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I'm going to be installing a linux distro on my laptop, my only linux experience to date is literally installing a distro and not using it
I end up giving up because every default de looks like absolute trash but to get a riced out minimalist desktop like I've seen here, I would have needed to have linux experience to know what I'm doing

What do I do?
I've had this laptop for about a month and haven't got as far as actually using it yet

Pic related, I just want something flat, squared off and basic

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she uses openbox and tint2, you could recreate that theme in about 5-10 minutes pretty easily

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Say goodbye to battery life pham

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at the moment I've got debian with the debian de
should I reinsall it without it and start from scratch?
this is more than likely a dumb question but I'm a little confused

the only thing about starting without the de is that the wifi never seems to work from the terminal

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>Debian de
lol what
I think you should just use Linux a bit more and get an idea for what does what and how stuff works before you start tinkering with stuff

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You can just install openbox without removing your de or reinstalling.

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Just install #!++, then update your shit to the testing branch by editing sources.list or some shit

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that's exactly my point, I can't use it a bit more without tinkering because I'm allergic to ugly design but I can't tinker because I haven't used it

but on the installer it literally says
>[*] debian desktop environment

then what would happen to all the other shit that was previously installed?

yeah crunchbang was the best I found a couple of years back when I was in the same predicament
I tried installing bunsenlabs but their iso doesn't seem to work on usb
are there any downsides to #!++ as opposed to installing standard debian?

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is this the new desktop thread

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fuck off I don't want this shit deleted I want tech support

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