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Judging by the fact that youtube drama is not being removed from /g/, it would seem the moderators aren't online at the moment.

You know what that means.
>post em

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hi jordan!

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hello here is my desktop

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what anime is that, and is it any good?

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ben how is kisumi doing

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it's love live, you should watch it when you finish k-on

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but I can't access K-On! because I killed the sata cable in my laptop and I didn't order a new one

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i dont think he killed himself yet

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It's the anime responsible for no new Mai-HiME series because it makes Sunrise too much money. It's the worst.

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aww that stinks
you could watch love live until you get a new one?

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Well >>56316387 says it's the worst, so I'm not sure if it will be good.

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why would he? he hasn't posted anywhere lately

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he's just upset over something unrelated

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>Vuze with the Mainline DHT plugin is the recommended client.

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posting in a jordan thread

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delete that image immediately, absolutely disgusting and not in the spirit of desktop ricing.

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ok :<
but only because it's you asking

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why is it always the same 5-10 anime faggots posting their shit every day

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anime website

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where is lains

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anime belongs on /a/ anon, there is a reason we have different boards

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the whole website is for anime

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yes you are right, /g/ should be completely filled with animes of lolis working on computers

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unironically agree

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jordan whats your youtube

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