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Hey /g/ I just purchased an SSD and I was trying to clone my HDD to it however it has an incompatible sector size (HDD is 512, SSD is 4096) and it won't clone onto the SSD because of this. How can I change the sector size on the SSD to match my hard drive? It has no files on it and I am willing to format it again if I need to.

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Hey guys. I'm looking to start developing a desktop software as a side project that manages a businesses workflow / quoting stuff. What would be the best language for something like this? I was thinking Java for its robustness.

I know it's been done, I'm just doing it as an exercise, and wanted some opinions. What about using node-webkit?

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Don't try to change your sector size. SSDs need their sectors to not be messed with. Find a better cloning program, like macrium

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Macrium is the program and it will not allow me to transfer them partitions because the sectors are different sizes.

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reposting from last thread

win10 installed the anniversary update without my permission and explorer is now crashing and restarting every three or four seconds

i cant ro

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Did you uncheck sector by sector clone?

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You signed up for forced updates when you installed 10

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I am not in a tech job, but I do use excel a lot. Making advanced spreadsheets and manipulating data/making buttons would be useful for me. I think learning Visual Basic would be useful for me, and I've already started to do some really intro stuff. Is learning this language worthwhile? And where should I learn it? Considering the only time I would need to code in my career would be in excel 99% of the time. It just seems that when I google stuff about vb, people say it's unpopular and that python is a better place to start...

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reposting from last thread

win10 installed the anniversary update without my permission and explorer is now crashing and restarting every three or four seconds (it's also randomly taking focus away from firefox, hence that last unfinished post)

i cant roll back the update because the settings window thing crashes alongside explorer

what do

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Then your program is shit, because that doesn't make a lick of sense.

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What's a good low-resource navigator for my 2003 computer?

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Make sure you enable "Intelligent sector copy". If that doesn't work, switch to EaseUS Todo backup

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Try safe mode?

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I've asked this 30 times but no one's ever even replied to me

How can I run cyanogenmod on my nexus 5 with the minimal proprietary google shit AND still have a working google maps app? I don't even necessarily need the play store (would be nice but not necessary)

Is micro g the answer? I need a decent GPS app on my smartphone but would rather not be totally part of the botnet

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I heard netscape made a nice navigator

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I did exactly that by installing the full gapps and then removing gapps components until Maps didn't work anymore. It worked pretty well, and you do not need the app store this way. Be prepared for a sequence of quite a few reinstalls / backup recovery steps though.

No, I don't remember the exact list of components you need to keep, sorry.

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I have win 7 and I already use firefox.
nVidia Geforce4 MX 440 SE

Some guy told me to use Pale moon. Is this a good decision? I thought PM was heavier than Firefox.

Also, do you know a low resource torrent client too? Some anon told me to use tixati but that shit crashes my computer.

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Just wondering, did you use freecyngn?

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Just use firefox and deluge.

Palemoon is out of date by nature which ususally means it's missing out on memory improvements

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In CLion how do I choose to make a C project ? Everytime I start a new one, I'm not asked what language I'm using and I get a main.cpp, but I want .c

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So I've installed xubuntu 16.04 on my hdd since windows was taking a fuck long time to boot from post and the same thing is happening with Xubuntu. Could it be possible my 4 month old hard drive is failing?

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And do you know some low-resource torrent client?

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I'm using Win7.

I want to make a simple script to open a bunch of executable files the minimized the resultant windows. Is this possible to do with a .bat or AHK file or will I need to learn actual script language to do this?

Open Game.exe
Open Overlay.exe
Open VOIP.exe
Minimize Game.exe
Minimize Overlay.exe
Minimize VOIP.exe
[if using AHK script to do this]
Close xxxx.AHK
Close autohotkey.exe

Suggestions on first newbie basic scripting if this is the case? I am lazy as fuck and want to do this with the least effort possible.

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Are nexus phones system apps such as Phone and Camera updated through the play store?

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Transmission... Transmission-qt on Windows

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what's the best way to remove black bars from webms?

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So after rebooting it goes to the bios logo screen but my motherboard doesn't beep until like a minute after the screen goes blank. Could it also be my motherboard?

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If you're using just plain old android I don't see why they wouldn't.

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Is there a quicker way to clean VHS tapes other than, open the case...
>remove one meter
>clean carefully each inch manually with a cloth
>put the clean meter in place
This appears to be extremely slow, and I have too many tapes to clean! Would be better if, somehow, I could put the tape on something like the reader, but insted of reading, it would sping and clean it, like one type of car wash facility.

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Try clonezilla. I just used it to transfer my buddies shit on his macbook pro to an 850 evo today and it worked flawlessly.

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Are you from the past?

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Yes, more than 11 minutes ago.

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I don't even have that option.

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I meant >>56002789 I just couldn't think of the name for it

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How much of a fps boost does give me my 1050 monitor over 1080? Im looking into a gpu that can handle witcher 3 max settings at 60fps and both the gtx 1060 and the rx 480 fall just short on that goal at 1080p.

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No matter what program or setting I use it refuses to clone because of the incompatible sector sizes

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Then I think you are having a different problem and confusing it with sector size

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Is it ok for my CPU to run between 39c idle to 55c max?
I'm running a pentium g3260 with a shadowrock LP in a very compact sg11b

Pic related, cooler fan and PSU clearance is abysmal.

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What could be the reason that speedfan doesn't recognize one of my fans?

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the legend

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why the fuck windows 10 has to send two days lasting updates? shit it fucking sucks

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i heard deep prayer works

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No because it specifically says in the error messages that the sector sizes are wrong.

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How to get a Win7 installation flash drive set up? I had the links a while back and lost them

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I understand that. Obviously you wouldn't be saying that if you were getting a different error message. But the thing about error messages is that they're not magic. They're just the closest approximation of the problem the coder could anticipate when he was making the program. So you can't always trust the error message because sometimes a program will shoot out something unrelated when things fail. This sounds a lot like one of those times.

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use an electric drill and find a grippy cylinder that fits into the groove then use the slowest rpm setting and put it against a cloth.

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Rufus. Also is it a skylake processor?

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what is multiple indirection even for?

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Alright, thanks for trying to help anyway.

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How do I share admin folders from a windows 10 computer? (not mine)
I tried this but it didn't work.
Pic related.

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my laptop has another RAM slot but there's no clicky-thing? Is this normal? Do I need to get it soddered at some place or something?

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Believe so, I5 6500. Rufus wasn't one of the links I was given earlier, just mstoolkit and a link to the download that I've since lost

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anyone else know the dead-pixel line on the display struggle? will my mind stop seeing it after a week?

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Does anyone have any ideas on where I could acquire a free or low priced laptop charger? I just need one for a project, but I don't feel like going to the store and buying one.

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Rufus is the thing you use to put it on the flash drive. After it's on the flash drive you'll need to use this


to patch the installer and after you've finnished installing run these



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...buying one from a store would be faster than waiting for one ordered offline or setting up meetings with craigslist sellers....

get off your ass and go to a best buy.

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How common is a faulty mobo? I built my first gaming rig and mine wouldn't boot so I assumed something was wrong with the CPU. No bent pins, PSU passed pin test, GPU worked on my friends rig. That could only mean the mobo is fucked, right?

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Fuck. A month ago I was told it took 2 seconds.

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Has anyone ever seen a malware detection software infected with malware itself?

Every time I download MalwareBytes, I get brand new infections.

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Recommend me some thermal paste. My mobo fucked up and I gotta switch, but I was using a liquid cooler that had paste pre-applied.

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Not literally 2 seconds, but this isn't a long process. Those tools don't take long at all to use

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It happens, but it's more likely you connected something wrong


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Have you double checked the locations of every cable, especially the power supply ones? Faulty hardware is possible but not probable if the hardware worked in other rigs beforehand.

>"I built my first gaming rig and it won't boot"
Makes sense.

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Re-assemble slowly.

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I am trying to make my own audio lessons for school. I have a number of audio files that I want to combine into one file, played in a specific sequence. I would use ffmpeg to just concatenate them but I want to reuse some files again (in order to review information). So for example I'd want the final audio file to play file1.wav, then file2.wav and then perhaps file1.wav again. Is it possible to just tell ffmpeg to read from a list like this, or something?

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Unfortunately, I can't pray. And the last time I made a pentagram and tried to invoke Satan, he punished me. 4chan is the only option!

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No idea how to word this in Google to get an answer. I'm trying to avoid hardlinks in my bash script. I'm using ADB to install shit.

Looks something like:

adb install /huge/fucking/hardlink/to/my/apk.apk

Is it possible to make it adaptive? Like, if someone I work with needs to run it and doesn't want to go and mess with the file path?

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I built a new rig with the GPU in the second PCI slot while installing everything. I tried to move it to the 1st PCI slot but it cannot get detected. I'm at a loss and can't find any info online.

Is my current absolute lack of GPU performance because of being in the 8x slot? I get 250fps in CS:GO but it's incredibly choppy even on the lowest settings.

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whats a good monitor for digital art? i think 27" is too big for one that will be some 2-3 feet from my face. is 21 or 23" fine?

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Hey this really is a stupid question but I have to ask it

I am doing a homework assignment where I have a scenario where I'm setting up a network that consists of one modem, one router, one laptop, 3 pcs, and one printer.
I have to give different local IP addresses to all these devices.
How do local IPs get their assigned address? I can't just put random numbers that go 192.168.x.x right?
I am searching online and all I can find is articles saying "there are both local and public IP addresses" and nothing other than that.

Please help, I'm not asking for you guys to do it for me, I just want a link to the info that shows me what I need to know. What is the actual process that determines whether a PC is or

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Why is my memory usage increasing, in a 24 hour period it goes from 30% at start up to 70% with only the programs open that it has at start up.

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4K IPS panel, ~30"

27" is definitely not too large for 2-3 feet

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An IP address is uniform for a single network. If these computers are connected to that single network, they cannot get their own IP addresses. Especially the printer. You're probably not getting results because this is not possible.

"Local" IP addresses mean your personal address at home, used by your router specifically. "Public" IP addresses are used at stores and shit, with no password to the WiFi or some shit so everyone can just connect willy nilly. You need proxy software to change an IP address, and maybe THEN you can get different proxies on each device. But not a printer.

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thanks and sorry I should have clarified, I am asking about local IPs

I am retarded but not full retard, I know the difference between public and local IP, and static and dynamic.
I just don't know how local IPs are assigned?

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The issue is I don't have a computer I can do it on myself. Was gonna borrow a friends but I'm not playing around with all this shit on his laptop.

Is there somewhere I can just buy a win7 USB that isn't a scam

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What software do you use to check the temperature of your system and your hardware specs?
Can I also use this for external hard drives to check its temperature?
What are some other useful software that I should use? I'm going to have a new laptop soon and I want to get the most of it

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2nd answer.

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When I output video to my TV from my laptop via HDMI cable the picture is crisp, and a 720p episode leaves black bars on the sides of the screen.

When I try output video to my TV from my new desktop via HDMI cable the picture appears blown up and a 720p episode touches the edges of the screen with no spaces like there should be.

How do I solve this? Using MPC-HC with CCCP.

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Disable overscan

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Speccy and/or CrystalDiskInfo.


It's weeb friendly!

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What temp should my hard drives stay under?
How bad is it to go over? How long is too long?

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A good program for testing your external drives temperature is called "Back of your hand". It's external hardware to the computer you'd be using the program on.

>useful software
Like what specifically? What is your rig used for the most?

Another tip: Depending on your hardware, a program will sometimes be installed by the manufacturer. Certain gaming motherboards have their own control center to control boot options, overclock settings, etc.

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As low as possible.
It's pretty damaging, long term.
Long term is anything over half an hour, generous estimate.

Overheating your hardware is just bad in general. If you have to, get a box fan and put your drive right on top of it. Anything to keep the temp down, or you risk file damage.

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If you're telling me to use the back of my hand to check the temperature, the back of my hand can't check what degree Celsius my hard drive is.
As for useful, I mean in general what software would be useful to the average computer user like Speccy or antiviruses, ad blockers

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Keep them under 45C normally, going over 50C is bad.

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Best windows RSS reader/podcast downloader?

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I'm telling you that a computer cannot detect the temperature of a component that isn't part of its construction. It'll be connected to your PC via USB most likely, so your computer will read it as a mass storage device at most.

Useful programs might include: Proxy Switcher, Total Uninstaller, AVG PC TuneUp, Ccleaner, PC Registry Mechanic, 7-Zip, uTorrent, CrystalDiskInfo (the most likely to give you temperature results), Speccy, etc.

Don't download malwarebytes or spybot. Shits infected.

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Oh yeah, and ninite.com can give you a single setup file for multiple programs at once. Like I said though, don't download the MalwareBytes or Spybot options.

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How do I do this exactly? I don't see it in the settings.

Could this just be happening because my laptop is 1600x900 and my desktop is 1920x1080?

>> No.56005204

I have several times. I had no fucking idea what was going on after looking over the toms hardware sticky a bunch of times, so just wanting to know what the problem was, I took it some PC shops. They did what they could and basically said the same shit.

>> No.56005208

Could be in different places depending on your setup
Different resolution shouldn't matter.

>> No.56005224

Did they elaborate on what "did what they could" entailed?

>> No.56005237

don't know if you're still here, but thanks

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My laptop wont turn on if the screen is all the way down. I push the button, but nothing happens.
>how can you turn it on/ff like that? There's no access to the button
The button is at the top corner, so if i introduce a thin needle just under the screen, I can push the button without having to lift the screen.
>why wouldn't you lift the screen up?
There's a couple of reasons, it doesn't matter.

Is this restricted by hardware?

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I disagree, I have problems with the two resolutions interacting all the time. But I always solve it by changing the resolution on the TV itself. My monitor is 1920x1080, but it shows up super zoomed in on my TV too. Sometimes changing the aspect ratio fixes it too.

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Laptops generally go into "sleep mode" when the lid gets shut. The settings to control what happens when the lid closes can be found (Windows 10) in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > System Settings. It'll let you choose what each action does.

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They breadboxed it themselves, while trying their own test processors along with testing their own GPUs which were a Radeon 460 and I believe a 970

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How is Speccy able to do that then? It gives you your HDD's temperature

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Nvm forget what I said. I Reread what you typed

>> No.56005370

Whats the specs for the mobo you're using?

They tested it with their own hardware and they still weren't able to get it to respond? How does this manifest, the OS just doesn't initialize at all?

>> No.56005610

Is it worth it to switch my Fiio portable amp for a proper stereo amp?

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Is "hacking secret cyphers with python" a good beginner book? I know it's aimed at beginners but I don't know if it's a good resource.

I'm really interested in security and networks in general and that's something I really want to get into.

>> No.56005692

what is a good server to use with pfsense that has intel NICs?

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cd html
cat *.html | grep keyword > keyword.list

Why is this not working? It just combines the html files in to one large html file

>> No.56005754

Has anyone had experience with NZBs? I'm setting up some indexers in Sonarr, and wondering what I should use as a download client... Any suggestions?

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File: 14 KB, 736x219, Screenshot from 2016-08-09 21-06-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are my options.

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Is it dumb to dual boot Xubuntu and Windows 8.1?

8.1 for stuff that doesn't work on Linux (Microsoft office) and Xubuntu for everything else

>> No.56005801

im reading Hacking: The Art of Exploitation and its awesome. not like i really know fuck all about hacking anyway but imo it is great for getting into hacking and security. covers a bunch of stuff like C, assembly, networking, cryptography etc. you should check it out.

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I'm still not understanding this.

When I output my laptop (1600x900 screen) to my TV, with Windows' resolution at 1920x1080, there are black spaces around my desktop.

Now when I output my desktop to my TV, with Windows' resolution at 1920x1080, there are no black spaces around my desktop, my desktop fits the whole screen perfectly.

But it's making the videos I play with CCCP look shitty and upscaled (I suppose). How do I get that to stop happening? I can't find any option on my TV to change the resolution to 720p.

>> No.56005833

Make a pastbin.

>> No.56005855

I'm not sure what that out help.
I have a folder of html files. I want to find keywords in them and output the line it is part of to a file.

There is no errors or other information in std

>> No.56005897

Perhaps the html files don't have newline characters?

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Is it okay to exit out of APP Center and GraphicsCardEngine?

They start running as soon as my computer does.

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I've been looking in to this off and on for a few months now, but I just cant connect all the dots myself.

Is it possible to create a VR system that tracks both the headset (a phone to cut down on price per unit), and any other peripherals (controllers, foot/hand sensors) from pre-measured base stations via bluetooth?

The setup I'm trying to create here is essentially three stations that can send+receive bluetooth signals hooked up to a computer. the base stations send signals to the phone (used as a headset to save cost and drop the price of VR significantly), the phone responds. The base stations send timestamps for both the time sent and revived the computer, which does the math and tracks in real time. Problem is, I can barely code as it is, and it doesnt help that I'm using old smartphones as the base stations. The basis for tracking is just bluetooth signals though, record the time a packet of data is sent, record the time its received back, calculated distance from the base station with the times and the speed of the bluetooth signal, so it would be easy in terms of math.

Is this even a feasible set-up though? In theory, its both a far cheaper way to implement VR, and potentially can open up the possibility of having location tracking for both hands and feet as well as the head.

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Is it possible to make a copy constructor for complex data structures? For example, if I made a skip list class is there a simple way to make skip list copies?

>> No.56006076

How does that work with just html? No forms or anything, just html.

>> No.56006120

>Is it possible to make a copy constructor for complex data structures?

>For example, if I made a skip list class is there a simple way to make skip list copies?

Whether or not it is simple is going to be related to how much of the work you've already done in your class. There's a good chance for code reuse and if the member functions for traversing and reading elements returns data that is straightforward to feed in to your member functions that add things to your data structure, then your copy constructor will also be straightforward.

>> No.56006128

Is possible to do the following?

I have a Moto G(1280x720)with netflix and i wanna use my TV, can i get a MicroUSB cable to HDMI and connect it to to my TV (1366x768) with no quality loss?

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Never update drivers trough windows update, specially video drivers.

Just uninstall them and download the AMD auto detect tool.

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I want to install Windows 7 Ultimate but I don't know what .iso to get. SP1 is... good? Bad? Botnet?

>> No.56006224

that's what I tried first and it failed to install the video driver as my og post. I already deleted in device manager, ran ddu, set windows to no updates, restarted and no install. I'm lost.

Newer toshiba driver just finished. I have to go back2thekitchen and make food will check in a few mins.

>> No.56006231

I'm trying to build ratio on torrentleech, but I'm having trouble with deluge. It seemed to stop seeding completely after my downloads finished. Grim Dawn hasn't seeded anything, but it has no leechers, so that makes sense, right? But the gossip girl torrent stopped seeding at this point despite there still being leechers. What gives?

>> No.56006247
File: 196 KB, 1366x768, seeding issue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, forgot my image

>> No.56006253

Grep doesn't care that it's HTML. Grep outputs lines and lines are EOL delineated.

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File: 242 KB, 495x600, __suzukaze_aoba_new_game_drawn_by_masara__36c6ef8939cda2a5468feb1cca466e9e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I could help you, you posted such a nice image.

>> No.56006280

Eventually you will start seeding.

>> No.56006292

I have a few old laptops (old macbook and lenovo g505 with broken power port) and an old ipad gen 2 that I don't need anymore. Is it worth selling/give away or should I keep them around to mess with?

>> No.56006346

G505 should be easy to repair.
Unless you have a E-Series CPU, repair it.

>> No.56006354

How do I use a VPN when I torrent?

>> No.56006434

Currently I dual boot between Ubuntu and Windows 10. I tried to use Ubuntu exclusively, but that only caused to me have two copies for both os. Is there a way for me to have access to files from both os? I read that one could set up a partition to act as an outside storage container, is there a way to explain this simpler?

>> No.56006438

Huh, the gossip girl just seeded .3 MiB since I posted that. Guess it's just fucking slow. I've been out of the private tracker scene for awhile, forgot what a pain in the ass it is.

>> No.56006454

Wrong thread, go to /fglt/

>> No.56006480

If it's a proper VPN, you just turn it on and it works.

>> No.56006492

Is there a such thing as a fan blanking plate? Like if my case has a spot for a fan but I don't want there to be a vent there, is there a 120mm-fan-sized plastic square that I could put there?

>> No.56006499

You make a third partition that is accessible to both operating systems and put files there.
That's really all that can be said about it.

>> No.56006539

Huh. I'm brand new to this shit so I don't really know what I'm doing. I skipped the server setup in the wizard (do I need to do this?) And for some reason the .nzb file I added doesn't download.

>> No.56006556

It's not about the usb. You have to do this however you get windows 7.

>> No.56006557

I need libxcb-sync.so.0()(64bit) for my desktop on Fedora Linux but i can't seem to find it

I downloaded the wrong one from here - https://www.rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/search.php?query=libxcb-sync.so.0

Please help

>> No.56006605

thinking about getting a raspberry pi 3 and just using it to stream videos off a web browser on my tv

any tips on how to make this work? just want to stream on my tv for really cheap with a dedicated pc

>> No.56006651

You can try the toshiba drivers. Also I wouldn't bother with crimson if it's giving you problems. It's pretty much a beta, and I had some trouble with it myself. I don't think you're going to see a huge difference between drivers on an older card. Also if you happen to be using an intel processor I would make sure the integrated graphics have their driver installed before you install the AMD ones

>> No.56006653

Why do IPS panels have so much trouble getting high contrast ratio and low black levels compared to VA? Would anyone have a link to some reading material on the subject?

>> No.56006663

Ok I have some files on a macbook that I have to move to a NTFS external hard drive. What would be the best free way to move the files to the hardrive while keeping it in NTFS format and obviously keeeping all of the files 100% intact?

>> No.56006668


>> No.56006686

I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I've been thinking about it

When you download a game, does it download the maps already put together, or does it download the resources for the map then when the map is loading it places everything together? This sounded smarter in my head but whatever

>> No.56006700

What are some cheap receivers that will power a pair of budget speakers /g/?

>> No.56006747

I want to be able to access my home server from outside of my home network. I'm pretty sure I need a VPN but I don't know the details. can someone point me to something that can help?

>> No.56006775

is it possible to route a vpn through tor? I don't use tor very much but I read a lot of people who use it without the official tor browser, I guess it's possible to customize the connection to tor?

>> No.56006790

you can run tor over vpn or vpn over tor, and they accomplish two very different things. They have a help page describing it, but if you have to ask here you're probably nowhere near ready to do either

>> No.56006797

You don't need a VPN, although it wouldn't hurt
You just need some static address, be it a static IP or a domain, and forwarding the appropriate ports to your server.

>> No.56006799

SSH with port forwarding is enough.

Also need some help with grub and UEFI >>56006730

>> No.56006802

Should 720p video reach the edges of a 1080p TV?

>> No.56006807

you can set up a VPN server for that but if you just need access to that one machine it'd be a lot simpler to just ssh to it. if you need files off it you can use scp, or set up something like proftpd. Either of these are a lot easier than setting up an OpenVPN server, you just have to edit some config files and open some ports.

you can connect to a vpn and then connect to tor through it, or connect to tor and then connect to the vpn from the tor exit node.

these accomplish different things, security wise.

>> No.56006808

Anyone have a good working torrent for Windows 7 64 bit?

>> No.56006818

I like qbittorrent

>> No.56006820

If its 720x1280 unscaled to 1080x1920 then yes

>> No.56006835

Don't know if you'll find seeders, but




>> No.56006844

Depends on how the source and the tv are set up

>> No.56006847


>> No.56006874 [DELETED] 

Yep, 720x1280, but did you mean upscaled?

>> No.56006879

Windows 10, SSD, good I7, 16 go ram, yet...Boot is still slow as fuck compared to what it should be. About 40 seconds. Can anyone help me understand and fix this please?

>> No.56006882

Wonder if all these warnings the sites are giving me to hide my IP have much merit.

>> No.56006902

How much of that is POST time?

>> No.56006904

Well it's advertising so make what you will of it

>> No.56006924

windowsiso seems awfully easy and convenient.

Is it legit?

>> No.56006935

What's POST time?

>> No.56006939

Use the second link's method to confirm

>> No.56006940

Its basically a shiny UI for http://mirror.corenoc.de/digitalrivercontent.net/
The torrents are legit, but be sure to run the checksums for yourself.

>> No.56006950

Its the time your motherboard takes to make sure everything is running properly before loading the OS
It can often be reduced by disabling things in the BIOS/UEFI

>> No.56006967

>It can often be reduced by disabling things in the BIOS/UEFI
I could give it a try, what should I disable? brb rebooting to see how long POST is.

>> No.56006972

The energy specs listed for my computer is 309 W. It doesn't say any more than that. Does anyone know if this is convention, is it commonly understood this means 'per hour' or 'per minute' or something?

>> No.56006997

A watt is continuous
A watt hour is the amount of energy to produce one watt for an hour

>> No.56007012


Type in msconfig into the search bar and hit enter. Click services, check hide microsoft services, then unselect everything that's left. See how much that speeds up your boot

>> No.56007029

Ok this hasnt occurred to me until now, first time Ive had to reinstall my OS like this.

Where do I get a product key?

>> No.56007030


>> No.56007054

Use one of the windows activators like Daz or MS Toolkit, download these from mydigitallife, not the malware website that pops up first with a google search.
Or you can get a 'legit' key for cheap at r/microsoftsoftwaresawp

>> No.56007058
File: 7 KB, 540x223, ss+(2016-08-09+at+11.12.31).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is there any way to save my SD Card? it just randomly got corrupted, everything was working completely fine. i noticed some of my music wasnt playing and then i woke up this morning and it was all gone. when i insert it into my PC the only option is to format it.

i literally just moved all of my photos to my SD card a couple days ago so i could back them up. pls help

pic related trying to chkdsk it.

>> No.56007070

Photorec if you're trying to recover files

>> No.56007077

1. attach drive to a vm
2. boot a linux livecd in the vm
3. transfer files over network to the vm

don't have a mac os solution for you as i'm not familiar with it, but this will work

>> No.56007079

If it's actually a reinstall you can probably find it on a microsoft sticker on your case

>> No.56007088

I can't be bothered anymore to ctrl+f jpg the page source on instagram. Is there any good one-click image grabber with hotkey support for firefox?

>> No.56007091

309 W = 309 Wh/h

>> No.56007097

>watt-hours per hour

>> No.56007102

Nah somehow corrupted my SSD putting it into a new build so I need to do a clean install of basically whatever I can get. Windows 7 was the better version of the last few years so.
Honestly dont have the slightest idea how to use those. I had a friend do this for me last time I needed it and he somehow just found an activation online.

>> No.56007103

i'd prefer everything but the photos and videos are the only real important part. i can always re-pirate the music.i'll give that a shot thanks

>> No.56007109


>> No.56007116

photorec/testdisk does all files not just photos

>> No.56007118

Your point being?

>> No.56007126

sorry i read that wrong lol i'm kinda stressed out, i thought you said "photorec if you only want photos"

>> No.56007127

watts is an instantaneous value
watt-hours is a measure of capacity, and is used for batteries and the like

it doesn't make sense to use watt-hours on for example, a desktop power supply

running a 309W device for an hour will use 309Wh of energy

>> No.56007139

Isn't the standard in kW?

>> No.56007151

They're idiotproof. Go daz for 7

>> No.56007156

No, most computer power supplies are less than a kilowatt.

>> No.56007163

kW is just kilowatt (1000 watts)

which unit is used depends on the application

>> No.56007166

Let me actually reformulate this:
is there any program you can login to your instagram and it automatically archives all the photos in the accounts you follow?

>> No.56007181

is it worth buying the cheap portable keyboard that is about 13usd off of amazon for my rpi? The rollable ones.

>> No.56007234
File: 1.96 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks guys

>> No.56007250

You can get a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for $20 on a good day.

>> No.56007276

I dont understand how this works when I dont have an OS to boot he program on on the machine.

>> No.56007306

When you're installing Windows you have an option to enter your activation code later. So after you go through the brief install, and before you update Windows, you plug a flash drive into your computer with Daz loaded onto it and then you run the program, which will trick Windows into thinking you're genuinely activated.

>> No.56007372

Ill keep that in mind but for now Ive gotten a cracked version of windows 7 premium to begin the installation process from a USB on my new machine. Only issue is the installer is in Dutch or some shit. Does this mean its going to install a dutch version of windows on my machine or?

And if so can I change it?

>> No.56007384

You should be able to install new localizations and switch later but I'd just go back and get the right version.

>> No.56007470

I lied, says Im missing a driver or something from the USB. Or at least thats what I got through google translate from Dutch.

>> No.56007556

Are you using a Skylake processor? i3, i5, etc.

>> No.56007611

Indeed I am, 6600k, why?

>> No.56007665

Skylake and Windows 7 don't play nicely, you should check your motherboard manufacturer's website to see if they released a fix for it.

For instance Gigabyte released this patch for my motherboard: http://gigabytedaily.blogspot.ca/2015/09/having-trouble-installing-windows-7-by.html

>> No.56007693

Skylake (or more precisely Z170 and friends) drop support for the version of the USB protocol that the Windows 7 installer speaks. Partly Intel did this because old installers like this are the only thing that needs it (Windows 7 or any other OS will speak new-USB fine once it's installed and has been given drivers for it) and they don't want to maintain it anymore, and partly because Intel and Microsoft depend on each other in a big way and Microsoft does not want installing non-10 versions of Windows on modern hardware to be something that people do, so they're happy to make it difficult.

Solutions to this problem:
Check your mobo maker's manual. Some of them implemented the missing functionality specifically to let people install 7 on their hardware. This is probably a toggleable BIOS setting, if you have it.
If you don't have it, you need to install 7 from a DVD and not from USB. You'll need a PS2 keyboard, also, 7 won't see any USB devices until you can boot up and install drivers. You *may* be able to get around this with a USB PCI-E card. That's a guess on my part though.

>> No.56007723

are there any uses for an msata ssd (24gb)? or the msata? getting an ssd so i wont need the cache

should i just keep it as a drive?

>> No.56007733

So probably get a different iso for 8 or 10, got it.

>> No.56007737

24 or 240?

>> No.56007746

WD Black disks for games. Yes or no

>> No.56007764


>> No.56007766

24gb, it was just functioning as cache

>> No.56007775

Care to explain further or point me at a resource?

>> No.56007812

I don't feel like going in depth about it, it should be fine though
Pretty much any 7200rpm drive should be fine too

>> No.56007917

Looking to sell my PC, I was thinking $350

AMD Phenom II 965 @ 3.40GHz
ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
Radeon HD 77701G
450W Corsair PSU
Corsair Carbide 200R

Would you raise the price, lower it, or keep it?

>> No.56007926
File: 59 KB, 640x560, 96d8fbe8140d2db2a4e98092795cbcd4-imagejpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do functions in python work? every explanation i have ever read seems circular and confusing

>> No.56007953

Sorry for being slow, had to go somehwere. Actually, doing this, boot time is totally similar.

>> No.56007960

CPU = alright
Memory = 8gb alright
Mobo = Something or other
Radeon HD 7770
450W PSU

Shop the fuck around.

>> No.56007974

You might be able to sell it for 350, probably worth more like 300

>> No.56007978

Where do I download my music now that KAT is dead?

>> No.56007982


>> No.56008034


>> No.56008035

Which desktop should I buy?

>> No.56008046

It still blows my mind that there are people who are such tards at downloading simple installers that they actually drop windows 7 instead of running a tiny patch. Makin it too damn easy for micro$oft

>> No.56008047

Hard wood or glass, none of that plastic or particleboard shit.

>> No.56008053

Try uninstalling your video card driver and seeing if you boot faster

>> No.56008065

Kudos. I genuinely appreciate a good dad joke.

>> No.56008071

So my phone (Galaxy J1 Ace) just shat itself and my screen is black but everything else works perfectly fine. I'm trying the power button hold then leave fix for the third time but I have no idea what on earth could be causing this. It was working fine when I went to work but then when I went to check it on my lunch break the screen was black.

>> No.56008095

Piratebay is up fuggot

>> No.56008101
File: 854 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot from 2016-08-10 01-30-18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the titlebars on my windows are stuck in aidwata and xfce-theme-manager won't launch.

Any help?

>> No.56008104

install gentoo

>> No.56008118

man this meme is so predictable at this point it isnt even funny anymore

>> No.56008139

It was never supposed to be funny. You were supposed to do it. Or leave. Leaving's good.

>> No.56008155

but anon kun, what if literally every single one of my needs is fulfilled by my current OS and I have no reason to change operating systems?

>> No.56008160

Then learn to program?

>> No.56008162

nah, not an interest of mine. i just like the linux environment more than windows, im not looking to become a developer. I prefer drawing and photography.

>> No.56008214

Then install gentoo

>> No.56008232

My desktop won't boot with a displayport cable plugged into the GPU.
I'm thinking it's because of Pin 20 being active and inputting power from my monitor into the GPU.
Any advice?

Any recommendations for displayport cables that are VESA spec compliant?

>> No.56008234

Nah, I have no reason to. All of my needs are fulfilled with my current selection and installing gentoo would require me to take time away from my preferred hobbies, which would mean I am putting time and effort into an area that I have no interest in pursuing.

Mind helping with my actual issue, then? Or are you incapable and trying to cover for it by spouting memes?

>> No.56008251

>Or are you incapable and trying to cover for it by spouting memes?
Sounds like all of 4chan.

>> No.56008257

Sometimes you get a bite. Usually you don't.

>> No.56008268

Boot it in recovery/firmware mode?

There is also a force reboot, power+vol_down or something if you can't remove battery. (lol who buys a phone with no removable battery what the fuck)

>> No.56008269

How can I check if someone is currently downloading something from among the files on my web server?

It's a LAMP box.

>> No.56008297

ebay, aliexpress
amazon sells the same shit, except it costs more and it's got no warranty.

He said testdisk.
But next time don't be a fucktard?

It's the same ratio (16:9) , so yes it will be scaled up / "stretched".

It depends on the implementation.
For example in Unity you have a model that serves as the map. So in that sense, it's "downloaded".

Some games have maps pre-baked, like Unreal, it contains the lightning calculated, the navigation mesh, all kinds of stuff. Of course the textures and sounds are taken from the other folder/files, but the maps are "baked".

Some games use generated maps like Minecraft. It's got the code how to generate.

>> No.56008309

Oh my god what the fuck are you doing.


You need yum provides.

You have "DNF" now instead of yum, but it will tell you what's the same command.
Basically it looks in packages and tells you which packages has your shit.

Btw you need "libxcb".

1) https://apps.fedoraproject.org/packages/
2) libxcb
3) https://apps.fedoraproject.org/packages/libxcb

>> No.56008345

Never seen one.
Just cut a cardboard, paint it black, done.
Or plastic. But cardboard should work for years.

When you connect to a VPN, ALL of your data will go through the VPN server, ALL. So if you just torrent AFTER you connect, you are good.

But fuckers, rent a seedserver already, VPN sucks for torrenting.

Seed server. Or Kimsufi.
Few dollars a month and you are good, and don't have to worry about DMCA and shit like that.


"MHL" cable did what you wanted, but dunno if your phone supports it. You could use a "ChromeCast". Or some TVs like my Samsung has this "Mirror screen" thing which I can use with my phones and my screen is mirrored through wifi / lan with zero delay.

>> No.56008363

Well, so you say the headset tracks movement and shit. You need a set of gyro and all that. Or a modern phone strapped on the VR to do that for you.

I don't think the BT can be used for tracking or anything like that. It can be used to transfer data, but I am not sure if it's fast enough to transfer every location data and all that.

And then you also need image and sound. Bluetooth sucks at transfer rate.

>> No.56008378

i3-6100/gtx1060 or i5-6500/gtx960?

>> No.56008392

Both sound like cancer, remove them?

> Can your TV _really_ do full HD?! Lots of TVs are sold as "HD Ready", which is NOT full HD. Can operate on 1080p, but will do what you described.

> You have a black space in your wallpaper or desktop in full?

> What GPU you have? Intel? Nvidia?

If you want to be a Linux zealot, why not install Xubuntu, and use KVM/VirtualBox (or pirate Vmware) and virtualize Windows? All of these provide a solid experience, fast enough to work on any document.

>> No.56008397

How do I go about removing the window borders/frames from Windows 7? Also once that's done what is a good way to move windows about like in Awesome?

>> No.56008403
File: 655 KB, 2073x1548, yelfV5E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After closing a game my display goes fuzzy like pic related (found this 1 off google didnt take a pic of what it looks like) and it only happens when closing a game, idk if cuckdows 10 anniversary cuck edition does it or gpu is kill. It's never done it until I got cuckdows 10

>> No.56008411
File: 261 KB, 638x564, Sony-Mega-Watchman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ty anon. using the newest Toshiba driver and the rest of the amd crimson installer seemed to do it. Radeon settings appear to be working. Should I just use Catalyst with this older driver doe?

>> No.56008414

An i3 is complete dogshit and will bottleneck the 1060, get the i5 and gtx 960 or an RX 480

>> No.56008425
File: 30 KB, 729x612, ram.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your computer caches shit into unused memory.
It's not used at all.


Same goes for Windows.
As you can see on my laptop I have ~2gigs free, but it shows as "used", because Windows cached shit into it. It just speeds up my system and nothing more.

> too big
Gf bought a 32" 1080p TV.
It's 2-3 feet from her face, and my face.
It's perfectly fine, I am not kidding.

So don't worry about the size, 27" is definitely the minimum. Also, pay attention to reviews, you need a GOOD panel for art. Dell UltraSharp and similar.
Also make sure the monitor comes with "0 dead AND stuck pixel" warranty.

>> No.56008426

>If you want to be a Linux zealot, why not install Xubuntu, and use KVM/VirtualBox (or pirate Vmware) and virtualize Windows? All of these provide a solid experience, fast enough to work on any document.
Suggesting this isn't as helpful as you might think because it actually takes a pretty decent computer to do this comfortably. Otherwise it's a laggy mess.

>> No.56008442

>what is cache
also unused ram is wasted ram. Cached ram is freed immediately if more resources are required for other tasks.

>> No.56008446

Just use Audacity?
AviDemux can do video.

But yes you can fuck around with ffmpeg, just don't see the point.

It sounds like you have some malware already.
Also if cracked, malware bytes will "eat itself".
The detection is "DON'T STEAL" or something like that literally.

Any. Not kidding. 1-2C is the difference, does not matter.

If it boots, it's okay.

> Security
> add permission to said user to see/modify, etc

> Sharing
> Advanced Sharing

>> No.56008455


If it does not work, reset drive with diskpart.

$ diskpart
$ list disk
$ select disk X
$ clean
$ create partition primary
$ select partition 1
$ format fs=fat32 quick
$ exit

And you try again.

>> No.56008458
File: 87 KB, 592x466, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't know about GraphicsCardEngine, but APP center is just some additional Gigabyte programs.

Before quitting click open it and click the little cog in the top right and disable always run on next reboot.
If you don't use it at all, you can also uninstall it.

Or am I mistaken about the cause

>> No.56008461

your OS caches disk reads into ram passively
this cache memory is released readily by the OS if something else wants to use it
you can reduce/prevent this from happening, but this is a free advantage, it's making use of otherwise unused resources

>> No.56008475

Wut? That's perfectly fine.
Get a gf or something.

It just probes fans. Some mobos, sensors are shit, it never works 100%. And no one cares anyway about them.

The Bitcher fucking SUCKS.
My GTX780 can do around 20FPS on normal details, 720p. So good luck with that.

Anything else will run fucking fine on a 1060 for example.

>> No.56008514


Just google "ahk open program" "ahk minimize" "ahk close". It's 5 minutes of copy pasting.

yes. Google pushed them few months ago IIRC.

Well if you want to be an Excel ninja AND you see the potential, like a job where you could use that skill, VB is your only choice at the moment. The entire VB IDE is inside Excel.

Python and the rest, yes, they are more powerful and all, but cannot be invoked from Excel. For an Excel ninja, VB is love, VB is life.

More Core2Duo can do it. Any processor since then ever released can do it, even if they don't have VT-D or similar instructions.

Fuck 10, upgrade to 8 or 7 or 2012R2.

Call direct API? Write a window manager?
Also give dedicate your life to this?

Check this:

i5, with 960.

>> No.56008530

When I boot up my phone I still can't see anything. I don't see any boot animations nor can I see the recovery mode screen.

>> No.56008531

>More Core2Duo can do it. Any processor since then ever released can do it, even if they don't have VT-D or similar instructions.
im running a presario CQ57 and it cries when i try that shit.
Just because something coulr THEORETICALLY do it, doesn't mean it can do it comfortably.

>> No.56008595

I only got 10 for vidya. I have Fedora 22 on my laptop so I don't feel like a total fag.

>> No.56008615
File: 86 KB, 1200x900, 25091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have one of these cables, but it doesn't do anything?

I mean you'd think there is literally no way to get this wrong, but I guess I might? I've tried it both was but there is no signal whatsoever

>> No.56008622

flush your dns
this is a common problem with W10 for some reason

in CLI type "ipconfig /flushdns"
if that doesn't work it means the capacitor has been corrupted and your entire motherboard needs replacing

>> No.56008623

Could just be broken

>> No.56008659

Cable came loose probably?
What if you plug in charger?

That is a product that never should have been made, nor anyone should ever buy one.

> AMD E-300 1.3 GHz

This shit is not Core2Duo, it's fucking Pentium 266Mhz tier shit. It's not a computer, it's a fucking toaster.

So yes, don't virtualize. Virtualize it into the fucking trash.

Well you can still keep 8 or 7 for vidya, what's the point?
> inb4 dx12
There are no major titles that benefit at all from dx12, and Vulkan is supported on 7.

Yes he needs to install boku no pico.

>> No.56008668

what are you plugging it into? that cable is only designed for hardware that can output composite/s-video over its VGA port

>> No.56008675

Is the difference in boot speeds between a M2/NVM drive noticeable in comparison to a regular SSD?

>> No.56008704

Why does a strobing backlight improve motion clarity? I just don't understand why having the backlight constantly turn on and off is better than leaving it on 100% of the time.

>> No.56008736

960 if ya gotta, but I'd really try and hold out for both

>> No.56008763

>what are you plugging it into?
My laptop
>hardware that can output composite/s-video over its VGA port
What kind of hardware would that be?

>> No.56008799

You time the backlight being on with when the pixels have finished transitioning, so you avoid the blur effect of pixels transitioning. Persistence of vision makes it so you don't notice it flashing

>> No.56008803

>What kind of hardware would that be?
not sure, probably weird professional gpus and projectors, they do stuff like this

>> No.56008821


Read the comments. A lot of times with these passive adapters they're meant for one specific purpose, and won't necessarily do the things you think they will.

>> No.56008857
File: 55 KB, 915x960, 560654555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best software to make remixes of musics on an average college laptop? I know I'll never be able to make sick summer beats chart toppers but what's the best I can work with?

>> No.56008874

Is it worth upgrading from Mint 17.3 to 18?

>> No.56008879

The OSI layer model is irrelevant, yet I always see people talk about it.
Why? Why not just talk about TCP/IP

>> No.56008909

I came across a page today where all instances of "ft" in any word was replaced with a little picture of a pencil, but only in Firefox. Other browsers had the letters normally.

The fuck is that shit? How do I fix it?
Is it related to when Firefox sometimes displays a box with 4 letters/numbers arranged in a square?

>> No.56008913

i'll just link to my old self
there's lots more info throughout that thread as well

>> No.56008947

So is this what IPS monitors do when their 'overdrive' feature is turned on? Would you call it good or bad?

>> No.56008951

>Well you can still keep 8 or 7 for vidya, what's the point?
>> inb4 dx12
>There are no major titles that benefit at all from dx12, and Vulkan is supported on 7.
I'm waiting for Forza Horizon 3.

Lol. I'm not stupid.

>> No.56008970

overdrive may help reduce ghosting, but is a tradeoff, and otherwise doesn't really help motion quality

>> No.56008974

Most major releases from microsoft are getting dual releases on Xbone and win10 going forward. For someone who wants the exclusives without wasting cash on pleb console it's a pretty good way to do it.

>> No.56008982

I mean I've found it invaluable in gaming, I was just trying to understand the downsides a little better. Thanks!

>> No.56009198
File: 105 KB, 567x600, Confused.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ayy senpai I had a retarded idea that's kinda working

I got a seedbox for life off of cloudatcost on sale and it's been working a treat for years, however the storage is a bit lacking and today I had the horrid idea to just make a shit ton of google accounts and mount all the google drive accounts on it for more free storage for life, and it's been going well and I'm using https://github.com/astrada/google-drive-ocamlfuse for the mounting however transmission doesn't recognize the files in there.

I just wanna upload from these drives, but when I cp the files over (works a treat) and smack verify it gets about a second into verifying and then pretends I never hit verify in the first place (in transmission web interface).

What gives?

Also as payment have an OC reaction pic I made in response to a really cute girl with disgustingly phat tits.

>> No.56009214

I'm running a dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu, but I want to switch over to Arch on the linux partition. Ive got a couple things I'd like to clear up first though

>I'd like to keep the files I have in my home directory
is it possible to do it without just moving them to an external HD then back onto the computer after installing Arch? I'm guessing it's not but I don't know 100&

>How hard is it to not fuck up my windows partition while installing?

>> No.56009230
File: 55 KB, 342x316, 53482340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any way to rearrange context menu items in windows 7?

>> No.56009240

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.StackOverflowError
at java.io.FileInputStream.read(Unknown Source)
at java.io.ObjectInputStream$PeekInputStream.peek(Unknown Source)
at java.io.ObjectInputStream$BlockDataInputStream.peek(Unknown Source)
at java.io.ObjectInputStream$BlockDataInputStream.peekByte(Unknown Source)
at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readObject0(Unknown Source)
at java.io.ObjectInputStream.defaultReadFields(Unknown Source)
at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readSerialData(Unknown Source).........................

I'm getting this error on windows, never got it on linux, what's going on here please help.

>> No.56009247

Windows 7 is pretty forgiving. If something goes wrong just use easybcd to write new boot files, assuming you didn't just up an format it.

>> No.56009262


>> No.56009272

PC building: Asus H110 m-k mobo. How many case fans can it support?

>> No.56009273

Got any good recommendations for setting up a super cheap seedbox that are a little less unconventional?

>> No.56009280

Already tried 3 of those options, they're just for removing them, I'll try a couple more

>> No.56009296
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Hiya /g/ i'm doing favor for a mate to fix his old unibody macbook on 10.6.
Did a check with /sbin/fsck -fy with it coming up the FULL DISK ERROR
so i tried "rsync -av /* /Volumes/usbdrive" but his usb isn't big enough.
Is there another way to try fix it right now or do i need come back tomorrow with a bigger drive?

>> No.56009338

It has one fan header aside from the CPU fan, so 2 with a splitter, 3 if you split the CPU header

>> No.56009359

New Thread


>> No.56009406

cloudatcost on sale, tier 2 server

>> No.56009507

Thank you. What you call the fan header is actually the chassis fan connector, isn't it?

>> No.56009529


>> No.56009562


>> No.56009563

Hello /g/

My wifi adapter keeps disconnecting and it's really annoying.

I have tried updating the drivers (including uninstalling them too) AND fixing the power settings - but it keeps disconnecting.

What do I do?

>> No.56009609

Get a new adapter

>> No.56009722


Is it the adapter though? I've only had issues since a system update.

But yeah might do.

>> No.56009944

>That is a product that never should have been made, nor anyone should ever buy one.
>> AMD E-300 1.3 GHz
>This shit is not Core2Duo, it's fucking Pentium 266Mhz tier shit. It's not a computer, it's a fucking toaster.
>So yes, don't virtualize. Virtualize it into the fucking trash.
i got it for free so unless youre going to give me a better laptop for free i think ill keep it.

>> No.56010022
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>> No.56011112

I just ordered a 6700k to replace my 6600k.
Was this a bad idea and should I cancel it?

I'm doing it because I don't want to replace my CPU for another 6 years or so and thought the i7 would be good for that. The less min fps drop in games is nice too. I'm scared of the heat it'll put out though. That's why I got rid of my fx9590 in the first place

>> No.56011172

I don't want anything tangible. Let me rephrase what I mean: "The things I want don't exist"

What do I do?

>> No.56011292

I'd use an electric drill on her if you know what I mean

>> No.56011739

Is there any way to extract timecode information from QuickTime 7 Pro? I need to be able to copy the current timecode to my clipboard. I've considered using an OCR program on the timecode readout but that seems really inefficient.

>> No.56011751

Unless you render or do some heavy stuff you might barely see a difference, you should have spent the money on a SSD or something.

But if you do, it is worth it.
If you only play games then yes, cancel it.

>> No.56011767

Is it a cheap $16 TPlink adapter or a chink USB adapter?

>> No.56011822

thank you friend

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