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What software do you think is the leading source of disappointment in FOSS alternatives?

I'm thinking GIMP.

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Speaking of GIMP can someone rec me a dark theme for it? Nothing fancy, just something that don't burn my eyes like the default one.

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What's wrong with GIMP?

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Layer effects
Layer group modifications
General workflow

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Anyone got any nice splash screens for GIMP? I reformatted my machine recently and didn't save a copy of the image. I don't remember what it was, but I know it wasn't the default; and nothing coming up in my searches is ringing any bells.

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While I probably wouldn't use GIMP professionally it's a functional and powerfull image editor.

I would say the weakest area in foss is cad software.

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GNU Hurd kernel
GNU OS is incredibly popular and used with Linux all the time but the Hurd has little to no development and is absolute shit

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Every FOSS video editor.

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That's because Oracle were faggots and fucked it up. That's why there is a fork called MariaDB.

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Whoever thought it was a good idea to make the save dialogue unable to save to standard formats, and instead to move them to an "export" module is a fucking idiot.

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GIMP is probably the winner, though LibreOffice is up there

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Without a doubt Linux Desktop Environments

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What's wrong with LibreOffice?

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Shitty unintuitive interface for people coming from e.g. PowerPoint

LibreOffice Impress' interface is a clusterfuck

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Would you recommend using it than pirating/cracking MS Office? Just asking since I just bought a new computer

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The dev tree 2.9 has dark themes.

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I always recommend using free software over proprietary botnet alternatives, so yes

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I see. Thanks.

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I thought GIMP just used your system-wide Gtk+ theme?

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It's not a copy of MS Office. It's the same issue GIMP has: it's not Photoshop. People are used to those closed-source programs (probably pirated), then decide to give free software a go, realize it's different and then complain about how bad the software is.

GIMP and LO are very good if you know how to use them. Maybe not as good as commercial software, but it's made by volunteer developers in their free time.

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this is the reason photoshop is an abstract square and windows is 4 squares/os x is an x

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the voice of reason right here, folks


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100% correct

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The only reason it's not worse is because it started out as a commercial project in StarOffice

It was shitty then but in over 15 years it rarely improved

How bad do you need features of Office. Also If you're just using word processing - get AbiWord, FAR better and lighter

Hell, even Paint.net is a better replacement to photoshop (inb4: not portable)

Now look at Krita. While it isn't Photoshop, People who do Digital Painting can actually exclusively use Krita, Effectively Dumping Photoshop for that purpose. It's effectively a Free alternative and replacement.

Same thing as GCC, Audacity (until you get to more advanced editing, but even then it's a sound editor, not really a Mixer or DAW), Blender - While it's got it's learning curve, it's still excellent and so far nothing's come close to competing for it in price, Grafx2 and ASEPrite over some of the other more expensive Sprite Editors (or people who use Photoshop for Sprites)

These are great FOSS projects that aren't unintuitive that are actual replacements for Proprietary Counterparts.

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I'd be willing to beat krita probably kicks photoshop's arse when it comes to color spaces and stuff

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>I would say the weakest area in foss is cad software.
Depends on what you're doing. 3D? Yea, it's weak. 2D? You can find something, I bet.

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That's no excuse, UI and the general workflow in gimp is fucking terrible. For example it has commonly together used tools like brush hotkeyed to P, eraser to shift+E and X to swap colors just because the SJW committee that decided on those didn't want to offend anyone by copying the B, E & X used in PS that makes so much more sense in that particular workflow situation

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It make sense, but it's not conventional

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it "makes sense" in an autistic way that any normal person sees is just stupid.

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Without memeing, explain to me why GIMP is bad, or why I should use proprietary software like Photoshop if I just want to fuck around with pictures and I'm not a professional artist

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i can draw naked anime girls better in photoshop

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>why GIMP is bad
it is not photo shop and dose not have all the same features

>why I should use proprietary software like Photoshop if I just want to fuck around ...
You have a compelling need to give Adobe lots of money so you can edit images? Sorry that's the best I could think of on such sort notice.

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Try adding a three pixel stroke to a layer in Photoshop, then do the same thing in GIMP and see how much longer it takes.

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GIMP is fine

>but muh Photoshop
If you actually need Photoshop you'll get it for free from you job or at a ridiculously low price from your University. If you're a freelancer, just write that shit off as a business expense.

The problem is that the vast majority of people who pirate Photoshop can do their shit in Paint, Paint.Net, and GIMP. They don't actually need Photoshop, but want to appear like they do. Most are edgy teenagers that "need it" for their deviantart bullshit.

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RMS. But he's unbelievably funny. As funny as watching a retard can be.
True hero of /g/

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No, it makes compete sense. Any content creation program more complex than ms paint separates save from export: video editors, cad, audio editors, eagle, etc

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None of the good ones do.
Photoshop doesn't.

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You don't understand; in the categories I listed, *literally every* program separates save from export.

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I'd say LO.
With Gimp, I get my stuff done, with LO not always.

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>tfw i learned how to use GIMP first and now photoshop is confusing.

I dont use it for anything but quick shitty edits of things though.

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Freetards will try to defend this

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>he's only ever used a #2 pencil

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No, I won't. The sliders feel like shit, as well. One itch and you're on 285 or something.

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The brush is only 1 pixel. But you can scale it to any size you want, making the resulting stroke bigger than 1 pixel.

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agree, libre office is great, but gimp is shit, i use it because there is nothing better and because pinta is missing basic fatures and lags like hell

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No, the default brush has size of something like 3 which means only the sizes 1, 3 and 5 are by chance right, the rest get rounded to wrong sizes And more crucially by default without making your own brushes or using something retarded like rectangle select and bucket you can't make a 2x2 dots in GIMP.

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Hi, 2.9 has dark themes and gimp can follow your GTK theme.

Not sure but:

If you must:

Not him but one thing is saving a project that contains all the metadata the program can handle and a different thing is to export to a format that can be published easily. IMO both ways are valid but that doesn't make the way gimp does it worse.

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Incorrect, Missing tools and things not working or up to the same standard are big issues as well, Like gimp VS Photoshop.
The problem with FOSS software is that it's only good for programmers stuff so far.
Nobody listens to/asked the people who will actually be using it what they need/want.

A: "blender is cumbersome and awkward, W-E-R are the standard not because 3D StudioMax, but because it's just what's best ... like WASD in shooters."

B:"If you don't like it don't use it! " .


2 years later...

B:"Why is nobody using blender?"

Time Spent re-learning + time lost over all due to slower work speed +missing tools =/= amount of cost of non FOSS software.

Imagine artists designing an E-macs alternative... It'd pretty much be sublime text with buttons

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how is gimp still so fucking bad after all these years when shit like blender and krita are amazing?

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This is a big strawman and slippery slope, you're even wrong with the blender example:

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>Freetards will try to defend this
Nope. I love Linux but GIMP really sucks

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GIMP is not as bad compared to inkscape

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That size is not pixels in the first place but nice bait.

>Freetards will try to defend this
Try to defend this then:

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original comment

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>mmmmm this turd sandwich tastes great!!!!

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i know many who are not even aware of free software that thinks that GIMP is great

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That's zoomed in so the checkering matched the pixel sizes, screenshot of that and edit in the rest.

GIMPs pencil tool with the default brush called pixel set to size 2 produces 3 by 3 dots, a custom 1 pixel brush set to size n produces n by n dots. This has absolutely nothing to do with PS and everything to do with GIMP fucking sucking hard on even the basic things

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So you're another programmer I take it?
MS paint can do the same thing with enough time, the tool does not = final outcome.

All you did was go "NU-HU straw man! *LINKS OF VIDEOS showing flashy stuff.
Do you know HOW they did it? Working their asses off, probably 2-4x more than if they went with a non FOSS workflow.

here I'll do the same fuckign thing.
Autodesk maya
If you want a video, just go play some AAA game or watch any movie after 2005

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Blender (used to be infuriating before the UI change with 2.5) and Krita are beautiful.

Inkscape is fucking awesome, too but sadly it can be unstable with bigger projects.

Gimp just fucking annoys the hell out of me. It feels so sluggish all the fucking time and the UI wastes so much space and looks awful.

I just with they just add the missing features from Gimp in Krita, then Krita would be perfect.

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>I'm this guy
Krita IS actually a good one, It's not entirely my cup of tea, but definitely a step in the right direction.

Not sure if it counts but, MediBang Paint Pro was also good.
Feel bad all of my contribution to the thread so-far was complaining.

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Sorry i meant this guy*
Working, distracted.


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Calm down buddy, you implied a lot of things in your original comment and i show evidence that you're wrong, it's not about showing flashy stuff, you're missing the point and, once again, creating an strawman to not reply to what i said:

-You implied that the blender developer community doesn't receive well the users feedback while there's forums and even a site dedicated to that.
-You're implying that there's only one good way to do stuff and when a program is different is bad.
-You're implying that the developers are not open to suggestions, the strawman is that you're implying that when a developer doesn't agree with an user feedback is the same as the developers never accepting suggestions and telling the users to deal with it when the fact is that different programs can try to innovate in their own way and that differences is what may attract different kind of users.
-Finally the slippery sloped is that, based on your previous strawman, you implied that no one is using blender, i just provided evidence that your claim is incorrect because there's a community doing great things with blender.

>So you're another programmer I take it?
No need to use ad hominems or name calling, please analyze carefully what you claim if it bothers you this much that people may not just agree with you.

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see >>56291075, the appearance of the brush depends on more factors than the "size", you are clearly using the "Pixel (3x3)" instead of the "Pixel (1x1 square)". The actual form of the brush depends on more factors like the hardness, the kind of brush or if you apply smoothing.

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No but I am distracted, so I might be coming off a bit hostile or short, sorry man

"Different" isn't bad, in fact it's good some of the time, the problem is when "different" acts as unnecessary obfuscation, especially when it's not the only cost.
Different is good when it adds speed or a particular quality, not when it only adds time.
even if you have full control over the program and have every hotkey down/re-maped, the tool's are not rely on the same level allot of the time, or non existent, lowering the speed/ quality of outcome without having to add more time.

The blender community/devs didn't used to receive feedback AT ALL a few years ago, maybe it's changed? I haven't honestly looked however the community then is exact-ally where the line "don't like it don't use it " came from.
You used to have to use a script someone put together to re bind the keys at all if i remember but I'm aware that changed.
and I'm standing by the keys thing, QWER for switching edit mode is the same as WASD for movement in a shooter at this point.

By "nobody is using blender", I mean nobody that I know that is getting paid more than an entry level wage or outright not getting paid at all. Speed/results are key, learning new programs is good but at the end of your day you're wanting that has a blend of speeds up and increases the quality of your work flow.

I also thing I should mention I seriously think that FOSS is the way of the future, and don't believe in program loyalty or workflow stagnation; it's just everyone saying "this is good enough" without having any deep experience to base it off of is partly why FOSS moves so slowly but also used to only have a few "heavy hitters" that barely came close to doing what paid stuff did, and there were no real alternatives, no experiments in new frontiers.

GIMP is an example.
Blender is or maybe used to be an example? what else is there in FOSS aside from blender?

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It's interesting how some people tries hard to thrash-talk and convince people that open source software like gimp is bad using any kind of forced argument and cherrypicking. By this retarded logic we could use the following to conclude that MS Excel is shit that should not be used by anyone:

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I respect your opinion. On my side is just that some people tries to paint that software as if it were thrash when in fact in a lot of cases it can even be a valid replacement.

Being previously trained to use an specific software is a different matter and is a valid reason why you may prefer that program were you already have knowledge but i disagree regarding the claim that the results cannot be good with the alternatives and that they're always a waste of time.

I'm not implying that all of them are superior to their more popular counterparts, but if you read carefully a lot of people here that's not what they're saying, they're saying that if you choose to use that tools you'll not get a good result, you'll waste time and they call names like saying that you must be unemployed or a neet if you use that software. I disagree with that people of course and i don't get what they win by trying to discourage people from trying and learning to use that tools. ┬┐Maybe they fear that those tools can become popular making obsolete their invested time learning the tool their known?

Regarding blender not all projects starts having a big infrastructure and i think some people are fast to judge their projects, so spreading outdated myths about people who is just doing their best is a sad thing to do IMO.

GIMP certainly would need financing campaigns like krita does, the software doesn't just appears from the air, but for me the fact is that they have done an amazing work and they doesn't deserve to be scorned.

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Gimp is awesome, though.
I was using photoshop when you were still shitting yellow, btw.

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Ah, I didn't mean that results can't be good, It's just the amount of time it takes to get the final result, or how-many extra moves it takes.

If we were to look at paid programs you'll see this happen even when one looks _better_ from the outside.

Zbrush is awesome for sculpting but "meh" when it comes to texture work.
Mudbox is awesome for sculpting and awesome for texture work.

The assumption would be Mudbox > Zbrush but it's not the case, especially with character/creatures/objects, the way Zbrush operates feels more natural and is a bit quicker at getting the result, especially with some of the tools it has , moreover you're most-likely going to use something like Substance painter , PS CS5 extended or something else to really bring in the texture work anyways.
So Zbrush winds up winning out because of how it fits into the workflow, how it feels and how quickly you can move once you have control over it allowing you to focus on Silhouette, anatomy etc.

Muddbox on the other-hand starts to shine when it comes to landscapes, but if all of your artists are more comfortable with zbrush, and if you're working in an engine (videogames) that lets you do a large layout from word-builder and then just "paint in" stuff directly, you might wind up with all of the office machines just running Zbrush.

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I should note, that some people have problems learning to control Zbrush at the start as well, it's "different" but that difference actually adds speed, rather than being different for the sake of being different.

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I don't think gimp tries to be different for the sake of being different tho, they just need more developers and designers but i don't think they want to bother their users in general.

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