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How many of you are still using relatively old hardware and it meets most of your needs?

I'm still running a Sandy Bridge i7 2600k @4.5Ghz
16GB RAM (I borrowed the RAM to test another rig so it's got 4GB at the moment)
GTX 980

Other than the Rise of the Tomb Raider on max settings, everything else runs flawlessly on my system.

My question is, is there any real gain from upgrading to Skylake/Haswell/Zen?
What do you guys with older processors think about your performance?

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Still running an i7 920. It meets all my needs along with my r9 nano.

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My main battlestation is an AMD Athlon 5350. I'm running Gentoo with some light weight stuff and it's pretty comfy.
Though I gotta say, I don't really have the time anymore to play anything, so my needs are quite small.

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Still running an i5 2500k here. Along with my GTX 670 it plays everything I want.

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I'm still running a 290X. Still maxes out just about any game at 1080p/60fps nearly three years on.

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How does it perform when you max out Rise of The Tomb Raider?

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Core 2 Duo here w/750Ti, it's quite decent.

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i5-4430 at 3 GHz and 750ti

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Q6600 W/750Ti master race reporting in.

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C2q 9400/750 ti mustardrace

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Speccy screenshot?

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Oldest I have is my i7 4770k, its mobo, RAM and a Samsung 840 Pro SSD. More than sufficient.

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Im on my phone m8 sry

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~65fps average in the benchmark on the highest preset in DX12 with SMAA. I know you can crank things up even further manually through options they patched in, but obviously it won't handle much more.

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2500k. I haven't even overclocked it, what the fuck. Easily could because they pretty much sold these underclocked. 100 euroes for pretty much the exact same thing that costs 200 today. AMD, get your shit together.

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I maxed every setting manually and my 980 got high frames but it kept dipping to low fps every few seconds so it was like it was constantly stuttering.

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2600k masterrace

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26..70QM masterrace

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R9 295x2 bruh. That's the card you need.

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>16gb ram
>gtx 980
>old hardware

there's nothing subpar about this, even with the processor

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I have a 3770k and a 660 Ti I can play everything that isnt crisis tier on max settings at 1080p

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Why is it you Sandy Bridgefags need constant reassurance your processor is good enough? At least 1-2 threads each day on this subject.

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>an Core 2 Duo with a VIA IGP
>160 gigabytes of storage
><1GB of RAM

Oh, and I'm also running on XP. I'm really satisfied by the way my setup has lasted a decade.

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i5 2500k

5 years boys, 5 years

can run new stuff on medium surpisingly, gonna upgrade my graphics card soon

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if you don't have at least a sandy bridge i5 2500k or greater cpu, you need to upgrade t-b-h

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Sandy Bridge cpu's are not relatively old or old in any other sense. Without buying Sandy-E, Ivy-E or Hash-E chips, you lose soldered heatspreader (and thus shitload of OC potential) and gain insignificant amount of IPC. In other words, there is nothing worth upgrading to.

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I've been trying to get some help with this and a few threads have been unresponsive, maye I can get some help here?

I'm getting some hand-me-down parts for free to help me with my first build; I'm attaching a screenshot of them. I know the processor is around 8 years old and I'm a bit bummed about it, but I just found out today that it's been overclocked to 4.5GHz and Speccy just simply isn't showing it. Are these good idle temperatures for a processor that's been overclocked this much?

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just delid it my man :)))))

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only need to get rid of this sata 2 speed hdd, 16 gb of ram, get an rx 470, and maybe upgrade to an i7 later on. i want the quad core meme to die out but intel are a bunch of fucking jews.

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Impossible to mount most heatsinks directly on the die, because of size.

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So I'll ask this here because I don't want to shit out a new thread over it

I haven't updated my computer since I first got it in 2013. I run windows 8.1, wouldn't like windows 10, and decided to check for updates for the first time today.

Is their any updates I shouldn't install? what should I look out for? I don't want spying (yet I need programs Linux can't emulate properly).

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its a weird feeling where i kinda want something new but i dont feel like i need it.

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Because we're in shock that our 2011 purchases are equally as good as anything out today.

For gaming at least, I don't know about your loser nerd stuff like packing and unpacking files for no reason, pretending to "render" things without ever pointing out what the fuck it is that you're constantly rendering. And whatever else you idiots think you need a NASA supercomputer for.

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Have you heard of "Dennard scaling"?

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I don't need anything better for films, music and shitposting

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Really, this. Except the C2D guys, none of the people actually have old hardware.

>4 years
>oh my god it's ooooooold I need to have the newest

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I have an FX-8150 and 2 R9 280x's. They still run most games alright but dealing with crossfire is a huge pain in the ass. Would not recommend.

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I used to use an E8400 and 4 gigs of ram on my TV PC and it worked well for 90% of what I did with it. It would even play some of the less performance heavy new games. It's suprising, but for everyday applications core 2 duo's are still fairly manageable.

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Happy as fuck with this setup.

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I run Manjaro JWM on a 3 year old laptop that was $350 at the time. Probably worthless now. Celeron 1.5GHz dual core, 4GB ram, and a terribly slow 500gb HDD. For some reason it loves to leak memory. Running the same version of Chrome on both it and my gaming desktop. Can have 4chan and a YouTube tab open on my laptop and Chrome consumes 1.2GB memory. Can have 8 tabs open on my desktop and it's consuming 800mb.

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Your fault, really.

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If stock heatsink, then that's completely normal. My i5 idles around 32° and it's never been overclocked.

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Thanks for this response.

People have warned me against pairing it with new cards like the 1060 as it could bottleneck, but the fact that it's already been overclocked and is running this cool (albeit at idle) is giving me hope.

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I also have a HP Mini with
>Processor 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270
>Memory 1GB, 533MHz DDR2
>Chipset Mobile Intel 945GM Express
>Graphics Intel GMA 950 (integrated)
>OS Puppy Linux
>10.3x6.6 inches 800x600 res
They both get the job done.

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Considering any hardware made after 2009 old...

I'm posting this from a 5 year old shit laptop that was shit when I bought it 5 years ago. You guys have a serious spending problem if the rig OP describes doesn't do exactly what you want. I guess if you do a ton of compiling, or really want your video games to run at absolute max settings thats cool.

I personally like turn based strategy so gaming performance isn't really an issue for me. I want dat civ6 tho.

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Phenom II 425 I think it was, paired with a GT210, was doing fine until the HDD on the computer died,and I couldn't replace it cuz poorfag.

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Well, I tried maxing everything for a giggle and got a 57.43fps average with minimums around 28fps. Not too bad considering the card is at stock (1000/1250).

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I get the feeling OP was a shitpost.

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wait for LGA 2011 v4, then get an enthusiast CPU and a 1080 Ti if it's out by then

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I can't max out Rise of the Tomb Raider and GTA V stutters at max settings. I think my CPU may need an upgrade. I'll attempt taking the RAM from 16GB up to 32GB but I don't think that's the problem.

I'm considering upgrading to Skylake or Zen.

Speccy doesn't show it for me either. Download and install CPU-Z and you'll see it. Your CPU temps are fine.

The CPU is fine. RX470 sounds good.

You should be okay.

The 3GB VRAM is a limiter in some games as you have a 4K monitor.

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No, my setup really struggles with Rise of Tomb Raider and GTA V on max settings at 1080p. Stutters every few seconds.

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Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, ATI HD 5450

Old, but works for me. Runs Window 7 and the games I play (older ones), struggles with the likes of Empire Total War and above.

Linux: Arch with Openbox and tint2. Running quite smoothly. Can play 1080p60fps YouTube videos. Struggles with 1080p x265 video but works well with 720p x265 and 1080p(60fps) x264 video.

It does what I need it to do. It was also very cheap to build (into the hull of old school computer, second hand parts and whatnot) and I'm poor. I would love to play the newer Total War games but a new computer isn't really a high priority for me. I also have a modded Xbox 360, which satisfied my need for some of the newer games.

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It does the job

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>he fell for the FX-8150 meme
i'm so sorry

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Why is it a meme?

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