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You did buy an AMD cpu right?

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putting your stupid waifu behind the amd logo isn't going to make amd good

you buy whichever works for you

go back to >>>/v/

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Yeah about 15 years ago.

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>i'm not sure what you're trying to do but i think it's safe to assume that it's retarded as hell

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who are you quoting

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nobody. it was a mistake

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>putting the amd logo over cropped cp
I wouldn't want to be associated with your kind

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>buying an AMD CPU before Zen comes out

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I bought a defect one. Did I do good?

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Don't worry. AMD is associated only with street shitting and poojeets.

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>AMD - by autistic weeb pedos, for autistic weeb pedos

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yes i did

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No, I bought five. I think my Intel count is up to seven. Fanboyism is stupid.

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And pedos apparently

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Difference between AMD and Nvidia. AMD faggots slap some weeaboo pedo loli on their product and are proud of it while sophisticated Nvidia fans are all into great slick designs that scream good taste in architecture.

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yeah i got a 8350 back in the day because it was the best $150 cpu for me

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>you're pedophile if you buy amd hardware

This is unusual kind of shilling

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fucking pajeet and their crops, shit breaks iqdb and google can't get source.

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Sure did.

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>You did buy an AMD cpu right?

Yes, then I bought intel later.

Price performance intel treated amd like a retarded boy who can't stop shitting his pants and eating the shit he just shat.

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Oh yeah, and as for sexual satisfaction, anime is never going to be real in this world, so wheter you like dick or pussy, you better kill yourself because 2d isn't gonna happen in this life.

Also 2d is stupid, since you cannot gather all these scents that get you going even hornier, you can't feel the wetness, the tastes.

Literally anime + amd is the choice of somebody who thinks imagination can substitute the real thing.

>My dick isn't getting wet, so I'll imagine I'm fucking these animus

>My computer can't run stuff for shit, so I'll pretend I'm playing videogames with these animus.

And probably you have a shitty monitor that powered by said amd videocard no doubt you have, will give you a horrendous color reproduction, so your animus suck more than usual.

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back when the 8320 made more sense than the 3570/3770(k)

now i have a 4790k, delidded and under water

will choose amd when it's the better option for my needs

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>thread about CPUs
>nvidiot shows up

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One thing that I hope for is AMD using solder on all of their zen chips. They probably won't, but it would be nice.

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sauce pl0x

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amd cpu quality is worse than videocard quality, I say this as the owner of a fx8350 nigra edition

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He was quoting God, you heathen.

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yeah it's stupid i had to delid to begin with but at least i know i'm getting the best performance i can, without a soldered cpu

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Except anime is real, its not just imaginary, it's shown in your screen, you can fap to it, you can see it colors and lines conforming representations of drawn people.
It's not 3DPD real, yes, but it is 2D real in fact. And 2D > 3DPD prove me wrong fagget
Check mate atheists

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Amusingly amd ran ati into the ground. It's safe to say amd is still in business thanks to ati. I wonder where would be ati now if ayyymd didn't buy them.

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Fuck off PedoShit

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not recently and still won't buy. waitan for zenan.

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I had one back in 2006 when AMD wasn't fucking shit.

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Fuck you cow tit lover

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I just googled that and it's not correct.

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But I already proved you wrong, anime isn't real, it is a fantasy that has been illustrated on your screen.

And this disadvantage of not being real but an illustrated fantasy, means that you will never get to TASTE or SMELL the pussy of your favourite uguus. What now? Your only chance is going to heaven, and what will you do given how you probably aren't allowed in there?


Actually competing maybe

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Honestly, AMD CPUs are fucking shit and both their low end and high end options suck ass.
I have no idea why people still buy their products when Intel beats them at every price point.

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Haven't had an AMD cpu since the good old athlons and phenoms from 10+ years ago.

Intel just won, same with jewvidia.

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I wanna fuck Satori.

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Satori can read minds. Do you think she's disgusted by all those closet pedos wanting to drill her or she already got used to it?

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are you chink

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The only CPUs I've ever purchased have been AMD or IBM. Using an Intel CPU currently though

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