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Windows and OS X will never look this good

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enjoy your systemd botnet :3

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this desu senpai

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>using Cinnashit instead of glorious KDE Plasma

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>tfw my desktop has become a meme

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you're my favorite

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It's XFCE and KDE is terrible.

I used it for 3 days and every day I experienced a crash or bug. Gnome 3 is more stable

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As long as he's not using UnityAIDS or (Gno)mess he's fine.

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>tfw even the ugliest Linux desktop environment still looks better than Windows

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One of the few advantages of Windows is that at least it automatically scales well to 4K, with every Linux DE I have to manually increase the size of everything

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You are a motherfucking illiterate faggot unable to figure out that you likely used Kubuntu aka "let's make KDE look as crappy as possible so idiots can keep posting this meme on forums all the time". Fuck you in the ass, cocksucker, and install KDE NEON https://neon.kde.org

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Use KDE Neon.

It doesn't crash.

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does it still take literally a minute for shutdown or reboot?

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is this the new desktop thread?

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What font is that?

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>windows at least scales well to 4k
wtf no it doesn't

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what's wrong with this?

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son are you blind

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чтo зa кoд? what are you working on?

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damn, that does look good

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>use shitty freetard software
>complain when it doesn't work

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That looks bad though.

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Dat fucking bluetooth icon :/

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what DE and theme is that?

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not my screenshot, i just pulled it from google images
that is not a problem with that one program

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>Why must Xfce on Debian still look like this?

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Arc theme

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my desktop looks better than 99% of g

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i've never seen XFCE look that good before, but it's been about 5 years

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You can't polish a turd tbqh

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I was on Neon until yesterday and yes, something was always timing out at shutdown.

I love KDE but I'll just stay on GNOME until all the bugs are solved.

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doom 3 bfg edition made me cringe so hard

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someone told me its a good game. i dont really like videogames that much tbqh famalampaisama

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There is a way to do anything.

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Funny thing is that i can download that theme from deviantart and use it on my win system, and have an actual good and usable os

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please go play doom 1 or 2 or the new doom game

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its the background updates service, you have to disable it to shutdown normally
cant really remember the name of it though

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this is xfce :3c

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Oh my god. Want

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what wm for windows is that?

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lol ok

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post configs pls

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its basically just an autohotkey script

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Are you even fully computer literate?

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i can use the cmd verry efficiently

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that's solarc

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no it's not

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