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Reminder: if you're posting more than a terminal emulator, you're doing it wrong.
Pic related

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Fuck off, shitposter.

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Fuck off, shitposter.

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see >>56340825 >>56340839

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>tfw my desktop has become a meme

r8 out of 8 m8s

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u can't even handle how many screens i'm fetching rn

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Not a desktop thread, you worthless sacks of shit.

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It's called "reading between the lines", you dumbfuck.

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Those are just uncropped screenfetch images and this is a screenfetch thread, why are you so mad?

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where can I get that pipes script?

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Not a desktop thread

They're the reason these threads keep getting deleted.

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Go away gxsic

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hi-mit-su desu ~

As long as the desktop thread remains civil, we're allowed to have them.

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it appears this fellow has a pineapple shoved deep up his ass

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No you're not, you fucking dumbass. Either way, this isn't one.

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>Go away gxsic

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Not a desktop thread.

I'm sick of you shitposters getting threads deleted.

Mods deleted the last one. Also your terminal's still disgusting.

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>not using a pentium

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fuck you, black on white for life, the comment box itself is black on white

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I-Is this okay s-senpai?

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see >>56340918

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Not a desktop thread

Still disgusting.


Not a desktop thread.

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I ship Mumi x Madoka

Everything else is irrelevant.

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calm your tits

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I will when the shitposters stop getting threads deleted.

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What's that music player on the bottom? Been looking for the name of it for a while.

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Not a desktop thread.

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is this the desktop thread? screenfetch is worthless so I don't have it installed anymore

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#3 here, imma be honest I'm as sick of these "screenfetch means desktop, right?" fags

Granted I'm not gunna go to the effort of cropping the empty space off, because as you can see from the screenfetch, this craptop has enough trouble running icecat, let alone trying to run any sort of image manipulation

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Fuck off you goddamned shitstain.

>I'm not gunna go to the effort of cropping the empty space off, because as you can see from the screenfetch, this craptop has enough trouble running icecat, let alone trying to run any sort of image manipulation
Learn to use scrot

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Not a desktop thread.

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Never installed it since I always thought it was pointless, even on my linux partition.

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Fuck you faggots, this isn't a goddamned desktop thread.

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Are you OP? Because this is clearly a desktop thread. "Screenfetch Thread" is code for desktop thread, how new are you?

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>nigger music

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cry more fgt

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>not listening to Hip-Hop
>being a nu male

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Screenfetch thread has never been code for desktop thread. Yes I am OP. Also this isn't a desktop thread.
>how new are you
Been here for 6 years

no u

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What if my terminal is as big as my desktop?

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>listens to utter shit
>uses the shitty numale meme
Off yourself

Not a desktop thread

Then you're doing it wrong.

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>Been here for 6 years
exactly the kind of thing a newfag would say

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>this isn't a desktop thread
>21/24 images are desktops

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what if my desktop is 80x20?

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Am I just not allowed to answer your question then? Why the fuck did you even ask it? Fuck you, you fucking shitposter.

Still isn't a desktop thread.

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>Reminder: if you're posting more than a terminal emulator, you're doing it wrong.
Reminder: If you're too dumb to modify your browser's look and feel, you may as well not even post.
>pic related
No it isn't.

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>calling someone else a nu-male
>listening to music by strong, black bulls talking about how they fuck white girls

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Not a desktop thread

How is that remotely relevant? Also, pic in the OP could not possibly be more related.

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>being this mad

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I'm sick of these fucking shitposters fucking up threads and getting them deleted.

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Background is shit, but cool terminal. How'd you get the highlight bar, what what terminal emulator is that?

>cuckolding your ears
>calls others 'nu-male'

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Not a music player really, it's a sort of widget
You can customize with many different skins, but I have always used that one
It's called "Bowtie"

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>Also, pic in the OP could not possibly be more related.
Okay, OP.
This is a desktop thread.

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No it fucking isn't.

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am i doing it right now?

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Quit shitposting

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shitposting 4 lyfe

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live long and prosper

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see >>56341349

Not a desktop thread.

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would actually be pretty neat if all that bullshit in the background was a conky setup instead of just a static wallpaper

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Cool, thanks

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You are a numale cuck

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Not a desktop thread

>shitty numale meme
>cuck meme
Like I said, off yourself.

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Yo I'm going to need that Nico and maki image

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why are you so hard to please?

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It's not a complaining thread either

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Aren't you the guy that kept trying to theme his linux distro to look like OS X?

>> No.56341451

Because you're not even trying

Eat a dick, shitposter.

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Didn't realise scrot had an option to only capture the focused window, here you go

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my desktop is a bit larger than that

weird, haven't really thought about it, thanks for the idea, I have seen those cool conky setups - time to get to work

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