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post configs | you're xp with the wm's | discuss

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is this the new desktop thread

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ok, so I use xmonad and just started using BSP
how do I make sure windows retain their geometry when swapping?

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I will murder your tiling wm

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do it fagot

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my .ratpoisonrc
bind e exec emacs
bind E exec xterm -e emacs -nw

bind y exec iceweasel
bind Y exec liferea

bind o exec xterm -e mocp
bind O exec vlc

bind d exec xfe
bind D exec dmenu_run -b

bing g exec anki
bing G exec graphmonkey

bind h exec ratpoison -c "select `ratpoison -c "windows %t" | dmenu -b`"
bind H exec ~/bin/expose.pl

bind j exec gjots2
bind J exec lyx

bind z exec ~/jd2/JDownloader2
bind Z exec transmission-gtk

#take screenshots (as long as you are in ratpoison)
bind Print exec import -window root png:$HOME/snapshot_$(date %Y%m%d%H%M%S).png

#highlight a url in a window and the url is opened in a new tab
bind C exec iceweasel -new-tab `$RATPOISON -c getsel`

#as colon invoke ratpoison commands, semicolon invoke shell commands
bind semicolon exec

#change caps lock to left control and scroll lock to caps lock
exec xmodmap -quiet ~/.Xmodmap

#no startup message announcing what the prefix key is
startup_message off

#change font, color and position for messages
set font "Fixed-11"
set fgcolor gray
set bgcolor black
set bargravity se

#normal cursor
exec xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr

#to fix java swing, install wmname (suckless)
exec wmname LG3D

#multiple workspaces (alt F*, from F1 to F4)
exec rpws init 4 -k

#get rid of the one pixel border around windows
set border 0

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>spaces between windows
you might as well be using a floating wm, nerd

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shut up, aesthetics matter too

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>3d girl
pedo confirmed

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shit, I thtough it was one of those dead wm
how is it, what are its features

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mostly default i3 aside from
>hjkl instead of jkl;
>mod+h moved to mod+shift+v
>roman instead of arabic numerals for workspace labels
>rofi instead of dmenu
>i3blocks for statusbar
>some keybinds for thinkpad keys
>i3exit bound to ThinkVantage key

there's also this bound that I completely forgot about https://gist.github.com/iamevn/f009ea93c7773f2c4335b73876dcb42f

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why on earth would you want a tiling wm

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its better

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>roman instead of arabic numerals for workspace labels
Why? Just to take up three times the space and be less readable?

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yeah pretty much.
I never have enough open for the little bit of extra width to matter.

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