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ITT: We post our guts and somebody will rate them without showing his

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>micro atx motherboard in atx case
>no graphics card
>HDD facing the wrong direction for cable management


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You should have seen what he had before, it was wayyyy worse. That's a 8/10 for him.

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/g/uts: Tentacle Hentai Edition

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Ayy somebody remembers
If i had money, it wouldnt have been like this

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lan build 6600k w/970

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obligatory memeITX

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The CPU heatsink god... looks like something I had in a computer from the early 2000's

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Fuck me raw.

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>tfw noctua poo fans are really the real real
>inb4 that's reversed no shit bruh
My memeATX build is finally finished. Although it's never really finished

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One more time for your mind

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give me some of that outdated cancer

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aight, but what case is that

>also gonna SLI my 770. My brother broke his motherboard and is lending me his 770 until he get's everything back up and running, probably a couple of weeks XD

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fuck every single one of you

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Upgrades may be coming soon, I have a job interview with the company I have been applying last for the last year.

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Upgrades may be coming soon, have a job interview tomorrow with the company I have been applying at for the last year.

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Love me

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Alexander Weiss c853

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Need some white to make it truly American.

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h-how did i do guys?

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>get shitty inwin art case
>make it look like shit
4/10 - you have a computer

Good job Anon, at least you make Inwin cases look as they should.

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That is some weird shit bruh

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a white h440 case would,ve been cool

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Well u might be able to play wc3

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You need to make custom length psu cables so it looks neater, you won't see it but it looks disgusting

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aye i have the same shitty ass case. :)

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Original content do not steal plz.

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2GB,Win 7 x64,TV tuner,Pentium E2180.
Quite a sleeper,but that's maybe because every guy I've seen with a similar configuration has some fancy case (some with leds,some without).

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E2180 is hardly a sleeper, heck I've put Skylake builds into some prebuilt computer cases with Windows XP serials on them because the fuckers were to cheap to buy a new case.

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The case is killer compared to this atrocity inside

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Considering it originally was a 3.2GHz Pentium 4 space heater (LGA 775,Prescott core. Talk about atrocity.) a E2180 is pretty much heaven. I plan to replace it with a Athlon 64 x2 5600+,but I'm quite concerned with the airflow. (and a A64 x2 is actually good,and has higher speeds at the same time)

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No, E2180 easily hits 3.0ghz and be faster than the 5600+ clock for clock

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With a overclock,but I have been told a 2.9GHz 5600+ could achieve higher speeds than a E2180.

I'll try and get myself some 775 and AM2 boards and check that. I think I still have a spare GT210 for testing.

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Or you could just buy a cheap ass Xeon 771 mod that, pop it in your current board and run laps around the fucking 5600+

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Dear /guts/.

Im planning to buy whole new PC. Would 212 Evo cooler be enough for i7-6700k and would it fit in either Zalman Z3 Plus or Corsair 200R case?

First have 19cm width inside, 200R - 21cm.

I dont think I would do crazy overlocking like to 5ghz.

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I don't think my current MB supports it.

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More guts. 1950mhz on the msrp 1060, not too shabby.

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Bishounen puri-puri wire management edition.

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posted a while back but now I finally organiced my shit

desu how do I go from here?
I want to put a silent but stronk fan above my drive bays in the back I guess
any recommendations?

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The 200R would fit that tower cooler. I have one

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>got a sleeved displayport cable for the same price as a regular cable
>got the taste for sleeved cables

Oh god I don't want to spend like 200bucks on all new pc cables, please help.

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looks fine to me

but I have entirely unsleeved cables

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I got a huge performance boost in Fallout 4 with the Radeon 16.9.1 drivers, has anyone else noticed a performance increase too??

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seems like it helped. Have a OC 390x WoW seems to be running better 110FPS

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If it can support a C2Q it can support it.

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cute fan
>nothing cute
thats cute to say.

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>that 40mm fan
Every time.

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Its efficent cooling and its cute that it tries hard to support the gpu.

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Tbh im playing GTAV, BF3 and Wolfenstein New Order at the moment on it.

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now I want to cool everything with cute 40mm fans :3

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haha they are ment for blade severs so once you get some in a line they become a vortex of noise and air.

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Oh thanks.

One more question, should I rather get "normal" PSU (I was thinking about Seasonic S12-II) or modular one? (M12)? Modular cost more, but I dont know if there are other benefits than being able to pull unwanted cables out.

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Do it and post it.

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It's all about aesthetics unless you're using a really tiny case where the bulk makes a difference. The big difference is whether you have to hide a bunch of molex connectors behind the motherboard tray.

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So, if Im going to get midi-tower, it doesnt really matter and I would be just paying more for feature not really useful?

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There is no functional difference, only aesthetics and ease of cable management.

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Okay !

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Okay, thanks!

Overall, this new PC Im planning would then have:

>Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P
>Sapphire Radeon RX 480 Nitro+ OC 8gb
>16gb of DDR4 RAM, probably Crucial
>Seasonic S12-II 620W
>212 Evo as CPU cooler
>Corsair 200R case

Do you think it will be good build that would last for longer time? I especially want to keep same CPu for next 4-5 years or something, like I did so far with my current i5-750.

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very cat

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don't know if you're still here but that's not bad at all

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You should opt for a cpu fan instead of AIO water cooler, it would probably be more efficient than your 120mm radiator is currently.

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cable management wizard

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le boring guts

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Not to say it doesn't look nice, but those cables are very management-friendly and there isn't an awful lot of them.
There's not much cable management wizardry over this one, though they are very nice custom cables. I especially like the perfect length on the SATA power cable between his HDDs.

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I had to do some riggernigging to make the radiator fit in the case, because it didnt want to fuck off and do it when i tried mounting it on the top, so the front has to do.

drilled some new holes to remount the hard drive cage. the end result

>matx board in atx case meme

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>beautiful computer build
>installs windows on it

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Mace Windu/10
You need a video card, though!

Flash/10 and Blur/10
Take your tower outside on a nice, sunny day to take better pictures. Looks like you've only got your phone to work with.

Superb cable management if you have all those drives hooked up!

Get it together, Tyrone...

Would put penis in rubber grommet

I don't care if it's the best.
It's hideous and it doesn't need to be.

Did you manke that that plexi side panel?

If your temps are good, more power to you!

I came.

You should really turn those to back fans around and put the black one on the other side of the CPU cooler. Unless you've tried that already and your current setup is better somehow.

Could you do with one section of the HDD rack removed?
Or is the second one there to hide all the cables?

Preparing to SLI?

Fuck you, too.
With yo sexy ass...

Best picture, so far.
Dedicated PhysX card?

Why no fans up front?

Side pic would be good.

It doesn't look terrible, although I agree that the rad placement is goofy and you might be better off with a low-profile air cooler...try taking another picture with the back panel on and even another with the tempered glass panel on...that shit is sexy as fuck.

GPU cable might look better coming up from that tall grommet below instead of around the res.



CPU fan is on the wrong side.
Why get a modular PSU when you give no fucks about cable management?
If you have dual-channel RAM, it doesn't appear to be mounted properly. On most boards, you skip a slot.


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That PSU rustles my jimmies!

You can get extensions.
If you got extensions for the CPU power, Mobo power, and GPU power cables, I think that would cover most of what's visible and wouldn't break the bank.

I don't know where you got yellow SATA cables, but they need to go.

That case looks like it's been through hell.
Did you paint it?
Also, cool-looking mobo.

Camelbak tube?
Card above GPU?
What the hell is on all of those drives?!?!?!

Love the Metal Gear arm and the braided cables.

le artsy angle
All I can see is that you need to work on the cable management.

Is that thing under your card to keep it from sagging or what? I cant see where it attaches if that's the case.

Why not mount the HDD in one of those top slots and remove the cage?

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There are fans at the front lmao

Older picture but you understand

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Very very sneaky, sir.

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>Camelbak tube?
Quick disconnect, it allows for easily adding a GPU or two to the loop later.
>Card above GPU?
Every hear of these things called "sound cards" ?
>What the hell is on all of those drives?!?!?!
Various combinations of 1s and 0s.

>> No.56594401

That GPU needs an upgrade...

>> No.56594474

I tried to mount it in the top slots, but its didnt want to do it and like it, I tried every way i could think of for about 15 minutes. then I said fuck it, marked the holes and drilled them in about 5 minutes

>> No.56594562

I also have 3 120mm Noctua NF-F12 iPPC-3000 mounted as exhaust fans and 2 140mm Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 as intake fans. I like the iPPC fans because they dont look like designated poo in loo fans

>> No.56594569



>> No.56594863

Why do so many people water cool their CPU and leave the GPU on stock air cooling....it baffles me.

>Fell for the dedicated soundcard meme

>> No.56594915

because some people dont want to put in the effort to order the correct water block, take the gpu apart, put the water block on, forget to order a radiator, tubing, pump and reservoir and have to wait 4 weeks for the shit to send because muh customz goyz. when liquid cooling a cpu is essentially plug and play if you use an AIO.

>> No.56595144


Thank you.

When I asked for opinion outside 4chan, everyone wanted to drop i7 in favor of i5 or even i3 and put 1070 or even 1080 instead of Rx480.

>> No.56595159

Because closed loop coolers for GPUs are incredibly rare.

>> No.56595180

because jesus man there's like ten piounds of fucking copper and fans on the gpuif you dont get a garbage one, you dont need to even water cool it

>> No.56595227

Clearly what you described is overly expensive meme ricer shit that serves no purpose. What i would like to see for example is a EVGA Hybrid for example set in a Push/Pull fan config. One of the youtubers did a setup like that and temps in load were just above 40 degrees.

Oh if only i weren't poor...

>> No.56595264

>10 pounds
I hate it when any of you talk numbers.

>> No.56595442

All these dubs
>>Quick disconnect, it allows for easily adding a GPU or two to the loop later.
>>Every hear of these things called "sound cards" ?
Yeah, just couldn't identify it from the picture.
I also believe an amp and some decent speakers are the only real option.
>>Various combinations of 1s and 0s.
You ain't lyin'

That's an old build I've since sold.
Newest build is >>56593653

Problem solved.

I think most people get video cards with something better than the stock blower fan. I wouldn't consider windforce, acx, directcu, etc., to be stock air. Besides, I think some manufacturers will void the warranty if you decide to watercool a card on your own.

>> No.56596797

>I also believe an amp and some decent speakers are the only real option.
Same, the sound card is there for its S/PDIF output. I have an old Denon receiver running my speakers, probably will upgrade it to some kind of NAD thing at some point in life.

HDMI output to my receiver from my iGPU never worked out for some reason, so I use coaxial from the sound card instead. Which I'm sure makes it seem even dumber since I'm essentially bypassing a 200 dollar sound card by using a digital connection.

>> No.56597053

>Superb cable management if you have all those drives hooked up!
Yup, that's a pic of it running, I didn't bother to turn it off, so all drives and shit are connected.

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Rate my wind farm /g/

>2x12 cm on the Noctua CPU cooler
>6x14 cm in the case, all Y-cabled to the same 3 fan controller
>all drive cages taken out, 2 SSDs mounted behind mainboard, HDD mounted in spare optical drive bay

>> No.56597192

>all those intakes
dysfunctional dust collector/10

>> No.56597217

they're all filtered fampaitachi, also positive pressure

>> No.56597241

At least 2 of them look very not filtered from that picture.
Also your cpu cooler is fighting for pressure with that rear intake.

>> No.56597276

worst airflow i've ever seen

>> No.56597292

>rear intake

that's obviously an exhaust, which is also why it's not filtered (top is exhaust too). who on earth has a rear intake?

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>2 fucking thousand,the year of Pentium II and III
nigga u wot m8

Nope,it doesn't support it. I checked if it supports a C2Q alone,and it doesn't. (not even listed)

>> No.56597315

>that's obviously an exhaust
It's turned the wrong way around if you want it to be an exhaust, retard.

>> No.56597317

>I like the iPPC fans because they dont look like designated poo in loo fans
Same. Noctua's fans are ugly as sin, but the iPPCs only have brown pads; everything else is a nice, uniform black. I have two of the A14s on my rad, two as front intake and one as a rear exhaust, with two more F12s as bottom intakes.

Gotta have a fan controller for them because at max rpm, they sound like a jet engine trying to take off.

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Got some combs

>> No.56597388


You can't both be right.

>> No.56597389

Cool, cool.
Gotta work with what you have until you can get something better.

>> No.56597420

Very nice.
It was a bit of hyperbole.

>> No.56597439

Bottom, rear, front, side - all intakes. Fans blow in the direction of the "spokes" on their backside.

Could be better, but I'd say it's still pretty good, really. I'm not in much of a rush to upgrade my receiver cause it still runs my Infinity Reference 61i's with no issues. I'll do it eventually, but bigger priorities, y'know

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File: 2.66 MB, 4128x2322, 20160914_161102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>stock intel cooler

I didn't know they let you buy hardware with food stamps.

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post guts you double ethiopian

>when you have to copy an old HDD for someone and your cable kraken is unleashed

>> No.56599716

I am OP. I also bump someone else's thread when its about to die because i am a good lad.

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Dear /guts/.

I asked on one site about opinions of the build I listed in >>56587634 and somebody suggested replacing Seasonic S12-II with Corsair CX.

How would you comment that?

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File: 3.01 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_2371[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can also take those brown pads off like I did on my pc (>>56593492), I left the ones that face the case on as they act as vibration dampeners

the brown pads are just held on by these little nubs in pic related

>> No.56601367

You are being rused.

>> No.56601558

What case is that?

I can't read the front.

>> No.56601675


I dont think so, on said site almost nobody jokes outside of proper boards.

I just wanted to hear different opinions, so I asked, outside of 4chan, on different places. I just get surprised, since CX was on "Tier 4" on PSU Tier list I found on /g/ month or something ago, while S12-II on "Tier 2".

Oh and they also suggested Gigabyte GA-Z170-Gaming K3 instead of GA-Z170-HD3P. Slightly more expensive, but just slightly and I dont know, why would it be better.

>> No.56601877

Please do you have a build list or something for that thing?

It's beautiful.

>> No.56602006

I have a SeaSonic M12-II 620W Evo, which should be pretty much the same except with modular cables and it has a very quality feel to it.

>matte black sturdy paint
>can mount it two ways
>I can barely hear the fan under full load, there's always something that's louder
>opened it up once because I was curious (yeah yeah, warranty and electrocution, idc), components were extremely tidy

I have never had a Corsair PSU but if it's just a case of people recommending Corsair because they're more familiar with them, don't be fooled. Some other manufacturers, including Corsair, offer PSUs that are actually built by SeaSonic.

>> No.56602125


In that case, the guy replied that "current" CX is much better than older one and claimed ti to be better than S12-II.

>> No.56602276

Look into the C6 / C7 low power states for Haswell and Skylake, that's something that only the Corsair PSU would support I guess.

>> No.56602385


"Corsair Builder Series CX 80+ 600W ATX (CP-9020048-EU)" for example?

>> No.56603434

Yes it been through high schools for CAD so it was beat to shit. Yes I did paint it and I enjoy it camos the motherboard.

>> No.56603511

The nice thing about modular cables is that you can also just remove them at the PSU when you need to pull a component out. This probably sounds like a really minor thing but it can mean a lot less fumbling inside the case.

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