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>there are people on /g/ RIGHT NOW who unironically believe Windows 10 looks better than 7

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it does, pic related

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It does, and so does Win8.1

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dumb gradientposter

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That said, 8.1 does look better than 10. 10's just too flat.

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Windows 10 does indeed look better than windows 7.

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>if I don't open the start menu no one can tell how shit is is

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I use 7, but I'm not too crazy about its looks.
It might look slightly better than 10, which just looks amateurish, but that's not saying much.

I think 8 is the best looking Windows right now. Except for the window borders, which are too thick. Still the 1px borders on 10 look even worse, if you can't remove them entirely at least make them look good.

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You can have the same start menu as in Windows 7.

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1px borders still looks better than thick border.

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>There are people on /g/ RIGHT NOW who unironically use Windows 10
When will this meme end?

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>there are people on /g/ RIGHT NOW who unironically believe XFCE/KDE Plasma/riced i3 looks better than GNOME 3

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>not Windows 8.1
Kill yourself.

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>there are people on /g/ RIGHT NOW who unironically run Windows on bare metal

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Wake me up when you don't have to read literal walls of text of obscure terminal wizardy to setup GPU passthrough

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I was using a flat theme that looked EXACTLY like windows 8/10. When it comes out I reallize that windows was spying on me and stole my theme.
windows 7+ aero looks like a toy OS for children
windows 7 - aero looks like garbage

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W10 is lifeless. Windows Vista and XP are still my favorites.

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Aero is the best shit

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Windows XP through 10 all look exactly the same when customized.

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I hate the fucking icons in Windows 10, they look like some shitty Linux GIMP tier designer drew them

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You have cool wallpaper. Can I have a copy?

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Vista is the last complete version of Windows.

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I was about to laugh in your face but then I remembered it was the last window with functional search

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> posts sexy desktop
> doesnt list step by step how to achieve this bliss
literally kill yourself

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except for 7 having transparent title bars, it does, look at that shitty looking 7 taskbar

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Microsoft was about to rock the world, but now we're stuck with gradual expansion packs to Windows XP.

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I like your CPU choice anon

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Not the guy who posted the picture, but it looks like MATE with a theme.

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Looks like ass.

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i prefer windows 7 look but I'm no paragon of style

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Win 10 looks nice but i dont need win 10 to have a nice looking desktop, just a lttle creativity.

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Where to get a clean win7 nowadays?

Can't be arsed going through downgrading.

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you just download the official msdn technet iso with sp1

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And how about the license? I doubt mine works since I activated win8 a year ago.

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Install Gentoo.

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who's swimmer dude?

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Just use Windows Loader 2.2.2

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It won't matter soon thanks to Customatic

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I thought the trend of minimalistic UI is dying and then W10 happened. What gives?

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