small. That's it for advantages.

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Right, what the fuck is wrong with LG. Got up one morning to find my G4 rebooting constantly, turns out it's a known issue and they don't cover it.

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I bought a brand new one the other week., it's a beast.

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>update to iOS 10
>iBrick SE

Thanks Apple. Never fucking again.

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I am poster above you. I updated to 10 today without any issues at all. Or nothing I have noticed and I have done everything as I normally do

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>t. Pajeet

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I would buy that day 1 if lg didnt have a bootloop problem

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see pic related

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Most of these points are false or apply to android too.

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Nice fashion accessory. I bet you own the pink one, you fucking faggot.

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>Most of these points are false or apply to android too.
Well let's hear it fucboi.

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>android has been proven to be filled with backdoors too, it's developed by Google and has Google apps tied into it by default
>shit battery life most of the time on Smasung and other android phones
>the version of android which comes on most phones is usually a butchered abomination of it with bloatware and a lot of other pointless shit
>some of them don't have a microsd slot
>the new exploding Samsung phone sold at the cheap, cheap price of $1000
>Shitty camera unless you pay a premium for the phone

I hate fanboyism as much as the next guy, but if you don't admit that android has a ton of its own flaws then you have your head stuck too far up your ass.

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Well said, iPajeet!

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Right. So this is level of 'discussion' that happens in /g/. This board has gone to shit really fast.

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>This board has gone to shit really fast.
Yeah, all thanks to you iFucks.
If all the iToddlers killed themselves, /g/ would finally become a tolerable place for tech discussion.

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>>android has been proven to be filled with backdoors too

>>shit battery life most of the time on Smasung and other android phones
Okay that doesn't mean all Android phones have shit battery life.

>>the version of android which comes on most phones is usually a butchered abomination of it with bloatware and a lot of other pointless shit
Which can literally be removed/disabled in less than 5 minutes with a 1 time clean up

>>some of them don't have a microsd slot
Those are irrelevant and few people buy them

>>the new exploding Samsung phone sold at the cheap, cheap price of $1000
Yeah samsung fucked up pretty badly but iPhones invented the whole "bursting into flames" fad.

>>Shitty camera unless you pay a premium for the phone
Nope, a ton of Android phones have amazing cameras that don't cost you an arm and a leg (ie Axon 7).

>I hate fanboyism as much as the next guy, but if you don't admit that android has a ton of its own flaws then you have your head stuck too far up your ass.
We know Android is not perfect but that's not what we're here to talk about. We're here to talk about everything wrong with iPhones.

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Well said, iPajeet!

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1. you can remove any back doors by modifying the source code or by using a community made version
2. Most android phone alow you to swap the battery with out voiding worenty and in some cases you can get a 3rd party battery with more juice
3. Look at point 1
4.yes SOME you fucking retard if an android phone doesn't have a microsd slot you can look for another we have choice when it comes to are phones hardware
5.this what happens when you stick a lot of power In a small area but this was one type of android phone plus Samsung replaced your phone for free
6. Go to point 4 side note if you want premium hardware you will have to pay a price wither that be money or hardware

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You are nothing but a turd that has boogers for brains and don't anything about tech.

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>don't anything for tech
Nigga you know this site is 18+ right

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>iToddler calling out anyone on their intelligence
Oh the Irony!

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He's probably fresh off the boat from reddit.

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I have a 64GB space gray SE. It's jailbroken on iOS 9.3.3. Hardware is great. It's light, feels good in the hand, amazing battery life for a phone that size and the A9 is incredibly fast but...

Stock iOS is utter dog shit. It's 2016 and iOS has no file explorer. Fucking Windows 95 has this. There's no excuse. Still no themes and still no easy file transfer, even to the user partition. You need to use iTunes to add music. If iOS 10 isn't jailbroken in 3-5 months I'll switch back to Android on my Nexus until it is, because I don't want to stay on outdated firmware forever. It's a great phone, software is just horse shit without access to your system partition. This is where Apple fucks up and turns away potential customers. I would gladly pay $100 a year for a dev account if that meant I could download and flash stock firmwares without KPP and all that shit so I could easily get a userland jailbreak withing a week of an update. It would also be nice if I could update without the jailbroken phone bootlooping. I don't think I'm asking for a lot.

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Is there an android equivalent under $200? The same size would be great.

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>tfw it's $600 where I live

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Any low end phone from your local grocery store.

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>don't want to stay on outdated firmware
>9.3.3 vs. 10
>would switch to a nexus which doesn't officially support any of the latest android OS

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How's the update working for my SE brothers?
I'm seeing there's only a few SE's getting fucked but some says its already been fixed by now

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What's the best way for me to get a 6s? New 2 year contract is fine, Target has a 64gb for $99, is that as good of a deal as I'm gonna find or should I wait and try and scoop one up after the 7 launches and they're trying to liquidate?

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cydia store is trash

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I love mine.

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I installed the 10 GM a few days ago. No issues, works great.

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No reason to be jailbroken these days imo. Got ipastore.me so any app I want free including stuff like Flux and Moviebox, without having to deal with jailbreak shit.

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After update to iOS10, the notes app was crashing. I noticed the app crashes as soon as it tries to make connection to cloud. The app works normal if I open the Notes app in Airplane mode

Did anyone experience this issue or know how to resolve this?

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OK a close friend is stuck after installing her iOS 10 update on her iPhone 6s. She can't open the message App at all now. Suggestions?

>> No.56592314

iPhone 6S Plus won't restore and won't update

No matter what!

iTunes can't complete downloading the updating software displaying network problems and starts downloading from scratch all over again and again...


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lol ok

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My Nexus 6P is on Nougat. You tried really hard but it just wasn't good enough. You can still delete your post to save yourself the embarrassment.

How so? It offers lots of useful tweaks, applications, and even bug fixes. If you're salty about things costing money that you don't have you can add pirate repos.

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Boy, do I have good news for you

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Wtf after like five years browsing 4chan AND being able to speak japanese I had not realised that sage was in japanese.

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And I have even better news...


Less than 7 bucks. This is THE way to play SNES and GBA.

GBA is amazing on an iPhone SE, literally pixel perfect.

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I know I know, bought it for 9.99 in a store. So fuckin great.

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Care to vouch how amazing GBA games on the SE are?

I've used every GBA variant, nothing comes close to the iPhone SE for me. Perfect interference scaling due to 640p screen too.

Also, SAdv2? My motherfucking nigga.

>> No.56594175

How do you deal with the cropping issue what with the GBA screen having a higher native resolution?

>> No.56594202

I personally still use a 5S because poorfag
Gba games run pretty much perfect on the 5S already, with only some sound artifacts. But even a game like Sonic Advance is playable, so it definitely is a great emulation machine.

>> No.56594227

By not being a nitpicking faggot, that's how.

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640 : 160 = 4

iPhone SE's y resolution is exactly 4 times the GBA's. It looks amazing. Actual screenshot.

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I'd buy the iphone SE in an instant if it had a microsd slot. I hate the large phone trend so much.

>> No.56594242

spotted the iManlet

>> No.56594248 [DELETED] 

xdddddddddddddddddddddd originale

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>military grade bootloops

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My notes app constantly crashed long before this update. It's also pretty laggy when adding notes.

Seems that the more notes you add, the laggier it gets, even if you delete the notes later on.

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>somebody was so bootyblasted they created this image

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1 1 3 6 x 6 4 0


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because it's for mantlets, real men need those six inches of display for comfortable funny youtube video playback

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>calls the guy who actually makes points names like itoddler and shit
>he calls you names right back
>WOAH WOAH WOAH you know this is a site for adults, with adult discussion!

every time. why do you think he said something as retarded as booger brains. he was parodying you. your "be an adult response" was literally what got replied to with itoddler. deja vu

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A real man doesn't give a shit about modern smartphones.

>> No.56595822

don't spread bullshit about the iPhone SE, it's selling really well for what it is:

too bad Apple isn't doing actual flagship iPhones in 4".
now that iOS 10 is forcing 3D Touch to be more than a gimmick by decreasing the usability when you don't have it. so, it's really annoying that the iPhone SE doesn't have it compared to the iPhone 6s. then there's the iPhone 7, which beats the iPhone 6s everywhere but audio jack and home button.

>> No.56596272

Literally banana phones

>> No.56596321

Thank you kind Sir. I now blindly buy iPhone SE.

Yours truly,
Kumar Pradesh

>> No.56596461

Even the Galaxy Nexus from 2011 has Nougat ROMs available. Good luck running iOS X on an iPhone that old.

>> No.56596538

Post pics of your friend

>> No.56596674

>absolutely want iOS
>too poor for the larger iPhones
>larger iPhones are too big for my tiny hands anyway
>SE is perfect for me
>still haven't taken the leap and bought one
>still using dumbphone

>> No.56596808

there are no usable custom roms for nougat and even the best custom roms like Cyanogenmod are still shit:
>CyanogenMod is a testing ground for new features and is perpetually broken in all kinds of new and exciting ways. It lacks a focus on security and AOSP has much better code review and higher standards for code quality. Support for devices outside of the Nexus line tends to be quite broken with no guarantees of continued support and the lack of monthly security updates from the vendors is a dealbreaker due to device specific proprietary components. The drastic changes and broad device support in CyanogenMod also hold back new version upgrades for months.

Nexus line never really compared to iPhones. For the latest see Nexus 5X, for which Google only managed to fix the lag 6 months after release:

>too poor for the larger iPhones
iPhone 6 costs the same as an iPhone SE.

>> No.56596875

>iPhone 6 costs the same as an iPhone SE.
SE has better hardware.

>> No.56596893

Why would you jump to Nougat now when CM13 works well on supported phones?
You can't expect CM devs to release snapshot builds as fast as Google.

>> No.56596919

>iPhone 6 costs the same as an iPhone SE.
I won't buy any unless unlocked from Apple directly, and they only sell one generation back for way more money.
>SE has better hardware.
Also this.

>> No.56598080

>there are no usable custom roms for nougat and even the best custom roms like Cyanogenmod are still shit:

Nice meme

Those are mostly alpha builds, in a couple of months those phone will get stable builds.

>> No.56598440

Any way to order to the UK?

I'd do it straight away.

>> No.56598470

How's the screen size? Is it too small?

>> No.56598505

But you're sacrificing portability. Hueg phones are not comfortable to carry in your pockets.

>> No.56598565

current iPhone user, was using Nexus 5X for a long time. Absolutely bullshit. The Nexus 5X worked really, really well. I can talk shit about the ridiculous battery and camera in the Nexus 5, but the 5X is a real champ.

>> No.56599853

Are you aware of this: http://www.gearbest.com/memory-cards/pp_246127.html

>> No.56599877

I actually got one and now my mom has it she loves it

>> No.56599890

Enjoy your crippleware update when the 8 releases.

>> No.56600276

>it's 2016 and iphones don't even have a file manager.
Documents by Readdle

>> No.56600631

It's literally the best mobile os

>> No.56600703

Updated mine as well, no problems, just 2 steps back in usability and more privacy rights lost due to the new license agreement.

>> No.56600715

>new software is more demanding than old and requires more resources

What a shock

>> No.56600948

I just wanna say that my SE is running slower after iOS 10

g was right

>> No.56601157

My SE Is just as fast as it ever was. Did you delta, iTunes, or do you just have a corrupted restore?

>> No.56601352

The only phone max out mahattan 3.1 after refresh rate

>> No.56601413

I am really glad they're offering the SE
At some point here I'm going to need to retire my iphone 5 and the SE is going to be the perfect replacement, same size newer hardware.

Its my last vestige in a market of stupidly large smartphones. Also iOS really isn't that bad, the only reason I would use a file browser is if I had an SD card to manage, but thats not an option so its really not a big deal. Its easy enough getting files onto and off of my iphone using copy trans

>> No.56601714

>new software doesn't bring any new features that justify the massive performance hog

Hmm, really makes you think

>> No.56601768

I think iphones (the big ones) look amazing but I just can't deal with ios restrictions. It's far too gimped next to android. I think it's the perfect system if you're just your average person who takes photos of their food to post online but it's simply the wrong device for anyone above that. Just the fact you can't do something as simple as ctrl+c ctrl+ving a file on the thing straight away is already a major turn off. I don't like having to go through shitty obstacles and proprietary cockblocks to use that device whose sole purpose is to make my life easier and be as convenient as possible. It's counter-productive.

>> No.56601806

I never quite understand what people like you exactly do on their phones. I get stuff like "managing files", but it's just nothing I really want to do on my phone. It's like you want to live in the past.

>> No.56601813

is it worth getting this phone now that ios 10 is so 3d-touch heavy?

>> No.56601831

if it was released before i got the 6s plus, i probably would have hopped on that.

only problem i had with the 4s was browsing the web. screen really is too small for that shit. apps were fine though.

>> No.56601891


That's because you don't know any better. You're just like the guy who has a Windows Phone and thinks it's perfectly fine because he's never had anything else. Like the very smartphone itself, you don't miss them until you get to try them.

But yeah, I totally want to live in the past because I have more features and customizability than you on my device in a tech enthusiast board. That makes for some grade A piece of purchase rationalization on your behalf.

>> No.56601921

It really depends on the update cycle Apple is choosing for the SE branch of iPhones. My guess is that they will probably do a two year cycle, but they also might want to do a 1-year-cycle. If latter is the case, then you could wait until march or so, but that's up to you.

Overall i wouldn't say the 3d touch features are really a game changer. They are nice short cuts and you get used to it quickly (kind of a muscle memory thing), but it's nothing that is incredibly important.

>> No.56601946

Why do you attack me personally instead of just explaining what you use your phone for?

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Just responding to your "you want to live in the past" shitpost.

I have Z3 and it's rooted. I disabled systeam features I don't want and I block ads on the entire device while you're force to deal with them, which to me is more than enough reason to ditch ios altogether. I can download apps right off my browser and install them without having to deal with itunes or some other proprietary cockblock. I don't even have to use the play store if I want, since I have f-droid and, again, the ability to instal apps from my browser, sd card or anywhere else. I don't have to jailbreak my device like apple users have to (and that's IF they are able to) and I can install pirated apps simply by allowing unknown sources with a single tap on my device's settings. I can ctrl+c ctrl+v files straight to and from my device, which I do so by simply SSHing into it and, again, I don't need iTunes for any of these. With Xposed I can install custom modules which do pretty much anything you could possibly come up with, including overhauling the look of my device with whatever I want. I can choose between launchers. I can downgrade my device if I actually want to, something iOS users simply don't have to the option to unless you're jailbroken and have backed your SHSH blobs up. I can install Restore and try out any custom rom I feel like. And that's just off the top of my head. So basically, it does everything that ios does and much more, so that makes it a complete no-brainer to use an android phone instead of an iphone. Why would I willingly restrict myself for no reason while paying more for said restriction since iphones are usually more expensive? Seem completely counter-productive.

I went ios -> windows phone -> android myself and I had to rank them it would be:

Android >>> iOS >>> boiling dish of diarrhea >>> Windows Phone. I still use an ipad myself because it has god tier battery life and I just use it for casual browsing and book reading.

>> No.56602166

Sorry for some missing letters. My keyboard is apparently fucked and I haven't revised what I wrote.

>> No.56602169

So mainly autism. I don't care about any of these as to me a phone is just a phone.

>> No.56602211


Buy a $20 chinkphone. They'll do everything iPhones do. The shit CPU will even trick you into thinking the device includes the default iOS transition animations.

>> No.56602240


And there is that completely predictable purchase rationalization back again. Whether you care about them or not it's completely irrelevant, a plus is still a plus. Notice how I could simply use my device as a "phone" just like you do except I actually get to have the option to do so much more? That renders your point flat. And you have a smartphone, not just a phone. Go buy an old nokia if a phone is all you need.

>> No.56602280

>They'll do everything iPhones do.
Call me a faggot, stupid or whatever you like, you don't need to understand it and I don't expect you to, but I just like how the iPhone looks and feels. I'm still using my four year old iPhone 5, and I just like how it looks and how it aged.

Plus, you can't buy chinkphones for 20 bucks around here. The cheapest that's usable at all around here is something like 100 bucks, but those usually have horrible cameras and displays, so no thanks.

>> No.56602284


Oh and another thing. I can actually multitask on my phone as well since it's not RAM starved like every iphone from the 6 downwards. My Z3 can easily hold 10 apps open in the background without reloading.

>> No.56602333

Okay Sigmund, I know it's very important to you to have hypothetical advantages, but I still don't give a shit. You apparently have some deep ideological expectations of what your devices should do which I don't have. I don't care about SSHing onto my device and having full control, I don't care about piracy on a phone as I don't buy any apps anyway, I don't care about proprietary software and I don't really care about ads in a few apps.

>> No.56602371


Again, who the fuck cares about what you care? I'm listing objective advantages as requested and they still remain whether you acknowledge them or not. I don't care about many things in the world, that suddenly doesn't devalue them in the slightest, only to me personally. You somehow think that not caring about things make them irrelevant, which is some serious case of egocentrism like I've never seen before. You're just grasping for a counter-argument and failing miserably to come up with something meaningful to say.

>> No.56602454

No idea.
If I bought an iphone I'd get this one

>last good iphone design
>eats less battery
>not so overpriced
>headphone jack

iphone 6 and 7 are absolutely horrible, I've moved to HTC and never looked back. Apple died with Jobs, no it's just bunch of tumblerina faggots without a clue about design or functionality.

>> No.56603667

so you do agree that there are no usable nougat roms.

except it's google themselves which proclaimed after 6 months that they fixed the lag for the Nexus 5X.

anyway why did you switch if it worked for you?

>> No.56603717

there will never be an iPhone 8.
Apple will prolly come up with something special for the 10 year anniversary next year and break the past release naming from there on on.

also iOS 10 still runs fine on the iPhone 5.

>> No.56603798

>runs fine on the iPhone 5.
good joke

>> No.56603839

If you jailbreak you can get 3dtouch on se

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Stopped reading.

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