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How do you guys keep a Google Play application and get a refund for it? Heard that there was a way to do that.
Do you need to save it on a computer and after refunding install it back on the phone?

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First you need to stop being Jew.
Step 2 I'll tell you once you credit $10 to my PayPal.

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No you god damn scammer, I figured it out. Don't need ya mane.

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>stop being jew
>most paid apps have drm or some protection (or the coder is literally autistic)
>if not (coder is autistic) you can download it, get the apk from your app folder (/user/app ? or /sth/app i dont remember) but if that's the case, you're better off just downloading apk
>if it containts drm, just download apk (drm removed? lucky patcher-ed?)

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I'm 100% sure and by 100% I mean 100% it's 50 times easier to just fucking pirate.

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Well how would some apps work if there was no internet connection?

Not really, this is pretty fucking easy. There is an app called File Expert that can backup apps and save them as a .apk file, I can do that and then return the app and it would still be on ny phone backed up.
It's also hard to trust pirated apps on Android because sometimes they contain malware.

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And risk malware? I figured out a very good way to get the app for free and it takes less time then pirating. Why am I a moron?

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Google will ban your account for too many refunds.

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Pirated stuff everywhere contains malware.

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Stop being a jew.

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Not gonna do a lot just a few like one or two.
I have no problem with paying for apps here and there, especially when on sale.

Yes but I noticed that usually Android shit in general is most common to have malware.

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