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What a waste of money.

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Coming from a 750ti, it feels like Im in hyperspace or something with all the fps Im getting now

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May I have that wallpaper?

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Fury master race reporting

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i'm looking into buying that mobo. Did you have any problems with it?

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>can't press alt+prtscr

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No problems so far

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did you have it for a long time?

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but then I can't show off my cool desktop anon.

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why so many hdds and ssd

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Speccy is just reading them wrong.

They're all HDD's except 1.

and I have a ton of hdd's because im a collector/hoarder.

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you poor thing.

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I had freesync on when I was playing battlefield. Just turned it off.

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Fuck you

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I don't use an OS with speccy, so hopefully GUIFetch is an ok alternative

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Is this the new Windows 10 thread?
Is this the new Windows 10 thread?
Is this the new Windows 10 thread?

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>Posted from his Alienware laptop on an Arch Linux VM

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I need moar cores.

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going to get a titan next week though

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>tfw fury arrived yesterday
>fans doesn't spin if I install the crimson driver

It seems the amd has shit drivers meme is real

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dont get cut on your edges bruh

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wait for zen

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>tfw can't activate iGPU and dGPU at same time

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Would love to be able to use my iGPU on one monitor and dGPU on another but I'm pretty sure my motherboard doesn't allow use of both at the same time )^:

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Change the fan curve with msi afterburner

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confession: took this at work today after getting permission from my manager this is sadly not my own machine. Before anyone asks, I cannot share information about where I work, sorry :(

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picked this up a little while ago. why is my motherboard temp fucked? its not that hot.

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>96 ram
why so much

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speccy is shit and gives inaccurate readings often, depending on the manufacturer.

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Very high performance requirements. These specs were actually quite nice as far as high-performance enterprise servers go when we first got that machine back in like late 2011 or early 2012.

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>using a beta operating system

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It's nothing special, lol.
Two 2010 6c Xeons and lotsa RAM, wew.

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wasn't too shabby when we got it, was around xmas 2011

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Don't do this shit

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figures, the cpus came out around mid-2010
you can pick them up on ebay for $80 these days

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Gonna be buying a new gpu after a long time, thinking about 1070 zotac amp

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i see right through you

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what do you mean anon

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burnin down the house

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Nice housefire you've got there.

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My processor regularly reaches 70 degrees should I be worried?

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Is this a Windows 10 thread?

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just fell for the 144hz meme

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If it's under stress and you have it heavily overclocked it's normal.

If we are talking about idle situations then yes, you should be worried.

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>95 degrees
I wouldn't wait too long with that new gpu

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Most of these were cheap 2nd hand parts.

the amount of power you can get for so little money is amazing.

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temps are high because i have a game open

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My laptop.

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