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lets design the worlds next gen mouse

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I want a button for each finger and thumb.

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Per hand?

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No, just need a right and left hand version for those of use that use two mice.

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im happy with the razer naga, on the off chance that i end up playing an mmo

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i want button for ma dick

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It needs a logo first.

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I want a button for each finger on the mouse-using hand, but for them to be just pressure sensitive buttons that sit as pads of sorts under each finger/thumb. Think of it more as a glove, so you aren't dragging around a physical object.

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I'll be right on it

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we need to design the next gen mouse to fit the next gen tech, the headerbar. as a very wise gnome dev put it...

if there is a reason to use Linux, it's the headerbar concept. If you're not familiar with this, its a combined titlebar and menubar that GNOME uses on most of its core apps. It saves space for the actual content of the app to use and forces devs to focus on the core important pieces of their application when designing an interface. It's been copied in so many other OSes, but I feel only Linux users get the true, primal headerbar experience.

There's a user on DeviantArt I follow who does nothing but headerbar concept art, and I can say with certainty it truly shows the power of this amazing technology and its impact on society as a whole. We can do a lot with headerbars, and if we use them correctly, they can do a lot for us. too.

Why, my disabled wife wouldn't be able to use the computer to post her fanart if it wasn't for the simplified design of the GNOME Web browser, Epiphany. She's always found Chrome and Firefox's interfaces to be too unyieldy to use as a onehanded woman.

I hope I've done some good here, and please try GNOME!

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it needs more memes

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like this?

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Where should the mouse wheel go?

feel free to launch paint and draw on these images guys

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On the side for me to move with my pinky.

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dildo mouse
stroke to scroll
left click/right click balls
bend shaft forward/backward to change windows or side/side to change desktops
special uncut version with lifetime antibacterial soap subscription for commies

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What material should this be made out of?

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One million hours in paint

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Seal fur

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the future includes embedded screen technology. why dont we make the entire underside of the mouse a giant tablet touchscreen?

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We have boob mousepads but we havent got boob mouse

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>imaging using that mousewheel
absolute lels

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Why are you making door stops?

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Put like a soft half circle in the middle. Like the stress ball for palm grip. Sometimes I grip my mouse too hard and it makes me sad that I destroyed multiple ones in the past.

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alright guys, heres the final product.

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this is a good logo

alright we're going with this design

now what do we call it?
it has to relate back to the logo.

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bulge in my pantsu

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blue salmon.


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alright it's done

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Memory foam shell that can fit my sailor hands with customisable aluminum buttons.

>dpi switching
>mild rgb lighting around the base
>rolling trackball or laser options
>attachable extra wrist rest that is suspended so never adds more friction to use the mouse with adjustable angle to always be comfortable

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Literally when and where can I buy.
Just take my fucking money.

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That's absolutely horrifying.
I'll take 3 in black.

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>for those of use that use two mice

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>for those of use that use two mice

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>for those of use that use two mice

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sometimes you just gotta use 2 mice
you know to really get ergonomic

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How the fuck do you pick it up without clicking with your thumb and pinkie/ring finger

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It's already been designed, you're just too FUCKING stupid to use it.
In before a bunch of teenagers think I'm memeing.

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This mouse will win ALL the robot wars tournaments. That's a definite nice feature.

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The "future" is obviously eye-tracking and some way to read our brain waves to know when to mouse click.

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How does it track movement?
Laser? Optical? Ball?

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Get internals and custom mold a top shell with the user's' hands.

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I don't need special glasses to see the autism spectrum.

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I imagine out of context, people would think you were groping tiddies.

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not a bad idea

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But that's exactly what he'll be doing.

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got u fa m

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Some sort of penis mouse

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thats just a stupid version of the vertical mouse

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I'm using the wired version of this. Takes some getting used to but it works. My wrist isn't as sore as it used to be.

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make it difficult for radar to detect

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Same here, a physiotherapist got me to switch to a vertical mouse after being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. It helps a lot. A regular mouse keeps your hand in a twisted position all the time, a vertical mouse keeps it closer to a 'neutral' position.

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god, apple really does make disgusting mice

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>mfw you can print your own mouse with 3d printer

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Steelseries and razer are already doing the best mouses you can made. Noone will ever surpass these two.

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feet mouse is the only good one.

print a dildo and fuck yourself idiot.

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L .

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Mice will just become obsolete. Motion control is the way of the future.

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>need to buy motherboard and cables
good one mate.

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Gotta love the aesthetics of the clear glass. Looks like a high class dildo.

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It must have a ball, no cancerous laser.

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apple trackpads are god tier in macOS but I haven't seen any good use for trackpads outside of it. I wish those gestures work on windows someday

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case completely made out of rubber for maximum comfort

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~4K DPI minimum for maximum graphics

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way ahead of you senpai

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Someone should tell them about two-buttons mice. They've been around for a while.

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>mfw Applel made something that literally looks like a doorstop

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Complex shapes and ergonomic designs make the brain of applefags bleed out their ears. That's why their latest mouse has no button.

I can't wait for when they release their first key-less keyboard and all the retarded hipsters dish out for it.

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You don't know shit, anon.

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