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Can cheap thermal grease be used as adhesive?
Will it hold?

If not, what are some cheap alternatives? Double sided tape? Superglue?

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>Will it hold?
No. Get some JB weld or Krazy glue. What are you trying to glue anyway?

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Adhesive for what? There's shit specifically called thermal adhesive by the way.

Also, cheap paste is really, really shit. You want materials with a high heat conductivity and the cheap shit doesn't have them.

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>thermal paste as adhesive

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>thermal paste as adhesive
Do you measure time in microwave time too?

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Thermal paste is like 5$ for "high grade" u cheap fuck. Just get a tube of MX4 and it should last you 20 years.

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I just want to cool some cheap ICs, it's not for a cpu or gpu.

Maybe for vram too.

Isn't a microwave minute just 60 seconds like clock minutes?

Yeah but this is lots of it for cheap, not a 1g tube that'll last 2 applications.

It's mostly not for my pc, but rather for personal projects.

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Yes, but the point isn't that. The point is you're doing a retarded question. Thermal paste doesn't work as adhesive. Thermal adhesive does.

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So something like this then?

It's weird cause half these cheap Chinese thermal pastes/greases have adhesive in the titles

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What if I use the cheap thermal grease, and once it's secure I'll add a drop of superglue or epoxy to the side of the heatsink to keep it in place?

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If it has adhesive in the name it should be permanent. I learned that lesson years ago when I bought the wrong shit and my CPU ended up welded to my heatsink. Pulled out of the socket together when I was trying to take the heatsink off.

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If you're cooling ICs then why don't you just look up how other people do so?

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I had that happen to my athlon tho, thermal paste can glue the heatsink to the cpu if left there long enough.

I did. Some guy was recommending using superglue instead of thermal paste so I figured /g/ might be less crazy than half of Google. Was mainly hoping for someone with personal experience...

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There is literally people out there using thermal pads for their CPUs.

And then there's this shit.

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3M thermal tape, or arctic silver thermal adhesive. Don't do super glue, it's a semi terrible idea.

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I know some chips have solder pads and you solder the heatsink on. Don't know any general method. Maybe the datasheet would say something and even have a recommendation for a heatsink to buy?

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I'm not stupid enough for super glue, it'll probably get brittle and pop off after a year on its own.

Nothing about heatsinks in the datasheet iirc. First intended use is just cooling a bunch of tp4056 modules.

Going to use these heatsinks with a small fan for airflow, which should be plenty.

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Yeah, cheap chinese stuff tends to have shit data sheets. You could look up a similar TI chip and look at all of their example circuits and implementation details to get an idea.

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Wait, that chip appears to have a solder pad at the bottom. Are you even supposed to put on a heatsink or can you just solder it to the pcb you design?

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Thanks, but isn't it just like putting a heatsink on a cpu? But without the mount?

I think I'll probably go with using thermal grease, then a drop of glue on the side.

I'm using the premade boards like pic related. Not sure how to mount a heatsink on without a cable tie or glue

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Why do you want a heatsink on a premade board? This guy uses one without one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfrm6lbt8Pc

What material is the package? Is it even going to be sufficiently conductive to attach something to the outside rather than the metal pad?

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It gets hot. I want to build a compact charger from an atx power supply to charge ~15 18650s (or more) so I want to make sure heat doesn't build up and cause issues.

These premade boards are cheap and they work pretty good in my experience, but the smaller ones get hot enough to actually blister your finger if you press it against the ic.
Plus I already have the boards so I don't think I'll be considering other options.

In the video, the guy is using a single board in open space, mine will be 15+ boards confined in an enclosed space.

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Don't do it, it creates mustard gas

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Depends on what you're joining and the conditions.

Even water can be used as an adhesive.

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