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ctrl+f guts no guts


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No flash

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just removed the extra hdd/5.25 drive bay cages

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First build.
Be gentle :^)

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You need a better camera, man.

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It's my phone used to be good before i scratched the lens

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>stock cooler
>full atx case but micro atx board
>intel/amd mixing

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>stock cooler

Locked cpus are fine with the stock cooler
>full atx case but microatx board

It was a budget PC for gaming at 1080p micro atx board are cheaper than atx boards
>intel AMD mixing

Who cares?

My guts aren't great but they're guts

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sorry for composing it like a retard

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>toshita hard drive
>two different GPU's

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What are your thoughts on those fancy new overpriced Corsair fans? Legitimately curious on noise/performance.

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>who cares?
apparently you do defending yourpoor self

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Who cares was my answer to the intel/amd thing
i fucked the composition up

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My only problem is the case. If you're going micro atx you might as well do the same for the case. You get a nicer case for your money and their are a ton of small form size cases out there for these boards.

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getting an atx later

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I'm fine with that, if i wasnt fine with that i wouldnt be poor

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Need the 650 to run one of my analog monitor.

Well I had Corsair AF quiet series fans plus the stock Corsair H115i fans before this, so when I switched to these I set them to roughly the same speeds and they are way quieter, GPU temps under load only dropped slightly and it's not really a controlled test environment so it's hard to say if the fans made a huge difference there. Because the H115i controls it's fans based off a speed % in the fan profiles it automatically ran the meg lev fans slower since they have much wider rpm range but the fluid temps are slightly lower then before to.

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Have the same case but I have two 140mm fans in front. How are your temps? Wondering if I wasted $35 or not.

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No you should always have intake fans, you don't want negative case pressure.

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There's this great new invention. It's called a flash. Your camera has one. You should really try it out.

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Gpu hits around 80 degrees Celsius
Processor around 40. Slight overclock onthe gpu

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Ty for protecting me ~desu

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i5 2400
GTX 760

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fuck my face pls

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Your build is getting kind of old now. Thinking about upgrading anytime soon?

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Sort of. Going to order a 1070 soon. My love for wasting money on my computer has transferred to my truck.

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Cable management is my nightmare
I'll post a better one tomorrow

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I feel like this would be a good place to ask for build advice.
My sister wants a gaming computer for the purpose of runescape and minecraft. I have 8gb of ddr3, a 750ti, a lga1150 board i think works, havent tested it with a new psu, and what im thinking ill need is:
>pentium G with stock cooler would be fine and quiet
>some cheap 1tb hdd and i have a spare SSD for boots and shit
>a chinkshit PSU, they will work well enough for something light
>a cute micro atx case, thinking something silverstone white or spraypainted white at least

she used my IBM rubber dome from 1996 and wants something extremely clicky, so im not sure where to go keyboard wise
monitor wise, we have a spare 32" cheapie TV that has decent response time she can use, because she also wants to play with friends

any additions or ideas for this?

pcbg is full of fags who shill 1080's and fractal design cases

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I told a friend of mine to drop in a 750ti in his shitty prebuilt dell that had some mid spec i5, it runs runescape NXT just fine. You should be good on the hardware side.

Keyboards, what size does she want?
If you are really budget concerned this 35$ is probobly one of the cheapest blue mechs around https://www.amazon.com/TOMOKO-Mechanical-Keyboard-Water-Resistant-Anti-ghosting

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my compact guts too

my sister likes my build, but my build comes with a fairly expensive case, expensive ram, and an expensive GPU
all she wants is minecraft and runescape, which doesnt require much so i dont want to be dropping several hundred dollars on stuff that wont be used

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If she won't mind having no 10key, a QuickFire Rapid keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches isn't a bad buy. It's twice as expensive as what >>56559002 linked, though.

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Waiting on hotswap bay for ssd also getting a second one in couple weeks.

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>that tiny fan
that is so fucking cute, where did you get one and what size is it?

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Theirs two ones under the white heat shield. Very adorable cooling fans. They are scythe 40mm fans and the one in front is a extra thick server fan and one in back is half the thickness. Believe they are called the kaze?

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sell truck, buy golf cart / dirt bike, spend monies on computer again.

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Your Guts made me vomit! Ugly color!

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Can't man, use my truck for work. Just have stop dropping monies into dumb truck stuff

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>mATX is ATX case
>Single stick of RAM
>RAM is not even in farthest slot from CPU.

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Want to get even more RAM and another HD this Black Friday.

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Basic but werks

-2600K, Hyper 212 with 2 Arctic PWM fans
-P8P67 Pro
-12GB Corsair Vengeance
-ASUS DirectCUII R9 290X
-some Seagate HDD
- 120GB Patriot Blast SSD

I'm using a little TP LINK USB WiFi adapter to prop the 290X up, because sag

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could use leds but thats gay

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I like to call mine a sleeper.

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Not bad


wtf is that molex?


> don't ever talk to me or my son ever again


> all you had to do was follow the damn train CJ


Looks nice but
> badge cancer


pull the film off of your memecard


not bad


What lab do you work in?


Because its specs put you to sleep? Nice floppy drive though

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>Because its specs put you to sleep? Nice floppy drive though
Why? It's a Pentium E2180.

Here's its speccy.

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get a mousepad

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What do you even do with only 2GB of RAM?

What state do you live in? I have an old HP budget box I got for free, it's a Core 2 Duo [email protected] with 4GB of RAM. All it needs is a hard drive, you can have the fucking thing if you live close enough to come get it.

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You need to adjust the black levels on your monitor, friendo. He's got a mousepad (it's an ultra wide that is sitting beneath both his mouse and his keyboard)

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>do you even do with only 2GB of RAM?
Hard to explain but:

My motherboard has only two RAM slots. I have 2x1GB sticks because even if I have a 2GB stick (made by ADATA),that stick won't work correctly. (strange ACPI blue screen,even though I have ACPI enabled in BIOS)

And I live in Romania,and got most of my parts second hand. (PSU,MB with CPU,RAM and case,TV Tuner) Rest of the parts were given to me from friends who upgraded their PCs except the DVD-ROMs which came from one of my old PCs,and the HDD which came from a modded Wii. (given parts - GPU,unused 2GB ram stick,some old 400W Delux,and a 80GB WDC HDD which I use in my Xbox HUEG.)

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It needs a bit more work desu.
1)Gpu is sagging like a bastard. See if you can straighten it out, and use that second thumb screw that you didn't put back.
2) your RAM is not in the proper slots. It won't run dual channel mode the way you have it. This will increase your computer's speed slightly.
3) cable management could use some work to pretty it up. There's a hole specifically for the PCI-E cable on your power supply shroud. You can use a zip tie to put the two cables together so they don't flop and dangle. The 24-pin power can be propped and bent to look a little better.
4) moving the fan from the top exhaust to the front will improve your air flow significantly.
Mine is by no means perfect, but here it is.

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>Watercool case
>Air cool everything

Once I feel the need to upgrade from Haswell I'll watercool but til then my 4790k will do. Currently waiting in the queue for GTX 1080 in step up program. I've dusted the case since this pic...

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Oh, that makes sense.

Xbox HUEG is a pretty solid console, throwing a hefty hard drive in there and modding the thing is a good idea.

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> 5000x5000 pixel 4MB images

Why do you stupid faggots not bother to resize your images before uploading them?

You are the kind of people that think "more megapixels=a better image!".

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The honest truth is that sometimes I just snap a quick pic with my moto /g/, and just upload it straight to 4chan.

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Anyone in market for an R9 Nano, upgrading to a 1070 itx.

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You can find the same case cheaper if you dig around. Pcpartpicker might have it cheaper elsewhere.

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What's the software please?

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>See all these beautiful guts
>Want to get a 1080 but there's probably a 1080 ti 4 months away
>Want to get a high end CPU & water cool it but Kaby Lake is 7 months away
>Large SSDs are still bullshit expensive
>Large HDDs are probably clicking during shipping

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In Win cases are sexy. Almost went with the 901 myself before I bought the S340.

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