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>program puts a sub-folder in My Documents

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macOS does not have this problem.

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>program is anything from adobe ever

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but you have tons of mental problems

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it does you just cant see it

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I don't get why they can't just follow the convention

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>program puts a sub-folder in Program Files

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>My Documents
>>they don't point to the same folder

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>C:/Program files/My games

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>creates ini file next to the exe shortcut

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>open file manager
>explorer.exe crashes
>computer freezes
>installs updates I didn't want

The Windows experience.

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I keep all my stuff on a separate drive organized how I prefer it, and don't use the official "my documents" folder for anything. It's like a dusty closet and if programs decide to stick things there I never see it. I have a similar policy for home folders on *nix.

Unless the windows app tries to use several gigabytes, and the 32GB partition I have Windows on runs out of room, and some damn thing or another complains because it doesn't handle the case where it tries to make a temporary file on C:/ and the OS tells it "Nope, no space" because it assumes its impossible for that to ever happen.

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>install Dead Space
>creates a folder named Electrontic Arts

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>portable app creates folder in app data

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>program installs itself in User/appdata/Roaming

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I'm ok with that since it's a bro-tier company.

~$ ls
Bureau GOG Games Modèles Public Vidéos
Documents Images Musique Téléchargements

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>Install a different game
>Creates a folder called EA Games

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>Install a THIRD game
>Creates a folder called Electronic Arts
>You now have 3 EA folders

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lmaoing @ your life

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It's "GOG_Games" but somehow 4chan style fucked it.

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>look in documents
>Electronic Arts Games

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How to configure Windows 7 to use a secondary drive as storage:


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There's also apps that choose to use the user's Applications folder.

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Having a regular program files, and an x86 program files, fuck off.
Also, W7 logging in on the only account which should be admin by default, then dealing with having to open things as an admin and wasting my worthless time.

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>buy computer
>you do not have permission to use this file

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>program puts a "hidden" (name begins with a dot) folder in the user directory
>mfw it's not even hidden

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>Install a 4th game
>You are still a virgin

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> GOG games
mah nigga

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>Install VS 2015
>it puts like 10 sub folders and 30 eula.txt files in C:\

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You agreed to let it do that when you installed it, right?

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>calling it a folder

Fucking. Plebs.

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fucking this
who the fuck approved this shit

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That shit is anoying even on Linux. Why would you want to hide a folder from yourself anyway?

Whoever came up with that is a fucking idiot.

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Enjoy your no games

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>Install Eve Online
>Deletes boot.ini

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>program unironically uses %APPDATA%

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Where would you like to install Shitprogram?

>Choose to install to C:\ShitProgram
>Program installs C:\ShitProgram\ShitProgram

Where would you like to install TurdProgram?

>After what happened last time, choose to install to C:\
>TurdProgram gets dumped right into C:\

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Computers were a mistake

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Okay bill gates, they're directories!
No bully!

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if you're asking which program I ran into that problem with, the first one was (surprisingly) 7-zip - if you drag-and-drop a file out of an archive it makes a temp file on C:, extracts to it, and then copies to the destination. I looked into this and it's something to do with the information that windows does (and does not) give to a program for handling drag-and-drop events.

if you're just making fun of me for saying "app" instead of "application" or "program", then pretend I posted a disapproving anime face.

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Be careful saying that. Microsoft doesn't want anyone finding out. If they hear you've been telling people AppData exists you'll really get it.

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b-but isn't that where they want you to store your application data??

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Except it does.

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The practical application is that a user's /home/user directory is supposed to be owned by the user and rwx for them, so you can keep all of their relevant data in their, and hidden files and folders allow you to do this without shitting it up. A normal user doesn't want to see all the config files and shit among their normal files and folders.

However, all of this is solved if things actually follow the Free Desktop spec, which says more or less this:

- global configs go in /etc/my_program_config/...
- local configs go in /home/user/.config/my_program_config/...

for every fucking program. If they actually adhered to it, then you could easily make ".config" not hidden as ".config" and it would be nicely one folder with all the user's configs in it. Sadly, very few programs adhere to the spec.

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>not clicking custom install
>letting a program install in it's default location

You fags probably install all of the software Nvidia tries to shove down your throat.

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>Application Support

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>program opens a web browser without fucking asking during (un)installations

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>good old games games

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thanks microsoft

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>Getting 50 toolbars and not knowing from where

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>open it
>there's nothing in it
>delete it
>it comes right back

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Microsoft specifically created a games folder since vista cause of this. Shame no devs actually use it

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>try to delete files from a folder
>Folder is used by another program

Why does windows still have this? Why doesn't it say WHICH FUCKING PROGRAM IS USING THAT FUCKING FOLDER?

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you can turn down UAC to avoid those "issues"
but if anything, you should turn UAC up to be even more strict than the default setting, for security purposes

believe it or not, the "oh i have to select run as administrator????" system stops hundreds of exploits from being used
not talking about "oh i downloaded something stupid from a torrent" either, but the random attacks at every ip that leaves their ass open

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in their defence, linux is also the same way.

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>creates folder in Documents
>creates folder in appdata/local
>creates folder in appdata/roaming
>creates folder in Program Files
>installs a bunch of programs alongside it
>if you uninstall it it doesn't delete any of the bullshit it created
>doesn't also uninstall the other shit it installed

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Get revo uninstaller

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>have to get 3rd party shit to uninstall things properly

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