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Are desktops dead?

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See iPad Pro

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Probably will become more of a novelty than it already is over the next few years.

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Not even close. Maybe for the average person.

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No, they're just too busy working on kids toys called "tablets"

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For the average consumer yes. Most people turn to phones or tablets for their day to day shit. Nobody is buying a desktop to browse the internet or read their email anymore. There's still enough of a market to sustain them though. Desktops probably aren't going to go away in the office any time soon and the gaming market is always going to be big money.

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Its all about mobile devices and cloud based software these days.

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The biggest reasons desktops are alive are businesses, and gaming. Until there are better alternatives than desktops for these, they won't die.

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nice mouse you have there, nice video editor you have there, nice apache server you have there, nice multitasking functions you have there.

keep playing crossy road.

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No, the enthusiast market is just fine. Nobody cares about normie dell/gateway box shit.

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is this the new desktop thread

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I can't deal with it.

I never do any cloud shit its just weird to me.

When I installed Windows 10 it automatically put all my music in my SkyOne or whatever and it scared the shit out of me. How did it move stuff from my external archive (that just happened to be plugged in) into the cloud? Deleted that crap and installed Linux. I've never felt so violated.

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wlecome to my desktop

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I use a laptop like a desktop.

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hi mr pantsu what keyboard is that

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cm storm

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I like your case and stuff

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nice I have a bigger one like that

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as much as you love this buzzword, it means "someone else's x86 computers"

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everybody already knows that

it's easier to say "cloud" that it is to say "my stuff is stored on a server"

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just get the fuck out

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pls post the marie rose pic

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>he doesn't like mature petite girls
kill your self mate

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what the h*ck are you talking about nerd

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I replied do the wrong post

somehow I'm in the wrong thread

what the fuck man

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what post were you trying to reply to?

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I can't even find it anymore but it was some guy making fun of a dude having a cute girl on his phone wallpaper

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I found it, it was this dude I was replying too.

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sorry that happened, man

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don't be sorry, it happened because I'm really drunk and because of that I feel p good

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im sure you are very drunk

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I can't tell if you're sarcastic or not but whatever

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does it really matter dude

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I love that case.

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not really.

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>tfw i don't wanna build a pc but i want one looking exactly like that

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Get the fuck out

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what res is that monitor running?

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>normalfags actually believe that

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My desktop isn't dead, so the answer to that is no.

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> laptop

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This sums it up pretty well

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disgusting weeb

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>Desktops probably aren't going to go away in the office any time soon
Probably not until they start embedding computers into people.

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>Probably not until they start embedding computers into people.
For some people a Z-80 would be an upgrade.

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For the average casual user, yes
They're happy using tablets and iPhones, so leave them to it.

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The people who stop using desktops weren't never a large part of the desktop user share to begin with. Gaming/Server/Work will always keep desktops alive.

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What is this?

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>They're happy using tablets

Not really, no.
Mouse+keyboard+big screen > tablet, even for average casuals.

Tablets are objectively inferior at everything except portability.

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> apache server

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>not using the ultimate PC replacement.

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Please give me name of this setup

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Come back when it has games. Or VR. Or 4K. Or network capabilities.

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It's the shitty intel "skull canyon" micro PC.
They put a fuckin i7 with Iris Pro inside. The thing runs so hot you can fry hamburgers on it.
And no user serviceable parts.

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hey I have that same monitor

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Of course who needs a desktop when you can wield the magic of an apple product

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Tablets are for faggots who pretend to do work or work at a pace where they must have rich parents because how else could one work so slowly and survive

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>That mesh

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Even at companies it's mostly laptops anymore. They can be carried between meetings and checked out to take home for extra work.

For consumers, it's all just phones and maybe a tablet. I've seen people do college courses on their phones.

Unless someone needs a GPU for something, they probably don't have a desktop.

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>Are desktops dead?

Ha, that's a funny question.

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>muh games


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go back to crossy road, you've gotta get doge.

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Totally man, I just plug my droid 3 into my monitor and I'm all fuckin set

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Every single desk in my company has a desktop with at least 2 monitors. Laptops are for FAGS.

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We had laptops with docking stations and 2 screens.
Being able to take them to meetings and home was quite useful, though you could also remote into your work machine.

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