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I can't see, to find an existing one, or the last one, so I can't link it sorry.

I was hoping someone would be able to give me some tips. I have been using i3wm for a while, and just recently got around to changing the colours and stuff, but it just does not feel right. Any suggestions?

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Hakase a cute, A CUTE!

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Is this the new screenfetch thread?

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Desktop threads have been moved to >>>/wg/ now, newfriend (:

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Oh, have they. I have not been on in a while, so that must be a recent change.

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Oh god. Another anime thread inc ...

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They autosage desktop threads these days.

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You fucking weebs make me sick

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>it's another anime desktop thread

why aren't you people banned yet?

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Finally, really looking for one of these
I need to get a more minimal wallpaper because 4k pngs with detailed wallpapers are too big for /g/ unless I put a big empty window somewhere

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Delete this thread please.

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Ignore the disbelievers, desktop threads are allowed again.

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no they're not you incompetent retard
the mods declared that they belong in wg/trash

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No they aren't, they were mass banned until stopped since you guys flooded /g/.

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There is more conversation here about various types of software and their capabilities than 1/3 of the other threads on this board. Go find an Nvidia vs AMD thread and feel smart there.

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Seen a few reach bump limit lately, so either the jannies are allowing it or they're doing a very bad job as the desktop threads have been up for hours at a time with no troubles.

Also prove they're banned, I've never seen a single official statement saying they are banned. The only evidence we have is that the term "desktop thread" in OP's comment field triggers autosage. That was only done as a response to stop this one guy that was spamming desktop threads

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i do not read gaymer threads

the only true video cards are 3dfx voodoos

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did you mod your X230 with the FHD screen or is everything scaled with xrandr and actually tiny?

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>that music
haha end my lfie :))))

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the mods never declared anything, they don't actually communicate

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joran be my gf

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Its connected to an external panel. I am still running the 1366x768 IPs display that came with it, but as soon as the FHD mod has more docs I am going to go for it.

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h h-hello here is my desktopu
green anime girl is my gf no looking at her!

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oops i looked

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no time for love

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noo we can't get married now!

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how do you get the screenfetch to display an image instead of ASCII characters?

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she's not real.

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music player?

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delet this

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wtf take that back!

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she exists inside his heart!

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toshino kyouko is not real.

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I'm gonna try to use dark computer

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people like you are the raisin desktop threads are banned

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I've seen desktop threads recently that had deleted posts (hentai) but the threads themselves weren't deleted. Its just a single nazi janitor that wants DTs to end at any cost.

OP, you need to fix your terminal borders. Also, transparent terminals are generally harder to make them look good. Gambatte!

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hi Jordan

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take that back nerdlord

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ive seen your room before, nerd

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just wait until I get my new posters so you can see it again dork.

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what font

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I was bored yesterday so I finally riced my first desktop after spending all my life on Windows. It's just in a VM for now because I still need W10 for work.

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you need more medication, sperg.

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where can i get it? or i need to lurk moar

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I don't have any medication

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they are Fixed font and the other one is really autustic one called: Utopia and the gtk font is opensans but they all have aliasing on to make it look better

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yuck, this might mean using firefox because chrom* browsers have shit theming of their userchrome.

I like Opera best but its ``themes'' are literally just papes for your speed dial page

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stay delusional

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no one answered me

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because they don't have an answer. The posters that have images in their fetches are either using GUIFetch or neofetch, not screenfetch

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turn image viewer to undecorated mode and carefully line up with the screenfetch

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Not you too.

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delusional about what?

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ur next kid

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Its called neofetch:https://github.com/dylanaraps/neofetch

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>Not you too
He's a known shitposter, has been for years. In fact his presence is not welcome as he's evading at least one permaban I know of

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I only use it for unserious conversations.

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Still new to desktops
Here's a few days old pic I took

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dont click this its a virus

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I am not a huge fan of terminal boarders, but it is not seethrough, it is a solid colour, it is just an adjusted shade from the desktop background.

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You should do it when you reply to bad posters like mason too

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w-what got deleted?

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some really nasty stuff, be glad you didn't have to see it

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was it Jordan

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it was some bad blurry furry desktop

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status bar on top or bottom?

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i love furry stuff

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in the middle

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best of both worlds plus its always nearest the mouse cursor mathematically the most user friendly

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Sorry! I was on mobile and for some reason the quality got butchered. Took a new screenshot.

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oh i thought ur desktop sucks but now its in hd quality i can see its actually great

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I'm glad you decided to use a different picture to show off.

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Thanks! I want to get a higher resolution screen for my thinkpad but between college costs, living expenses, and stuff for my girlfriend my job doesn't cover enough. Soon, though.


Me too ~

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Please tell me I did good for my first time, I'll try harder next time onee-senpaitachi!

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Good first time! Try making your own 4chan theme, it's easy. That way you can get color consistency. Swap out the default i3bar too, and remove titlebars. Besides that, not much complaint. It's nice.

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>that icon pack

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it's 5 years old calm down

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shouldnt you?

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K, I'll report any improvements. There's a lot of inspiration in this thead

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best in thread

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nice saved

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Just finished ricing my bistro.

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what's in "do not open", anon-chan?

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This is the winner. A screenshot of the computer of a sane person. Nice wallpaper, nice soothing music and also,, a normal girl!

To the rest of you (mostly): japanese themed desktops makes my skin crawl.

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Nobody fucking cares.

If you don't like it, go find a site that caters to your pleb interests, like Leddit or 9fag.

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Hello, Megaman-anon!

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no dad you dont understand!!!

UGH seriously I cant even

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I'm the sanest dude ever

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shouldnt u be injecting ur eyeballs with drugs and reporting posts or soemthing rn baaka

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People apparently do care about what I say. You care too. I bet you are foaming from the mouth in anger right now.

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>xDD ur mad xD!!

Again, nobody cares """what makes your skin crawl""". People on here are always going to be weebs.

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lol you sound so mad
i bet your desktops blows

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fuck my debussy

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I´m actually nice and calm. :)

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>using the smiley face without the carrot nose


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What terminal emulator is that?

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im sad where my old dtop thread lads

cc: lolipantsu,ben

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unriced because i just have stuff fullscreened all the time anyway

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nice nice
can i have ur wallpaper

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yea yeah buddy get the frick outta here with that mac crap! we hate that stuff! yuck!

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these are neat
Been thinking of getting a wm but i dont know where to start i life xfce a lot

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also i really wish i could find pic related in a decent resolution, it'd make a nice wallpaper

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