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speccy thread?

feel free to post guts, builds, etc.

blaze it

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is there any plausible reason to upgrade to 32gb of ram?

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good old girl

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Hopefully I can get a 1 GB SSD for a good price this holiday season. I'm so tired of hearing my HDDs. I'm going to put them in a external bay. I need a new video card too. My 560 Ti started shitting on me and I had to pull this 5450 out of storage.

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Are those three DIFFERENT monitors?

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Recent built desktop.

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Yeah, i need to sort out getting four of the same, it's annoying but they don't look that bad.

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With that card, I would get two or three 1440p monitors

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Yeah i'm gonna get 1440p next, just finished upgrading my computer so monitors are next.

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>Windows 10

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Was the 1TB mSATA worth it?

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>botnet 10



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Stay mad frog

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Let me know when Linux gains actual support and doesn't fall apart if one thing fails.

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No amount of "support" is ever enough for you. The more groups, companies, and people jump on board the further you move the goalposts.

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All on Air, not Water

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No matter what I do I just can't get 4.8ghz on the cpu. Gpu wise I can get over 1200mhz (and can reach 1500mhz on the memory) but thats a lot of extra stress for marginal gains.

Note to self: fix vram heatsinks.

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Keep thinking that man. linux will forever be for servers and people with to much time. It was never meant to be an easy OS for people its always going to be a server OS first.

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First time using this program, it's pretty cool!

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Do you also use an abacus? Or possibly ride a horse to work?

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Considering every part of it but the mobo has been a hand me down from a more well-off friend, I think it's pretty okay.

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Nice 'n' cool, even in the heat of summer.

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>not a z97 motherboard

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Stupid question but what program is that.

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feel free is the keyword

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>just reseated heatsink (NH-D14)
>used old thermal paste
>idling at 38°C (ambient is roughly 25°C)
i think i need to redo this

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Speccy by Piriform™

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Your PC it's not powerful enough to take screenshot I guess

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havent used that piece of shit in months, wont touch it for longer than a minute

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Why does everybody use windows 10? Windows 8.1 and 7 do not have the telemetry and tracking, so why did you "upgrade"? I'm ashamed of you, /g/, sacrificing your privacy for DX12 support when Vulkan will come from the heavens to save us all

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Guys is this the latest Windows 10 thread?

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Thats our secret, /g/ - we are always windows 10.

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I have a 6950X in my girlfriend's butthole, are you even trying?

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generations becoming number and number - is that the right term, more numb? just a pattern of numbers. sound like an oldfage but Im just a gen behind millenials

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ayy waddup?

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That statistic is inherently biased because you're looking at Steam, which is mostly tech-illiterate gaymers.


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nice toaster

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You have a 64-bit processor, have you considered installing a 64-bit operating system?

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Plus being july's numbers the likes of the 1060 and 480 haven't been on the market long enough to really make a difference to the survey. The next time the survey is taken is when things should dramatically change.

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yeah laptop broke getting new pc in 5 days from now just saw the date been fuckin 1 month using this shit 1 wasted no school month ffs

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its just temporary i dont really care

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It's still represents a movement within a segment of the psyche where having something to hide is suspicious and sharing, reacting is an ambivalous exchange within a controlled self-reinforcing field steered and monitored. Even if it's steam, it's a sample of society. Seniors wouldn't show incredibly different results.

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Did i do good?

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Maybe your graphics card is just a housefire

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Air is not an effective enough conductor for a gpu to radiate enough heat for cause a cpu to idle that far above ambient - especially with a D14

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I only had firefox and a few folders open.

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Need advice for replacing the GTX560. Later next year I'm aiming to do a new build with a 1080ti ( or whenever it comes out) however in the meantime I just want something temporary and cheap that will allow me to play newly released games like Doom and No Man's Sky.

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Most people are tech illiterate. Believe it or not, PeeCee gaymers are typically more tech literate than the average person.

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I need a new GPU

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You know Windows 10 is kinda important for games, right?

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I'm not even /g/ really, I just play vidya.

upgraded a few months ago from a Phenom ii 965BE that was giving me stutters in Dark Souls 3, now with the Skylake i3 I get no stutters. Also my PC boots to desktop WAY faster now.

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It's all anime.

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but im getting a 6700k, 1070 and new mobo next week

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same here, but I'm a poorfag and rarely buy the latest AAA games, but I feel like my 7850 has crossed the line this year, I'm either getting a 1060 or a 480. I don't plan on going above 1080p so 4gb VRAM is fine by me.

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>getting 6700k and 1070 and new mobo
>already have a haswell i7 and a 970

Do you enjoy throwing money away?

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How's my rig?

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You can play Oblivion, 8/10 build.

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maybe he's a fallout 4 fag, can't run that game at a stable 75+ fps minimum with ddr3 dual channel ram.

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1. It's going to be the only relevant OS in the future, as usual.
2. Data privacy died when the internet was born, because evil corporations and fascist intelligence and surveillance agencies can jack into your ISP and analyze your data packets, regardless of how autistic your PC is.
3. DX12 will be one hell of a lot more important than Vulkan and everybody knows it.
4. It was free.

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>evil corporations and fascist intelligence and surveillance agencies can jack into your ISP and analyze your data packets, regardless of how autistic your PC is.

See, that's fine, because it isn't taking MY cpu cycles, bandwidth, or IO.

Win10 crosses that sacred line, and i will NEVER use it.

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Your 32GB of DDR3 RAM will be useless with that

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It's illegal under EU law, anyway.

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Didn't Windows always have that backdoor at the kernel level? I was led to believe the CIA or whoever can look into anyone's PC anytime they want.

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>spending $800 to get a slight FPS boost in ONE poorly optimized game

Even if Fallout 4 was anywhere near as good as New Vegas this would be a completely fucking retarded waste of money, 95% of all other games would perform the same with the specs he already has.

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>implying i dont already have ram to put in it

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gah, need to remember to fix ram times after bios update

I'll do it in the morning

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That was never not the case. The difference is they have to put a conceited effort and have a reason to target you specifically. At that point the backdoor is irrelevant, they'll send a fucking SWAT team on your ass alternatively.

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Could you post pic of this? Made me curious

>8GB RAM more coming next week

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Right, because US government institutions are known for sticking to the rules

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You mean SD Card right?

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Solid 5/7

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32-bit SP3 is the best OS ever!

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Because you asked for it

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i should be good for a few more years now

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>gtx 1080 with 60hz

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ever heard of streaming, my friendo

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Getting a 1070 as soon as a game needs more than a gtx 660 to run smooth.

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wow ur cpu temp how

i have my 6600k at 4.5Ghz and the max idle temp is 28C in this summer heat

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>blaze it

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Mines at stock and it's 12 degrees in here lol. idk if it's correct though motherboards at 30+ when cpu is in low teens or 20s. First time having a AIO liquid cooler, Corsair h105. i would of rathered an aircooler like a cryorig h7 or a bequiet dark rock 3 but gf bought it for me for my bday so i can't complain.

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>worse single threaded performance than the fx-8150 disaster
you'll be upgrading soon friend

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What upgrade cunts?

CPU can wait because meme 2500k

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New RAM next month. Also please don't mind the storage mess, I'm moving my stuffs around.

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If you feel your performance is good enough for you that you can wait, wait another 6-12 months for Zen/Kaby Lake.

Otherwise get the 6600k/6700k.

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uhh isnt it obvious

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turn on xmp profiles in bios you assclown
it's free ram performance

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just r8 pls dont h8

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Hello mates
Waiting for 1080ti range
Bud let me borrow their 750 ti for benchmarking
I'll probably go with 2x WD 2TB blacks to sort out the mess of my storage

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