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OS X looks so fucking good holy shit other OSs are you even trying?

In before Lincucks posting poor imitations.

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>blurry ultra bold text rendering
>huge shadows and gradients everywhere
>extremely long animated transitions

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OS X looks good.
Do you know what doesn't look good? a bad compressed screenshot of a OS X desktop.

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os x will never look this good

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I prefer the looks and feel of Gnome 2 or MATE, mate.

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opera (-‸ლ)

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>mfw this is official art

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>OS X looks so fucking good
Fucking KDE looks better than this shit, kill yourself!

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black niggers are fucking retarded

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> The Verge
> Tech Savvy

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I might buy some Apple stuff if the hardware (cables included) came in black. White electronics are an eyesore.

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sure it looks good
it's still fucking annoying tho

have you ever tried using osx on a desktop mac with two monitors? jesus fucking christ.

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You tried, macfag. You tried.

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Did you mean to post that image?

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>mfw this is from the show

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Also kde is bankrupt.

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>KDE is bankrupt
prove it
better than apple's gradient-shadow-animated hipster trash

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Leopard / Snow Leopard looked better.

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I do every day, I love it.

Panther looked best.

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i want to face fuck Chloe

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delet this

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Why can't freetards into design?

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I am waiting for the new macbook pros to be announced, i will buy one the first day they are on sale. And thus, I will have my first apple product.

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