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>friend sends you his new build's specs
>he unironically uses a Seagate drive

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I work in scientific computing and one of our clusters exclusively uses seagate drives. We have a hardware failure every week

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And if you don't know, now you know, nigga.

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youre just a jelly poorfag

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I bought a WD and it shat itself after 6 months. Not buying another one any time soon.

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Depends on what Seagate Drive.

Their Hybrid Drives are kind of cool.

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Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars

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You need new friends.

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>have not only a Seagate drive, but one of those awful 3TB models
idgaf, it's in RAID1 with a Hitachi

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>another WD shill thread
WD is like AMD cpus if they had the price premium of Intel cpus, completely worthless

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Aside from a few very specific models, Seagate's fine. /g/ is just retarded, and can't manage anything but XvsY threads these days.

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They never correctly test HDDs. They just list the ones they bought at the time which were the cheapest from each company that they used for their systems.

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Oh boiiiiii

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Just because it shows your favorite brand getting shit on doesn't mean its wrong.

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>Those massively different sample sizes.

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I've had a 160GB Seagate drive running every day since summer of 2005. The AMD hate is also retarded in some ways.

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I'm still using a 60GB seagate in my old dell laptop, never understood the hate.

My desktop has 3 1tb seagates in raid 0, been fine for the last 3 years.

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Same, i've had a 1tb seagate from my first build in 2010, its never given me a problem
Only problem is that I have about 20 gb left, so I'm gonna need another drive soon.

Should i stick with another seagate since it hasn't given me a problem, or is it just the newer drives that crap out?

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the only bad seagate drives were the 1.5 tb

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What is the usage profile? There are regimes you can put any brand drive through that will destroy them quickly

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your mileage may vary.

keep in mind all hard drives eventually must fail. if this is casual storage you can basically do whatever you want.

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hadoop mapreduce / Spark with YARN
can't release specific use cases

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I see, well i'd probably get another 1tb, considering it took me like 6 years to fill 1tb up, but gaymes are becoming 55+gb, so I may get 2tb instead, dunno.

yea its just casual storage
I don't do anywork on my pc that I'd be fucked if i lost info from a drive

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HGST is literally WD

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what the fuck are you doing with 13TB of storage?

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I have a 1 TB 7200 RPM seagate drive that just stores video games, it's 4 yrs old. How close is it probably to dying?

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WD is literally Hitachi, because WD sucked at expanding in the server market and decided to buy out their product line.

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nice cat

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>friend sends you text
>is it possible to install an os on an sd card
>reply is it possible for me to get some of that dick
>he never replied back and stopped talking to me

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Probably anime

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Hgst drives aren't wd rebrands

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You can install Linux to a sd card
Windows will get autistic about it not being a sata drive

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He could be developing an AI and downloading shitloads of torrents. Perhaps seeding entire site archives?

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Whats the deal with Seagate? I've never had one fail me but everyone seems to hate them.

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what the fuck is going through your head when you post a thread like this?

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Might not even be half way dead.

My Samsung 1TB is 7+ years old.

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Most hard drives will perform well on a desktop. These failure rate graphs are designed to calculate rates in a very high stress environment with lots of read/write cycles such as as datacentres. Some of these graphs are also pretty ibflated due to recent crisis in hdd failures happening.

Really, just buy whatever.

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You guys are retarded, it's all an oligopoly. WD owns HGST.

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I've got a 500Gb seagate drive that I bought back in 2010 that still functions now. PC has been on for 16 or more hours everyday since I got it, and never had a problem.

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I've got a 1TB SSHD Segate and it's been fine for 2 years no. No problems whatsoever and really much faster than a regular HDD.

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Do people still use HDD in current year? I thought even the poor were able to afford an SSD.

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SSD's got cheaper over the years but they're still crazy expensive when you want to buy anything larger than 1 terabyte.

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>some guy asks for a parts list
>doesn't listen and buys a 950

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>friend sends you his new build's specs
>he unironically uses a Western Digital drive

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>Guy sends you his build's specs
>He unironically uses a AMD CPU/GPU
>always says something about how he's "different" for using it

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>he makes a thread about hating things that other people like

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You're using this as evidence?

Look at the different sample sizes you chode.

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It literally does because there was no control group at all and they were all tested in drastically different usage conditions.

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how about just accepting that WD is shit

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neck urself u degenerate

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Indeed seagate was a mistake.
but WD is the same shit

and HGST was bought by WD, so?

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HGST is a separate division from WD, it's not the same thing.

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Our main vm storage runs 24 seagate hdds.

It has never failed for 3 years.

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I prefer 5 years warranty and replacement without asking over any bullshit. If you rely on one hdd you are fuckin stupid anyway.

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Do people use them ironically then?

I have no real problem with Seagate, bought them for a few years until I stopped using mechanical. Worked fine I guess.

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I've been using a seagate hdd for over a year and it works fine.

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no op is just a shill

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Seagate is pretty nice if you're on a tight budget, their drives are usually cheaper and they have a lot of different capacities for their drives, even up to 10 tb. You can get a 10 tb wd gold but you have to fork over like $700 for it (although you get a 5 year warranty and 24/7 customer support, which is more than what seagate offers).

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i've used a seagate external hard drive for my shitbox one for the past 6 months with no problems. I'm not understanding the hate

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Two of my seagate drives died. None of my WD drives died. My next hard drive is WD.

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Two of my WD drives died. None of my toshiba drives died. My next hard drive is toshiba.

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>shit that never happened

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Are you retarded?

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Shill fuck off

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Shilling for hard drive? Are you serious?

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>trust me goyim im just like you im not a shill

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>anyone with different opinion on a thing you can purchase with money is a shill
I mean there is some blatant shilling like with Win10, but a fucking hard drive, cmon...

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So, yes, you are killing drives. Why are you using consumer drives, retard?

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Just because a company is owned by another doesn't mean that company stops being a company.

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>he unironically uses a Seagate drive


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Friends friend send a SS of his build. 1080, i7, 16g of RAM to go with a 19 inch 1080 150 dollar screen. It is scholarship money so who cares but fucking why cheap out on the monitor so bad. It isn't even a good price for what it is.

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Always trusted Seagate. Not a single drive failed on me for 8+ years. I even have one that I smashed by landing my bag on and it still works if I give it cpr.

Also toshiba spells abo shit. Completely worthless trash that's the only blemish on Japanese technology.

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>bought a 2tb HDD from ebay from hitagi
how fucked am I

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