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Why is pic related the best HDD?

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Not complaining since I got it for $20, but my Seagates shit on it.

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Nothing is noisy about it. You simply must have a faulty one, friend!

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>not WD1003FZEX


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Why are you shilling an EOL drive?

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>FZEX my nigga

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>500GB is $80

is there any reason to get black over blue these days?

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(((They))) are really subtle these days eh?

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Might as well just get a SSD at that price.

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Well, the Blues over 1TB are the new Green. 5400RPM pieces of shit. The entire line will probably migrate when the EZEX EOL's.

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i already have 750GB of SSD storage

i literally JUST need to replace an old HDD

and a 500GB SSD would cost $200

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>and a 500GB SSD would cost $200


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My 1700 days on 1TB WD black is still alive and well
But its slow and noisy as fuck, yeah
Barely 90mb/s when the 1TB shitgate I use for backups get 230

If I need more storage some day I'm going HGST

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If you're looking for 1TB, Seagate SD1000DM003 or Blue.

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Everyone shits on Seagate as being bad, but the I have 2x 1TB barracuda drives that have both seen easily 20TB of data written to them. They're quiet, run cool, and were $10 cheaper than even the shit tier WD greens.

Toshiba X300 drives also aren't terrible. Have 2x4TB X300s in my media server. $110 for a 128MB cache, 7200rpm 4TB drive is a great deal. Their 6TB drives are coming down too. Going to get 2 6TB drives when they hit $160 a piece.

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my 640GB black from 2009 JUST started making noises few days ago

backed up stuff immediately this time

all that is left is steam games that can be re-acquired any time

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>makes grinding noise when accessing it

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I have a Seagate Barracuda 500gb
How fucked i am?

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I have it. It's too small.

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How would we know?

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I have a Hitachi deskstar 40gb Sata from 2005 with 8 years of run time and it works perfectly fine. Hard drives now a days are made to die fast.

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The term for it is "planned obsolescence".

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Noisy as fuck. I don't like it.

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Been using the same WD Blue for a bit now.
Still running strong.

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>giving a fuck about HDD, when SSD got cheap as hell, even in Pooland, where we have 23% VAT.
(250 PLN is approx 65 USD.)

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Because it's not seagate

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I know, that phrase "dysk SSD" is actually not correct, but it is commonly used.

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how many zlotys for your sister?

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3 zywiec piwo my friend

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Also it was only noisy for me at the very beginning when I had just finished transferring all my files. It winded down after a couple of days. Very rarely does it make enough noise to be consciously audible.

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Exactly. That's a shit and unjustifiable factor.

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The FAEX is from 2010. It's EOL.
Noisy seeks are noisy seeks. There's no way I could use mine as a main seeding drive. I pack it with ISOs that don't see much action.

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>3 zywiec piwo
here you go my polish friend, send your sister on express mail

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enjoy your NSA backdoor

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My bad. Most of the WD Blacks being sold belong to the FZEX family, like mine, which is 25-45% faster than the FAEX family and much more durable/reliable. Not sure about noise.

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Because unless they fucked in the factory WDs are very hard to kill. I accidentally knocked an old wd 120gb off my desk and onto a concrete floor. It was bare and powered on, transferring files. It died a year later. That was the only WD I've owned that died.

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