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How would i daisy chain unbound,squid and dnscrypt. I have dns and unbuond working, but im assuming im getting the order wrong with squid

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stop trying to make that shitty 3dpd the mascot of this general

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The fuck are you on about? Dwight's been the /sqt/ mascot for years.

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So I installed windows 7 from a torrent recommended to me on here.
What are the chances that I'm being spied on.
I want to switch to mint/ubuntu, but linux is fucking shit when it comes to watching anime. Where the fuck is my MPC-HC + MadVR? I just want to watch my anime and listen to music in peace, but that's not possible on Windows or Linux

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shit thread is shit
stop spamming this faggotry
every faggot and his mother still makes a million new posts for their retarded questions anyway

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It'd be a lot worse if we didn't have the /sqt/. If you get so assblasted by seeing these threads then you're free to hide them, dumbass.

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>What are the chances that I'm being spied on.

>Linux is fucking shit when it comes to watching anime.
Works fine for me, but I watch JoJo, so maybe it just doesn't work with shit anime like what you watch.

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You have MPC-HC with Madvr?

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Which is better: internal Wireless-G or USB Wireless-N (assuming the AP is N)?

In Linux, what can I do to increase laptop battery life?

Has anybody here ever got an OMCreate aftermarket battery? They seem to be pretty legit, so I ordered one. The 1 year warranty is cool.

How bad would it be if a swap disk hard drive were to start failing?

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it's exactly the same newfag.
just that there's now this stupid fucking thread i have to hide on top of it.

at least before the shillfags didn't spam their advertisements nearly as often because stupid questions would kill them off quicker.

now it's just fanboys retarded shitposters and linux babies spamming nonstop.

tl;dr these general threads just stagnate the board allowing shillfags to spam

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Sure thing kid.

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What do people usually use to check their cpu/gpu temps?

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get better battery

replace drive

*note the select storefront captcha had an ACER store pictured"

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I don't use the failing drive anymore, but a random crash happened and I didn't know what the problem was. I assumed it was that, and it hasn't happened yet.

Also, I saw a 15-cell battery for my laptop on ebay or somewhere like that a while ago. How stupid is it to buy that battery, take out all of the 18650s, replace them with high quality ones (3400mAh vs 1200mAh), put it all back together and use it?

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I take that back, it was a 12 cell by AGPTek on eBay (you have to look it up yourself, 4chan thinks it is spam)

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lm-sensors on linux is what I use

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>Sure thing kid.
said the newfag who doesn't know what /g was like before this faggot thread
now everyone who comes here thinks it's tech support

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I was on /g/ before these threads were a thing, you fucking moron. Not everyone you don't like is a newfag.

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So, I'm living in an apartment this year for college with three other fellows. Only problem is that the WiFi is some hot garbage, and there's only one Ethernet port out by our front door (which one of us has to use because they can't connect to the WiFi). We were thinking of getting our own router, but I've never setup my own network before. Would we just have to hook up the router to the Ethernet port and configure it through a web browser? Any tips or articles would be appreciated.

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then what the fuck makes you think this place was worste before this shitposted shithread being spammed 24/7?

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The fact that these threads see ~600 to ~1000 posts a day that would otherwise be spread throughout various additional threads on the board. You literally cannot deny that these threads at least somewhat reduce the amount of cancerous threads.

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What fun project can I work on in python. Something involving the internet and possibly pyautogui. It has to involve the internet though.

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Apologies if this is the wrong place for this.

I'm looking to get the new EVGA Z170 classified motherboard since I'm building a new PC from scratch and I might as well go all in. Is this a decent price? Newegg is all sold out and god knows when they'll restock, same with Amazon.

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my PC keeps telling me i don't have enough memory then hangs for long times

where do i download more memory?

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Wherr are you from?

The fuck is wrong with your currency.
Read logicalincrements.com .

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Post task manager process list.

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so I've done a clown install of Windows 10 when the free upgrade was available using my windows 7 oem key.

my question is, would i be able to use the windows 7 key on another computer and have it running Windows 7 since my pc is running Windows 10?

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iirc once you use a Windows 7 or Windows 8 key for Windows 10 it becomes a Windows 10 key and only a Windows 10 key

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It is a W10 only key and can be used as a OEM key on W7.

So you cant use it on another PC.

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derp meant clean install*

ah alright.

thanks man.

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>In Linux, what can I do to increase laptop battery life?
change cpu frequency governor to "ondemand"
try laptop-mode-tools

>Which is better: internal Wireless-G or USB Wireless-N (assuming the AP is N)?
N, even over usb2 N has a higher potential capacity than G

>How bad would it be if a swap disk hard drive were to start failing?
is it bad to swap a failing hdd? no, how could it be?

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I want an external PCIe x4 interface so that I can upgrade my laptop later, but I also want it to be compatible with the x1 expresscard on my current laptop.

If I get these two products
> PCIe x16 to PCIe x4
PE4C-H4060A V4.1
> PCIe x4 to ExpressCard (PCIe x1)
PE4L-EC060A V2.1

Would that give me the same functionality as this?
> PCIe x16 to ExpressCard (PCIe x1)
PE4C-EC060A V3.0

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Good website to buy proxies?
Preferably not too expensive, and from legit websites

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What are the benefits of driving with insurance versus driving without insurance if I have a cheap shit car?

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You won't risk getting ticketed if you get pulled over

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it just makes worse threads more prominent
there's more shill threads than ever after these threads came up.

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correlation doesn't imply causation.

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At the very least get third party insurance. If you crash into somebody's Porsche, you don't want to be paying for that, or going to jail if you cant. That's also why you should always drive a car that's registered and warranted.

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You're retarded. Before /sqt/ we had about a hundred threads a day with people shitting up /g/ with their retarded questions. Now we get tens.
It also improves the answers that people get because having one thread promotes discussion about the best solutions to a problem, instead of just one idiot giving the wrong answer because he was the only one bothered to reply.

If you see someone post their "tech support" thread outside of this general, they're breaking the 4chan rules.
> www.4chan.org/rules#g
> - section 2. "Tech support threads should be posted on /wsr/."
This thread doesn't break the rules because it's mostly not tech support, it's people asking general questions about technology that don't deserve their own thread.

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So I fucked up installing Ubuntu on a partition, accidentally deleted the boot Mgr for windows 10, and now I'm stuck with Freya. I enjoyed it but I absolutely HAVE to go back to windows in order to do most of my school work. How would I go about legally clean installing windows on a laptop with no disk drive and with elementary os?

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Why would you do that when you can use GRUB?

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Which linux distro should I put on my laptop for school?

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how to hack 4chan?
wanna bypass captchas and post more often and ban users IP

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Have you ever gotten into a car crash?

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didn't say it broke the rules dumbass
said it's just one more cancerous shitpost i have to filter
it brought PTG and daily lincucks shithreads being spammed on the front page everyday too.

and yet people still spam their stupid questions, programming faggotry, and lincuck bullshit outside of the general shitposts that are always on page 1.

all this did was make mods ignore shilling shitposts and opt for cleaning up the random tech spam instead.
while the same 5 faggots circle jerk in their own little generalized thread.

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Now that windows has bash, can windows use lunux package managers?

I know this is a monumentally stupid question. Maybe a better question = is it -more- possible now?

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I'm going to be moving out soon.
How long does it usually take to get an ISP out to a place to get everything hooked up?
Should I purchase the service ahead of time and schedule around my move in date?

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Use mpv.

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If you had windows 10 installed legally before, just install it from a USB drive and skip the key authentication in the install process.


>I'm special because I'm smarter than other people who have questions about mundane shit.
Fuck off, there's 23 unique posters in this thread. for 49 posts. Just report the spam question threads that aren't in the generals and tell the OP's to go to the generals with their questions with a sage post.

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Hi guys, i know it retarted but i cant install ubuntu on my laptop.

I booted it on a usb stick and when i get to the installetion it just crashed i get errno 13, not the python one, and says somthing like lunching the desktop so i can try and fix it...

All i could find about that problem is its somthing about the boot it self.

I tried to redownload every thing again and try, even tried to use boot-repair and i still get the same problem.

What am i doing wrong?

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depends on ISP, but best option is to schedule in advance. or chance waiting 2-4 weeks for hook up

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>what am I doing wrong
you bought stupid hardware

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What do you mean?

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I made a game in libGDX but I want an in app purchase for google/amazon/iOS + leaderboard support for all three.

How much should I pay for this? $50? $100? I'm using upworks btw

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>If you had windows 10 installed legally before, just install it from a USB drive and skip the key authentication in the install process.

The laptop was originally w7 pro and then w10 pro. I mounted the w10 iso onto my flash drive but it didn't really work out all too well. I kept getting a blue screen when I tried booting from the drive. Maybe the installation just messed up?

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RedHat linux cost crazy $$$
goes against the 'free'ness of linux
how to get redhat for free (not fedora!)?

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Yeahhh.... Windows is really picky about how it gets installed. If you have access to a Windows mahcine, you should run the installer from here to burn it to the flash drive.
You could also install a win10 iso to a Virtual Machine, pass the flash drive to the VM, and burn it from the VM, but that would take hours.

There is a Linux program to flash Win10 installers, but it's finicky.

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I signed out my anonymous google account and noticed it showed the "successfully logged out" screen from the 3rd party email thing for my school. I post a lot of shit on my anonymous one a lot of shit I could easily be expelled for if it was somehow linked to my school account. So is there any way it was? They came up as being posted by my anonymous named account. It could just as easily have been a friend logging into my computer right?

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If you didn't have insurance, how much would you have had to pay for the damage done versus if you had insurance?

>> No.56203641

Yeah it seems low

$164 329.96 in the uk.

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What good resources are there for learning embedded programming? Or is it probably better just learning good low level C stuff?

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So, move the iso to my windows desktop and then run Rufus or a similar program to put the iso onto the flash drive? Also, thanks for the help. I've been ridiculously stressed over all of this as I have a ton of Chemistry due soon.

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centos is literally RHEL without the branding

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Search engines get better through people using them. I use duckduckgo but I find I very often has to use bang searches because the standard DDG results are not good enough. Do these bang searches still contribute to DDG at all? Or is it nothing more than sing DDg as a proxy?

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Re-download with the media creation tool, and use it to write to the usb directly.

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I lost my no claims bonus of $200.
The other vehicle was a Mercedes, The front was crumpled to the point that the radiator was leaking. I don't know what the repair bill was, but it would have been thousands, if not tens of thousands.

Yep, that's exactly right. Also, try to use an up to date ISO if you have one. They have better compatibility and licensing authentication.

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You should be able to use the tool to directly burn the image, without ever having to mess with ISOs.

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CS majors, how's discrete math and fundamental computer systems? Anything I should expect?

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Man, I don't know how the hell I didnt know this was a thing. I've been trying to find 3rd party software and all and Microsoft has something exactly for my problem. I'll install this tomorrow when I have access to wifi. Hopefully it works. Thanks!

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The best tools for W10 images are on Windows. Only one exists for Linux and it has terrible support.

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the solution is to use such a tool, create your functional installer, then image the final result
that way you have a plain usb image which you can use dd or whatever with

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How and why did your collision occur?

I thought you were just paying for service if it ever has any problems or anything, not for the distro itself.

Or do you get the service by buying the distro?

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That is precisely wrong. You can always go back to your copy of 7/8, the key does not disappear, you just can't use both at the same time. But he said his windows 7 key was OEM, so he couldn't transfer it anyway.

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What's better: MPV or MPC-HC+MadVR

>> No.56203896

why is firefox such a memory leaking piece of shit
I have 5 fucking tabs open (none of them are flash) and it's using like 900MB of memory
is chromium good or what?

>> No.56203906

He already said he's going to use a windows desktop so the microsoft tool will be fine. Doesn't need linux or rufus for this.

>> No.56203915

Not on windows.

>> No.56203918

i (>>56203777) am only responding to >>56203738
i didn't read any other linked post

>> No.56203963

You should stop that. When someone's been discussing a problem for 5 or 6 posts, and another annon comes in without reading and adds something, it can throw a wrench in the whole process.

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Traffic stopped suddenly on a motorway. I managed to come to a full stop without hitting the car in front. I got rear-ended by the Merc. A situation like that is completely out of your control and happens far too often.

>> No.56204010

Run Fedora, it's basically just RedHat beta.

>> No.56204102

linux? mpv
windows? either one works

>> No.56204117

love how people never answer the question here
maybe it's lack of understanding
maybe it's trolling
maybe it's something else

but guy may ask:
how long do i fry an egg?
but the answers are:
fuck eggs, eat oatmeal
you need to buy special frying pan
eggs can't be fried, but you can poach them: here's a wall of text how to poach eggs

>> No.56204119

>You can always go back to your copy of 7/8
Rollback is only effective for 30 days and sometimes the rollback doesn't work at all, in which case you file a lawsuit under a jewish woman's name and win $10,000.

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too trues, anon!

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>food metaphor
back to /v/ you go

>> No.56204141

Alright, you've convinced me.

But wouldn't it be the guy in the Mercede's fault for rear-ending you? Who was liable? How much did your insurance go up, and how were you covered? Which insurance provider do you have, and would you recommend it?

samefag pls

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The 30 days is just how long your pc stores your old install. It has nothing to do with the license. If you clean install or use a recovery or backup your old key is still perfectly valid, at least until 2020.

>> No.56204176

I'm in New Zealand so I doubt It would help. You should ask /o/.

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you caught us!

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This is wrong. My laptop is dual booting Windows 7 and 10, and both are authenticated.

>> No.56204191

What specific micro USB cables would you recommend using? The ones I've tried are too loose and pop out of any device use them on.

>> No.56204196 [DELETED] 

If you don't want these threads to come up as often, just spam CP or guro in it and it might be abandoned and/or deleted, and everyone who replied to the post will be b&.

I'd recommend guro or alternatively shitting dick nipples, though. I don't want any more proxies to get permab&.

Also, I'd recommend finding a way to make it like those images that have a thumbnail different from the actual image.

Best of luck!

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I'm using Digitus, they work pretty good. Monoprice aren't terrible.

>> No.56204218

What torrent?
If it was called xt59186 or along the lines of this did you check the hash to verify it?

>> No.56204221

>Just go the /a/ route and throw the online equivalent of a temper tantrum because you don't like thing
How about no

>> No.56204244

I must know how

>> No.56204250

Oh, and alternatively, you could use the good old fashioned tried and true technique of the sagebomb.

Hey man, it works (more or less), and it definitely induces some degree of hilarity and maybe even drama.

>> No.56204262

I got an old Android phone I want to use as a DNS server to block ads on my home network
It's already rooted but has no play store
How do I do it?

>> No.56204280

Well thanks a lot.

> posts almost a minute apart
At least I tried.

>> No.56204281

>not having an open source router.

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I have a Lenovo y50 that has a failing hybrid hard drive where the SSD is used for Windows and the HDD is for everything else.

Since this is a hybrid drive what exactly am I going to have to do to replace the HDD? Or can I just pop the HDD out and put in the new one.

>> No.56204302

>it works (more or less)
For about a day.
Keep in mind that /sqt/ is just the QTDDTOTT with a different name and a more structured general. QTDDTOTT is at least 3 years old, sqt is not a new concept.

>> No.56204317

Thanks. I found Monoprice, but where did you get the Digitus? I've been looking and can't find them. I found a page for them on their website, but their website doesn't seem to allow shopping or show prices.

>> No.56204321

New Zealand. Ascent or PBtech.

>> No.56204323

Just pop in a new one. You're going to have to install a new OS tho. I suggest taking this time to learn Linux :-)

>> No.56204328

1st, backup everything right NOW to external drive
2nd, depends in the make, but most likely you will need to replace the whole thing.
check toms hardware or stackexchange for specific model info

>> No.56204343

Doesn't change anything. The hybrid is just a two in one.
Change it and clone the OS install over.

>> No.56204362

Gentlemen with a Moto X Pure, how did you go about rooting it? All the guides I see about rooting it on Android 6.0 seem stupidly convoluted, and that's coming from a guy with an HTC One M8.

>> No.56204382

Thank you.

>> No.56204386

Are there any simple scripts that will allow me to upload images to 4chan by drag-and-drop and/or ctrl-v?

4chan-x has something like that IIRC but I find it too cumbersome as I don't really need any of the other features.

>> No.56204401

> For about a day.
Of course.
But I'd like to think that there's at least one dedicated faggot faggot enough to spam for several days, if not weeks, just because he doesn't like something, just like there's the faggot OP who puts the small in /sqt/ instead of keeping the superior name and original post.

> Keep in mind that /sqt/ is just the QTDDTOTT with a different name and a more structured general. QTDDTOTT is at least 3 years old, sqt is not a new concept
I am aware.

>> No.56204418

does anyone know a good non web based calendar application. i'd prefer to also be able to export the data into some file format, but its not really that important.

>> No.56204480

I really think you're in the 1% that doesn't like /sqt/
I would expect that 99% of /g/ regulars either like, or don't care about it.

>> No.56204495

So my WRT54GL wifi has been very weak lately, if I upgrade the firmware to Tomato or whichever one was suggested, will it make it fast again?

Or should I dust it off? Because the top part has a lot of dust and it's the part with holes on it.

>> No.56204525

How do I install Linux onto my hard drive? I just partitioned half of it and don't want to uninstall windows (yet)

>> No.56204543

you could just use an actual calendar
ooo so scary and impractical

>> No.56204546

1. Dust it off. Take it apart to make sure there's no dust on the chipset.
2. If it's not already running DDWRT or OpenWRT (or a derivative such as tomato), you should definitely install it because it makes it more stable, and if you add a good cooling solution, you can boost the antenna gain for extra range (That's why you see them with heatsinks and watercooling. It's not for overclocking, it's cooling the power supply to the antenna)


>> No.56204560

CS or CE? Which has the least math bullshit?

>> No.56204577

Ah alright I will dust it off, it's been almost two years.

Which firmware do you suggest? DDWRT, OpenWRT or Tomato? If the installation fails, can I still install something on it again? Because the firmware page says:
>Upgrade must NOT be interrupted !
If something were to happen like getting stuck, will I be able to factory reset it with the reset button on the hardware?

>> No.56204586

Where the hell are you finding watercooled routers??

>> No.56204587

Does gpu power consumption increase when overclocking it? Im using seasonic g550 and planning to buy a 1070 gaymen x

>> No.56204617

only if you increase the power limit/voltage

>> No.56204640


>> No.56204648

Some hardware can be bricked, often it's a soft brick, meaning there are ways to recover it. Check the forums to find out what risks you might run in updating your particular model.

>> No.56204713
File: 51 KB, 800x533, wifi_watercool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People mod them.

>> No.56204722

Just upgraded it, when I started it, it broke the page and I clicked on Try Again and then waited in fear.

But then I got the message "Upgrade successful" oh man it was scary but now I'm in Tomato woo!

I'll clean it in a bit. Thanks!

>> No.56204723

i bought a paper calendar and i don't have enough room to write down what happened on that day and what needs to be done.

>> No.56204766

Then get a moleskine and make yourself feel really smart and special and write down stuff in that

>> No.56204824

CE has more math than CS.

>> No.56204827

Actually, you're wrong on that one.

I actually really like /sqt/. It's pretty helpful, even when it takes a good bit of time for my question(s) to be answered. Same goes for the QTDDTOT threads.

I just don't like the faggot OP who keeps using small questions thread instead, and the other faggot OPs who don't keep the original post, but less so.

If you were in the true /sqt/ yesterday, the stupid questions thread, you might see just how dedicated one faggot can be when he doesn't like something, and you might be surprise when you see that it's the OP and that these people still exist, to some extent.

>> No.56204830

ubuntu or xubuntu? Is there really a difference besides how it looks?
i just want to watch my animu and music

>> No.56204833

>tfw /sqt/ thought you more than school did

>> No.56204849

Amazon finally caught on that I graduated from uni and have knocked me back to the full priced Prime bracket. Is there any other loophole I can use to get a discount for Prime?

>> No.56204869

are you saying people only use calendars to feel special about themselves and not try to keep up to date with tasks they need to complete?
have you ever had a reasonable job or have gone to college?

>> No.56204878

Can't you drop it till you get a job then get it back on?

Or ask them if they would drop the Prime videos because the student version has no Prime videos on.

>> No.56204886

whats a good case that's pink or black with pink accents

>> No.56204901

I use Planner Pro the paid version has a weekly view where they appear as big boxes that you can fill them up with tasks. But the free one still has a version of that in the widgets section on your phone where you can put it as a widget.

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Can I use a premium microUSB charging cable with my Novatouch or would something go wrong? The cable I want to get has a charging LED so I'm not sure how well that would work.

>> No.56204919
File: 52 KB, 720x393, 1444533770740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And yes, there is a difference.

Xubuntu uses XFCE as the desktop environment, and Ubuntu uses Unity shit. The former is less resource-intensive than the latter.

Also, Xubuntu doesn't have the Amazon botnet bullshit that Ubuntu has, and neither do the other *ubuntus, to my knowledge.

Also, Xubuntu really does look a lot better.

See: https://askubuntu.com/questions/284357/ubuntu-vs-kubuntu-vs-xubuntu

>>> thought

>> No.56204933

>the student version has no Prime videos on.
Pretty sure it does. I never really used the feature (BTN trumps most streaming services in my experience and pretty much just liked Prime for the free fast delivery on everything) but I tried it like once and it worked, unless they removed it recently.

And it's not like I absolutely can't afford it, it's just that I liked the fact I was getting it for half price until now.

>> No.56204964

Taught* Sorry, been a long day.

But hey, many things here are mostly opinion too :^)

>> No.56204981

Weird, mine doesn't have Prime video, maybe because they did the same to me after I transferred to a university, then I emailed them and they also refunded my money back (About $60) and now I don't see the Prime video option, it tells me to upgrade to the full Prime experience. Maybe it's in the demo version for now? Since my bill is next year.

>> No.56204997

>small questions thread
>stupid questions thread
Who actually gives a fuck? It's the same thread!
As long as I can type "sqt" into the catalog search, I don't care.

>> No.56205007

What about /ssqt/ or /ss/qt/, a qt /ss/ thread.

>> No.56205016

how are sites like 8 ch or master ch
able to stay up without being taken down?

& why isn't it deemed "illegal" to view these sites?

as stupid as this question is i'm very curious

>> No.56205019

It's been going back and forth between small and stupid questions threads literally for years. Get over it, you fucking shitstain.
>If you were in the true /sqt/ yesterday, the stupid questions thread, you might see just how dedicated one faggot can be
I was doing that because there had already been an /sqt/ up for hours, some autist made one just because he didn't like the name. Having two Questions threads is beyond retarded so I was redirecting people to the real one.

>> No.56205023

Maybe I got grandfathered in or something. I've been using the student discount since like 2009 or so.

>> No.56205033


>> No.56205036

Well i have my bookmark to search stupid question so i do give a fuck.

>> No.56205041

Maybe, because when I was working at a computer repair shop, my boss told me to add his address in my account so I can use Prime for free. I was able to use it for free (not sure if it was a demo or something) for about two years I think.

>> No.56205044

Freedom of speech.

>> No.56205051

This and ICANN. Remember to stop Obama's actions.

>> No.56205055

How about you try not being a complete retard and search for "sqt", the whole fucking reason the initialism's put in every OP is for easy searching, dumbass.

>> No.56205067

> Who actually gives a fuck?
lol me

> It's the same thread!
it literally isn't

> As long as I can type "sqt" into the catalog search, I don't care.
lol fag


Also, the "illegal" images in question are legal.

Why hello OP :^)

>> No.56205069

How about just leave it as stupid questions thread instead wanting to change shit for no reason?

>> No.56205100
File: 42 KB, 571x573, Heavenbenchmark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm currently on a gtx 960. The only game that kicks my card's ass really, is Witcher 3. Should I overclock it? I ran unigine heaven, and the max temp I saw was 69c. It was running at 1443mhz without dropping. What kind of core clock should I be going for if I want to keep the temps under 75c? 600w power supply btw if that matters.

>> No.56205103

To be honest I've been to the /sqt/ party for about 2 years now and I've knew it as "stupid questions thread" it's the first time I'm seeing it as "small questions thread" but meh it's the same thing.

If you're trying to meme it up and change it secretly then you're kinda doing a good job at it. Otherwise, I don't know.

>> No.56205111

Meanwhile its under 75°C under stress you are fine.

>> No.56205153

How about you make the next thread if it you get so assblasted over it? If I see the thread start autosaging and nobody's made a new one, the next one's going to be a Small Questions Thread.

Back when these threads first started being a thing they were called either Small or Stupid, once or twice they were even Little. Then Stupid slowly started becoming more common. Regardless there is no proper thread title, and since you should be searching for sqt anyway the name is entirely irrelevant.

>> No.56205175

Oh shit I remember these, I couldn't even find sqt because of it iirc.

>> No.56205176

to reword my question, I want to OC the card. How aggressive of a core clock should I shoot for If I want to keep temps lowish?

>> No.56205198

So, you do want to create thread wars because you have autism or just for shitposting?

>> No.56205209

I want to create Small Questions Threads. No question is stupid.
>inb4 lolol sjw and other shitty memes

Like I said, you're free to make Stupid Questions Threads. Just don't do it if there's already a Small Questions Thread. There should always only be one /sqt/.

>> No.56205210

How good is Usertesting.com?

>> No.56205216


>> No.56205226

So what if i do anyway?

>> No.56205237

Is there a current Android/Linux phone that could replace my laptop for normal browsing at home?

I want it to run a non-gimped OS, and be able to attach a keyboard, mouse, monitor and external drives somehow.

>> No.56205239

Then I'll do the same thing I did the last time some fuckhead tried that

>> No.56205246

Not a big OCer but the way I understand it is that you keep incrementing the clock speed until it becomes unstable (IE driver crash, artifacts and the like). You then increase the voltage into the card to make it stable again. You do this all while keeping an eye on your temps, under 80 is pretty accepted unless you want to be more conservative. Look up the accepted upper limit on voltage for your card so you dont fry it because thats where you really have to be careful.

Basically type in your card and overclock guide into google and you'll find what you want.

>> No.56205248

Are you fucking kidding me.

>> No.56205257

Global rules 2, 6 and 10.

>> No.56205260

I never broke any of those rules.

>> No.56205265


>> No.56205267

You just admit you did.

>> No.56205272

No I didn't.

>> No.56205285

I am being forced by an ERP software to use Adobe reader 8!
because they claim it works best, but i am concerned for security.

Should i say no and let em break their heads and make my life a lil bit more difficult?

>> No.56205287

I just noticed that the current owner of most of my storage drive is a string of numbers instead of a name. Is that because I've previously reformatted without fucking with this drive, or because I've used a Live CD? And should I bother taking back ownership, or is this one of those "if it ain't broke" situations?

>> No.56205299

it is one of em situations.

>> No.56205318
File: 8 KB, 184x184, 1446883219468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What mp3 player do i buy ?

>> No.56205329

5th gen iPod Classic

>> No.56205337

Zune HD

It has an mp4 player and an IE6 browser. You can also mod it to run your own applications.

>> No.56205354

Currently installing xubuntu
At the step where it says preparing to install.
Checked the boxes Download updates whie installing and install third part software.
Clicked continue and it's been loading for a while now. How long should this take?

>> No.56205377

Wait for it. Give it like 10 minutes max. But keep waiting regardless.

Unless you're not patient and want to restart all over again.

>> No.56205392
File: 54 KB, 387x320, 1445901413042-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe something a little cheaper

>> No.56205400

I'd like to make myself a DIY mute button for my TRS microphone. Anyone here done that before and able to offer input?

>> No.56205411
File: 17 KB, 225x300, Lolzturtle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol fag

Although it may not be the original (first documented use of "little questions thread" was in Q4 2012 - first documented use of "little questions thread" was in Q1 2013 - first documented use of "stupid questions thread" was in Q4 2013, and has more-or-less been the norm since), the original post of the Stupid Questions Thread was - and still is - far superior.

Fuck you.
I'm making one.

>> No.56205412

How poor are you?

>> No.56205419

>shitting up the board
Why do you hate your home?

>> No.56205430

Anon, dont reply to bait, report and move on.

>> No.56205443

What the fuck are you on about?

>> No.56205457


>> No.56205462

> >shitting up the board
Says the guy who spams low-quality posts every time somebody posts in a thread that isn't his.

It's happening, and it'll be better in the long run for all of us, especially if the original post is used in consecutive threads of the same name.

>> No.56205471

I think it's time for me to switch to GNU/Linux, but i probably should start slowly with an ubuntu dualboot.
I only have 85GB left on my SSD, how much space is recommended? Is there a way to move all my programms to a different drive without having to reinstall everything to make some more space?

>> No.56205482

>Says the guy who spams low-quality posts every time somebody posts in a thread that isn't his.
There's absolutely no reason for two questions threads. I was merely redirecting people to the correct thread. If anything you should be thanking me.

>> No.56205490

I already did yesterday.

There's no point.
He's serious.
He'll just evade again, assuming he ever got banned, and that this is the same person.

If not, then yeah, it really is b8.

>> No.56205492

don't wanna pay more than 60 bucks for a music player

>> No.56205510


>> No.56205522

I never got banned. So you're the guy who's so autistic he felt the need to create a questions thread when there was already a questions thread?

Buy one with a broken HDD and upgrade it with an SD card. I upgraded a 5th gen Classic to a 120GB SSD for $70 total over a year ago.

>> No.56205554

Pornhub is suddenly using 300-400mb of memory per tab, crashing firefox very quickly. Firefox's memory report shows no trace of the issue - it reports 700mb explicit when 2gb is in use (normally it would be 700mb to 1gb).

How can this be?

>> No.56205563

Nope, that wasn't me.

I was just a guy asking a stupid question, answering stupid questions.

>> No.56205570
File: 3 KB, 55x50, 147184798850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does pic related do? Too scared to try it myself.

>> No.56205572

Stay faggot, kid.

>> No.56205584

Stay kid, faggot.

>> No.56205603


>> No.56205637

Just installed Linux, however I am dualbooting with windows 7. How do I get to choose which OS is loaded? Right now it automatically goes to Windows 7

>> No.56205648

You need a bootloader. I suggest GRUB if using BIOS or rEFInd if using UEFI

>> No.56205659

Have you installed Win 7 after Linux?
Then the Windows bootloader overwrites the Linux one and always boots Windows.
If you reinstall the Linux bootloader, that one will give you a menu which lets you choose what to boot.

>> No.56205673

You can edit the windows bootloader so that Linux shows up.

>> No.56205683

Ubuntu runs fine with loads of software in <15 GB.

>Is there a way to move all my programms to a different drive without having to reinstall everything to make some more space?
Not in Windows

>> No.56205733

Okay, thank you - so a 15GB Partition should be fine? Because fiddeling with the partition sizes afterwards could be somewhat bothersome.

>> No.56205758

15gb for installed software.
That doesn't include any data (pics, documents, movies, etc). So not a problem if you also have a shared partition for data, but if all your data is stored directly on the Windows partition, accessing it directly from Linux isn't good practice (although it is possible).

>> No.56205760

Hover on it and see the URL

>> No.56205774

I have another HDD for stuff like music and movies, is it hard to make ubuntu mount external drives automatically?

>> No.56205782

Does OC'ing increase power usage and if so, would a 750W PSU be enough to OC a 980 ti and an i5 4690k

>> No.56205791

Is there a way in Inkscape to take some line drawing and snap the points to the grid automatically without having to go back and recreate it by hand?

>> No.56205811

No, it works out of the box every time you open the file manager.

>> No.56205846
File: 14 KB, 493x402, 1452017164250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay sounds good, wish me luck

>> No.56205894

you fucking faggots don't even browse the subforum beyond this stupid fucking circle jerk of athread.

there's literally dozens of stupid tech support threads up right now.

>> No.56205917

Are you kidding me? I've got 21 threads open right now. /sqt/ is a very minor part of my 4channing.

>> No.56205978


>> No.56205990

recently i've got this weird exe, when i terminate it it always multiplies

i've tried searching it but i get nothing "Ulbcwgbsk.exe" is the exe and it has multiple files in AppData\Roaming, all contain an .xml file and most of the time a blank .png weirdly enough

am i ratted? i've removed from startup but it continues to find a way to start.

>> No.56206037

Put windows on a stick and when you wanna watch anime launch windows from the stick

>> No.56206060

Good luck!

>> No.56206075

>/sqt/ is a very minor part of my 4channing.
then you can see the tens of shitposts all asking stupid questions right now correct?

>> No.56206086

Yes, and?

>> No.56206108

Thank you.
The normal ubuntu should be fine, right? Or should i install a flavour like Kubuntu? Can't i just change the DE or WM afterwards if i don't like it?

>> No.56206132

You sound the mods

>> No.56206157


>> No.56206197

You sound the mods

>> No.56206202
File: 261 KB, 500x500, 1443941839645.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welp, windows won't let me resize my current partition on the ssd by more than 1.3GB, despite having 85GB free. What do?

>> No.56206219

>The normal ubuntu should be fine, right?
Yes, if you like the way it looks.

>Or should i install a flavour like Kubuntu?
Yes, if you like the way it looks.

>Can't i just change the DE or WM afterwards if i don't like it?
Yes, but a DE is a whole collection of software that ties well into each other. If you start with Unity, then install KDE, all the programs you have won't be as neatly tied into your DE as the equivalent KDE programs will be. Of course you can replace all of them as well if you want it to be perfect, but it gets to the point where a clean reinstall (assuming you have a seperate /home partition) can actually be faster and easier.

>> No.56206228

> The normal ubuntu should be fine, right?


> Or should i install a flavour like Kubuntu?
Personally, I prefer Xubuntu, and would recommend it over the normal Ubuntu. It and all of the other flavors don't have any of that Amazon botnet shit, to the best of my knowledge.

> Can't i just change the DE or WM afterwards if i don't like it?
Yes, you definitely should be able to.

I did the same shit in OpenBSD with XFCE.

You'll be fine.

>> No.56206235

Sounds like you're out of luck.
You "could" resize it using a Linux Live CD, but only god knows where and how Windows spreads out its files so that could destroy your Windows install.

>> No.56206236

Nigger, explain your fucking self.

>> No.56206237

10/10 would go drink beer with you

>> No.56206240

What is a decent mid sized case with a reasonable amount of space behind the mobo for cable management? Not squished/bulging the back panel, i.e. not the thermaltake v3.

>> No.56206244

>It and all of the other flavors don't have any of that Amazon botnet shit

Neither does Ubuntu Unity, in the current version.

>> No.56206246

Every once in a while Firefox blocks Flash because is not updated, should I just leave the auto update on?
Or keep ticking manually the unblock per website and update it manually once in a while?

>> No.56206255

whats the best programming language for noobs

>> No.56206260


All you have to do is use GParted.

I used the Live CD for my triple boot system.

Afterwards, you can update GRUB via it in order to access your operating systems, well, via GRUB.

>> No.56206269


>> No.56206283

how is spamming this stupid fucking thread helpful?
stop circle jerking in these general threads already for fucks sake.
you're allowing shill fags and fanboys to spam non stop.

>> No.56206286

Isn't it just disabled?

>> No.56206295
File: 46 KB, 600x475, >this post.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You sound the mods

>> No.56206304

It's greatly reduced the amount of tech support threads. You're retarded if you expect them to be completely gone, you're also retarded if you think this thread doesn't help.

I said explain yourself, not continue shitposting.

>> No.56206320

See >>56206275

A lot of people say Python.

Not that guy, but it helps me a lot, because the bump limit is reached faster, allowing this shit-ass thread to finally be put out of it's misery.

>> No.56206322
File: 45 KB, 475x788, ibmdekstop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TLDR: how do I install linux from dos?

I have an old box with the following:
- floppy drive (+ stack of floppies)
- (IDE) hard drive
- ethernet port
- serial/parralel port (but no cables)
- MS-DOS 6.21

I managed to do some basic file operations through DOS and played in QBASIC a bit.

Now I want to install either debian or a BSD on there. I can put files on the HDD by copying them to floppies but nothing I want to copy fits on a floppy.

what's the easiest way to install linux without USB?

>> No.56206337

That's alright, when this one 404s I'll just make another Small Questions Thread.

>> No.56206352

Well Kubuntu looks nicer in my opinion, but i would prefer the most stable one. Should i go for Xubuntu then?

uhh and it won't fuck up everything like >>56206235 said?

Delphi is nice. And the lazarus ide is free

>> No.56206362

Don't know, but so what? It doesn't do anything anyway, and if it bothers you, sudo apt-get purge unity-lens-shopping

>> No.56206370

if i set my computers dns servers to use opendns, does it ignore my isp dns servers and only go trough opendns?

captcha: 5411

>> No.56206384

>I would prefer the most stable one
What DE you use doesn't matter for stability. It's all just look and feel. And it's all Ubuntu under the hood (and Linux under the engine cover).

>> No.56206388

Have fun :^)
I know I am.

>> No.56206392
File: 96 KB, 570x405, usb-ide40-power-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

while booting into linux from dos was a thing, in your case the easiest way to manipulate what's on the hdd would be to simple take it out and attach it to another machine, then run a VM with the hdd attached and install whatever you like

if you have no other machines with IDE, you can get an IDE>USB adapter from most places

>> No.56206393
File: 71 KB, 500x410, rms_buckaroo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You sound the mods
I said explain yourself, not continue shitposting.

>> No.56206408

You're a piece of fucking shit.

>> No.56206420

So fucking do it.

>> No.56206447

> Well Kubuntu looks nicer in my opinion, but i would prefer the most stable one. Should i go for Xubuntu then?

But in all seriousness, if your system can handle it, go for Kubuntu. It takes up a bit moar resources because it uses KDE, but they basically function the same.

I fell in love with the way that Xubuntu is, though.

> uhh and it won't fuck up everything like >>56206235 said?

You can use GParted in Linux, or you can install the Live CD and use that. I would recommend the latter, so that if Wangblows wipes your shit, you can restore GRUB.

>>> muh botnet

>> No.56206448

nvm figured it out, thanks for nothing

>> No.56206467
File: 27 KB, 139x111, roody-shot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56206469

And just what are you willing to do about it?

Oh, and,
moar loli for me

>> No.56206470
File: 520 KB, 636x603, gentoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have IDE boxes anymore, but an adapter like that seems useful enough. thx

>> No.56206497
File: 271 KB, 412x323, 1355809831633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Words cannot describe how much of a fucking faggot you are.

>And just what are you willing to do about it?
We'll see.

>> No.56206518
File: 62 KB, 614x768, PeterNoonePicForBlog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> We'll see.
Well, I can't say I'm not excited!

>> No.56206522
File: 76 KB, 640x640, xenomorph drawn donut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a fucking aughtist

I didn't make either of these posts though, why did you (You) me

>> No.56206524

Damned straight.

>> No.56206531

no u

>> No.56206584

Bumping again and again and again

>> No.56206674

What is that supposed to mean?

>> No.56206687

He thinks your gay and hell will fix you, queer.

>> No.56206700

Sounds hot!

> your

>> No.56206744

What about Linux Lite 3.0? It's based on Ubuntu and uses Xfce

>> No.56206745


>> No.56206767

You're welcome

>> No.56206796 [DELETED] 

how do newegg eggpoints work? if i'm buying 1000$ worth of parts, can i buy 200$ at a time and get eggpoints off immediately?

>> No.56206809

I couldn't tell you, honestly.

I've never had any experience with it.

The best I could tell you to do is look it up on DistroWatch and see what they think of it.

>> No.56206843

Looking for relative simple suggestions on what to do with a spare computer I came across. Not too powerfulor anything but surely enough for something fun.

>> No.56206857

What are the specs?

>> No.56206860

turn it into a server.
switch it on remotely to scare your cat.

>> No.56206863

see >>56206836 , I've already answered your question!

>> No.56206877

Fuck off, you goddamned imbecile. Jesus christ are you ever an annoying little twat.

>> No.56206885

Not at home atm, can't check. Nothing outstanding as far as I recall.

>> No.56206886

I made an animation with a gradient in After Effects, exporting it in H.264 creates banding in the gradient, should I be using a different format? Does it matter as I will be uploading it to YouTube, will it compress it regardless?

>> No.56206892

just got xubuntu
how the fuck do I get those icons on the bottom similar to OSX?
Also, how do I get that task manager thing that WIndows had so I can check how much RAM i'm using and my CPU? and other tasks in the background?

>> No.56206903

best torrenting software for linux systems?

>> No.56206953
File: 89 KB, 1024x676, Logitech-MX-518-1024x676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where can I still get a mouse like this? I've scoured the entire catalogue of my preferred retailer and there is nothing like it

it lasted me 7 years, now it is occasionally losing connection for a few seconds before I hear the device bloop and it's back. happens on multiple usb ports and almost exclusively when I'm playing shooters and moving it a lot

>> No.56206960
File: 64 KB, 1838x1424, 20160822_052717.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So I decided to start reading "Code: The Hidden Language of Hardware and Software" and I can't understand what is the point of the OR logic gate. Wouldn't the same thing happen if they were to connect the wires together? I tried to draw a picture showing what I meant.

>> No.56206985

In case it isn't clear, the top one (as far as my knowledge goes) is doing the same thing as the bottom one, but without the OR logic gate.

>> No.56206999

G400 is the successor

>> No.56207001

>trying to install python module from cmd
>error: unable to find vcvarsall.bat

what gives?
already tried google

>> No.56207003


>> No.56207005


>> No.56207027

Somebody call the waaaambulance!

You have to create a new panel, or taskbar, or whatever.

Then you'll be able to resize it at will.

Transmission, but I haven't used anything else.

>> No.56207029


if you right click the task bar>panel>add new item, you can get a cpu/memory monitor

>> No.56207036

I'm going to burn down your fucking house with your family tied up inside.

>> No.56207046
File: 50 KB, 169x136, hola_amigo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come get me motherfucker

>> No.56207058

Have fun!


NEW THREAD: >>56205891
NEW THREAD: >>56205891
NEW THREAD: >>56205891
NEW THREAD: >>56205891

>> No.56207062

Bump limit's 310 posts, you fucking dumbass.

>> No.56207086

Well, don't I look silly.

>> No.56207091

Like that's hard to do. You can't even breath without reminding people of how much of a dumbass you are.

>> No.56207168

Well, in order to remind people of how much of a dumbass I am, I would imagine that one of the prerequisites is to go outside!

Which is, of course, one of the many things that I simply refuse to do.

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